the night i met ed

forgot to post this bad boy on tumblr.
but I met Ed Sheeran last night. I’m STILL emotional.
I work for a security company that gets hired to work concerts and events. when I heard we were going to work the Ed Sheeran concert I was pumped! He’s one of my favorite artists of all time. his voice is so heavenly, his songs are beautiful. he’s funny, so talented, and after last night I have so much respect for him and what he does.
for the whole concert, I was next to the stage, doing my job and making sure no one that’s not supposed to be there gets by. I was trying my hardest not to scream along with the rest of the crowd but believe me I was singing and looking up at him when I could. It was incredible.
at one point he came down the stairs by me, less than three feet away from me. I had to turn around because that’s my job, to keep him safe, but I fucking lost it. I started to cry. I don’t know why..I’ve never been so emotionally invested in an artist before. but there was something about him…he was smiling the whole entire time..he was so happy and it radiated off of him. so yeah I got emotional whatever.
at the end of the show, he walked off and I stared. I couldn’t help it. I did my job in clearing everyone out, did what I had to do before clocking out. the meet up for all security was at the back of the arena. I go, clock out, turn in my radio, and wait for my dad (he’s my supervisor). as I’m waiting for what felt like forever, I look up to see a crew member that I saw earlier walking by me with Ed Sheeran behind him. I was in shock. was this real??? I stood there, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, just in awe of the fact that Ed Sheeran is in front of me. he made eye contact with me, his eyes widened too, and he smiled. I was stumbling on my words, there was so much I could’ve said. I managed to ask for a picture with him and he said “sure yeah.” I had my phone in my hand so I switched to the camera, which then he grabbed my phone and took the selfies himself! he was considerate, he took a few just to be sure. but this one was the best one. and I was still freaking out.
I said thank you and it was a great show and he smiled and said “thank you, have a good night!” and left.
as soon as the door closed behind him I started bawling. like WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME?
my night was made by a ginger with tattoos and a beautiful singing voice. I was just at the right place at the right time. of course the fact that I work as security helps A LOT. but my manager was being a prick about it saying I was unprofessional. why? I was off the clock and didn’t have my security jacket on. but thats another story.
this story ends with a happy Chicago girl and sweet famous uk guy who doesn’t even know she exists. but that’s okay. at one point in time I was on his mind. I’m happy!
Thank you, Ed!!!!

I don’t care how awkward or terrible I looked, but I met Ed Sheeran last night & no one can take away that happiness from me.