the night man

Sexiest person of the year is...

“drum roll please…”

The reporters sat in front of the podium, phones in hand, half crafted tweets ready to hit send. They just needed one last detail for completion: the name of this year’s sexiest man. In front of them a grey-haired man stepped towards the podium and smiled as he started to rip open the envelope.

He pulled the card gingerly from the envelope and took a moment to read the card - obviously to stretch out the anticipation of the moment. He smiled widely as he leaned in to the microphone, “and the sexiest person of the year is… Chris.”

The silence after the word Chris hung there for a moment, but quickly shouts of “who?” and “which one?” started up. Eventually one loud voice broke through causing the rest of the gallery to quiet down.

The reporter stood to make sure she was heard as she asked “which Chris? Pine? Hemsworth? Evans? Pratt?”

The grey haired man smiled and said a single word.



TMZ was the first to report that it was in fact Chris Evans that had won. One of their young reporters with something to prove broke into a convenience store and stole the box of magazines that had been delivered for sale the next day.

But in the morning quickly that story disintegrated.

The Eastern seaboard was first to rise and Twitter users in New York City were sharing pictures of a cover with Chris Rock on the cover - many with openly mocking comments at TMZ for getting it wrong. But as more and more people woke up and went to about their daily routine more covers were discovered.

Chicago had Chris Pine on the cover. Many of the Texas towns had Chris Hemsworth. Florida residents were posting pictures where Chris Tucker was on the cover. TMZ in fact was right and wrong. Chris Evans was on the cover, but only for those in California.

All across Canada the copies of People had Chris Hadfield on the cover.

It was unclear if some people had found rare copies. Someone from Missouri posted a selfie of themselves with Christopher Walken on the cover. Someone named Chris Larkin from a CW post-apocalypse show was found on some covers in Seattle. A 30 year old woman from Indiana with tears in her eyes joyfully put up a snap of her and her cover with Chris Kirpatrick - her favourite from N’Sync had finally gotten recognition. 

Weirdest of all was the seasonal copy with “Kris Kringle” on the cover. 

But one thing was for certain. That year, the sexiest man was Chris. 

Late nights- Peter Parker

Peter x reader

So sorry this was late. Please let me know if you’d liked to be tagged in this series. This is the third avenger/ avenger cast member I’ve written for so if you’d like to read the others you can find me masterlist here. I will be writing for Tony next. 

The italics are peter’s thoughts

You walked into your house, accidentally slamming the door. As you waked past them they tried to ask you what’s wrong but you just ignored them and went straight to your room, on the verge of tears. 

Your parents knew exactly what was wrong though. Peter. This was now the seventh date he’s ditched you on. Every time he would use lousy excuses like the stark internship or that he got caught up studying with Ned. Once you called Ned and asked him if he was with Peter and he said no, making you worry about your relationship.

Tonight was supposed to be special though. It was your one year anniversary and after days and weeks of lying he promised that he was going to put everything aside in order to be with you.

You sighed as you slipped off your dress, which you wore for him since it was his favorite color and tossed the present you go for him on your nightstand. As you climbed into bed, you stared at his present and wondered what he was doing.

Meanwhile Peter felt awful. He was currently at the bank fighting an armed robbery with twelve men and hostages. As he looked up at the clock on the wall his heart dropped. Shit it’s 1:00 am! I was supposed to meet Y/N four hours ago!

One of the robbers noticed that Peter wasn’t paying attention and shot his arm. Good thing Tony made the suit bullet proof, but somehow this bullet managed to graze his arm and make a good enough dent for him to bleed out of.

Peter slung a web at the guy who shot him and pulled the gun out of his hand. He tied him up with his web but as he did that another guy shot him in the leg, and the same thing happened with the last bullet. He took that guy down too, after taking the rest of their guns away. By the time Peter was done the police showed up and helped him release all the hostages.

“Thank you Spider-man. These people and I highly appreciate it, but you don’t have to stay here and help us untie them. Plus I think those gunman took a few shots at you.” pointed out the chief of police. Peter looked down at his arm and leg. The adrenaline he had made it hurt less but he was now bleeding a lot more than he expected.

“Yeah your right, I should probably get going.” Peter thanked the chief and tried his best to run outside, but the slight wound in his leg made it difficult. He got outside and slung a web to the tallest building around.

“Peter your bleeding.” 

“I know that Karen.” he said swinging through the streets

“Would you like me to inform Mr. Stark.” She asked.

“No! Do not call him!” Peter said, stopping on top of a building since he was starting to feel weak and tired.

“Well you either need to be picked up or stop somewhere near by, Peter. May I suggest Y/N’s house.”

“I can’t go there either.”

“Well sorry to disappoint you sir, but you are currently on top of her building,” Peter looked around in shock. Out of all places he could’ve ended up, he had to be at his probably angry and upset girlfriend’s apartment. “Peter at least try knocking on her window. I assure you, you will not make it to your apartment or the tower if you don’t stop, get help and rest for a minuet.”

Peter thought about it for a minuet before slowly descending down the fire escape. Once he got to your window he saw you still awake on your phone. He saw the tears that stained your cheeks, which broke his heart knowing he’s the reason for those tears. He hesitantly knocked on your window causing you to jump.

You quickly scurried to the window, with the most priceless expression your face. Before you opened the window though you ran away again to grab a piece of paper. Peter saw you scribble something down at your desk before you came back over to him. The paper said: Are you really Spider-man?

Peter quickly nodded and shot a web to prove it. Once you saw that it was safe and that he wasn’t a crazy New Yorker you opened the window.

“C-could you help me? I just got shot at a few times and I need you to help patch me up.” He asked, struggling to get in the window. You helped him limp into the window and onto your bed.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to get the first aid kit and some ibuprofen. You stay here and make zero noise.” You practically sprinted out the door and was back in no time. When you came back you saw him still in his mask while wearing a pair of Peter’s shorts and one of his shirts, both of which you stole from him. “Alright, what should I do exactly? I’ve never cleaned out a gun wound before.”

Peter waved you over to sit next to him. You followed every bit of instruction  he was giving you.

“Sorry I’m bothering you. I was going to go home and do this myself but I wouldn’t have made it.” He said before hissing at the sting on his leg.

“Sorry, I know this must hurt. And um… this is no bother actually. After the night I had, which in no way is comparable to yours, you made it better. I mean I wish we didn’t have to meet while your injured like this, but your my hero. I know there’s other superheroes out there but you personally help people and I know that when the time comes you’ll be fighting off evil gods or aliens or whatever hell the world will experience next.”

“Thank you, that means a lot to me. I’m sorry your night sucked.” 

“Yeah…I know you probably don’t wanna hear this but, my boyfriend ditched me on our date without even telling me he wasn’t going to show. I was there four hours waiting for him.” You said wrapping up his arm.

“You deserve better than that. So much better than that and I’m sorry.” He said looking down at the floor.”

“It’s not your fault,” You shrugged trying not to look hurt. “It’s not like your the one who left me alone on our anniversary and six dates before that.” You said with a bitter chuckle.

“I have something to tell you actually and you might hate me for it.” Your brows crinkled in confusion. Peter grinned under his masking, thinking you looked adorable when you do that. Peter slowly took off his mask, leaving you with wide eyes.

“P-peter? H-how did this happen? Are you okay?” You asked remembering the wounds you just cleaned.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I wanted to so badly, but I don’t want you getting hurt. I’m so sorry for leaving you alone on all those dates, especially tonight. I feel so bad that I made you look like a fool and that you had to find out this way.” Peter couldn’t look you in the eye. He was afraid to see how you’d react and how hurt you might be. You grabbed Peter’s face and turned his head to you.

“I’m happy you told me, but please be more careful. New York may need Spider-man but I also need Peter Parker.” He nodded at your words and pulled you into a tight hug. The hug felt like it lated an eternity as you both buried your faces in each others neck.

Once you finally pulled away you both laid in your bed facing each other. He explained to you everything that happened in Germany and what the Stark internship actually was. He explained how Ned found out and how he actually became spider man.

“I love you, you know that right?” Peter said, moving your hair out of your face.

“Yeah, I love you too.” You sad before giving him a small but meaningful kiss. “Oh wait, I have something for you.” You turned over and grabbed the box on your night stand. Peter sat up to see what you were doing.

“Babe, I don’t deserve that.”

“Yes you do. Now open it.” Peter took the present while rolling his eyes. He opened the lid to the box and took the shirt.

“Thanks…” He said confused.

“Turn it around silly.” Peter did as he was told and the Star wars logo with a bunch of signatures on it. “I know you were sad about not being able to go to comic-con with Ned and I know how badly you wanted the cast’s autographs, so I had Ned take me with him so I could get them for you.”

“This is the best and most thoughtful gift anyone could ever get me. I’m never wearing this by the way, it’s going in a frame.” He said making you giggle “I got you something too. I was carrying it in my suit, expecting that I would still be ale to go on our date.”

Peter reached down and picked his suit up off the floor. Once he found the tiny box he gave it to you with the cutest smile on his face. You opened the box and your heart melted. It was a crown ring with both of your initials on it.

“I know you’ve been eyeing a ring like that for a while now, but it was super expensive so I worked out a deal with Mr. Stark to get it. He helped me pick out the jewels and one of his guys did the engraving on the inside.”

“Peter I love it. Thank you so so much.” You said while slipping on the ring.

“Happy anniversary.”

“Happy anniversary.”

You and Peter spent the next two hours snuggling in your bed until he finally had to go back home. He slipped into his suit and before pulling his mask over his mouth he kissed you and swung out the window, leaving you with a smile as you watched your hero go.


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I really need to be more consistent in uploading here! 
okay so I did a style challenge because, well, I LOVE doing them they’re so much fun and its a great exercise for me because it gets me excited about drawing! 


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These reference are from this amazing book. Now you can draw Rick and Morty just like they do in the show by following these style guides. There are many more reference images provided by the book but you’ll have to buy it to see the rest. 

Note: The diagram of the Smith’s residence is missing a bathroom because the bathroom was an afterthought. 


Would you kiss this sweet broken Zero boy?? I WOULD AND SO WOULD KEITH