the night i went to see frank


Do any of you guys remember Frank Iero’s side project, LeATHERMOUTH? I sure do!

I went to see them live with Warship (who has since broken up) in 2008, and here are some of the better photos I took that night. These photos are probably what spurred, now that I think of it, my love for photographing live concerts. I didn’t know much about much in 2008, but I did know that I loved the music, and I loved seeing it.

Now you can see a bit of it too, enjoy!

[Intro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear

[Verse 1: Frank Ocean]
All this jewelry ain’t no use when it’s this dark
This my favorite part, we see the lights, they cut so far
It went too fast, we couldn’t reach it with our arm
Wrist on the wrist, a link of charms, yeah
Player, we’re still in LIncoln Park
It’s like we could dye our own hair
Like we could dye it all blonde, hon’
If we could see in 20-20
Twice we could see it ‘til the end

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Put that spotlight on her face (spotlight)
Put that spotlight on her face (ah, yeah)
We gon’ pipe up and turn up (pipe up)
Mama too hot like a (like what?)
Mama too hot like a furnace (furnace)
I got a hundred G’s in my Goyard (G’s)
My diamond gon’ shine when the lights dark (shine)
You and I’ll take a ride down the boulevard (yeah)
And your friends really wanna break us apart apart
Good lord

[Verse 3: Offset]
Good gracious
Starin’ at my diamonds while I’m hoppin’ out the spaceship
Need your information, take vacation to Malaysia
You my baby, the paparazzi flashin’ crazy
She swallowed the bottle while I sit back and smoke gelato
Walk in my mansion 20 thousand paintings, Picasso
Bitch’ll be dippin’, dabbin’ with niggas like a nacho
Took off her panties, diamonds dancin’ like Rick Ricardo
She havin’ it
When they call her workin’ on The Bachelor
I know you got a past, I got a past, that’s in the back of us
Average, I'ma make a million on the average
I’m ridin’ with no brain, bitch I’m out of it

[Chorus: Frank Ocean]
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side (ooh, yeah)
Whatever comes, comes too clear
Do you slide on all your nights like this?
Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might)
Put some spotlight on the side
And whatever comes, comes too clear (I might)

[Outro: Frank Ocean]
I might empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might, I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy a wooden pipe
Buy that boy a wooden pipe
I might

welcome home, soldier | tommy shelby

request: [reader] and Tommy met during the war through letters(she was his rock during the hardest times and he confided on her everything ,even the family job ). after the war is over ,Tommy is set on meeting her face to face, her brother died on the field and she’s struggling ,so they finally set a date and it’s all kinds of romantic.

“Here, Tommy”

He looked up, cig hanging from his mouth, half frozen hands stilling where they lay on his gun. He was bored to death and cleaning it for the third time today, sat in an alcove buried into the side of the trench.

“What is it, Frank?”

“Letter for you”

He scowled, holding his hand out for the paper.

“Already had mine today”

“It off my sister”


Frank laughed, dropping into his own burrow opposite and scanning his own letter.

“She wanted to say thank you ‘to that Tommy guy’ for, and I quote ‘saving my absolute idiot of a brother from his own stupidity’. So…I think she misses me”

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  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: ok so how did Brian Jones's death become so wrongfully depicted in the media? It's reported that he died under the influence of drink and drugs and became "just another sad rockstar that died drugged and drunk" but first of all the postmortem found little to no evidence of drugs in his system and his blood alcohol level represented the equivalent of just three and a half pints of beer, and people that knew him, Keith Richards included, noted that it was indeed very strange that he drowned in such a short period of time in his own swimming pool while broadly sober, because Brian was a very strong swimmer and very acrobatic in water. Anna Wohlin, his girlfriend of three months and a key witness, maintains that Brian had stopped taking drugs (except for sleeping pills, which he did NOT abuse) when they met in April of '69 and also maintains that Brian was NOT sad, devastated or felt any sort of betrayal against the Stones members for sacking him, he was actually quite relieved (also verified by Keith Richards) and that he and Anna actually had planned to go to the Hyde Park gig so Brian could publicly show he had no hard feelings about leaving the Rolling Stones. He had wanted to get out of the band for some time and wanted to get together a new band, Bill Wyman remembers that Brian was phoning people up about creating a new band before he died and that he called Bill being very excited about it. Anyway, back to what i was saying earlier. Also present that night was Frank Thorogood, a minder aggravated after being fired by Brian on the day of his death because he wasn't doing the building work on Brian's house properly. Brian had expressed guilt over having fired him to Anna and worried he had sounded too harsh on Frank so he invited him back for dinner that night (steak and kidney pie). They later took a midnight swim in which Frank ultimately were left alone with Brian after Anna went inside to take a phone call. And ok so Brian was no angel and used to tease Frank calling him "old man" and while in the swimming pool that night he had teased Frank a little and grabbed his ankles dragging him down. Anna says that she left them to answer a call (that turned out to be from a friend of hers in London) and that Brian was in good shape and spirit when she went inside, and that she believes she was inside for a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Also present was Frank's friend (and rumored lover) Janet Lawson that went inside to find Brian's asthma inhalator that he asked her to get. She looked around the house for it and eventually went to the kitchen where she was met by Frank, she described him shaking to the point he hardly being able to light his cigarette and she sensed something was wrong and rushed out to the pool where she saw Brian laying still at the bottom face down. She (unable to swim) started to shout at Frank to help her but he ignored her cries for help and Anna who was upstairs heard Janet scream "something has happened with Brian" and ran down the stairs where she saw Frank standing there "shaking like a leaf" trying to light his cigarette, she then continued running out, jumping in the pool retrieving him from the bottom and trying to get Brian up on the pool edge, which she wasn't strong enough to do, so she screamed at Frank to help her, in which she said in a (swedish) radio documentary in 2008; "I screamed at Frank to come help me, and then after a while he came dawdling, he didn't seem very interested to come and help me.". She and Janet tried to massage Brian's heart and do CPR and Anna didn't want to believe that he was dead so she just kept on trying but when the ambulance showed up he was declared dead. Anna has always maintained that she didn't think Frank killed him intentionally and that it was horseplay in the pool that went wrong. Terribly wrong. This is also supported by Thorogood’s alleged death bed confession to Tom Keylock, the Rolling Stones driver, in 1993. Tom Keylock repeated his friends confession on Crimewatch in 1994 and told Classic Rock magazine; "In 1993 I went to see Frank in hospital and he said: 'It was me that done Brian.' He was very tired. I said: 'I'll come back tomorrow, and [you can] tell me more.' But he died during the night. I never found out the specifics." AND THEN MY FRIENDS at the inquiry both Janet Lawson and Anna Wohlin (separately at different times and occasions) have claimed that the inquiries were under unfair conditions and Janet Lawson broke her 40 year silence and said in sworn testimony to investigative journalist Scott Jones (in which all information in this post from Janet is taken from), shortly before she died of cancer in 2008, about the inquiry; "A pack of lies, the policeman suggested most of what I said. It was a load of rubbish." The inquiries were held at 3-4 am., she was nervous, confused, and mentally and physically exhausted and were told that she were able to give another statement later on when she was in better shape, which was untrue and she never got to give another statement, so she eventually just said "yes" to the suggestions of the police. PC Albert Evans, who was the first officer on the scene, sensed something was wrong upon arriving and later said about Frank; "There was nothing at the time to connect Thorogood with any more. Just feelings." Evans was NOT asked to attend the inquest. A Sussex officer who can't be named but who knows the case very well made claims about how Anna's statement had been produced and said "Wohlin had been given sedatives by the doctor and had to be actually woken up during the interview. The WDC who wrote that statement was told what to write by Bob Marshall (the chief investigation officer). Bob Marshall was controlling it, the evidence that was written down. He was pushing the buttons." Anna herself has also said that she was under sedation and shock. THE WHOLE HANDLING OF THE CASE IS JUST SO STRANGE AND FLAWED.
  • And after the inquiries Anna was given 5 minutes by the Rolling Stones management to gather some stuff from her and Brian's home so they could send her home on a plane back to Sweden, as she said, "I was just a nuisance, I was just a problem. They had to think about the Stones upcoming U.S. tour and they didn't know what I was capable of." She managed to grab some of Brian's clothes and a couple of his hats and then had nothing else but that and the clothes she was wearing and was quickly smuggled out of the house. She has still kept his clothes after all these years, they hang in her closet. It's the only things she has left of Brian, when she a couple of weeks later went back to England and Cotchford Farm to retrieve her and Brian's possessions everything was cleared and gone. She also keeps a portrait of Brian on her windowsill. After returning home in '69 she also discovered that she was pregnant with Brian's child. But had a miscarriage. She has blamed herself for his death, "No.. I should have never gone inside to answer the phone. You know, when it was me swimming in the pool Brian would always make sure to go outside to check on me every 10 minutes to see that I was ok. I should have stayed. It's just a fact, if I had not gone inside, I would have been there and around him, and it would never have happened. I will always blame myself for it." She couldn't even attend Brian's funeral, something she deeply regrets today.
  • How Brian Jones's death has been portrayed in media is so flawed and wrong and it's been 46 years, HE DID NOT DIE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS AND I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR BRIAN, HE DESERVES IT. (and if anyone would like me to translate the whole radio documentary with Anna Wohlin let me know)

yall remember that fake s12 finale synopsis that said frank and dee were gonna spend the night in a drunk tank while mac, charlie, and dennis went to pride? where’s the fic because THAT’S a finale i would have liked to see

Headcanon: Sirius visits St. Mungos while on the run

•Peter and Harry were obviously his first priority, and Remus was a bonus.
•but what if another thing he always thought of in Azkaban was Frank and Alice Longbottom, friends of his and joined he order with him that were tortured to insanity by his cousin.
•he would have felt so guilty. Because that was his cousin that did that and they had a son and he would have wanted to keep happy and stay innocent but when dementors went away from his cell or he was a dog, he would think about them. And if- no. when he got out, he would visit them.
•he would dream about apologizing, and telling them that no matter what they hear, it wasn’t me. It was Peter. I swear, it was Peter. But I’m guilty too and I’m so sorry..
•and after he sees Peter and he breaks free, he waits until night time, then he visits St. Mungos and finds Alice and Frank.
•He was Padfoot at the time, and Alice squeals when she sees him, and pets him.
•he lets her pet him for as long as she wants, because he owes her so much and she’s happy.
•frank is scared of Padfoot at first, so only after watching Alice pet Padfoot for thirty minutes does he cautiously put a hand on the dogs hair and whisper “good doggie”
•After awhile, Padfoot stands up, stretches and walks away, transforming.
•"I know you two don’t remember me but we used to be friends. And I want you to know I’m sorry, and that it wasn’t me. It was Peter. And I’m so sorry. I’m just as guilty.“ His words are coming out in a rush and he isn’t making much since.
•he’s on his knees, head in his hands and sobbing out apologies.
•Alice sits down in from of him, pats his head and hands him a candy wrapper. Frank sits down next to her, smiling and mumbling incoherently.
•Sirius begins to apologize again, but Alice shushes him, covering his mouth with a small hand and putting her head against his.
•frank whispers “good doggie” again and pats his leg, wiping away some tears.
•Sirius stays for awhile before he heads out to hogwarts, seeking revenge on his cousin and promising that he’ll come back.
•he keeps the candy wrapper in his pocket for the rest of his life, holding onto it when he feels alone, or feels the guilt.
•he keeps it in his head that those two people believe him, and that keeps him going, and when he convinces others of his innocence, he still holds onto the wrapper and he still visits until the day he dies. •Sirius went to St. Mungos.


So I met Frank Iero for the 4th time this past Valentine’s day and I still can’t believe how comforting it was. Frank is one of those kind of people that even though he had a really shitty day he’s gonna be there for you at the end.

The thing was that that day it wasn’t the best for him I guess. Just to mention the night before the show something went wrong with the heating of their tour bus and it was like 0 degrees in Scotland those days. When they arrived at the venue it felt like something went wrong too, there were already commercial vans in their parking lot and they had to double park in a narrow street and unload everything as fast as they could and you could see in everybody’s faces how pissed they were, specially Frank lmao and they had to do the same thing when they left.

We were not sure if Frank was coming out and it was totally understandable, it was raining and cold as fuck and he was so busy helping everybody and carrying their stuff to their bus on time, it seemed like it hadn’t been his best day of the month or even the year and someone close to him already told us that he wasn’t feeling that well but we waited for him anyways and like 2 hours after, he came out and met a few of us under the rain while they were literally telling him that their bus was leaving in 2 minutes lmao despite of that he made us feel calm and like he was not on a rush, he was listening quietly at everything people were telling him and though I couln’t say anything to him but thank you, he grabbed my arm and squeezed it saying the deepest “thank you” I’ve ever heard and it felt amazing. He’s definetly one of my favorite people in the whole world and I’m so happy and proud of having him as that and everything he creates.

One Night in Austin [Transcription]

I had some people asking me about the fan fic Vernon wrote about himself and green Jack during Scare to Care. It looks like the Twitch stream is down now but I found a clip and went ahead and transcribed the fic down so you guys could read it. 

PLEASE NOTE: Vernon wrote this. I copied down what he said. Please also note that he said during the stream that he was fine if someone posted it, he just didn’t want it to be posted from his own personal account. 

One Night in Austin by Vernon Shaw:

“I think I get it,” Sean says, “I just don’t get why the kicker guy has to kick it so high.”

“That’s the punter. He’s different from the kicker, which is another job entirely.”

I take a deep breath of the cool Austin air. Ready to jump into the finer points of American football.

“You can see how that’s confusing, right? The man, is, in essence, kicking the football.”

“Right,” I say, “but oh God, I never thought of that.”

I look directly at Sean, my face trying to sum up the whole sport of football.

“The whole sport of football is a sham. We need to get this information to the football commissioner.”

Sean leans in too, “They’re all bought and paid for. The corruption goes all the way to the top. Vernon, we have to get this to the President.”

We stare in each other’s eyes, but I break first. I can’t keep a straight face when he’s looking at me like that. We both laugh the joke off and go back to watching the game. I’m so nervous. I’ve only known Sean for a day and I was able to get him to laugh.  

The reason we’re in Austin right now is because the Game Grumps were collaborating with Jacksepticeye on a game awards show during South By Southwest. Sean would be hosting, announcing awards, and making jokes, while the Game Grumps provided musical interlude as Starbomb, they even got TWRP to be their backing band.

I was brought along by Brent as production support, helping the Game Grumps and TWRP to make sure that everything was ready to go for the performance. This was my first big job after joining up with the Game Grumps two months ago, something I was still reeling from. Up until that point I had only been an internet small-fry. People thought Hot Pepper Gaming was funny and I had made some cool friends of the Youtubing world, but I was nowhere near prepared to see how my life would turn upside down when I was announced as the newest Grump.

We touched down in Austin on the day before; the Grumps from Los Angeles, TWRP from Toronto, and Sean all the way from Ireland. I tried to downplay how much of a fan I was of both TWRP and Jack, but I was instantly star struck the moment we all sat down for dinner at Frank in downtown Austin; head-down, focused directly on my cheese waffle fries, I barely mumbles “yes’s” and “no’s” whenever a question was directed my way.

It got better as the night went on. I had never really thought about how isolating it can be as a personality online and how much a relief it is to be around people who know just how strange it all can be. You give your heart and soul to make someone laugh, you never see that person, you don’t know who they are, but you know you’ve made them happy, and at the end of the day, there you are, in your room or your office feeling disconnected.

Hanging out with these guys was like reuniting with old friends. We knew each other, knew the hardships, knew the lonely nights, probably knew what it was to feel so alone that you wanted to scream, but none of us said it out-right, no, we joked about music instead, video games we were excited to play, told stories about conventions and tours. It was comfortable and I slid into the conversation with ease. It felt good.

The award show went off without a hitch. All of the fans screamed themselves to death at Sean, in his adorable navy-blue suit, Starbomb and the TWRP crew tore the roof off the place with amazing music, Brent and I high-fived backstage, another successful event.

We all grouped up for an early dinner after that, sitting down to try some of Austin’s best barbecue at Terry Black’s, more laughs, more jokes. After the meal, the rest of the Grumps wanted to call it a night, TWRP too, we were rightfully exhausted, not Sean though, that bottomless swell of energy had plenty more night left in him.

“What are you up to next?” he asks.

My little cousin, Johnny Football, is playing high school football out here in Austin. One of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen, perfect spirals every time. Fortunately, enough he was playing a home-game tonight and I was hoping to catch it.

“I was going to go to my cousin’s football game tonight. You’re more than welcomed to join me if you want.”

“Perfect!” He said with his trademark exuberance, “I’ve never been to an American football game.”

And just like that, we were off.

To this moment, I still can’t wrap my head around why Sean, with his millions of subscribers and his adoring fans, would even want to hang out with me at a high school game in Austin. His hand brushes against mine and I snap back to reality. My fingers retreat a few inches down the metal railing that separates us from a field and I look to Sean, ready to laugh about it, but he doesn’t react, doesn’t move. He’s so engrossed in the game.

I look over at the scoreboard and see how dire things are. Johnny’s team is down and they only have time for one more play. Johnny snaps the ball and pedals backwards, looking for an open receiver. The offensive line crumples all too quickly and a couple hoping defenders make a line for Johnny. I’m not worried, of course. This isn’t my first time seeing Johnny play.

He dodges one offender after another, almost as if he were playing for them, waiting for the right time to launch his patented ‘perfect spiral’ down into the end-zone. As soon as he spots his man, boom, he heaves the ball through the air, we all watch it arc into the heavens before crashing directly into the arms of the wide-receiver in the end-zone.  

The crowd erupts. Sean and I scream and hug each other in joyous elation, a warmth ensues me.

“Did you see the spiral of that thing?” shouts Sean over the crowd, “what a perfect spiral.”

We hang out in the stands and wait for the crowds to die down before trying to find my cousin. Obviously, he has to attend to his adoring fans. A young kid, maybe five or six years old, approaches the two of us with his parents.

“Excuse me, mister, are you Jack?”

“You betcha!” says Jack with his trademark exuberance.

The boy jumps up and down in excitement, almost crying as he tells Jack how much he means to him. Jack listens patiently and tentatively, asking the kid what his favorite series was, what games he liked to play. The parents take a picture for a keepsake and then they’re off on their way.

“This happens everywhere?” I ask.

“Most of the time,” Sean says, “but I don’t mind it. Did you see the look on that kid’s face?”

“I bet you made his entire year,” I say.

“I’m just happy to make people smile.”

Sean smiles to himself, and I smile back.

“Let’s go find Johnny,” I say.

We leave the stands and find Johnny hanging around outside of the locker room, surrounded by fans. Johnny signs anything and everything; signs, shirts, photographs of himself, photographs of other people, foreheads, babies, the works. He nearly drops a freshly signed baby when he sees us.

“Cousin!” Johnny yells.

“Killer spiral, Bud,” I say.

We share a big hug and he immediately crushes my windpipe with his shoulder pads.

“Thanks, bro, it’s my specialty.”

I introduce Sean to Johnny, who offers to sign him. Sean signs him back. I think it’s some weird famous person ritual or maybe they’re just joking around. I don’t know. Everyone is laughing and having a good time, but for some reason I can’t help but think about my worth in this world.

Sean and Johnny are both extremely talented. Johnny has his perfect spiral and Sean makes millions of people laugh and smile every day. I just wish I could affect people the same way they do.

“Let’s get out of here, buddy,” Sean says. Snapping me out of my introspective spiral.

We head back to our hotel room in the heart of downtown Austin, weaving our way through crowds of South By Southwest travelers. The night has just begun for these people, but Sean and I are too tired to keep the party going. I’m quiet on the way back to our hotel room. My mind keeps drifting back to these guys, the Jacksepticeyes, the Game Grumps, the TWRPs, even the Johnny Football, especially Johnny Football. They’re all so talented, they’re all changing the world, what have I got to offer? It pales in comparison to them. I’m a geek, a nobody, an insignificant speck in the universe.

I’m surrounded by the smartest, most creative, most talented people in the world, and I don’t even know why they keep me around.

“You really need to get out of your own head sometimes, buddy.”

I look up and see that we’re already outside of Sean’s hotel room. He’s touching my elbow to get my attention. I look at Sean, his cute green hair disheveled from a good night. He’s smiling, his eyes laughing at the fact that he caught me zoning out.

I lean forward and kiss him.

Then immediately I pull back. Oh God. Why did I do that? Blood rushes to my cheeks as I search for the words to say.

He kisses me back.

It’s quick at first, but we slow down as the wave of shock surpasses us both. I place one hand around his waist and the other caresses his cheek, as we alternate kissing and biting each other’s lips.

Sean fumbles for his hotel key card and opens the door as we tumble through his room, giggling.

Sean pulls back and looks me directly in the eyes.

“Is this crazy?”

I stare back at him, wide-eyed and in complete disbelief.


He kisses me again, hooking a finger into my belt-loop to pull me in closer. I feel a warmth build up inside of me as he breaks away from my lips to kiss my neck, my hand grasping at his shirt for dear life. I place my hand back on his hip as I feel his muscular back beneath his shirt.

We tumble on to the bed, grasping at each other’s clothes. He gets my shirt off and then I, his. I pause, I run my fingers up and down his chest, mesmerized. He runs his hands up my leg, eliciting a small whimper as he touches my jimmy-jam. (Vernon stated earlier he was using jimmy-jam in place for penis)

I immediately undo his belt and look up at his face. I’m worried the moment will disappear if we aren’t constantly moving forward. I’m saved from another melodramatic spiral as he begins undoing my belt. There we are, naked, holding each other as close as can, kissing each other’s bodies, feeling every inch of each other’s skin with an orgasmic delight.

I kiss down his red body, hearing his breaths go shorter and shorter as I kiss closer to his Irish Johnny. Sean’s whole-body tenses as I find my destination.

It surely would be one perfect night in Austin.
Heavy Metal of my own: W. Kamau Bell explains why Living Colour's 'Pride' was just as potent as rap

I grew up in Hyde Park, a pretty nice section of Chicago. In high school, my friend Rob and I used to spend weekends eating out and seeing a movie. Then we’d wind up at Rose Records. Rob had money, so he bought cassettes of new albums for his car. That’s where I first heard Living Colour’s “Pride.” 

I went to a private school, and my best friends were into the Grateful Dead and Frank Zappa. I was a TV junkie, so I wasn’t up on all the music things I probably should have been. For example, Rob had to tell me Jimi Hendrix was black.

On one of those nights in late 1990, Rob bought Living Colour’s album “Time’s Up.” As we listened to it, I looked at the cover’s bright colors and strange symbols. The band inside was composed of four black musicians.

Which was strange, since the music was heavy metal. “Pride” was the third track, and all I could think was, “Black people play music like this?” But everything clicked. The music was as black as rap but in a different way.

“Pride” opens with a guitar that sounds like an electric razor. Then comes the driving bass, a thundering drumbeat and a wailing guitar. The voice on the lead vocal was strong but earthier than most metal bands. 

The verses are in a minor key: “When I’m feeling proud/You say I’m lazy/I look around and see the true reality.” But the chorus shifts to major: “History’s a lie that they teach you in school/a fraudulent view called the golden rule/A peaceful land that was born civilized/was robbed of its riches, its freedom, its pride.” [Read More]

Imagine starting a secret relationship with Frank Reagan

(A/N: Sorry this took so long and i hope you enjoy what I came up with! Also @poemfreak306, wanted to be tagged!) 

Imagine starting a secret relationship with Frank Reagan

It wasn’t love at first sight nor was it lust at first sight. It was more of an infatuation or intrigue at first sight which developed into those other things later. You were fascinated by him and he says that he was taken with you.

And to think you almost didn’t attend the charity banquet where you met for the first time.

You went reluctantly, to say the least, you had been in court and meetings all day only for your assistant to remind you an hour before the event started that the event existed, was actually taking place and you were expected to attend. Let’s just say you weren’t too happy to put on a tight itchy evening gown just so you keep up appearances after the day you had. Not only that you also hated the politics of it all.

“And there’s the man of the hour, Frank Reagan,” Mayor Poole said mid-sentence as the Commissioner came into view.

“We haven’t actually been formally introduced.” You mentioned, taking a sip of your drink and looking over at him.

He was much taller in real life. You’d only ever seen him on TV before that point during his press conferences. You’d always been impressed with how easily he handled the media and kept himself in the public’s good graces. Well, most of the time. And not to mention he was as handsome in real life as he was on the screen.

“Allow me to introduce you then,” He smiled before gently leading you across the room.

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First date

Pairing: Frank Castle x Reader

Warnings: Drinking? Cursing?

Summary: (Y/N) agrees to go on their official first date to a seedy bikers’ bar just because Frank promised to protect her. She hates the place, and what’s worse, some random stranger is trying to flirt with her.

A/N: Okay, so I want to apologize to the person who sent this because she (I’m assuming it’s a she) was very nice and I even remember that she tried some conversation with me before asking so, yeah. I’m very sorry, but here it is, and I hope you like it!

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“You scared?” Frank asked, holding your hand and squeezing it gently. You looked up at him and nodded nervously. The bar gave you the chills and you wondered for the hundredth time why you accepted to go with him. “I’m gonna take care of you, no one will get you close unless it’s with drinks.”

“I don’t usually come to these kind of places…” You admitted. “I only said that not to seem like a brat. The only crazy place I’ve been to was when a friend had a band and he invited me because they were playing… but I was with a bunch of other friends so I was not alone…”

He laughed heartedly, taking his free hand to his chest and letting his head fall back. “You’re such a sweetheart, I swear to god.” He cupped your face and leaned forward to kiss your forehead. “You still wanna go?”

“Do I have another choice?”

“Get some take out and drink at home.” He shrugged. “If you want to call that a date.”

You sighed heavily, noticing how little options you had. “Ok,” you finally conceded, “but you better take of me, Frank Castle.” You threatened, pulling him to crash your lips on his.

It was like a bikers’ bar, very much like one, and as there were mostly men inside, you felt more terrified than ever. Was this some sort of test to prove how worthy you were to be with Frank Castle? If so, you’d rather failing than spending another minute, but Frank was right, it was the first time he agreed to take you out, let alone on a date. You’d been sharing some afternoons, evenings and mornings at each other’s place, but nothing really important.

As you walked inside the staggered place, you tried to hold on to Frank’s hand as tightly as possibly, and then he stopped right in front of a table that was empty and helped you get on one of the tall stools. He went away for some drinks, and you tried to be cool.

That until some random dude sat in front of you. You were using the wooden surface as a drum to keep your mind away from the terribleness of the place until the dude opened his mouth.

“So, what’s a fine lady like you doing in a place like this?” His breath made you dizzy from all the alcohol he must have drank that night. You looked away, trying to get an eye on Frank and see if he was near or not. When you didn’t answer right away, he tried again. “I’m Danny, by the way.”

“Good to know.” You replied, still trying to look for Frank. “The seat is taken, by the way.”

“Is it?” He looked around him. “Because I don’t see anyone around here. It’s just you and me baby.”

“My boyfriend went for some drinks.”

“I wouldn’t mind sharing.” He purred, getting his hands closer to yours. He had some awfully done tattoos and a lot of fancy rings. “Besides, I think you might like me better.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Why so shy? You’re a pretty girl, unlike the ones that happen to gather around here.”

“I believe the lady said no.” Frank growled, placing the beers over the table. “You’re in my seat.”

“And you are?” Danny, the stranger, said.

“The boyfriend. Now get out of my seat before I punch your teeth out of your gums.” Frank had already a fist up, and it wasn’t a matter of knowing Frank, but you were damn sure that he was not bluffing. “One.”

“Frank.” You rushed to grab his arm and almost hang from it. You tugged at it and shook your head lightly. “It’s ok.”

“It’s not.” He replied, looking at you. “This asshole was looking at you like a mere object and god knows what happened through his mind.” His head turned to the terrified man, and softly spoke again. “Now you better apologize to my girlfriend before I knock you out.”

“S—sorry—” he stuttered—“I didn’t know you—you were with someone—sorry.”

“No hard feelings.” You nodded and both of you saw Danny run away.

Frank took the seat and placed the beers on the table and the plate of French fries that looked better than the whole place. He ate one, just to make sure they were not raw or rancid. He nodded, and encouraged you to try them too. You were still a bit shaky because of that stupid guy and Frank’s reaction. Sure thing, he was the Punisher and a big, bad wolf, but he was never like that around you.

“(Y/N), you gonna eat or drink?” He asked, munching the fries.

“Yeah—” you shook your head—“I’m just still a bit shaky—he scared me and so did you.” You bit your bottom lip. “I’ve never seen you like that…”

“God, sorry—” he scratched the back of his neck—“I just—I went nuts by how that guy looked at you and how he got close to you. He was making you uncomfortable.”

“I know,” you hurried to say, “and thank you. Because I don’t think I would’ve been able to stop him, I was already panicking… but I don’t want you to be all Punisher around me… It freaks me out.”

“Okay,” he conceded, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, Frank.” You assured him, pursing your lips into a soft smile. “It was cool to see how you defended me, though,” You giggled. “It really made me feel good. So… thank you.”

“I’ll always protect you, (Y/N). Even if I have to go all Punisher, but I’ll try not to, okay?”

“Okay.” You sighed, taking a long sip from your beer and finally relaxing. It was your first date and you wouldn’t let a stranger ruin it for you.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us about the time you met Gerard? I'm sure you have before, so I'm sorry if it's a repeat question, but I'd love to hear about it!

Alright, I don’t think I’ve really posted the details before? at least, not really. So here I go!

It was last year in November during NCCC! I remember my mom surprising me with vip tickets because she knew that my love for Gerard was (and is) infinite. It was probably the best surprise in the whole world honestly. Anywho, I remember how nervous I was as I waited in line to meet him. I was holding onto a little book I had brought that I had filled with little things that I wanted to tell him, but I knew that I wouldn’t have time to actually say. (don’t worry, I dialed my obsessiveness down and made sure it was all polite and nothing over the top.) and I even had a few little drawings in there as well. He was on a different floor, so they were sending us up in groups of five. (Which was good because I didn’t want him to be overwhelmed!) and I remember when it was finally my groups turn I was practically shaking. Like, I don’t think I have ever been that nervous in my life, not before, or after that.

Anyways, we finally arrived in the room that he was doing the signing and taking pictures, and there was a tiny lounge area right next to the table that we had to wait our turn at. I was like, the third or forth person to go (pretty sure my mom was the first haha, but I wanted to wait because I wanted more time to just like,,look at him. I was like, Holy Shit, that’s Gerard Way. He’s only a few feet away from me) So since mom went first, I had to take her picture with Gerard for here with her phone, and once I did, Gerard asked something along the lines of “How’s it look?” and I just,,,I looked right at that gorgeous motherfucker and said. “You look beautiful as always.” (Because I can’t shut my fuckin’ mouth) and He just,, He fuckin gave this beautiful, absolutely gorgeous smile that was so shy and sweet and he tucked his hair behind his ear as he fucking blushed. What the fuck?? what the fuck. Like, I’m crying right now because it was so perfect and I can’t handle that man. 

So after I took mom’s picture, I went back to the chairs and sat down because it wasn’t my turn yet, and just continued to stare at him like a weirdo. And while I waited, there was also this little boy there too. He was probably close to 11 or 12, and he had this MCR jacket on and was just fucking vibrating with excitement, and I talked to him and he was talking about how happy he was and that Gerard was his hero and everything, and I was just beaming at him because I was excited to, and he was just so sweet and I felt an odd sense of protectiveness for him? He also sort of had like, this Frank Iero vibe to him, so I told him that and he looked up at me wide eyed and was like “Really?” and he was smiling so big as I nodded and he told me that that was the best thing anyone had ever told him. (I remember that when it was his turn he got Gerard to sign the MCR patch on his jacket and he looked like he was on the verge of tears and I swear it melted my heart because Gerard was just so sweet to him and that boy deserved it.)

When it was finally my turn, I walked up to the table and I was certain that Gerard could tell that I was close to passing out because I was so nervous. He looked up at me with another one of those beautiful smiles and giggled, fucking giggled as he asked me “Hey, are you alright?” and he sounded so fucking concerned and I could even see it in his stupidly gorgeous eyes that he cared and so i just whimpered like a weirdo and nodded and said “Yeah, Yeah, It’s just, It’s you.” and he laughed softly again and nodded before saying. “Okay, just making sure.” and so I handed him my little book that I wrote and drew in, and he almost opened it right there, and I was like “Wait, don’t open it yet!” and he giggled again and held it close to his chest and held out his other hand before saying, “Don’t worry, Don’t worry, I won’t. See? I’m putting it in my bag.” and he sat it in his little bag filled with stuff, and I had to say, “I promise it’s nothing weird.” And he laughed again and said that he believed me. 

oh yeah! how could I forget! Right before I gave him that little book, I got to shake his hand. Let me tell you, it was perfect. His hand was so warm (though, my hands are extremely cold all the time, like, I’m not even joking, so he could have just had sort of warm hands instead of really warm hands, but to me they felt nice and soothing) And I could sort of feel the callouses on his palm and fingertips and it honestly made me never want to let go, but of course I had to haha. But I had just spent so much time looking at those hands. just staring and drawing them so many times, so to see them in person and get to touch them was just surreal. His hands are just so gorgeous and my favorite. 

okay, so after I gave him my book, he asked me if I had brought anything for him to sign, and I said “Aw, man, I forgot to bring anything because I’m an idiot.” And he made this face that looked so soft and gentle and he shook his head and said, “Don’t say that about yourself.” Before reaching over and grabbing one of the posters and saying. “We’ve got this pretty neat thing here that we can just sign for you instead.” And then he had to go and smile again. as if he wasn’t killing me fast enough. So he asked me my name so he could write it, and I told him Pansy, and he made a hum that sounded like he was interested and said, “That’s a really cool name.” and so I of course, had already ascended out of my body at this point. He asked me if I spelled it Pansie or Pansy, and I told him it was with a Y, and he smiled again (I keep saying he smiled because he just,,,kept doing it over and over and I can’t fucking handle it.) and he said “awesome.” before writing it and then he asked me if I wanted a picture as well, and I nodded and was like, Of Course. So I knelt beside his chair and got close to him and he leaned down a little to take the picture with me and let me tell you,,,he smelled so good. so,,so good. I can’t even describe what he smelled like? But I want to smell it for the rest of my life. So after the picture was taken I said my goodbyes and he gave me a cute little wave and then me and mom left the room. 

After that, we went back to the motel room for a bit since his first panel wasn’t until later, and I threw up a few times because of the nerves and the shock finally hit me that “Holy Fuck, you just met Gerard way and touched him and got to talk to him and he was so much better than you ever could have imagined.” and then I remember once we got back to the convention for his first panel I threw up again and mom was like “are you sure you want to go to this tonight? He has other panels.” And I was just like. “Listen, I don’t care if I vomit all of my guts out right now, I am going to see Gerard at every single panel.” and so I did. I went to each of his panels and got front row, right in front of Gerard’s seat a couple of times too! If it wasn’t front row then it was second haha. But I managed to not throw up during any of his panels and it was rad. And that is my story of meeting Gerard. I hope it wasn’t lame for you, but honestly it’s okay if it was because to me it will always be the best night of my life, right there just above meeting Frank. 

ang's epic adventure 2k17

The extremely long-winded, full director’s cut, bonus edition of 4 days spent chasing round the country after Frank Iero. I don’t expect anyone to read all of this, but I wrote it for my benefit bc I don’t want to forget any details of my epic adventure. Warning: very long and emo. Scenes of crying & general fangirling.

Sept 21 2017

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I Wanna Do What’s Right By You

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Angst, Romance


A/N:  Not a big Radiohead fan tbh, but “Creep” has always given me similar vibes to “Tragician”.

Your last fight with Frank had been bad. Bad enough that you’d run out again – stormed out of the apartment you shared with him and slammed the door. Fighting back tears, you’d driven to your friend’s house and stayed with her for the night.

Waking up the next morning, alone in her spare room, had felt so strange. You’d reached for Frank before you remembered he wasn’t there. You were sorry for every stupid thing you said, and just wanted to make up, and curl up to him all morning like you always did. But, he wasn’t answering his phone, even though you’d left half a dozen voicemails.

Maybe I really fucked up this time, you worried. Maybe he’s still pissed off.

Eventually, you had to put the phone down and start getting ready for work. You spent the whole workday distracted, making stupid errors that made your boss yell at you because you couldn’t stop thinking about Frank. Where was he? Was he ok? Why wasn’t he answering you?

Not knowing if he even wanted you to come home, you wound up going back to your friend’s place after work. You went to bed early, but you just couldn’t fall asleep without him. You missed the way he would always kiss you good night. Maybe you should’ve gone back home, after all.

After hours of tossing and turning, you woke up your friend, and asked her to make you a cup of cocoa. That usually did the trick. She made a cup for herself, too, and the two of you sat on her couch, sipping your drinks.

“I just don’t understand why you’re still seeing Frank,” your friend confessed. “Y/N, when you showed up here last night, you were a mess. Why stay with a guy who makes you cry like that?”

You frowned down at your mug. Your friends had never approved of your relationship with Frank. You wished they saw what you saw in him. You wished they knew how amazing he could be, when he got out of his own way.  He made you so happy. What did they know? He always told you not to listen to a goddamn thing they said.

“Because I love him,” you sighed. You were going to say more, but, just then, you heard a loud thump outside.

“What the hell was that?” your friend wondered. “Are the raccoons outside again, trying to get in the trash cans?”

“I don’t know,” you shrugged, raising an eyebrow. “I’m going to go outside and see what’s up, ok?”

“Alright,” your friend nodded. “Be careful.”

You got up off the couch, opened the front door, and walked out onto your friend’s porch. In the shadows, you saw the figure of a man. A robber, you thought instantly, and, for a second, your heart froze with fear.

But, then the man took off his hood, and you recognized the mess of dark hair and handsome face beneath.

“Frank?!” you gasped. “What are you doing here?”

“That’s a good fuckin’ question,” Frank slurred, and you realized he was drunk. “What the hell am I doing here?”

“It’s…’s 3 am,” you gaped. “You drove all the way across town at this hour just to see me?”

“Nah, I’m too sloshed to drive,” Frank shook his head. “I walked.”

“Frank, our place is like an hour walk from here, at least,” you realized, shocked.

“Yeah, and at no point in that hour did I consider that maybe coming here was a bad idea,” Frank said self-deprecatingly. “I never realize that something is a bad idea til it’s too late. I should go…..”

“Why did you come here?” you demanded.

“Well, uh…..” Frank stammered, struggling to think through the haze of alcohol. “I just came by to tell you that you should probably break up with me.”

“What? Why would I do that?!” you cried.

“Because you deserve so much better than me, Y/N,” Frank confessed. “You’re so fucking special. And I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo.”

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Love Me Tender I Love You Baby 

“Love me tender, love me sweet,” Tater crooned into Ransom’s ear as they moved around their living room. “Never let me go, you have made my life complete, and I love you so.”

Elvis’s voice bloomed in the background from a rickety battery powered radio that Ransom picked up from a garage sale years ago. The two carefully moved around in tandem, careful not to bump into of the emergency candles that were lit when the power went out, firmly holding on to each other’s waist. Ransom has his head pillowed on Tater’s shoulder as he yawned and Tater continued to whisper lyrics in his ear.

“Take me to your heart, for it’s there that I belong,” Tater sang with Elvis. “And we’ll never part.” 

The song ended and switched to the more raspy voice of Frank Valli. The curtains, bracketing the opened sliding doors to the balcony, fluttered with the night breeze and caressed their joined forms. Ransom could see the stars twinkling down and feel the soft beat of Tater’s heart while they dance terribly to the radio. 

“You’re just too good to be true,” Tater sang. “I can’t take my eyes off of you. You’d be like heaven to touch,” he kissed the shell of Ransom’s ear, “I wanna hold you so much.”

When the chorus came, he sped up their steps to match the beat of the song.

“I love you baby, and if it’s quite all right, I need you baby, to warm the lonely nights,” he all but shouted, and gave Ransom a twirl. 

“Trust in me when I say,” Tater sang, “I need you baby, oh when you come my way,” he yawned. 

“You’re just too good to be true,” Ransom rumbled against him, continuing the song. “Can’t take my eyes off of you, you’d be like heaven to touch. I wanna hold you so much.”  

Nick's Family Chapter 7

Hi there frithislord here. With chapter 7 of Nick’s Family. Hope ya’ll enjoy it. This one takes place the After Cliffside Asylum. And We will see if Judy gets any forgiveness from the family after the press conference. A thanks to @cloudyloudy for some good ideas for this chapter.


After all the missing mammals were taken out of the Cliffside Asylum to be relocated to a new facility and Judy took care of all the paperwork at the ZPD. Nick and Judy decided to walk each other home for some well deserved rest before the big press conference in the morning.
“I don’t have to be there, if you don’t want me there, Carrots.” Nick said walking next to the hero bunny cop.
“Nick, I want you to be at the conference with me.” responded Judy as she turned her head to look at the fox. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”
“I quess I’m just as nervous as you, fluff. Are you nervous by the way?” Asked the fox.
“A little bit.” the bunny answered honestly. “But as long as I got you by my side I’m sure I’ll be okay.”
That last sentence triggered a surprised look on the fox’s face as he turned to look at her.
“You…want me by you’re side?” Nick asked.
“What-uh-um… I-I mean yeah of course.” Judy nervously answered while realising the last thing she said. “By the way. What was in that gumbo of Mama Oldie’s?” Judy asked trying to change the subject.
“What do you mean, Carrots?”
“I mean I smelled the vegetables and hot sauce in that soup. But I smelled something so unfamiliar in it. What was it?”
“Well…shrimp, chicken and crawfish.”
“Yes, meat. Long ears.”
The bunny couldn’t believe that she thought a soup with meat in it would smell so good. Which almost made her feel a little sick.
“You know, one of your little nephews drew me a picture. It was a picture of me in a circle with you and your family.” Judy told Nick.
“Ahh. That’s Little Dude. So he put you in his circle of trust. Well you deserve it.”
That made Judy’s heart flutter hearing Nick say that she deserve it. Then she looked up at that fox’s handsome face giving that ‘devil may care’ smile made her heart beat a little faster. She then looked down at his butt. Just thinking how cute it was, till she realised her paw was reaching out to touch it. She quickly pulled her paw back when she snapped back to reality. Feeling really embarrassed. But luckily for her, he didn’t notice and they made it to her apartment.
“Well this is where I live. See you tomorrow, slick.” Judy said as she walk up the door and waved goodbye to Nick.
“See ya fluff.” Nick replied as he walked away, watching the rabbit go inside.
'I think I’ll go stay with my family tonight. Instead of that crappy apartment I live.’ Nick thought to himself, as he took a short cut to get there.


Judy made it to her room. Put her keys and phone on the desk as she laid down on her bed, thinking about what to say at the conference tomorrow morning. But mostly thinking about Nick. Wondering why she felt this way? 'Why does he make me feel like this? Why do I feel happy around him? Why do I feel safe with him? Why do I trust him with my life so easily? And why do I have butterflies in my tummy when I think about him?’ Her train of thought was broken do to her loud neighbors Bucky and Pronk.
Judy not knowing who is saying what and not caring. Puts a pillow over her head to drown out the noise and tries to go to sleep.

“NICKY’S BACK!!!” shouted the Francine along with the rest of the family. As Nick walked over to a near by log to sit. He went ahead and told everyone all about adventure him and Judy had at the Cliffside Asylum.
“Wow, Nicky you a hero.” cheered uncle Lewis.
“No no…carrots is the real hero. I just help her out.” replied the modest fox.
“That rabbit is no hero.” Viper hissed “She wouldn’t have gotten far with out you.”
“Come on viper don’t be like that.” Nick softly said followed by a yawn.
“Awww, is our little kit sleepy?” Nick’s step-mom asked in a sweet tone.
“Yeah, I do need to get some sleep for the press conference tomorrow with carrots.” answered the tired fox.
“You can sleep with me, Nicky” Viper replied in a seductive tone. “There’s more enough room for both of us handsome.”
Viper laid in her patch of a bed in a sexy position while giving Nick a seductive look that would make any male crazy with lust.
“That’s okay sis. I still got my old bed.” Nick said as he walked over to his old patch.
“Don’t call me sis. By the way…you want some blueberries?” Viper asked holding a small pack of blueberries with her tail. “I know there your favorite.”
“You know me so well vips.” The fox said while walking to the sexy snake.
Nick tryed to reach the blueberries but Viper put them behind her back. “No no Nicky. First get this one first.” She said as she put one blueberry in the tip of her mouth. She was the only viper born without fangs and teeth. So it was just gum. But it didn’t make her less pretty. It might strangely made her more pretty.
Nick reached his paw to get it. But Viper said “No. Use your mouth.”
“WHAT!?! Viper I’m not going t-”
Viper didn’t let the fox finish his sentence as she made lip contact. Causing Nick’s emerald eyes to shoot wide open, as he felt her forked tongue in his mouth. It was a shock to him. But to her, it was magic. She felt like she could fly. Feeling eternal happiness. Until Nick pushed her off before yelling “WHAT the Hell was that about?”
“Kissing you silly.” Viper giggled.
“Your my sister.” Nick stated. Those words broke Viper’s heart. She then back off and apologized for her actions. Which Nick forgave her. Then he walk over to his patch and went fast to sleep.
Viper went to her private spot to pout about being rejected. Just to have Mater and Mushu come over to tease her.
“Haha. Got rejected didn’t ya?” teased Mushu
“Girl done gots’ puts in da’ sister zone.” Mater also teased. “Dats even worst den da’ friend zone. Haha dats worth hanging yourself ov-”
Viper rolled her tail into a ball and punched Mater in the face slamming his head against a near by boulder. Then wrapping her tail around Mushu neck and threw him face first in the mud.
“Viper. I thinks you done clipped my favorite tooth.” A dazed Mater said before passing out.
Viper didn’t listen to what Mater said, she just cried herself to sleep.

( After the press conference incident and Judy finds out what the night howlers really are. She goes to Finnick to ask him where to to find him. Which he tells her he went to see his family. Judy still remembered wear to find them.)

Judy was relieved to have found the spot.
“Nick…Mama Oldie…Francine..Frank.. Viper..Lewis..Ted..Crush…Little Dude..Mater..Mushu?” Judy shouted hoping to get someone to answer. But no reply. She knew they were there. They were hiding from her. Which weighed heavy on her chest.
“Look everyone I know I -”
What cut Judy off was the picture that little dude drew for her laying on the ground. But it was different. She was no longer in the circle. But outside the circle where it says 'Bad, hateful, deceivers, untrustworthy.’ This broke Judy’s heart enough to make her eyes moist.
The silence was finally broken by Viper.
“You have some nerve showing your face here. How dare you return after what you did. I should kill you where you stand.” The angry snake said with undying hatred as she slithered towards the bunny.
Judy tried to catch her breath from the fear and sorrow. “Look I know what I did was wrong and I broke your trust. I know your trust is very sacred to all of you. I betrayed Nick and and all of Zootopia. I’m really really sorry.”
“Oh you don’t know what sorry is you evil bitch. They say foxes are untrustworthy. Well they never met you.” Viper hissed with venom in her voice.
Judy’s eyes started to water. Hearing such hatefulness. But Viper wasn’t finished.
“You rabbits are all the same. I mean it’s in your biology. Always thinking every mammal bigger then you is savage and bad. You rabbits are no better then cockroaches. Your kind don’t care about the ecosystem, overpopulation or any one else. You won’t stop having kids. I bet you have more then 200 siblings don’t you. How many kids do you bunnies have to have to feel like you have a fucking family, huh?”
It was every single ignorant, hateful and hurtful stereotype about bunnies she has heard all at once. Judy started to cry.
“Awww, you sad? Upset? Did I hurt your feelings?” Viper said in a mocking matter. “All I did was just state the facts it’s not like other mammals do what you rabbits do.”
Judy raised her paw gently up. Then Viper used her tail to grab a rock, raised it up in the air threating to hit the bunny’s face with it. Causing Judy to step back with a gasp. Then what flashed threw Judy’s eyes was the press conference. She saw herself talking about predator’s savage biology. Saw Nick get angry at her, her trying to justify her stupid careless actions. Then threating him with fox repellant. Judy realised that Viper was putting her in the same position that she put Nick in. Like holding a mirror up to Judy. Showing her and making her feel exactly the same way she made Nick feel. Which made Judy disgusted with herself. She hated herself more then before.
“Look I care about Nick.” Judy finally spoke “I screwed up. I never wanted to hurt Nick, it wasen’t intentionally. I never wanted to hurt anyone. It just happened that way. I don’t why I said all that stuff. Or why I pulled that fox repellant on him. I just reacted I didn’t think. I know what the penalty is for breaking a reptiles trust. If you want to kill me. I won’t stop you. I hurt Nick, I hurt all of you. But if you tell me where I can find Nick and tell him how sorry I am and do everything I can to make it up to him. And fix all the damage I caused. Just please, give me another chance to make things right. To trust me again.” Judy finally let out a loud sob. Put her paws on her face.
Judy felt something on her foot. She looked down and saw Little Dude. Smiling at her.
“I trust you Judy.” the baby turtle said. Turning Judy’s tears of sorrow to tears of joy.
“I trust you too, bunny fu fu.” Mushu said.
Uncle Lewis and Ted at the same time “We trust you.”
Frank and Francine “We trust You.”
Then Mater, Crush all the reptiles.
“I trust you sweetie.” Mama Oldie said with a loving and welcoming smile.
The bunny was so overwhelmed with joy, that she began to hug everyone. Being so greatful for gaining their trust again. Plus having their forgiveness. From everyone except Viper. Who gave her dirty looks. She slithered up to the bunny and told her that she better do everything she can to make it up to him. Judy said she will.
“You know where dat’ old abandoned factory is? He’s under the bridge sweetie.” said Mama Oldie.
“Oh thank you Mama Oldie so much.”
“Well what you waiten’ fer go git your fox and make things right.”
“Yes yes thank you thank you all. Goodbye.”
All the reptiles started cheering for the bunny.
“Go Judy!”
“YEAH GET 'ER DOOOONE” Mater shouted.


Hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Next chapter will see Nick’s POV after the press conference and a little Viper back story. You guys are all awesome.

(Ahah u m uh? I wrote a ficlet??? I guess lol, got to thinking while i was washing dishes.)

After the fight on the rooftop with the Hand, they see each other again for a few times, and Frank either helps or he kills, there’s never really an in between. Matt seems to have realized that’s it’s inevitable, they are on the same side but walk different paths, though there are nights where he wonders. Just where’s a man like Frank to go, when the whole world misunderstands him? And it’s only after meeting Matt in the streets in broad daylight, that he breaks into his apartment while he’s gone. More battered than he can take, he tracks a bit of blood here and there, and he has no medical supplies where he’s cooped up so he figures Red has to have something, anything to take the edge off.

Surprisingly enough he finds Matt’s apartment cozy, in a way Matt can’t because he’s always so perceptive of what’s happening outside of it. Eventually after taking a beer from Matt’s fridge and fixing up his wounds he sits down on his couch, lays in it, he should leave, he got what he wanted, but he likes the comfort, the pause of deliberation. If Matt catches him here why should he care? Not much he could do about Frank’s presence in the first place and he certainly wasn’t a threat to the other vigilante.

When Matt gets home, slightly bruised by another fight, his body is still alight with the vibrations in the air. He is able to easily pick up Frank’s slowing heart beat in his apartment. There shouldn’t be anyone in there, he’s cut off anyone who would even bother coming in, and if they did they certainly wouldn’t stay to sleep. He’s stops for a moment when he jumps on his own rooftop, trying to place the breath, the single steady heartbeat within its walls. There were worse things to show up to his own home. When he opens the window the body stirs slightly and the groan in the voice tells him immediately that it’s Frank, it’s undeniably Frank. He doesn’t wake up, so Matt just paces around him slowly, smelling the blood, the alcohol he used to clean his wounds, used gauze from some useless first aid kit he bought eons ago.

For some strange reason, Matt doesn’t think he’d want it to be anyone else but Frank here. For one, he’s not out there killing anybody, and two, he doesn’t think he’d trust anybody else to see him like this, the real him, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s almost as if he wants Frank here, needs someone that lets him know that he’s not fighting this fight alone even if they go about it different ways. After that night Frank comes by more often, and Matt never really minds.

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Hola my favourite account. I went to see FIATP on Sunday and whilst Frank was doing this little head wobble, pronounce every letter, leaning on the mic thing, he was talking about how we were almost beating the concert in the town he'd been in last night and his boots were soaked in sweat. He said, "I think they call that trench foot. Manchester foot? Man foot, I don't fucking know" (Manchester is where I live) and honestly it made me laugh a lot

Oml! I saw you said that and that’s so cool my dude! Plus that’s such a him thing to do


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From Instagram: phoebeconstable Went to the raddest gig last night. @frankieromustdie and @thgchoir were so great and I got some nice new vinyls to add to my collection. Plus got to see the one and only @ninjahippyfish for the first time in ages, music is the best thing.

A snippet of “Oceans” at Frank Iero And The Patience at Concorde 2, Brighton, England - September 25th, 2017.