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The Great Comet on Project Runway
  • Marya D: Tim Gunn
  • Natasha: The designer who gets out in one season but voted back in for the next season.
  • Sonya: The designer who's always in the top three but never wins a challenge.
  • Mary: The designer that always finishes early and helps the other designers out.
  • Helene: The designer who says they like another designer's look, but then in the personal interview they talk about how ugly it is.
  • Anatole: The designer who wins a few of the early challenges and is convinced they are the best designer for the rest of the season.
  • Dolokhov: The designer who has won the most challenges but loses at Fashion Week.
  • Balaga: The designer who bedazzles things that aren't meant to be bedazzled.
  • Pierre: The designer who is always in the bottom at the beginning but ends up winning the season.
  • Andrey: The designer who refuses to cooperate with anyone in the team challenges and won't listen to anyone else's ideas.
  • Prince Nicholas Bolkonsky: The one straight male designer who complains that his model's breasts are distracting and insults the judges when they tell him his look sucks.
Nick Lea Birthday Project

Hello everyone!! So I thought we should do something special for Nick’s 55th birthday.

What is this about?

Inspired by Mitchspledgies and projects like this in the past, I thought HEY WHY NOT and because no one else seemed to be doing a b-day project for Nick this year, I decided to go ahead and organize it.


How can I participate?

1. Take a picture of you holding a sign with your b-day wishes for Nick - “Happy Birthday, Nick!” “Happy B-Day” “Bon anniversaire, Nicholas” etc  be creative :)

if you don’t feel comfortable showing your face you can also submit a drawing, edit and so on with your wishes.

2. Send the picture (+ your first name and location) via the submit option on Tumblr or: e-mail to the following address:


When’s the deadline?

June 21, 2017 (CET)



We will spam politely ask Mitch Pileggi to show it to Nick :P  EASY CREAM CHEESY


-Florence / NickLea


‘’Olga idolized her father she, like her siblings, enjoyed games of tennis and swimming with her father during their summer holidays and often confided in him when she went with him on long walks. She was by temperament closest to her father ’’   

10 Favourite Characters from 10 Different Fandoms Tag

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1 - Kuroko ^-^ - Kuroko No Basket

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2 - Kushina Anna - K (Project)

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3 - Nicholas Brown - Gangsta!

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4 - Celty Sturluson - Durarara!

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5 - Momiji - Fruits Basket

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6 - Calcifer - Howl’s Moving Castle

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7 - Ling Yao - FMA : Brotherhood

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8 -  Sunako Kirishiki - Shiki 

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9 - Otonashi - Angel Beats

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10 - Nona - Death Parade

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Homeland Lead Characters: [1/9]  Carrie Mathison 

You could argue that this quasi-‘monster’ of Season 4 is, in fact, the woman that Carrie has always been — her boundaries were always fluid, she just lacked the power to manipulate up — but I think that something has deeply changed. If, in the Brody days, Carrie wanted nothing more than the truth, now, in pursuit of a useful truth, she’s quite willing to engage in big lies: whether to produce a good ‘story’ to cover Sandy’s death or to keep her baby far away. After finding reason after reason not to be with her infant — whose red hair looks like Brody’s — her sister says, chillingly, ‘There’s not even a diagnosis for what’s wrong with you.’ It’s hard to disagree. - Judith Warner

Kill Your Friends:  Set in 1997 at the height of the British popular music scene, the protagonist, Steven Stelfox is unhappy about his current position as an A&R agent in the record company he works for in London. Stelfox, uninterested in most music, is jealous of his coworkers’ success in finding successful fledgling musical acts and hatches a series of devious acts that leaves several dead on his road to self-fulfilled glory and recognition.

While the protagonist and plot have been compared to American Psycho, the satirical nature pointing out the money interests of the music industry has been the hysterically dark selling point of the novel.

Seana Carroll, dir:
Me and Riv @ the old Bayou in DC

“The planet often mourns the loss of great talent who have gone to the wayside in the Rock n’ Roll-Hollywood party scene and at the end of the 1900’s we saw a lot of that. I was a teenager in the 90’s and my favorite film was My Own Private Idaho.

When River Phoenix died it felt like I was losing an old friend. I had met him just twice, in my hometown of DC, when he played with his band, but like a lot of people all over the world it felt like we knew him. He was all-real. No Hollywood BS. Jump forward 25 years later and I am working in Hollywood as the DP for the father of all video art- Paul McCarthy and his son, Damon. He has me shooting James Franco for a project about Nicholas Ray and the making of Rebel Without A Cause. James pulls me aside and says he has another project for me. Something with the raw dailies from My Own Private Idaho. I end up editing Franco’s remake of the Gus script called, In A Blue Funk. (A dream come true to watch all those dailies and edit River in a renewed project.) Jump to 5 years later and I’ve been editing and shooting for Franco all this time. I walk down the street to the little Los Feliz Free Library in my neighborhood and Pink is sitting in there. Imagine my surprise to find a book by Gus that I didn’t even know existed. I knew at that moment that I wanted to make it into a film.”

Me & All My "FRANDS" Project

Hey everyone! So my friend Kayleigh ( hangupthephone ) and I have a really cool fan gift idea for Walk the Moon. We kinda wanna keep it a surprise for fans and the band both until it’s done so, we won’t say too much about it but what we need is pictures from the Talking is Hard Tour! So any pictures of you guys waiting in line, any pictures from the show itself, any of you guys meeting the band afterwards, fan art, short messages, and/or little momentos (i.e.: pictures of a drum stick, shirt, poster, bass or guitar pick, ticket, whatever) would be great! We’ll be giving the gift to the band hopefully when we see them in June but if not then we’ll mail it to them. It’s super short notice we know but we need pictures from every TIH spring show(March-May). So please help us out. We will give each and every one of you who help credit for your photos and provide your info (name, city, Twitter, tumblr, Insta, etc) if you want us to. Try to have pictures into us by June 14th and make sure you include where the show was and the date of that show if you remember it. Thank you so much for anyone who sends in pictures or who spreads this news around! We really appreciate it! You can send pictures to