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You and I - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 3)

Part 2

As soon as Harry left your hotel, he went home to shower and change before heading to his sister’s. He couldn’t believe what she said last night or that she didn’t like you. He had to make this right and make her see that what you two have is real and that she needs to give you a chance. It worried Harry when you would talk about him breaking up with you if his family didn’t like you. 

He would admit that it meant a lot for his sister and mother to approve of the girl that he was with, but he couldn’t see himself without you. He already tried that and it didn’t work. You would be the exception because he knew that it wasn’t anything that you did for them to not like you. 

When Harry got to his sister’s flat, he knocked on the door. She lets him in and they walk into the living room. 

“Want some water or tea?” She asks. 

“No. I’m not here for that.” He sighs. 

“Let me guess, this you dealing with me later?” She says. 

“Yes, what you did last night was extremely uncalled for.” He says. 

“Was I a bit rude? Yes. Should I have said it like I did? Probably not. Do I feel that way? Yes.” She says. 

“Look Gem, I get your side of this, I do. But how many times do I have to tell you that she wasn’t using me and that it was never like that.” He sighs. “If anything it could be seen as me using her back then because I’m the one who came up with our arrangement and I was the one making it very clear that I didn’t want a relationship. So, if you want to say that what we had a few months back was someone using someone, then blame me.” He says frustrated. 

“I’m not looking to blame anyone, Harry.” She sighs. “I just don’t want to see you getting hurt anymore.” 

“I get that, Gem, but if you would open your eyes and not judge Y/N, then you would see that I’m not getting hurt. I’m happy with her. She makes me happy. I love being with her and what’s hurting me is knowing that you don’t like her and seeing her upset about it. She’s scared that she’s going to lose me because of you. And I’m terrified that I’m going to lose her because she doesn’t deserve to feel that way especially since she didn’t do anything wrong.” He sighs. 

Gemma sighs looking over at him. “I’m sorry..” 

“If you would just forget about the past with us and just get to know her, you would be able to see that she’s this amazing, talented, beautiful, sweet person. I’ve never felt this way about someone my entire life, Gem. You saw how miserable I was when she left and I broke it off. You told me to tell her how I felt and now that I have, it’s almost like you wish I never did. I don’t get it.” He whispers. 

“I know that I told you to tell her how you felt, but I feel like you two are moving really fast. I didn’t think that as soon as you two got together again that I would be meeting her or that you would be traveling with her. You spend all of your free time in LA with her and I know that you’re falling for her. I can see it, so I put my guard up because you’re not. You know that we’re both extremely protective over the other, so I’m sorry that I’m trying to look out for you.” She says. 

“I know and I understand. How about this? Y/N is playing a small show tonight and I want you to come with me. I want you two to actually get to know another for a bit and I want to give her a chance. Just spend tonight with us, getting to know her for me.” He asks. 

She sighs. “Fine. I’ll do it for you.” She nods. “And I’ll put all judgement aside because honestly if you’re happy and you really like her, I’ll try to see what you see because you deserve to be happy.” 

He smiles. “Thanks, Gem.” 


Later that day, you were backstage at your show. You had just gotten your makeup and hair done. You were exhausted from your interviews earlier that day and you were starting wonder why you agreed to do the show the same night. 

You were drinking some hot tea to soothe your throat when you hear a knock on your dressing room door. 

“Come in.” you say. 

The door opens, revealing Harry standing there. He smiles at you before walking into the room with a huge amount of flowers. 

“Hey Baby.” He smiles walking over to you. He gives you a kiss on the forehead before handing you the flowers. 

“Hi.” you smile taking them. “What’s this for?” You giggle. 

“I just wanted to do something nice for my baby and tonight’s a big night.” He smiles. 

“It’s just a little show.” You laugh. 

“Well, it’s the first time that I’m going to see you on stage since we’ve gotten together.” He smiles. 

“Hm. That’s true isn’t.” you giggle. “I mean I just haven’t had the chance to make an appearance at an open mic night.” You smirk. 

He blushes a bit. “Shut up.” He laughs wrapping his arms around you. 

“So, how did today go with your sister?” You ask. 

“It went.. well. I think.” He says. “I understood a little bit more about why she felt the way that she did and I got her to understand what happened with us.” He says. 

“What does that mean now?” You ask. 

“Well, I don’t want you to freak out or anything and I was hoping that this wouldn’t come up till after the show…” He sighs. 

“Just tell me.” You sigh. 

“Gemma’s here.” He says. “I invited her to the show and out with us afterwards because I want her to give you a chance. She promised that she would and I believe her… so now I’m asking you to give her that same chance. I know I should have asked you about it first, but we don’t really have that much time here and I would hate to have to go back to LA without at least attempting to fix the situation.” He says. 

You sigh nodding. “I get it and I’m okay that she’s here. I’ll give her a chance because not only does it mean a lot to you, but it means a lot to me too.” You whisper. 

He smiles widely holding you close to him. You smile giving him a quick kiss before soon heading to warm up. 

Harry makes his way to his spot in the crowd and where Gemma is. 

“Everything okay?” She asks. 

He nods. “Yep. We’ll meet her backstage after the show.” He says. 

She nods and the lights go out, signaling that you were coming on stage. 


After the show, you head backstage. You were dripping with sweat, your throat hurt, but you couldn’t contain a smile. It’s been a minute since you have performed like that and you forgot how much you missed it. You were changing quickly before freshening up as much as you could. 

You knew that Gemma and Harry are waiting for you. After your experience last night, one would think that you would be nervous or scared feeling, but you didn’t know if you were experiencing too much of a high to not feel anything. Or maybe it’s because you already knew what to expect and you were prepared. 

Once you made yourself a little more presentable to go out, you walk out to meet them. You could see Harry and Gemma laughing about something and you could easily see how close they were. You slowly walk over to meet them and Gemma gives you a smile. 

“Hi Y/N.” She says holding out her hand. “I believe we got on a bad start. I’m Gemma.” She says. 

“Hi, Nice to meet you.” You say shaking her hand. 

“I’m really sorry for how I acted last night.” She says. 

“Thank you. Did you enjoy the show?” You ask. 

“You were amazing baby.” Harry smiles wrapping his arm around your shoulder. 

“Yeah, you were really good. That was the first time I’ve heard you live.” She smiles. 

“Thank you, both of you.” You smile. “I’m glad that you enjoyed it.” 

Harry smiles. “I’m sure you’re starving, so let’s go get some dinner.” 

You nod and head out of the venue. You walk over to Harry’s car and get in. 

“You can sit up front.” Gemma says. “I don’t mind.” 

“You sure?” you ask. 

She nods climbing in the back seat. You think about getting in the front, but decide against it. You climb in the backseat along with Gemma. 

“I want to get to know and it’s sort of hard to do that from up there.” You laugh. 

She smiles a bit. “Works for me. Harry can be the chafferer.” She smirks. 

You can see Harry rolling his eyes. “That means I get a tip.” He smirks. 

“Only good drivers get tips and we all know that doesn’t include you.” She says. 

“Hey! I’m a damn good driver! And if you think I’m so bad, then why did you make me drive tonight.” He asks. 

“Because I hate driving in London at night. Now, let’s go, chop, chop. We’re hungry.” She smirks. 

Harry mumbles something before puling out of the parking lot. 

“I really am sorry about last night.” Gemma sighs. “It wasn’t that I didn’t like you it was just I think I got the wrong impression of you from what happened with Harry a few months back.” She says. 

“I completely understand your feelings, but I want you to know that I was never, I would never use him or anyone like that. I’m not that type of person. I wasn’t even looking for someone that night I met up with Ed and his friends. It just sort of happened that Harry and I started talking and then one thing lead to another.” you say. 

“Yeah, I don’t need to know the exact details of that, but I understand that wasn’t what it was about now.” She says. 

“I’m glad.” you say. “And I have to be honest that I was really nervous about meeting you last night..” you sigh. 

“And I probably didn’t exactly help with that, did I?” She sighs. 

“Actually, I wasn’t all that nervous today. When Harry told me you were at my show and that we would be hanging out after, I wasn’t nervous or upset. “ You say. 

“Good.” She smiles. “I was serious when I told my brother that I would give you a chance and so far, I’m glad that I am.” She smiles. 

You smile widely before glance up at Harry. You can see the biggest smile on his face as he drives. 


After dinner and spending almost two hours at the restaurant, Harry finally drops Gemma off at her flat, leaving you and him in the car. 

“Tonight went well.” Harry smiles. 

“Yeah, it did.” You smile. “How are you feeling?” 

“Amazing.” He smiles. “I have this stupid grin on my face. I don’t want to overstep here, but it seemed like you two were really becoming friends.” 

You laugh. “I don’t know if she’ll be inviting me over for some girl time anytime soon, but yeah we could soon become friends.” 

He smiles leaning towards you. He gives you a quick kiss. You smile into the kiss, pulling him back towards you when he leans away, causing him to laugh a bit. 

“I don’t want to go back to my hotel…” You whisper. 

“Do you want to get some ice cream or something?” He laughs. 

“No.” You laugh. “I want to go back to your place… if you want me too.” 

“Are you sure?” He asks. 

“I’m sure.” You smile. “I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

“Do you want to stop by your room and get some clothes or anything?” He asks. 

“Nope, I’ll be fine.” You smile. 

“Okay.” He smiles and drives to his house. 

As soon as you both walk inside of his house, Harry puts his keys on the table and takes off his jacket. You take off your shoes and jacket, leaving them next to your purse. You smirk over at him and he gives you a curious look. 

“Do you remember the first night I came here?” You say. 

“Course. That’s not exactly something I would like to forget.” He smirks. 

“Well, how about we relive it?” You whisper walking over to him. 

“Are you-” He says. “Are you sure? We don’t..”

“I’m sure, Harry.” You smile. “I think we’ve waited long enough.. don’t you?” 

“Well, I uh mean..” He blushes. 

“If you think it’s too soon-” You say. 

“I never said that!” He says quickly. “I just want to make sure that this is what you want..” 

“Course…” You smirk wrapping your arms around his neck. “If you think about it, it’s been almost six months since we’ve been intimate. I think that’s long enough.” You whisper. 

“Too fucking long…” He whispers leaning down to kiss you. 

The moment his lips meet yours, he takes no time in deepening the kiss. It’s been so long since he’s kissed you like this. Mostly because he was saving it for this moment. The moment he would get to touch your most intimate places. Kiss and caress your body. Feel you and him moving together and hearing your pleasure leaving your lips. 

Just like that first night, he picks you up his hands gripping your bum and your legs tightly around his waist as he carries you to his bedroom. You were already working on unbuttoning his shirt as best you could before he put you down. You quickly pushed his shirt off his shoulders and he pulls your top over your head. 

You run your hands over his chest and shoulders before he picks you up again carrying you over to the bed. He lays you down, pulling your jeans down your legs. He kicks off his jeans as well before joining you on the bed. He takes his time running his hands over your body before discarding the rest of his and your clothing to the floor. 

He was taking his time with you, teasing you during the foreplay. You were growing frustrating because you just wanted him, all of him, but he wasn’t having it not yet. He gave you a little smirk when he stop as you were growing near your edge. 

“What the fuck.” you groan. 

“Not yet, baby.” He smirks. “I wanna feel you the first time back..” 

“You better get on with it then, or I’ll take care of this myself.” You smirk. 

He gives you a bit of a glare. “You better not.” He smirks hovering over you after grabbing a condom from his drawer. 

“And what are you going to do if I do?” You smirk running your hand down your stomach. He grabs it just before you get any closer. He takes your hand in his above your head, lacing your fingers together. 

He just smirks at you before leaning down for a kiss. 


After you both laid together in each other’s arms. For the second time that night, you were covered in sweat and on a high. It felt amazing being back here with him, in his bed, in his arms. Harry kisses your forehead as he runs his fingers across your back. 

You smile up at him. 

“Thank you.” He smirks. 

You giggle. “For what?” 

“For the great sex.” He smirks. 

You roll your eyes laughing. 

“Hey! I was just keeping the memory of our first night together alive.” He smirks.

“I didn’t say anything about thanking you for great sex!” You laugh. 

“Maybe not in those exact words, but the intent was there.” He smirks. 

“Oh my god. You wish.” You smirk getting up out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” He pouts. 

“The bathroom.” You laugh. “And then a shower because between the show earlier and sex, I feel gross.” You giggle. 

“Are you calling our sex gross?” He gasps. 

“Not at all, but feeling like a sweaty hot ass mess is gross.” You laugh. 

“Well, can I at least join?” He asks. 

“Maybe.” You smirk shutting the door. 

You hear him groaning and whining through the door. You laugh and once you’re washing your hands, you turn on the shower. You walk over to the door and open in. 

“Quit your whining and come on.” You laugh. 

He smirks happily rushing off the bed and over to you. 

You both get in the shower and he takes no time in holding you close to him. He  puts his hands on your chest and kisses your shoulder. 

You giggle leaning against him. “Didn’t you just get enough?” You smirk. 

“Too much is never enough with you.” He smirks. 

“You did not just–” you laugh. 

“Oh, I did.” He smirks. “Now, come here.” He whispers pulling you to him. 

Let’s just say, your shower was a little bit longer than you had intended. 

Part 4  

forgot to post this bad boy on tumblr.
but I met Ed Sheeran last night. I’m STILL emotional.
I work for a security company that gets hired to work concerts and events. when I heard we were going to work the Ed Sheeran concert I was pumped! He’s one of my favorite artists of all time. his voice is so heavenly, his songs are beautiful. he’s funny, so talented, and after last night I have so much respect for him and what he does.
for the whole concert, I was next to the stage, doing my job and making sure no one that’s not supposed to be there gets by. I was trying my hardest not to scream along with the rest of the crowd but believe me I was singing and looking up at him when I could. It was incredible.
at one point he came down the stairs by me, less than three feet away from me. I had to turn around because that’s my job, to keep him safe, but I fucking lost it. I started to cry. I don’t know why..I’ve never been so emotionally invested in an artist before. but there was something about him…he was smiling the whole entire time..he was so happy and it radiated off of him. so yeah I got emotional whatever.
at the end of the show, he walked off and I stared. I couldn’t help it. I did my job in clearing everyone out, did what I had to do before clocking out. the meet up for all security was at the back of the arena. I go, clock out, turn in my radio, and wait for my dad (he’s my supervisor). as I’m waiting for what felt like forever, I look up to see a crew member that I saw earlier walking by me with Ed Sheeran behind him. I was in shock. was this real??? I stood there, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, just in awe of the fact that Ed Sheeran is in front of me. he made eye contact with me, his eyes widened too, and he smiled. I was stumbling on my words, there was so much I could’ve said. I managed to ask for a picture with him and he said “sure yeah.” I had my phone in my hand so I switched to the camera, which then he grabbed my phone and took the selfies himself! he was considerate, he took a few just to be sure. but this one was the best one. and I was still freaking out.
I said thank you and it was a great show and he smiled and said “thank you, have a good night!” and left.
as soon as the door closed behind him I started bawling. like WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME?
my night was made by a ginger with tattoos and a beautiful singing voice. I was just at the right place at the right time. of course the fact that I work as security helps A LOT. but my manager was being a prick about it saying I was unprofessional. why? I was off the clock and didn’t have my security jacket on. but thats another story.
this story ends with a happy Chicago girl and sweet famous uk guy who doesn’t even know she exists. but that’s okay. at one point in time I was on his mind. I’m happy!
Thank you, Ed!!!!

Temporary Fix - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

     Part 3 

    It was the morning after the party and your head was still filled with the thoughts from the previous night. You weren’t sure when or if you should bring up how you were feeling to Harry. You knew that you two would have to talk about what this meant once you were getting ready to leave, which was in just a few days. 

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I don’t care how awkward or terrible I looked, but I met Ed Sheeran last night & no one can take away that happiness from me.