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Close Quarters

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Sam shakes his head, laughing at his brother. “Always with the scissors, Dean.”

Dean doesn’t even dignify him with a response. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a sacred, binding contract for laundromat duty and he’s lost fair and square. He picks up the duffles full of dirty clothes and hoists them over his shoulder.

Cas, who has been watching this exchange with interest from the far bed, gets to his feet. “I’d be happy to assist you.”

“Oh, how sweet,” Sam practically chirps. “A laundry date.”

“Shut up, Sammy.” He looks at Cas. “C’mon if you’re coming.”

They try to time things to be back at the bunker before they’re out of clean clothes, but an unexpected addition to their last case had them heading four hundred miles in the wrong direction.

Dean slings the bags into the back seat while Cas searches for to the nearest laundromat. It’s not far from the motel and, from the pictures on the website, it looks fairly bright and cheery
as far as coin laundries go.

Dean parks out front and they each grab a bag. Inside, the washers stand in rows while dryers line the walls. Dean drops his bag on a high counter meant for folding clothes and goes to find the change machine. By the time he returns, his jacket pocket heavy with quarters, he finds Cas standing between two open washer doors carefully studying one of Sam’s t-shirts.

He looks to Dean with the same face he uses when he’s making sure a sigil is correct. “Is this considered a dark or a light?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorting.”

“Well, stop it.”

“Dean,” Cas says with the utmost concern, “the label says to wash separately.”

“They all say that, Cas. Time to live on the edge.” He reaches into the second washer and grabs the couple of things that are in there and throws them in with the other clothes.

Cas frowns, but pulls some more clothes out of the bag.

Dean sighs. “The trick is to not touch any of this nasty stuff. Have you met Sam Winchester?” He shudders; there’d been Mexican food recently.

“Of course I have, Dean,” Cas grouses. “And he said I should sort the laundry.”

Dean takes the bag from Cas’s hand and dumps it into the washer, then slams the door shut with a flourish. “Ok, maybe at home that’s fine, but on the road it’s all about cheap and efficient. And as long as there isn’t anything—“ he glances around at the other patrons before continuing, “unnatural on the clothes, you can wash them all together in cold water.” He’s still pissed about the ectoplasm that ruined one of his favorite band t-shirts. Sam knows that shit needs to be treated with vinegar first.

“I don’t understand why clothing comes with rules if you’re just going to ignore them.”

“You,” Dean says. “Mr. I Rebelled From Heaven. You’re judging my laundry law-breaking.”

Cas’s scowl lightens into something close to a smile.

Grinning, Dean hands Cas some quarters. “Go get some soap.”

When the soap is added, Dean slots the quarters one by one into the washer. “This used to be Sam’s favorite part. I had to lift him up so he could reach.”

“You spent a lot of time in laundromats as kids.”

“Yeah, and let me tell you most of them weren’t nearly as nice as this one.” He ushers Cas to a couple of empty seats where they can keep an eye on their washer. He nods toward the sign announcing free wi-fi that hangs over the row of vending machines. “Plenty of times Dad left us in one and went off to a bar.”

Cas gives him that same pinched-brow look he always gets when Dean talks about John, but Dean waves it off. “It was actually kind of fun. Sam and I played a lot of hide and seek in these things.” He nudges the wheeled laundry cart with his foot. “Raced around in these when the place was empty.”

It hadn’t been all bad. Even without a door to lock between them and the rest of the world, laundromats felt safer than motels a lot of the time. They were mostly populated by moms and old ladies and sometimes they shared snacks or gave quarters when John left them lacking in one or the other. The swishing sounds of the washer, the hum of the fluorescent lights, even the startling buzzers from the timers. These were all soothing, familiar sounds that led to the simple joy of clean, warm-from-the dryer clothing. Even after the years of having the bunker to call home, Dean still finds himself hoarding quarters just in case.

It’s funny to think that he learned all this as a child, but now he’s teaching an older-than-dirt angel how to do it. But it’s kind of nice to have him here, tagging along not because he has to but for the sheer sake of keeping Dean company. That’s been a happy realization, since the two of them became…well, whatever the hell they are these days. The way that having someone by your side can make even the most mundane tasks fun. Things like grocery shopping, where Cas studies coupons like they’re instructions for defusing a bomb, or washing dishes, which was inevitably followed by instructing Cas on how to snap a dishtowel. (Cas had gotten surprisingly good in a short amount of time with Dean’s ass as his target.) Not to mention the unexpected bonus of decreased nightmares that came with having this particular warm body next to his each night.

They sit in comfortable silence as the washers whir and the dryers tumble. Cas keeps his knee pressing against Dean’s, and sometimes Dean still can’t believe he spent all the time lecturing him on personal space. Especially now when he’d like nothing more than to pull him onto his lap and kiss him until they are both gasping for breath.  But that’ll have to wait. They’ve still got a few more days on the road before they can head home again. He tries not to think about how they’d be spending their time alone at the motel if Sam had been the one banished here.

Dean’s eye is caught by their washer accelerating into the final spin. Checking that the row is empty of people, he tugs Cas by the hand, leading him over to it. There, mostly hidden from view, he backs Cas up against the washer and kisses him, pressing against him so that the vibrations tingle through them both.

“Soon,” Cas whispers.

“Soon,” Dean agrees.

There’s time for one more kiss before the buzzer sounds.

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On the Ridge: Imagine Claire explaining to William about the "other" William - Jamie's late older brother Willie; which Jamie overhears and joins to add his own memories/insights. (I obviously love me some William - Jamie stories. I think that relationship has some real potential going forward and am eager to see what you can do with it) Love your work THANKS!!

Homecoming - Part Two

Part One

William followed Claire to the barn with the horses and the wagon.

“I appreciate the offer of a bed for the night,” he said awkwardly, “but I don’t think–”

“Nonsense,” Claire interrupted. “There’s no way I’m letting you wander off and make a camp on your own like that when you’ve already been traveling for Lord knows how long without the comforts of a home. You’re staying at least a few days.”

“A few days?” William made a face of discomfort at the horse poking its head over the door of its stall. The horse snorted with either derision or amusement before burying its muzzle in the bale of hay waiting in the corner. William rolled his eyes and moved on to the second horse while Claire came along behind him and passed in a bucket of water for the hungry creature.

“I know it’s all a bit daunting just now,” she said apologetically. “We weren’t expecting to see Bree and Roger here again.”

“Yes, I seem to recall they were traveling somewhere distant when I met them before.” William was happy to shift the conversation from himself but felt his ears heat at the flash of curiosity he had about Brianna and her family… his sister.

“They had decided to go to France,” Claire confirmed. William looked up, furrowing his brow but Claire was looking at the horse in front of her, reaching out to rub the side of its neck. There was something off about her tone. “The war seemed… inevitable at that point and with the children… They wanted to be as far from whatever was coming and Jamie has family in France––a cousin who’s a wine merchant and one of his nephews as well. We haven’t had much time do discuss what it is that’s brought them back yet… and with no word of warning to us either.”

With the horses settled and the wagon tucked away out of the sun, Claire led William towards the big house.

“If they’re going to be staying here with you for some time, I’d hate to be an added burden,” William insisted, hoping he’d found his way to back out of an extended visit.

“You are not and never will be a burden, William,” Claire told him with firm gentleness. “The children can all share a room easily which will leave a room for Bree and Roger and a room for you. There’s the table in my surgery and even the barn loft if we need more room.”

William peeked his head around one doorway into the small front parlor to one side of the entryway then turned to investigate the larger space opposite.

His eyes widened.

“You can go in and look around if you like,” Claire said from behind him. He could hear the smile in her voice.

He stepped into the room. There was a large rectangular table in the center, long and wide enough for a person to lie down upon without the need to worry about falling to the floor. A large cauldron hung from a hook that could easily be swung over the fire when necessary. Instead of an oven for baking bread built into the bricks, small shelves had been built into the recesses and were lined with pottery containers labeled with various herbs. A desk sat beneath the light of one window and a work bench lined the wall at the other. A single chair was currently tucked into the corner of the room leaving plenty of room for moving about the space. He turned around. Books lined the lower shelves of a the wall next to the doorway while bandages and medical instruments occupied the higher shelves.

“It’s larger than the last surgery Jamie built me,” she informed William.

“He built all this?”

Claire nodded. “Well, he designed it and had help with the construction part. But yes, he built it for me.” She smiled to herself as she ran a palm along the top of her work bench.

“What does that door lead to?” he inquired before he thought of whether the question might be considered prying.

The door was next to the room’s outer wall a foot or so from the hearth.

“That connects this room to Jamie’s study next door.” They had taken to dealing with their work outdoors in the cooler air of the mornings when possible before retreating inside during the heat of the afternoon. It was a comfort to them both to leave the door open between the rooms so they could hear each other moving about; of course, it allowed them additional discretion at other times too, a level of discretion that came in quite handy with Germain and Fanny around the house. “There’s an entrance on the main hall too. The parlor and dining room adjoin similarly and the dining room connects to the kitchen at the back of the house as well.”

William nodded, his eyes still drawn to the closed door that led to Jamie’s personal space. William wondered what books lined his shelves; did he have tokens of his time as a soldier the like his father and Uncle Hal with their dress swords and pistols; what about art on the walls…

“I think I’ll put you in the room over the parlor. It’s furthest from the children,” she explained. “Roger and Bree can have the room next to them. Jamie and I are on the opposite side of the landing so we’ll be fine too.”

“You think they’ll cause trouble?”

“Oh, I know they will,” Claire said with a laugh, turning to leave the surgery for the stairs. “Germain and Jem especially. It won’t take long for them to get reacquainted and both have a knack for it. I shudder to think what they’ll accomplish when they combine their efforts.”

Claire led William to his room opening the windows to air out the space. It hadn’t been used yet and the scent of the sawdust still undercut the sharper odors of the paint Jamie had used on the walls.

“Depending on how the crops do this year, we were talking about looking to order wallpaper for some of these rooms––the parlor and dining room first, but then a few of the rooms up here.” Jamie still had so many plans for the house though he was happily setting them aside to enjoy the fruits of his labors since it had finally become habitable. “You take your time settling in up here. Rest if you need it. I’ll be down in the kitchen fixing something to eat when you’re ready.”

She left him alone then and William spent some time poking around the spare room and wondering what he should do about staying or leaving.

Every inch of him crawled with discomfort at the thought of staying and it made him ashamed to admit it to himself. He knew it was useless to even pretend that being away from Jamie Fraser made it possible to pretend nothing had changed and yet, a piece of him wished that were the case, that he could go back to that time before simply by getting away from the players in that revelation.

But he wasn’t a coward. And he was curious, especially about his sister and what she made of everything. How much did she know? And when had she learned the truth? She must have known when they’d met before.

There was also Fanny to consider. He had no doubt that she was well cared for but he needed to be sure for her sister’s sake and she would want to see him too.

So then, how long did he have to stay until it was no longer impolite to leave? A few days, he decided; a week at most. He should be sure that Dottie settled in with her sister-in-law and… Ian Murray. That was the other reason he wanted desperately to get away. The prospect of encountering Rachel and Ian made his stomach bottom out. He wanted Rachel to be happy and he knew Ian was a good man… but seeing them happy together… He wasn’t sure he was ready for that yet. The longer he stayed, the more likely it became that he would find himself in one or both of their company for some length of time.

He didn’t know how long he’d been up there pacing about and musing to himself but he finally built up the courage to go back downstairs and find Claire.

It must’ve been some time because she had tea, warmed bread with honey, and some heated ham ready for him on a tray set near the hearth in her surgery. The chair from the corner had been pulled over to the table in the middle of the room but she stood at her work table threading curved needles and assembling suture kits for future use.

“It’s tedious work,” she said, looking up into the window where he suddenly became aware of his reflection, “but having these prepared ahead of time can be enough to save a life. You should eat something,” she remarked, setting her work aside to face him.

“I’ll stay but only for a week,” he blurted. “I need to be sure Dottie settles and then I’ll be on my way again. You’ll have enough going on with your daughter and her family.”

“They’re your family too,” Claire insisted, gently. “I know you may not be ready to hear it or to accept it, but it doesn’t change the fact that as far as the rest of us are concerned, you are.”

William walked over to the tray Claire had prepared and lifted it from the floor to the table, wincing at the heat of the handles even as he was relieved to look away from Claire. Her face showed everything she thought––and clearly she thought he was behaving like a petulant and stubborn child––but he also couldn’t shake the impression that she noticed everything about him with her piercing amber eyes. It made him feel like a trapped insect.

“It would mean a lot to Jamie and to Bree if you stayed for a while––start with a week, but please consider staying longer. You might be surprised by how much it grows on you.”

“How much what grows on me?”

“Being a part of a family.”

He looked up at her then. “I have a family. Papa, Uncle Hal and Aunt Minnie… I have my cousins…” But he knew that, while what he said was true, what he’d witnessed between Jamie, Claire, Ian, and the rest of them, however briefly, was different. He gobbled a slice of the honey-soaked bread and enjoyed the feeling of it sticking to the roof of his mouth, preventing him from having to say anything.

“I think you should have a talk with Brianna,” Claire said with a nod and amused smile that confused William. “She reacted about as well as you did when she learned the truth about Jamie being her father.”

William swallowed hard, the honey on the bread sticking to his throat as it went down.

“What do you––She didn’t––Why?”

“I thought Jamie died at Culloden. I was already carrying Bree when it happened… I remarried and he wanted to raise her as his own. It wasn’t until after he died and I learned that Jamie survived that I told her.”

William blinked and reached for the cup of tea. It gave him something to hold while he thought about what she’d told him.

“Is that why it doesn’t bother you? Whatever there was between him and my mother?”

Claire’s expression went hard for a moment and color flooded her cheeks but she took a deep breath before answering and her tone remained controlled. “It does bother me but not for the reasons you think… and some of those reasons as well,” she conceded. “But none of that affects my opinion of you or how I think of you,” she insisted.

“You look at me and see him,” William guessed.

“I look at you and see the son he and I were supposed to have together… the son we would have had together if circumstances had been… more forgiving.” The smile she offered was small and a little sad. “The first time I was pregnant and we discussed baby names, we thought about the name William if it was a boy, for Jamie’s older brother… he died of smallpox when Jamie was just a boy.”

William blinked in surprise but could only think of questions that he knew it would be indelicate to ask. What did she mean by the first time? How many half-siblings did he have?

“Part of me was thrilled when I heard they’d called ye William,” Jamie said from the doorway to the surgery, startling both William and Claire.

She was only half surprised they hadn’t heard him come through the door. William nearly dropped his cup of tea and was profoundly thankful he’d finished the contents. He set it down gently and pushed the rest of the tray away but stayed where he was.

Jamie’s face was flushed from a combination of self-consciousness and the hasty walk out to Ian and Rachel’s followed by his equally hasty walk back.

“I couldna claim ye as mine but knowin’ ye had my brother’s name… it made ye feel a bit more mine nonetheless. I cannae say was it down to me or no, but I called ye Willie every time I saw ye as a babe. As ye grew and yer grandparents and yer aunt and nurses started callin’ ye that too…” Tears pooled in Jamie’s eyes but he held them in check as William and Claire waited. He blinked them back and cleared his throat, looking to Claire for reassurance. “Yer cousin left something behind and I said I’d come fetch it. Ian and Rachel seem pleased to have her and the bairn stay wi’ them as long as she needs. I left Bree and Roger talkin’ with Jenny. I’ll tell ye the rest later tonight, mo nighean donn, and I’m to be sure ye ken ye’re welcome to come and join the festivities tonight too,” he addressed William.

“Thank the Murrays for me,” William said stirring from his spot at the central table, “But I think I’m going to go up for the night a bit early. I’ve been pushing myself to keep vigilant with Dottie and the baby. Between that and Minnie’s crying in the night, I’m afraid I’m dead on my feet.”

Jamie stepped back from the doorway to let William pass and head up the stairs.

Claire was at his side and squeezing his hand until they heard the bedroom door close above them.

“He’s agreed to stay at least a week,” Claire whispered. “And I’m pretty sure he’ll reach out to Bree.”

Jamie nodded and then his lips twitched. “He’ll have a devil of a time trying to avoid her if he doesn’t.”

Claire felt the chuckle rattle through Jamie’s chest as he pulled her against him and rested his chin on her head.

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Berena Appreciation Week - Day Four:  Alternate Universe

Police Investigators AU
DCI Campbell moves into town after a particularly arduous divorce, hoping to leave behind one jerk of a husband and the jeering of her colleagues in her previous precinct- seems like everyone had known about her husband’s philandering except for her. On her first day she gets assigned with the infamous Bernie “Big Macho Detective Inspector” Wolfe. Expecting a large, gruff man to follow up on that nickname, she’s surprised when she meets a lithe blonde in a fitted pantsuit. However, she is no less infuriating for it, not giving Serena even an inch to operate in and getting under her skin, always and instantly. Serena now understands why DI Wolfe’s reputations exceeded her. But after a particularly grueling night of obs where Serena feels like no amount of Shiraz could ever exorcise the cold from her bones, she starts to understand her colleague. She finds out Berenice Wolfe is also an honorary member of the ‘Club of Embittered Ex-wives’; her husband being responsible for her demotion to being a DI in West-Yorkshire after not being able to accept the fact that his wife of 20 years had turned out to be a lesbian. He was still warm and cosy in what once was their London townhouse, while she was cryofreezing her bones in Yorkshire. They become close friends after; Serena finally finding a colleague whose advice is worth listening to and not meant to knock her down a peg or two, Bernie finally finding a colleague whose respect is worth earning and who doesn’t care about whatever rumours might be floating about. Solving cases with new found efficiency they soon become a force to be reckoned with. When they are asked for help on the case of Tommy Lee Royce- wanted for kidnapping and multiple incidents of voluntary manslaughter, amongst which a police officer- they meet up with Bernie’s old friend Catherine. When Catherine gets heavily injured after an incident with Royce, Bernie cannot help but blame herself as they sit besides her bed. She should have known Catherine wouldn’t wait for reinforcements and she should have just gone there, been there for her friends. Serena tries to console her and somewhere between well meant words and soft caresses their lips touch. Only breaking apart when Catherine’s sister Clare enters the room.
“Seems like I owe Catherine 10 quid.”

SDCC Wednesday Schedule

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

Chapter Thirteen: 

Word Count: 3502

↠ ♥ ↞

After Lucas’ surprisingly good audition for The Wizard of Oz, Riley and Kai return to the Matthews’ apartment to talk. Kai presses Riley on what warranted Lucas to audition this time. Of course Kai knew about the incident at winter formal but as far as he knew Riley had completely ignored any advance Lucas had made to talk to her, so his very determined attitude at the auditions mixed with Riley’s off behaviour directly prior made Kai awfully suspicious of things. Riley has no choice but to share the details of her conversation with Lucas in the courtyard, with her best friend. 

Again, an anger is sparked within Kai that Lucas keeps dragging Riley deeper into the mind f that is his ‘feelings’ for her. But, nothing had Kai quite as worked up as Riley’s calm approach to it all. 

“How are you so okay?” Kai paces around Riley’s room. The brunette sits comfortably at the end of her bed as she watches Kai walk. 

“I’m trying to handle things maturely.” Riley forces a laugh but it falls flat. 

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Pairing: Preserum!Steve x reader

Word count: 982

Summary: you and Steve were just walking home after a date night, when some rather rude men start catcalling you.  But don’t worry, Steve’s there to save the day!

Warnings: catcalling (not too intense though), brief fist fight (it’s preserum Steve, what do you expect?), swearing

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We just got and estimated time for my sisters graduation! So as of right now I’ll be in Chicago from sept 15-18!!! We'all be spending Friday night and all day Saturday checking out the city and getting an airbnb for the stay!

And the weekend before my aunt is flying up from Florida for a family party and we were worried we weren’t going to get to see her and now we are so things are falling weirdly into the right places! Hopefully they stay that way 😅

Any of my followers live in the Chicago area and can recommend some things that I just HAVE to see? And metaphysical/crystals shops I should know about??

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Your on neither's side?

I just think both sides could’ve handled the situation better thats all….?

@ask-fucking-bendy is a sweet mun. They are wonderful, amazing, and talented for their age. I haven’t had a full conversation with them, but i can tell their really nice, and i hope their having a nice day/night

@batimpositivity had good intentions and now their getting hate for it, and wish their day would get better and that the hate eventually stops.

If anything

I blame most of the anons

They escalated the situation by not only sending hate, but by telling people to kill themselves.

If anybody who follows me did that, telling people to kill themselves, unfollow me right now because you DISGUST ME in every shape, way and form.

stolen cupid's arrow and geography notes

there’s so many places i want to take you,

twenty seven floors down while you’re off to smoke, and i pretend i have somewhere to go, only to follow the clouds of gray you exhale.

into the coffee shop you frequent that i long to find out how you like it brewed, cold, a tiny hint of sweet, i’ll memorize you in detail.

in the stillness of a four cornered room where you dance with the night stars and neon hazed lights, and I’ll stare blatantly all day at your tattoos.

on the blank spaces of your unfinished book, in your words, your mind, your heart, i’ll understand the depths of your clutter.

in a journey to the almost empty fridge with only one can of beer left, and i wish to have a small sip of your soul.

in the bar filled with grunge rhythm sounds and blues, a crowded dark place where it’s just you and i, the music, the hype.

into the life i desire,
i dream about when i’m waking up, working hours, staring into the lengths of beyond.
i drive myself insane,
unfocused, unguarded, unstable.

in all sorts of ways.

there’s so many places i want to take you,

right now all i could think is
i want to take you home.

- k. en voir

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Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash