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Mileven headcanons about them finally being alone for the first time after the gate was closed... hope you decide to write it!

Thanks for the prompt! It’s a bit short but I hope you like it Anon!

• No one gets to see El the after she closed the gate that night since she was super exhausted so Hopper took her home straight afterwards so she could get to bed.

• El asks Hopper when she can see Mike pretty much everyday.

• They manage to find a time when Mike can bike to Hopper’s cabin after a few days since if even one kid from school follows him El’s at risk of being known about and Hopper isn’t taking any chances since he and Dr. Owens are still trying to set stuff up so she can have a normal life.

• When Mike gets to Hopper’s place he and El are both very !!!!!!!!!!!

• Mike tells El all the stuff she’s missed out on and how the rest of the party is doing

• He tells her all funny stories about Dustin and Lucas which she responds to with soft, humorous smiles and says how she’s missed them too. He explains about Will and what he’s been through which El understands quite well having had her own experiences with the horrors in The Upside Down. He also tells her about the fun times he has with Will and his how good his drawings are and how he’d absolutely love for her to meet him since he feels they’d get along really well. When he brings up Max El at first seems pretty annoyed but when he starts to explain how awesome she is and how head over heals Lucas is for her she starts to thinks she actually seems pretty cool.

•El shows Mike all the new words she’s learned and he’s so proud of how much her social skills have improved

•She tells him about all her favourite TV shows she’s been watching while living with Hopper

• They spend hours and hours talking, both of them smiling so much their cheeks start to hurt

• Neither of them (especially Mike since, y'know he thought she was dead) can believe they finally get to see each other again and they’re just so happy and so in love ☺️

• When Mike finally has to leave he gives her big hug and says that he’ll try and bring the others with him next time.

• “I’ll visit you soon. Promise!”
“Promise”, El repeats smiling

• Mike gives her a peck on the cheek, El giggles and they both turn bright red

• Mike rides home with heart eyes and flushed cheeks, thinking about how lucky he is to finally have El back.


i love them and im happy that u like them now too… theyre so wholesome. theyre so full of happy radiant energy.. its healing. thats the only adjective i can use to describe that feeling they give me. its just. healing. they can just talk about nothing and everything all night and day and hang out any time, no matter where or when theyre happy when theyre with each other. theyre that kinda ship that is just so cozy and HEALING and pure and gentle… 

and yea they prob have their bad moments and moments of fear and insecurity or moments of detatchment (especially after feferi and nepeta died and in the dream bubbles trying to find Their versions of themselves. all while aradia was god tier and travelling around various different dream bubbles, so who knows which ones she found and what memories they had and how often she actually met HER fef and nep. and also the thought that her gfs were both dead and she was immortal, its jjust so harmful for her and the others dont mind but shes so scared because she knows this is just borrowed time and their time has already ended.. this isnt right they shouldnt be here right now and she feels so guilty!! she already lost them but shes not ready to have lost them and theyre still here but dead and its not the same and it should be but its not and shes so scared of losing them even though she already did but Didnt at the same time???? 

and then that whole fight with lord english and thousands of versions of some of their dead selves dying again. god ghdjsghg) ……..but i like to think that eventually they just. stay. together, and happy that theyre finally with each other again. and maybe they never got their happy ending, maybe they never got to earth c, and their time is limited with the universe shattering around them, and then so many died during the battle anyways and never even got to see the universe become destroyed in the first place and i cant tell which is worse. but god are they gonna make the most of that remaining time they have with each other, no matter how short or long it is. and god am i making myself cry again.

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Could I request a coffee shop barista also named Gon Freecs BECAUSE FOX SPIRIT AU HAD ME SHOOKETH

@decembercamiecherries​ and anon here is your wish 💕💗💖💞💘

Killua could stay up three nights in a row without feeling tired.

It’s what he boasted at least, but he was admittedly exhausted and unable to keep his vision from fuzzing around the edges. That being said, it was Alluka who recommended the busy cafe on campus between classes. She loved coffee herself and didn’t understand how Killua could even function in college (with a heavy schedule, nonetheless) without having a single sip.

It was likely his stubbornness, really. However, class was canceled this morning and he might as well find out what the fuss was about when it came to coffee. Killua didn’t bother to comb his hair, fix his jacket—which was inside out as well—or even completely tie his shoes.

(He found out a bit late, since he’d tripped over his laces and fell flat on his face, after all. It took him a few minutes just to peel himself off the sidewalk.)

And to top it all off, he was so tired that it took him five minutes to find out that in order to enter the cafe, he had to pull on the door, not push. Maybe Alluka was right: coffee might be a college student’s necessity.

“Good morning!”

“Yeah whatever, good morning.” Killua groaned as he heard the voice of the barista, his body outright refusing to cooperate and his mind foggy from exhaustion. He couldn’t even bring himself to look up because his neck ached, his spine felt like it was about to crumble, and his face—he didn’t even bother to look in the mirror before coming here. He probably had rings of darkness around his eyes. When they got especially black, Alluka would call him a raccoon.

And when Killua finally dragged his gaze up to face the barista, the shock jolted him awake faster than any caffeine possibly could.

(Because he was hot.)

(Very, very hot.)

He had strangely familiar caramel eyes that held a strange concoction of honesty and friendliness. The ghost of a chill suddenly shivered down Killua’s spine and had a disproportionate effect on his heart rate, a small blush rising to his cheeks. And as if that wasn’t distracting enough, he gave a smile that made Killua’s toes curl involuntarily.

“Can I get you anything?” the barista asked, casually leaning one elbow on the counter and propping his chin up on his palm.

Killua felt his mouth go numb. He knew nothing about coffee, so he reluctantly dragged his gaze from the barista to stare at the menu above his head.

(Then it occurred to him that he was so tired, he couldn’t even read the chalked words.)

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oH GEEZ i forgot to answer this one, sorry anon!!

  • reddy somehow always ends up subconsciously lecturing or advising bidwell in a Dad™ way with that Dad™ voice (because he’s practically young enough to be his son and because he has twin daughters) and bidwell finds it sorta funny and endearing at the same time
  • reddy sometimes has night terrors about his time as a soldier so the first time he and bidwell shared a room in a hotel for a business arrangement and he started getting night terrors, bidwell freaked tf out and had no idea what to do
  • now whenever they have to share a hotel room for the night, bidwell prepares tea in advance in case reddy wakes up from a night terror :’^)
  • saxton now makes it a habit to mispronounce and misspell pauling’s name even though he’s been corrected on it
  • and now bidwell’s starting to pick up on it too lmfao

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thank you for being *one of the first* people i've seen on this site use women of color for any sort of kpop ship/relationship edit, bless u

Thank you so much for appreciating what I do as much as I do. If you have any requests, feel free to send them my way. P.S. I just joined a blog that also celebrates women of color called @kpoppocmoodboards so you should check that out as well. 

Below are some blogs that I absolutely adore, and I highly recommend you look into, that also involve Kpop fans of color within their moodboards or writings:
















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just wanna let you know about a lil dream i had where kook was trying to fall asleep but couldn't so he got up, went to jimin & hobi's room & straight up just picked him up & carried him to his room & put him in his bed & then went to sleep cuddling him

:O Oh my god this is absolutely the cutest thing ever. I can just imagine Jungkook rubbing his eyes sleepily as he slugs over to jimin and hobi’s room, not caring about the consequences of possibly waking up his hyungs. Entering the room as quietly as possible and trudging over to the older’s bed where he slept like an angel. He’d scoop up Jimin warmly into his arms. Jimin would crack his eyes open groggily and wonder why the heck he was being carried around in the middle of the night, he could have sworn he was in his own bed.

Jungkook would plop Jimin onto his own bed, shuffling next to the older and pulling the covers up over their bodies, tugging Jimin in close so that he had a face full of the older’s hair as he nuzzled into him. Jimin would want to protest but Jungkook had almost instantly looked more relaxed being so close to the older that he didn’t have the heart to object to this change of location. Jimin would comply, tucking his face in the younger’s neck and succumbing to the sweet comfort of Jungkook’s arms.

(and lets not forget when Jungkook actually picked up Jimin like this)

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ok..I just need some hurt/comfort headcanons for blue zircon x green zircon pls

Something like Blue’s first major case and she’s really nervous about it (to the point where she feels like she’s about to have an anxiety attack) and Green’s trying to be supportive? Idk if this really counts as hurt/comfort but I’m pretty bad at coming up with headcanons on the spot lmao.

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I love Romeo’s lines, “when and where and how/We met, we wooed, made exchange of vow,/I’ll tell thee as we pass” and how he says they wooed each other instead of just saying that he wooed her. Was it normal to say that women also wooed men, or is it just R&J?

It’s not just in Romeo and Juliet. It wasn’t normal or encouraged for women to woo, as is evident from Juliet’s embarrassment when she realises she’s been heard by Romeo:

Thou knowest the mask of night is on my face,
Else would a maiden blush bepaint my cheek
For that which thou hast heard me speak tonight.
Fain would I dwell on form, fain, fain deny
What I have spoke; but farewell, compliment. (2.2.85-9)

She mentions twice ‘form’, and ‘compliment’ (which means formality), suggesting that she knows that it’s not ‘proper’ for her to speak as she did in front of a man. But in effect, they do woo each other, and they do abandon formalities, showing a recognition that women love as strongly and wish to woo as much as men do. I think this is essential to the kind of relationship depicted in Romeo and Juliet, the fact that they are mutual in their passion and love, and the ‘we’ in ‘we met, we wooed’ emphasises that mutuality. 

Juliet’s not the only one. In Twelfth Night Olivia woos Cesario (who she thinks is a man) while saying it’s improper of her to do so; Helena chases Demetrius hard in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; another Helena chases a Bertrand and manages to contrive things so that he has to marry her in All’s Well That Ends Well; and you could say that Rosaline woos Orlando in As You Like It, though dressed as a man (she’s certainly more in control than he is). Shakespeare is fond of couplings that are evenly weighted and in which women aren’t merely passive receptors of male wooing, so those aren’t even all of the examples.

As for other early modern literature, one that stands out for me is The Duchess of Malfi, which involves a woman (the duchess) doing all the wooing, partly because she woos a man that is of lower rank than her and can’t address her himself. Basically, it’s safe to say that women do woo men in literature of the period, but it is treated as a curiosity and with the recognition that social forms usually limit such situations. Still, Shakespeare seems to have had no qualms with breaking that formality over and over again, suggesting he saw past the unnaturalness of such social forms.

The Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is when the light of your spiritual essence is temporarily blocked and weighed down with heavy, dark clouds of worry, fear, guilt, shame, regret or bitterness.

Hold steadfast and remain vigilant - be mindful and patient with yourself; this will eventually pass. The darkest hour of the mind lies just before the dawn of Presence.   ~Anon I mus (Spiritually Anonymous)

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Would it be safe to assume that post-clone body magnus remembers who killed his wife? Since everything else he gave up in wonderland also came back?

The McElroys said during the second The The Adventure Zone Zone said no.

Travis: —you talk about in, um, Episode 59, like— Well, two questions. One, so Magnus has the new body, right?

Griffin: Yep.

Travis: And the physical stuff that he lost during [crosstalk] Wonderland is back—

Griffin: [crosstalk] Oh, does he still— Does he remember Kalen?

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: No, no no no. I— you— so the way that I kind of thought about this, and you all— this is what fucked me up when you guys were like, “Oh, don’t get back in your body, you’ll forget everything,” is we were kinda thinking about it in a different way, in that I was thinking that like, your memories and the things that you remember kinda resided in your spirit? Or whatever? That was inside of the mannequin, and so when it was outside of your body you were technically dead, and so the voidfish didn’t work on you, and that’s why you were remembering those visions and all that shit. But like, I think your memory lived in your spirit, so when it got back in your body, just because your body was from a time before Wonderland, like your brain would still remember Kalen? That’s not really how I think about it. I— uh— and frankly like—

Travis: Okay.

Griffin: —that moment was too cool to take away. So like no, Magnus doesn’t remember Kalen, ‘cause I do kind of like this idea of Merle and Taako having to go on this vengeance quest for this dude they’ve never met before. That we may not— which may not happen, but just like, I’m not gonna take that away.

Justin: [crosstalk] So, I’m gonna— I’m gonna call it right— I’m gonna call it right now, we’re gonna have— At some point, we’re gonna do a live show, and it’s gonna be a two-night— hunt— the hunt for Governor Kalen.

Nestle In

Request: Hi saw the requests are open for 24 hours! I wanted to ask for a fic with maybe gabexreaderxcas really big fluff. And you can see their wings because yes wings are amazing. Maybe a movie night hunker down. – anonymous

A/N: Alright, so my first thought for this was OMG YES POLYAMORY because, not gonna lie, I’m part of the LGBT+ community, and a lot of forms of our expression (polyamory included) are seriously underrepresented. But, since the anon didn’t specify this and it’s a little controversial, I left that part vague. Hope you like it, anon!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Minor swearing?

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel

Word Count: 1,536

Y/N = Your Name

            Witches were evil.

            Dean locked himself in his bedroom for hours as soon as you returned. Sam, looking like he’d seen a ghost (heh), had fallen asleep in the library, reading the same page over and over. You had retired to your bedroom in the lower level of the bunker, cold, soaked through from an involuntary dip in the lake, and feeling lonely. In sad solitude, you took a hot shower and fell asleep on your bed within seconds of hitting the mattress.

            When you next woke up, it was dinnertime, the sun was creeping its way down again, and you could smell something sweet in your room. It only took you a minute to crack your eyes open with a pitiful groan and realize that the sweet smell wasn’t coming from the kitchen, but from a plate of hot, fresh-baked cookies on your bedside table.

            You swore that you were the only person at such a comfortable temperature.

            “Morning,” you mumbled into the arm of whichever angel was in front of you, scooting your legs back to press your feet against the heated calves of the one at your back.

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