the night of the lepus rabbits

There is a 1970s horror movie that is about giant bunny rabbits

now it was 1972 so they didn’t have green screen or anything like that so they just had build Rabbit sized models for them to mess up to seem giant. If you’ve ever seen Rabbits you know that while they’re pretty destructive little guys it’s rarely very showy so there’s a lot of moments where they’re meant to be destroying things and it’s just a bunch of rabbits half-heartedly standing around and giving a little hop.

Oh did I mention that one of the film’s stars is DeForest Kelley? 

That’s right Doctor Bones McCoy was once in a movie about giant bunnies 

so that’s Night of the Lepus


End of Naivety

Lepus is the rabbit often associated with the myth of Orion. His hunting dogs pursue Lepus across the night sky in an endless chase. Rabbits represent swiftness, agility, and naivety. They were often considered one of the most elusive prey and therefore were prized hunting quarry for nobles in ancient times.