the night dad went to jail


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  • “You can’t have sex with your neighbor’s backyard above-ground pool.”
  • “Let me help you out of that swimsuit– POOL.”
  • “I sure hope we become best friends! But I don’t hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on.”
  • “So, anyways, I regain consciousness, there’s cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an ice-pick– haha, it was kind of a weird Tuesday.”
  • “We’re gonna be late for anime school!”
  • “I’m just saying, is it illegal if I’m in my OWN pool?”
  • “(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER.”
  • “Oh no, he’s hot when he’s sad!”
  • “This reminds me of prison. This reminds me of prison. This DEFINITELY reminds me of prison.”
  • “Look at that little pimp. He’s gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka.”
  • “Let’s skip all the fluff and get to the part where we’re shirtless.”
  • “Homeboy looks like shark week, I ain’t messin’ with that.”
  • “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!”
  • “Nah, man, we went to holding. There’s a big difference.”
  • “Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor– that is NOT a position you wanna be in.”
  • “Wouldn’t we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person.”
  • “I’VE GOT MACE!”
  • “Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!”
  • “You took the fall for me and I said thank you.”
  • “I went to jail!”
  • “I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!”
  • “I stabbed a girl in the yard!”
  • “I think that guard you killed had a family!”
  • “Look at that majestic ass mothafucka. Like a dolphin or some shit. A dolphin with legs… and arms… and a jet pack.”
  • “That’s how they do it in Australia.”
  • “20 bucks on jabber jaws.”
  • “Hey, man did you TiVo Glee last night?”
  • “I’m not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major.”
  • “Neither one of them even died!”
  • “They won’t let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it’s deemed ‘inappropriate’ and I 'have to leave’.”
  • “I have to tumblr this!”
  • “A guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that’s the whole team, you’re gonna have to be more specific.”
  • “I ship them! And them!”
  • “They hate each other, but they also fuck each other!“
  • “Hey, we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you’re doing is gonna have to stop.”
  • “So do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews, and talk about my work out routine?”
  • “I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? … Nah, cops probably took it.”
  • “Do you know? Do you know for sure? Because I don’t need another incident.”
  • “If I get out of this chair, I guarantee you’ll end up in one with wheels.”
  • “Okay. I’ll admit, I’m a little threatened.”
  • “‘Sup bitches!~”
  • “Aren’t you that guy who drowned a kid? And burned down that building?”
  • “Get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices.”
  • “Remember, snitches get stitches!”
  • “Shut up, you’re high as balls!”
  • “You’re just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life.”
  • “Right, son. And speaking of crushing disappointments—”
  • “Coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again.”
  • “Good thing I wore my Heelies.”
  • “He’s so hot but so crazy! Which makes him even MORE hot!”
  • “Come on, let me get those digits baby!”
  • “It should be illegal to be that fine!”
  • “Oh, just basic addition and subtraction. He was subtracting from my profits so I’m going to add a few extra holes in him.”
  • “This doesn’t seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs.”
  • “I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos.”
  • “Your arrest record is extensive… and amateur.”
  • “I want that boy to be my bride!”
  • “Pilates will do that, man, works your core.”
  • “What are we waiting for? Let’s go bro! Let’s g’bro!”
  • “Wow, you sure said that.“
  • “WOOP! WOOP! Hold it, I’m gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness.”
  • “One time, we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don’t even think their families cared, kinda sad, really.”
  • “So, what you’re saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?”
  • “Well I’ve gotta go not talk to you anymore.”
  • “I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water.”
  • “I’m so happy right now! — And it’s not just ‘cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Okay, I lied, I’m sorry, that’s mostly the reason.”
  • “Hey, I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How’ve you been, kid?”

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Collab with @texts-from-bts (go follow her for the other chapters!)

Also, we’re basing their looks off the Save Me Era (bc have you seen their hair colors then wooh mama it was nice)

Summary: You’re friends with a group of trouble makers, ‘junkies’ as the town calls you. But one day… it all gets too much.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8,

“Hey wait you’re not allowed in here!” You heard your parents yell and footsteps coming up to your room. 

“Come on! Come on!” Jin repeated to you. He grabbed your hand but you winced away. When he finally looked down, he saw your hand was a shredded mess. “O-oh my god okay uhm Hoseok grab some of her things!” He grabbed a random shirt off the floor and ripped it apart, using a piece to wrap your hand up. 

“Whe-where’s Joon?” You asked lightly. 

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  • "You can't have sex with your neighbor's backyard above-ground pool."
  • "let me help you out of that swimsuit-- POOL."
  • "I sure hope we become best friends! but I don't hope we have a falling out, leading us to have a tense, emotion-heavy, dramatic, competitive, love/hate relationship later on."
  • "so anyways I regain consciousness, there's cops everywhere, (name) is covered in blood, got an icepick-- haha it was kind of a weird tuesday."
  • "we're gonna be late for anime school!"
  • "I'm just saying, is it illegal if I'm in my OWN pool?"
  • "(name) WAS A BITCH-ASS POSER."
  • "oh no, he's hot when he's sad!"
  • "this reminds me of prison. this reminds me of prison. this DEFINITELY reminds me of prison."
  • "look at that little pimp. he's gonna grow up to be a prison ass mothafucka."
  • "let's skip all the fluff and get to the part where we're shirtless."
  • "homeboy looks like shark week, I ain't messin' with that."
  • "It wasn't a dream! We got arrested for trespassing! We went to JAIL!"
  • "Nah, man, we went to holding. there's a big difference."
  • "Yeah now we owe Easter Dave a favor-- that is NOT a position you wanna be in."
  • "Wouldn't we have seen him around by now? I mean he is a bipedal shark-person."
  • "I'VE GOT MACE!"
  • "Was macing us really necessary AFTER you remembered who we were?!?"
  • "you took the fall for me and I said thank you."
  • "I went to jail!"
  • "I spent 6 months at a correctional facility!"
  • "I stabbed a girl in the yard!"
  • "I think that guard you killed had a family!"
  • "look at that majestic ass mothafucka. like a dolphin or some shit. a dolphin with legs... and arms... and a jetpack."
  • "that's how they do it in Austrailia."
  • "20 bucks on jabber jaws."
  • "hey, man did you Tivo Glee last night?"
  • "I'm not allowed to watch Glee, my dad says it might turn me into something bad. A musical theater major."
  • "Neither one of them even died!"
  • "they won't let me back into sewing club because apparently when I threaten someone with sewing needles it's deemed 'inappropriate' and I 'have to leave'."
  • "I have to tumblr this!"
  • "a guy with emotional issues who swims away his problems? Lady, that's the whole team, you're gonna have to be more specific."
  • "I ship them! and them!"
  • "they hate each other, but they also fuck each other!"
  • "hey we try not to get this part of the gym wet so whatever you're doing is gonna have to stop."
  • "so do you wanna come back to my place, listen to some Dave Matthews and talk about my work out routine?"
  • "I wonder if that stuff I hid is still here? ...nah, cops probably took it."
  • "do you know? do you know for sure? Because I don't need another incident."
  • "If I get out of this chair I guarantee you'll end up in one with wheels."
  • "Ok. I'll admit, I'm a little threatened."
  • "'sup bitches!~"
  • "aren't you that guy who drowned a kid? and burned down that building?"
  • "get back to it before you learn a lesson in post-war, urban torture practices."
  • "Remember, snitches get stitches!"
  • "shut up you're high as balls!"
  • "you're just mad because mom and dad thought you were a girl for the first year of your life."
  • "right, son. and speaking of crushing disappointments-"
  • "coach tried to get me to vandalize a police station again."
  • "good thing I wore my Heelys."
  • "he's so hot but so crazy! which makes him even MORE hot!"
  • "Come on let me get those digits baby!"
  • "It should be illegal to be that fine!"
  • "oh just basic addition and subtraction. he was subtracting from my profits so I'm going to add a few extra holes in him."
  • "this doesn't seem like the time for polka-renditions of Ke$ha songs."
  • "I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go."
  • "Yeah I've seen him. He's in my scrapbook class. He cuts the eyes out of magazine photos."
  • "your arrest record is extensive... and amateur."
  • "I want that boy to be my bride!"
  • "Pilates will do that man, works your core."
  • "what are we waiting for? let's go bro! let's gbro!"
  • "wow you sure said that."
  • "WOOP! WOOP! hold it, I'm gonna have to pull you over for exceeding recommended hotness."
  • "One time we went camping in the woods, I just left 'em there. Nobody found them for like 5 days. I don't even think their families cared, kinda sad, really."
  • "So, what you're saying is, if they disappeared, no one would notice?"
  • "well I've gotta go not talk to you anymore."
  • "I learned how to swim the old fashioned way. When I was five my dad took me out to a lake and tossed me right in the water."
  • "I'm so happy right now! --and it's not just cause I get to see you in a bunch of different swimsuits. Ok I lied, I'm sorry, that's mostly the reason."
  • "hey I know you! You helped me smuggle some stuff out of the country! How've you been kid?"

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eI love how this is yelled and then it has a calm and collected, ‘for the meme’ lol

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Hyde. It’s embarrassing because no one would believe this could happen to him so often, but he is usually not puting attention to the ‘push’ or ‘pull’ letters. There was this one time they were going to Red and Kitty’s Vows Renewal, and they did the party at this fancy private room at a restaurant. He hadn’t seen Jackie in all day because of work and preparations for the event, so when he saw her in all her red dress glory walking to him with Donna and Eric, he literally walked into the damn crystal door. No one said anything. Eric burned him without mercy later. 
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: That’ Jackie. The back of her journal is filled with little doodles of/about Hyde, and her named written with his last name and ‘Mrs. Hyde’ everywhere.
  • Who starts the tickle fights: Hyde. Jackie is extra ticklish™ and he enjoys that kind of torture, especially because he truly loves the sound of her laugh.
  • Who starts the pillow fights: Jackie. After her dad went to jail and her mother so obviously abandoned her, she stole her dad’s favorite and expensive swan feather pillows (”Why would they do that to a damn swan?” “I don’t know, Steven, but they feel good, stop complaining!”) with covers of egypthian thread (”Is this really necesary?” “I stole them from my parent’s room” “Nice”); they use them in Hyde’s room an she left them there once she started to live with Donna. Later, when her mom came back and went all bitch on her, she stayed with Hyde one night and started a fight with the damn pillows, knowing well they could end bad. That was the idea.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Hyde. He suffers from insomnia a lot, but sleeping with her helps him most times. He’s still the last one to fall asleep and he enjoys seeing her face as she does so. 
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar: None, I don’t see this happenig to any. Unless they are fighting over some shit at breakfast, and suddenly one of them doesn’t look at what they are puting on their coffee and well…
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: None, sleeping is sacred.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: Hyde. But he does it to make her laugh, and it works pretty well. When Jackie does it, she always gets dirty and it makes him blush while laughing.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: Jackie, Hyde is too lazy for that shit. The only thing she is not allowed to change the order of, it’s his records.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies: Jackieeeee. Hyde knows he has to left the stuff for her to happily lick when he baking.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Jackie, she romantic af. 
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Hyde. She likes lean on him while reading, so he usually reads too or– starts doodling on her arm or legs. She likes the sensation of the pen on her skin and his fingers touching her.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: LMAO, Hyde. His kitchen is like +A space.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Jackie, this is all Jackie. He lies most times on them to make her cutely angry, so she ends up answering whatever she wants.

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Scout has RAGING unresolved daddy issues.

I like to think as a child it was a massive issue for Scout.

Children at school would make fun of Jeremy, mostly near father’s day. Some of the children would get personal.

“Dad left ya cause your Mum’s a whore“

“How does it feel to be a bastards son??”

He would go home at night crying, asking why he didn’t have a dad. Each member of his family would give him a different answer.

“He passed away”

“Mum and dad didn’t get along, so he left”

“He’s working oversees”

“He’s in jail”

However his mother would always say… “Where ever he is, I know he loves you.”

This would give Scout comfort at night.

As Jeremy got older he couldn’t care. Still he would look towards older men as father figures, teachers, brothers and even fictional characters (Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, (Nightwing??) and Professor X). To fill that gap in his heart.

But as time went on he started to resent men, seeing them as selfish assholes. He would get weary of his mothers new boyfriends, know that they would only hurt her.

He even started to see through his brothers. But the final straw for Jeremy was when he found out that one of his brothers knocked up there girlfriend and they where going to leave. Scout gave his bother a piece of his mind. Things didn’t end well between them. However Scout steps up, visits his nephew / niece as often as he can. He doesn’t what anyone else to feel the way he does.

When he starts to work for RED/BLU he still has hatred towards men. But the men around him are different.

Solider is sure of himself, knows what he wants.
Demoman has a moral code, he fails at it. But he try’s better next time.
Heavy is selfless, willing to protect those closes to him.
Engi shares everything he has. Knowledge, beer, food, etc.
Medic accepts all, he doesn’t care about the past, it’s who you are now.
Sniper listens he takes in what others say.
Spy is honest, too honest at time. But he lets you know what he thinks.

It’s these traits that Scout tries to take from each man. Some of the traits he is working on, trying to adapt into his personal. He starts to see some of the mercs as fathers, others as friends. 

It’s taken time for Scout to heal and when it comes time for him to become a father, he knows that he’ll be ok. After all he will be there for his kid/s.

Holy hell this is long. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written. But in short Scout did / does have father issues.

Not Like Sam

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Pairing: FBI!Deanxreader
Word count: 662

Soulless Protector Masterlist

Getting back to sleep wasn’t going to happen, so you found yourself pacing for a bit. You were alone, in your professor’s house. That wasn’t weird. You kept his phone nearby, in case Dean called.

Come 7am, your body was yelling at you to sleep, but your mind wouldn’t shut down. You moved to the kitchen to look through what Sam had. Pulling out pans, you set everything up. You’d decided on bacon, eggs, and toast. Everyone liked that, right?

You were prepping everything when you heard the door open and closed. A very attractive man in a suit turned the corner, his green eyes trailing over your bare legs. “Well, hello.” He smirked. “Sam’s new toy?”

Excuse me?” You glared.

“Sorry.” He held up his hands. “I’m Dean, as you probably guessed.” Moving to where you were standing, he smirked. “Bacon and eggs. I think I like you. I’ll be in the dining room.”

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The Flash Preferences: What They Love Most About You

Barry Allen/The Flash:
How you were always there for him, especially when his mother died and his father was framed
How you always went with him to visit his dad in jail
How you were the first and oldest friend in his life
How you were the first one in his normal life he told was the Flash
Cisco Ramon/Vibe:
How you were there for him whenever he went to his brother’s birthday parties that made him feel awkward
How you always went him to his family
How you accepted him completely when he got his powers
How you always watch the entire Star Trek movies with him every movie nights
How you always accept him
How you always accept his corny jokes and puns
Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow:
How you always seem to support him in whatever he does
How you always see the light in the darkness
How you’ve always been there for him, before and after the whole accident
How you always try to help him in any way he can
How your advice always gets him out of trouble and sometimes save his life
How good you are in shooting a bow and arrow
How you fully support his Green Arrow things
How you are one of the only few people he trusts most with his secret identity
Leonard Snart/Captain Cold:
How good you are in using his Cold Gun
How smart you can be during heists
How you’re always there for him as backup, and when things go south
How you’re always there in the darkest times
How you never give up on him
How you’re one of his best planners for his heists
How your suggestions can sometimes save him and Mick’s life
How you and Mick are like annoying brother and sister
How good you and Lisa get along
How good you are a listener when he talks about his past
How he trusts you completely
How you can often be almost as sarcastic as him
How you can be such a badass

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Heart - Part 5

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Monday afternoon, and I was sitting on the bench watching the boys lacrosse practice. I was very surprised to see Scott run out onto the field late and line up behind everyone else.

“Let’s go! One-on-one from the top! Jackson, take a long stick.” Coach yelled before Jackson took the stick and stood at defence. Time after time, Jackson kept the players from reaching the net, and after an exceptionally horrible attempt, coach made Greenberg take a lap, though we all knew that that lap was going to take the rest of practice. Finally, it was Scott’s turn, but he was distracted watching Greenberg’s attempt to run.

“McCall what are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Coach said. Scott shook himself out of his daze and went running towards the goal, only to be knocked on his ass by Jackson. What is the point of having werewolf powers if you don’t use them?!

“Hey, McCall.” Coach said as he began walking to Scott, who was still laying down, “Hey, McCall!”

Scott finally stood up and walked over to coach, who began to lecture him immediately.

“McCall’s gonna do it again! McCall’s gonna do it again.” Coach taunted as Scott jogged back to the line.

This time, when the whistle was blown, Scott didn’t run for the goal, he ran directly for Jackson and shoulderd him. Hard. Jackson landed flat on his back, gripping his shoulder. Scott just stood there, gripping his head until he fell to his knees. I quickly stood up and walked as fast as I could towards him.

“Scott? Scott you okay?” Stiles asked as we both kneeled down next to him.

“I can’t control it. It’s happening.” Scott whispered.

“What? Right here? Now? Come on, get up. Come on. Come on.” Stiles said as we both stood Scott up and walked him to the locker room, looking around to make sure no one was following us. As soon as we entered, Scott threw off his gloves and fell to the ground with Stiles and I kneeling in front of him. 

Stiles was trying to calm him down but Scott scream-growled at us to get away from him. My heart jumped as I scrambled against the wall next to the door. I clutched my chest and watched as Scott began to stalk Stiles like he was prey. I sucked up my pain and grabbed the fire extinguisher that was above me. I could feel my heart beat faster and even more irregular as I walked up next to Stiles, pointed the nozzle at Scott and sprayed him. As soon as the growls stopped, so did I. Scott fell to the ground and pulled of his helmet.

“Stiles, Liv, what happened?” He asked, sounding tired.

I hadn’t even known that my whole body was swaying, but before I knew it, I was staring up at the ceiling as Scott and Stiles both lunged to catch me. I did the best that I could to ignore the pain in my chest as I focused on my breathing. Once the boys realised that I wasn’t going to pass out, they began to talk about what had just happened.

“You tried to kill us. Scott, it’s like we told you. It’s your anger. It’s your pulse rising. It’s a trigger.” Stiles explained.

“But that’s lacrosse. It’s a pretty violent game if you haven’t noticed.” Scott complained.

“Well, it’s gonna be a lot more violent if you end up killing someone on the field. You can’t play Saturday. You’re gonna have to get out of the game.” 

“I’m on first line.” Scott protested.

“Not anymore.” Stiles concluded.

I sat outside of the locker room while the boys got changed, both of them deciding it was better to go home rather than risk Scott wolfing out again. I leaned my head against the wall and closed my eyes, feeling completely exhausted. I opened them to the sound of footsteps and saw Scott and Stiles dressed in their normal clothes with their bags slung over their shoulders.

We all walked out to the parking lot, and Scott got on his bike and pedaled away. Stiles and I continued on to the Jeep, I yanked open the passenger door and shoved my bag from the seat to the floor before climbing in.

“This is getting really exhausting.” I sighed as I looked at Stiles.

“What is.” He asked as he started the Jeep and pulled out.

“This. The whole thing with Scott. With my heart. Everything. It’s all just so tiring. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take.” I said with a frustrated sigh, “Seriously, do you have any idea how much I envy you?”

“Wha- En- Envy me, why?” Stiles asked, bewildered.

“Because you can be on a team, you can run, you can dance, you can get scared without passing out, you can be a teenager.” I exclaimed before continuing quietly, “You can be a normal person and I can’t.”

I hung my head, refusing to look anywhere other than my hands as I felt us roll to a stop in front of my house.

“You know you can always talk to me, you don’t need to keep it all bottled up.” Stiles said as he put a hand on my shoulder making me look up.

“Thank you.” I said softly before climbing out and walking into my house. I dropped my bag at the door, and walked upstairs to my room. I quickly changed into my pajamas, not even bothering to take off my makeup before I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

The rest of the week passed surprisingly fast, my mom had gotten home on Thursday and my dad was getting home that night. Scott had spent all week figuring out how to tell Coach that he couldn’t play on Saturday, convinced that everything would end badly after Derek broke into his room and told him that he couldn’t play.

I sat at home watching tv with my mom when the front door opened. I quickly stood up and rushed over to see my dad setting his bags down by the door. When he looked up, a huge smile took over his face.

“Daddy!” I yelled as I threw myself at him we stood there for a little, just hugging before my mom joined us. Once my dad was all settled in, we ate, hung out, and laughed quite a lot at stories he was telling of his latest travels. We all had just finished a laughing fit when dad looked at me suddenly serious.

“Liv, I believe we all have something to discuss.” He said with a heavy sigh.

“Yeah, we do.” I said, “It’s worse, my heart murmur.”

“Worse, how?” My mom asked, concerned.

“It started over the summer, I didn’t say anything because I was hoping that it would go away, but it didn’t. It’s slowly getting worse. A few days ago, I was at the Stilinski’s and I fell asleep, Sheriff came into Stiles’ room and accidentally scared me awake, immediately my chest felt like it had been set on fire. Then after that, I ran only a few feet and then passed out in the Jeep.” I explained.

“Do you think we need to schedule an appointment to get it checked out?” My dad asked.

“Yeah, I do.” I sighed.

“We’ll do it. Whatever we can do to help you sweetheart.” My dad said as he and my mom came over to wrap me up in their comforting arms.

I sat on the bleachers next to Melissa at the game and saw Lydia approach Scott with a determined look on her face.

“Scott.” She said harshly as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him right to her, “I just want you to remember one thing for tonight.”

“Winning isn’t everything?” He said in a slightly scared tone.

“Nobody likes a loser.” She said after laughing and being all touchy feely with him.

The whistle blew and the play began with everyone ignoring Scott. He finally had an open chance to get the ball and Jackson shoved him so he couldn’t get the ball. Jackson scored and everyone was going back to their original positions, Scott paused for a moment to glance behind me before shaking his head and continuing to his position. I glanced back to see Allison and Lydia holding a poster that said ‘ WE LUV U JACKSON’. Ouch.

As soon as I saw Scott bent over, I knew that he had wolfed out and I quickly stood up to sit next to Stiles.

“Oh, no.” He muttered as I sat down.

After a brief struggle over the ball, it was sent into the air, when Scott saw this, he lept into the air, using a player on the opposing team as leverage. He caught the ball and took off towards the goal, evading every attempt to stop him before launching the ball into the net. Stiles and I shot up and started hollering and clapping, high-fiving each other with huge smiles on our faces.

“Pass to McCall! Pass to McCall!” Coach shouted.

The ref blew the whistle again as another play began. The other team got the ball, but after a defender saw Scott he paused only a second before passing the ball to him.

“Did the opposing team just deliberately pass us the ball?” Coach asked as he sat down on the other Stiles for a moment.

“Yes, I believe so coach.” He responded as he chewed nervously on him glove.

“Interesting.” Coach said before getting up as Scott scored another goal, the ball tearing through the net in the goalie’s stick.

Again, Scott got the ball, but this time he stopped short of the goalie, looking around like a caged animal.

“Come on Scott.” I muttered.

“No, no, Scott, no, no.” Stiles said under his breath.

Something must’ve gotten through to him because with seconds left to spare, he made the game winning goal. Stiles and I shot up again, hugging each other tightly as everyone ran out onto the field. We pulled apart just in time to see Scott running off of the field toward the locker rooms. As soon as everyone was on the field celebrating, Sheriff got a call.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” Stiles asked and Sheriff held up his finger. After Sheriff hung up the phone, he looked at us with a sigh.

“The medical examiner just determined that an animal killed the girl, Laura Hale, so they had to release Derek.”

Stiles quickly stood up and began to walk towards the locker room, making sure that I could keep up.

“What did he mean that the let Derek out of jail? Why was he there in the first place?” I asked as we walked.

“Well, last night, while Derek was away, we went to his house, dug up the other half of his sister, who was buried as a wolf and got Derek arrested.” Stiles summed up as we entered the locker room, but paused when we saw Scott and Allison kissing. Me, being the descent person that I am, turned away and let them have their privacy, but Stiles being Stiles watched them.

“I gotta get back to my dad.” I heard Allison whisper, before kissing him one more time and walking away, “Hi Stiles, Liv.”

I reciprocated her kind smile as she passed us. Once she left, Scott walked over to us with a big, goofy grin plastered on his face. 

“I kissed her.” He said, his smile growing with every word.

“Yeah, Stiles saw.” I said.

“She kissed me.” He said again, his smile still managing to grow to an impossible size.

“Yep, Stiles saw that too.” I said, glaring holes at the side of Stiles’ head.

“I don’t know how, but I controlled it. I pulled it back. Maybe I can do this. Maybe it’s not that bad.” Scott said.

“Yeah, we’ll talk later, then.” Stiles said as he patted Scott’s chest and began to walk away, not wanting to ruin his good mood, but Scott caught him by his shirt sleeve.

“What?” Scott questioned.

“The, uh, medical examiner looked at the other half of the body we found.” Stiles stated.

“And…” Scott trailed off.

“Well, I’ll keep it simple. Medical examiner determines killer of girl to be animal, not human. Derek’s human, not animal. Derek not killer. Derek let out of jail.” Stiles said.

“Are you kidding?” Scott asked.

“No, and here’s a bigger kick in the ass. My dad I.D.’d the dead girl. Both halves. Her name was Laura Hale.” Stiles sighed.


“Derek’s sister.” I said with a heavy sigh.

I Tried the Prompt.

I tried so please don’t judge too harshly.


Rosita pulled up to the large garage with Gunter, Meena, and Ash. They walked up to the back door and knocked loudly. The door opened to Johnny shirtless and looking surprised.

“Oh hey guys you’re early. Game night isn’t starting until seven.” Suddenly feeling all eyes on him Johnny tried to cover his torso with a bashful smile.

“We’re sorry Johnny I was picking up these three and I thought it would take longer.” Rosita said shyly.

“It’s okay, come on in. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly should be here in a little while. I just need to get a shirt on. Be right back so make yourselves comfortable.” Johnny ran up the stairs to his bedroom and Ash burst out laughing. Rosita gave her a look while Meena and Gunter took seats at the big poker table Johnny had set up.

“I’m sorry but that was funny. Plus the view wasn’t to bad.” Ash chuckled and Meena shushed her.

“Ash that’s not polite. Johnny seemed embarrassed so don’t make fun.” Meena said. Ash rolled her eyes playfully and sat down next to Gunter. Rosita started to put out some snacks she’d brought with her for the game. Johnny came down in a white and blue shirt with Be the Beast on it.

“Wow you have more than one shirt?” Ash teased. Johnny shoved her playfully and sat down next to Meena.

“Yeah but I like my other one better. Dad told me I couldn’t keep wearing the same shirt every day.” He said a bit annoyed.

“How is your dad anyway? Did they finalize the sentence yet?” Meena asked but suddenly regretted it seeing the downcast face Johnny gave at the question. She was about to take it back when they heard a knock on the door. Johnny quickly got up to answer it.

“Hey guys, glad you could all make it.” Johnny said, his cheery disposition coming back to life. Buster, Eddie and Ms. Crawly walked in and greeted everyone.

“Hey where’s Mike? Didn’t you invite him?” Rosita asked as everyone took their seats.

“Yeah I did. But he said he had a date with his girlfriend tonight. Least the guy’s got his priorities straight.” Johnny says grabbing a small black box from the workbench. He opened it up and Ash got excited.

“Oh Johnny you didn’t. Meena’s to innocent for this game. Naughty boy.” Johnny laughed rolling his eyes. Setting up the cards everyone seemed confused.

“Um, Johnny what game is this?” Buster asked.

“It’s cards against humanity. My dad got it for me for my birthday three months ago but I haven’t opened it yet.” He smiled sitting down.

“Isn’t this game for adults? I don’t know about you three playing this.” Rosita said eyeing the teens. Johnny shook his head sighing.

“It’s fine Rosita the game is for seventeen and over. We’re all good.” Ash insisted grabbing some cards.

“Actually I’m only fifteen.” Meena squeaked out making Ash laugh.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” Johnny said winking at Meena. The elephant girl smiled nodding and picking her cards.

“Okay everyone I’m going to explain the rules of the game so pay attention.” Johnny said making everyone go silent.

“First everyone draws ten white cards. Then we choose a card czar and the czar picks a black card. When the black card is read you pick one of your cards to put down. The card czar reads them and the funniest or weirdest card wins. First to ten black cards wins the game.” Everyone nodded and picked their cards. Rosita blushed as she read her cards.

“So this is like Apples to Apples for adults?” Meena asked. Johnny nodded and picked up a black card.

“Okay here’s the first card. What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?” Ash laughed tossing a card over to Johnny. Rosita picked one and put it next to him. Everyone quickly had their cards in and Johnny looked them over.

“Okay so I’m tied between Blowing some dudes in an alley or anal beads.” Gunter and Ash started laughing like crazy and Rosita just blushed. The others weren’t sure what to do so they waited. Johnny looked at the cards a little longer and smiled.

“I say anal beads is the winner. So was it?” Meena giggled and raised her hand. Everyone looked shocked except for Ash who pat Meena’s arm.

“Okay Meena you won the card. Now it’s your turn to be card czar.” Johnny said motioning for Meena to choose from the black deck. She picked up a card and laughed.

“Okay. To become a member of the US army you must survive twenty four hours in blank without crying.” Everyone put in their cards and Meena looked them over. Going wide eyed at one she shook her head.

“Whoever put down Auschwitz you’re a terrible person, but you win.” Buster cheered and Eddie pushed him over. Everyone laughed and continued. Buster grabbed a black card and immediately started laughing like a madman.

“Okay so this is…No no I can’t do say it.” He stammered trying to breathe.

“Come on Moon just say it.” Ash insisted snapping her fingers.

“Okay, okay. Popping blank can be dangerous, so snort it instead.” Buster chuckled again and everyone groaned at the koala. The cards were placed and Buster smiled trying so hard not to keep laughing. And failed miserably.

“Alright this was a tough choice but I just have to go with banana slug penis. It’s just hilarious.” Everyone laughed and Johnny raised his hand taking the card from Buster. Meena looked around for a moment and tapped Johnny’s shoulder.

“What’s that sound?” She asked curiously seeming a bit nervous. They all went quiet and listened hearing an odd buzzing noise. Johnny knew all the noises in that garage and had never heard that one before.

“I don’t know, but it kinda sounds like my uncle Barry. Let’s pause the game and look around.” Everyone agreed and went in search of the noise.

Though it didn’t take long to find when Eddie pointed them to the small living room in the upstairs apartment of the garage to see Ms. Crawly fast asleep on the sofa. Johnny smiled, put a blanket over her and ushering everyone back downstairs. Just before getting back to the table Meena stopped Johnny. The gorilla looked confused waiting for something to happen.

“Johnny I wanted to say sorry for earlier. It was overstepping my bounds to ask about your father.” Johnny stood shocked for a moment before giving a soft smile and taking Meena’s hand.

“Thank you Meena. And I’m sorry if I made you feel guilty about it. The truth is that they did sentence my dad. He’ll be in jail for the next nine years.” Johnny looked down feeling tear well in his eyes. Meena gently hugged the smaller boy and was pleased when she felt him hug back.

“I’m sorry to hear that. What will you do until he’s out? Will you stay here?” Johnny shook his head sighing.

“I’ll be moving in with my aunt across town. She promised she’d let me stay at the theater so that’s good.” Meena smiled and they went back to the game.

The rest of the night was pretty fun. Everyone had a goodtime and Johnny felt a little lighter having shared his story with Meena. After another two hours of dirty jokes and Eddie trying to kill Buster everyone started to head for home. Johnny said goodbye and helped get Ms. Crawly into Eddie’s car.

Once everyone was gone Johnny paused with nothing but silence in the garage. He felt a touch of sadness knowing that he would soon have to leave the only home he’d ever known. Shaking his thoughts he went up to bed and had a tough time getting to sleep until he got a text.

“Had a great time tonight. See you tomorrow John John. -Meena.”  This made Johnny smile and sigh.

“Thanks Meena goodnight. ❤” And with that he finally fell asleep knowing he wasn’t alone in this anymore.


So what did you think. I don’t do this much so let me know if I had any mistakes.

Sam Drake x Reader

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Prompt: It’s been 15 years since you last saw the love of your life, Sam Drake. A lot has changed since then. So when he comes back to you, he finds you to be not alone.

Super long one here.



Sam Drake was nervous. More nervous than he had ever been before. He had every right to be. It was 15 years ago that he last saw you. That one night of love before him and his brother, Nathan, would be thrown in jail. Nathan had told you that Sam had died, because he thought he had. But he didn’t. He survived the gunshots and only got out a few days ago. Sam knew once he saw Nathan he had to find you. Luckily Nathan was still in contact with you, so gave your address to his brother.

“I’d be careful. Things have changed since you last saw her.” Nathan warned Sam. All sorts of situations ran through San’s mind. You were probably married to another now. Maybe even had a kid. Whatever it was he knew you moved on from him.

“Of course.” San nodded ready to handle whoever you had moved on to. With a pat on the back from his brother, Sam held tighly onto the piece of paper with your address on it. Standing up, Sam sighed and headed towards you.

House after house he walked past, his heart picking up pace as the numbers got closer to yours. And then he stopped walking, as in front of him what your house. The house where the love of his life lived, maybe with someone else. Even if she had moved on, Sam still needed to see her. She needed to know he was still alive.

With a deep breathe, Sam walked up your driveway and stopped in front of the front door. He lifted his hand to knock, but hesitated as he heard voices inside.

“Andrew hurry up, you’ll be late!” It was your voice. Obviously you were older so your voice had changed slightly. But not enough for Sam to not recognise it. Smiling to himself, he knocked on the door, ignoring the fact another man by the name of Andrew, was in the house. Probably a husband. 

Sam’s hands were shaking as he could hear you coming closer to the door.

 “If you’re not down here in 5 minutes, I’m coming upstairs!” You shouted opening the door to see who knocked. Your eyes met with the man behind the door and you froze. You looked him over to check it was actually who you thought it was. 

“Sam?” You asked, your voice breaking as you tried not to cry. The man you had loved for so long was alive. After 15 years of thinking him dead, he came back.

“Hey shortie. Long time no see.” Sam smiled trying to hold himself together.

“Oh my god.” You let tears fall and you stepped forward and hugged Sam. “Oh my god, oh my god.” You kept repeating, letting it sink in that Sam was here in front of you. Sam squeezed you tight, not wanting to ever let you go again. But he remembered about this ‘Andrew’.

“Alright, I’m here. God.” Sam heard a voice complain from back inside the house. “Mom?” Sam looked to the door and noticed a kid standing with a backpack on his back. He looked around 14, maybe 15. Sam let go of you and let you turn to see your son.

“Andrew. Finally. You eaten breakfast yet?” You asked, as Sam stood trying to understand what was going on and why this kid was calling you ‘mom’.

“No. Was just about to. Who’s this?” Andrew pointed to Sam.

“Oh, Andy, this is Sam.” You placed your arm round your sons shoulder, pulling up foreword. “ Sam this is Andrew, your son.” Both Sam and Andrew froze at your words.

“Son?” Sam repeated, making sure he heard you right. You took a deep breathe as you never thought you’d have to do this, you’d told Andrew his dad did, which was what you thouoght happened.

“Yeah. That night before you went to jail? Yeah, then.” You informed Sam, sending him a smile hoping to god he wouldn’t freak out. Sam was never one for commitment, so having a son thrown upon him may freak him out.

“Wait, you said my dad was dead?” Andrew questioned.

“Well at the time I thought he was. Everything I found led to a dead end. But obviously he survived. Somehow.” You explained, Andrew nodding his head slowly. “How about we head inside and talk?” You asked.

“Well I would but, school.” Andrew reminded you.

“You can go in later. This is more important.” You said, making Andrew smile.

“Sweet.” Andrew headed back inside and slumped onto the couch. Dropping his bag next to him on the floor. Sam was stuck for words. He had a son? He couldn’t raise a kid, could he?

“You coming in?” You asked Sam.

“Yeah.” He nodded, following you inside the house. Your house wasn’t massive, but was big enough for a family of four. The house was decorated with souvenirs from all over the world. Even with a kid you still travelled. This made Sam smile.

“How about you sit with Andy and I’ll make some coffee.” You announced heading into the kitchen. Sam slowly took a seat next to Andrew and sighed. He noticed some pictures on the wall, mainly of you and Andrew in different places all over the world.

“So how come you survived?” Andy asked out of nowhere.

“Well there were doctors at the jail who patched me up. I got lucky I guess.” Sam explained.

“Okay. How did you end up in jail in the first place?” Asked Andy.

“Stole some things. But we got in on purpose. There was something we needed and we needed to be in to get it.” Sam explained. Not wanting to tell too much to his son. Andy nodded slowly as you came back with in with coffee for you and Sam, and a orange juice for Andy.

The three of you sat and explained the story of Sam to Andy and the story of Andy to Sam. Hearing all these good things about your son, made him happy he  didn’t end up like him when Sam was Andy’s age. Sam showed you the cars of the bullets that supposedly ‘killed’ him.

“Do they hurt?” You asked, worrying about him.

“No. They’re just scares.” Sam explained, smiling at you. You smiled back. But something hit inside you. You and Sam needed to talk, alone.

“Andy, don’t you think it’s time for School?” You asked towards your son.

“It halfway through third period.” Andy argued.

“Tell them you had a doctor’s appointment. Me and your dad need to talk alone.” You said. Andy nodded understanding and gathered his stuff.

“Fine. It’s nice to finally meet my dad.” Andy smiled down at Sam.

“It was nice to meet my son.” Sam smiled back.

“Are you going to stay? I mean you don’t have to but you’re pretty cool.” Andy complimented.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Sam told his son. Andy then nodded and headed out to school.

“He’s good boy. Nothing like you were.” You commented, hitting back to old days with Sam

“Good. He doesn’t wanna be like I was.” Sam fiddled with his fingers as he didn’t know what to talk with you about.

“So are you going to stay? I think Andy would love if you did. Me too.” You said, looking into what was left of your coffee.

“I want to. But there’s something I need to do first. Me and Nate need to do something. It’s do with Henry Avery. You remember from mom’s journal?” You nodded remembering that night you broke into that house to find his mom’s journal. “I wanna finish what she started. I already saw Nate, he’s on board so.” You nodded along whilst he explained. “ But once that’s done, I will happily come back and settle down with you. It’s what we always wanted. With the addition of a son.” Sam explained to you. “I also want us to start over, relationship wise. If you’ll have me.” You sent a smile to Sam and got up off your seat. You moved from the coach to sit on Sam’s lap, your arms wrapped around his neck.

“Of course I’ll have you. Never stopped loving you Sammy.” You called him the nickname you used to call him. He hated it.

“Never stopped loving you, shortie.” Sam winked, making you smile widely. He then gently pulled you towards him and pressed his lips to yours. His hands rubbed up and down your back, sending chills up your spine. He gently picked you up laid you down on the coach, your lips still attached. 15 years ago was the last time you did this with him. Yeah there was others after him, but none made you feel as alive. His hand traced up your side, grabbing onto the bottom of your top, wanting to pull it off.

“Sorry Mom, forgot my notes.” You and Sam jumped off each other as Andrew came back into the house, interrupting your little make-out session. “Gross mom.” Andy quickly grabbed his notes and headed straight back out the door.

“Well that’s going to take some getting used to.” Sam commented, making you laugh.

After 15 years the love of your life was returned to you, and met the son he never knew he had. You thought it was just going to be you and Andrew. But looks like it will be you, Sam and Andy. A family. Like you always wanted.

Taylor, This is Maggie. I was blessed to have her become my sister when we was two years old. She was living on the streets with her birth mom and dad. They were staying in public bathrooms at night. One day her mom can up to my mom and asked her if we would take her so she wouldn’t get taking by cps. Her mom knew my mom from when I was in preschool. Her dad went to jail and her mom is still living on the streets. Her first couple of months with us was really hard for her. She wouldn’t talk to us. But she would sing your songs that she heard me play. She would sing your music before she would talk to us. I feel like you helped her come of of her shell. She is now 6 years old and is my sister. She is a big fan of you. She knows all of your songs and sings along with me. She is my best friend. She tells me all the time about how she wants to meet you. She got made at me when I went to the RED tour and I didn’t take her. But I am taking her to the 1989 tour. We will be there on 8/24/15 at the staple center. We will be sitting floor 4 row 3 seats 1-3 if you wanna say hi. Trust me we will stand put in our outfits. You can’t miss us. I love you and so does my sister. taylorswift tree-paine

Family Headcanons

*requested by anon* (I’m not including the Curtis’ or Johnny here because we already have so much canon information on them/their family dynamics, if you guys want me to include them let me know and I’ll think of some things to add)


•Steve’s mom and dad were high school sweethearts, they got married before he shipped out to fight in Germany.

•His mother died in childbirth.

•When his cousin came to visit, she had a huge crush on Soda.

•If it wouldn’t have meant leaving his friends, Steve would have left Oklahoma to live with his aunt and uncle.

•His father started teaching him about cars when he was 4. Steve doesn’t have a lot of good memories with his dad, but they always had a good time working on cars together.

•When he and his dad got along, they got along really well. But when it got bad, it was just as extreme in the other direction. 

•Steve and Evie’s relationship is a lot like his parents, and Evie is remarkably similar to Steve’s mom.


•Two-bit’s sister’s name is Alex, and she’s 10 years younger than him

•His dad left when he was 11.

•He and his dad got along, his mom did a good job at hiding the problems, and he was too young to pick up on the undertones. 

•He’s very protective of his mother, she’s only introduced him to two guys that she was starting to date, and he grilled the hell out of both of them.

•His mother takes care of the boys the same way the Curtis parents did. Steve, Johnny and Dally all have keys to their house.

•He really does want to finish school, the main reason being that he knows his mom would be disappointed if he dropped out.


•His mom died of a drug overdose in front of him when he was 14. When she was sober, she was a good mother, but he only experienced that a few times in his life.

•After his mother died, his father tossed him in the car one night without any warning and drove to Tulsa.

•He only went home to grab fresh clothes, and tried to make sure his dad would be out when he went over.

•Both he and his father spent a few nights in jail after getting into a huge fight one night. Their neighbors called the police because of the noise.

•Nobody in the gang even knew what Dal’s old man looked like, if they’d ever met him, they didn’t know who he was.

ruin my rep: c.h. (pt 4)

an: sorry it took me so long to write this! i started my first job today and basketball tryouts were also this week and they do cuts on Monday!! im nervous lol but i love that you guys like this series and you can request stuff in my ask box or whatever!! (ps idk where im going with this yet and its really bad.)

part one

part two

part three


as you had suspected, jaylee had forgotten about her idea to treat you to a shopping spree. you were totally fine with that fact. your head was throbbing and your entire body ached. you just wanted to get some shut eye for a couple more hours, but that plan was botched when the devil decided to call you.

“we need to finish our pumpkin. we’re throwing another party, so come before one. remember, i don’t wait around.” calum wasted no time before hanging up. you barely had time to process what he said, let alone realize it was already twelve thirty. you dragged yourself out of bed and into some jeans and a t-shirt, when your phone rang again.

“look, i don’t know who you think you are calum-” you snapped, but you were cut off quickly.

“your dad’s friend called last night.” your mom whispered, and you were surprised to even hear her voice. things ended badly with her before you left, and neither of you bothered to fix it. it was time for the baby bird to leave the hell she called home for the past eighteen years.

“why didn’t dad just call you?” you said flatly, hoping that this was nothing serious. you hadn’t talked to your dad in a couple years either. he went to jail for domestic violence and decided he didn’t want you in his life. you were a disgrace.

“because he’s dead.” she spat out at you, acting as if she didn’t care. your mom was a sick person and that’s why you hadn’t tried to fix your relationship with her.

“fuck off mom. you’re just an insane little bitch.” the sad part is that you believed it. in the back of your mind you knew this would happen.

your dad was dead and you didn’t care.

you pushed the red end call button and texted calum, telling him you’d be a few minutes late. and to be quite honest, you didn’t care if he waited for you or not.


calum started to get irritated with you. you were ten minutes late, and he thought he was pretty clear when he said he didn’t wait around for anyone.

“is your girlfriend coming over to carve pumpkins with you calum?” michael giggled, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. this only fueled his anger, and yelling at michael was his tame way of telling him to back the fuck off.

“look buddy, she’s ruining your rep. you need to back off for a while. people think you’re actually dating that ugly rat!” michael admitted. calum rolled his eyes, not believing michael for a second.

he’s calum hood for crying out loud.

a knock sounded at the door, cutting calum off from saying anything. “come in!” calum screamed, not taking his glare off of michael.

“sorry im…late? is everything okay or should i go?” you said, pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose. you only wore them when you were to lazy to put in your contacts, and that just happened to be today.

“well, considering the fact that you’re ruining his reputation and his popularity I’d love for you to leave,” michael snapped, rolling his eyes at you. you didn’t show it, but inside you were elated. your plan was working and you hadn’t done any work whatsoever. “but you’ve gotta carve a damn pumpkin. when your done, i want you out of my damn house.” michael was eye level to you, growling at your face. you tried to look scared, but you knew you could take him down with one kick to the genitals.

“sorry about being late. i thought you didn’t wait around for anyone?” you smirked, sitting down across from calum as he started poking holes where he was gonna carve.

“i wasn’t waiting around for you,” he snapped. “michael and i were fighting about you and i lost track of time.” he rolled his eyes.

“well sorry i’m such a fucking burden, calum hood. my life doesn’t revolve around petty reputations in college. grow up. some of us have real problems.” you grabbed your purse. you knew you weren’t gonna be able to do this. you couldn’t stay in the same room as him for longer than five minutes.

“hey, y/n! get back here, we aren’t done!” you chuckled humorlessly, reaching for the doorknob. calum whipped you around before you could walk out, so you were flush with his body. you could feel his heartbeat against your chest, and it made you slightly uncomfortable.

“yes, calum. we’re done. ill make the professor change our seats monday!” you smiled briefly. you tried turning towards the door but he kept you glued to his body. his hands were gripping both of your wrists, and you tried your hardest to free yourself.

“why are you crying?” calum squinted his eyes at you, and you looked away. you hadn’t even noticed you were crying. “you’re too pretty to cry.” he wiped one of your tears away, and you felt your pace pick up.

“i’m too what?” you stumbled back, awkwardness filling the air between you two. you didn’t even want to think about calum in that sort of manner. ever. “i-i have work today. i should go.” you shook your head and bolted out the door, leaving calum with a smirk on his face. he knew he was getting to you.

“so close hood,” luke came from the living room and into the front galley way, giving calum a bottled water. “but not close enough. try again.”


Beer of the Night / Orange is the New Black

This evening my dad and I went to a small ceremony for Jack. He was part of a group of people who recently completed a law enforcement training course. A short speech, some group pictures, handshakes, and a big plate of cookies marked the event. Mmmm, cookies.

It was held at the county law enforcement facility. After the recognition part we were offered a tour of the jail. It’s in the same building.

That sounded interesting to me. My dad was curious too. Jack brings people to jail but he’s never been beyond the sally port and intake room. He wanted to see behind the walls as well.

It was cleaner and less noisy than I had imagined. The inmates do wear orange jumpsuits and matching plastic sandals.

Sheila didn’t go with us because she has a new owners manual to study. She’s pulling an all-nighter because I’m giving her a test tomorrow.

Earlier in the day we bought her a new vehicle. Until today we had only one car of our own, my beloved filthy Camry. With Sheila’s new job she loses a take-home car. So we need a second one. Ella, Oliver, and Carson insist on getting to the dog park before Sheila gets home from work each day. I hope they understand how much money we spend keeping them happy.

The new vehicle’s owners manual is 704 pages! My goodness, much has changed since we got the 2010 Camry. Cameras, a radio with apps, seat belts, lane departure warnings, safety glass, automatic high beams, happy endings… it’s crazy what engineers think of.

Bob! The beer!?

Oh yeah. Tonight I’m having a Bourbon Barrel Quad from the Boulevard Brewing Co. out of Kansas City, MO. You’ve heard of dubbels and tripels, right? Well this is a quad, a Belgian style ale.

If the razor blade people have any say we should see a quintuple ale soon. Perhaps it will have lubricating strips at the top of each bottle to keep my lips moist as I enjoy the brew.