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After eight months since the latest mission into deep space was launched, Eren finally received word that his husband would be having a night off from the battle front. So naturally, he makes a booty call.

Kinktober Day 18: masturbation

during a mission lance gets his vocal cords hurt

either from a magic blast or physical injury

coran concludes that they need to heal naturally for 2-3 weeks before they can do some freaky altean medical thing to them to completely fix them

pidge and allura make some mandatory jokes about lance finally being quiet for a while, which almost don’t hurt lance

turns out, being mute is hard. lance opens his mouth dozens of times a day, wanting to share some story or a joke, and remembers his predicament when no sounds come out

during the first week everyone also have difficulties with remembering it, Shiro demanding verbal confirmation from Lance during training or Hunk asking his opinion on a new dish a few times before becoming irritated at the lack of response

at the end of the second week, no one asks Lance to talk by mistake. just some more comments about the blissful silence without Lance’s chatter.

also at the end of the second week, Lance needs to ask Pidge something. she’s so engrossed in the computer she doesn’t hear him approaching, so Lance has to shake her shoulder

Pidge lashes out for touching her,  'How many times I need to tell you not to touch me? You know I freaking hate skin contact!’

after that Lance tries to draw attention to himself just by things like waving or pointing at something, but… everyone are so engaged in their chatter, no one pays him a mind.

and slowly, gradually, lance realises that no one is actually interested in engaging in talking with him. no one approaches him, no one tries to establish some sort of contact outside of training or battle.

slowly, lance realises that without his voice, without him desperately trying to be noticed… he is just an empty place

another week passes. two. the mark for the operation they set a month ago has passed. no one remembered. lance doesn’t remind them.

he just keeps getting his job done, going into battle after battle, training night after night, and tries not to think about how pointless he has become.

anonymous asked:

hello! i've been trying to research magic, but unfortunately most books i find are specific wicca, which i'm not interested in. do you have any book reccomendations that arent wicca centric? thank you! i love your blog :^)

Oh heckin yes I do My amazon wishlist is literally like six pages long… ALL BOOKS

WARNING: This Is Going To Be Extremely Long!

First though I want to note that while I 100% understand your feelings about the Wicca stuff (being a very NOT Wiccan Witch), not all books that are Wicca leaning are bad! I’ve gotten loads of useful information from books that tended to be a little new agey. That’s where being objective comes in! With ANY book, you should take it with a grain of salt, and some with a whole shaker. But it’s up to you to pay attention to misinformation and conflation, and to know how to do research to prove or disprove that something in a book you read is true or not. Does that make sense?? 

Anywho, a couple of books that are still kind of “Wicca-y” but great:

Those are all books from my personal collection that I would recommend! Now as for the Non-Wicca Books, Let’s dive in! Not all of these have I read or owned, and they are in no particular order. You’ll notice most of them relate to “Traditional Witchcraft” or West Country, because that is where my practice is focused. 


That was a lot! Okay anon I hope this gives you a good starting place!

This is what I think of every time I see rumors of P3DAN

I mean, Mass Destruction