the night walkers

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we must stay strong annalesa. got sucks but at least EW will always deliver. also, another thing i was thinking was that if arya doesn't get either of her arguably most waited for reunions this season, she'll for sure not die :D

yeah but at the end of the day my fate rests in grrm’s unreliable hands lol but you’re right we should remain optimistic. while arya lives and breathes there is hope…..that d&d will give me some gifset material. because thats literally the only thing i depend on them for now

When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
Panic! At The Disco
When The Day Met The Night (Acoustic)
  • uploading again cause it wasn’t working!!
  • this is the only live version I’ve heard
  • Brendon seems to use MALE pronouns in the second verse?
  • you can clearly hear Ryan’s vocals
  • the way he ends it is beautiful :’)