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Ignis, all business…until nickle shot night rolls around. But even then, he’s the one making sure the EMTs get them all home safe. 

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We HAVE to count rolled change. It doesn't matter if you walk straight out of the bank, I have to count it before I can take it. Man came up to the kiosk to prepay for $18 of nickles in gas. Got pissy for the wait even though we clearly told him it had to be counted first. Demanded his money back, smug as shit- until I dumped every coin, all loose by now, back in the drop drawer. He thought I was going to reroll it for him. BITCH YOU THOUGHT Nah, have fun carrying it in your hands. Bye


Prize:  One Sorey x Mikleo charm necklace! 

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glass dangle beads

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Thanks everyone for all the follows!  It has been a great year for Tales if Zestiria fandom.  Thanks to you guys, I have made a lot of friends, improved at my art/writing, and I have discovered many new fandoms that I enjoy.  I don’t know where I would be without you guys, honestly.  *wipes tear*  I LOVE YOU.

Metalocalypse: A Summary

Season 1: oh man, look at all these wacky shennangins these guys get into! They’re dumb and yet have so much power that they effect the global economy. Nobody questions it.

Season 2: Things are getting kinda shaky. Dethklok has unknowingly made enemies and their emotional fragility begins to show as they become closer to their manager. Manager fucking dies as their home is set on fire.

Season 3: Band mourns but SURPRISE Manager Man Charlie has come back to life. Enemies begin working together because they want the band dead. Band members show even more emotional fragility as they bond and come closer together. More outrageous shit seems to be going on, the consequences from their activities become more intense. 

Season 4: GAY SHIT. THE ENTIRE SEASON IS FUCKING GAY and we also get our first female lead which a quarter of the fandom headcanons as evil even though shes literally a victim herself. Nathan and Pickles relationship tearing apart tears the entire band apart, but they come back together at a funeral and somehow make the funeral gay, but then a fight breaks out and the band child and Abigail get kidnapped.

Doomstar Requiem: whos ready to fucking cry. Are you ready to sob your eyes out? Because you fucking will whether you like it or not. They realize just how close they are as a family and this love they feel for eachother begins to shine on the outside world, and Murderface might die??? We dont know because AS hates us p much

Conclusion: this entire show is a slow but intense emotional roller coaster on how 5 men slowly become more and more openhearted with eachother and the world. Its so much more than just 2008 memes and “brutality”. This show had a lot of love, care, thought and work put into it and Brendon Small is precious.


Elmo says five bucks, Zoey says a nickle. Careful who you swear in front of, it may cost ya!