the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him!

Tom (in Matt)- Matt, I can thank you enough.

Tom (in Matt)- this is probably one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

Tom (in Matt)- I have no idea how to repay you, thank you.

Edd- hi.

Tom (in Matt)- H-hi Edd, how was your sleep?

Edd- good. how was your morning.

Tom (in Matt)- g-good,

Edd- mmhmm.

Edd- under the blanket?

Tom (in Matt)- wh-what? theres nothing under the blanket, just Ma- er Tom.

Edd- really?

Tom (in Matt)- really!

Edd- then let me see.

Tom (in Matt)- wh-what!? you don’t need to see him, hes sleeping!

Edd- is he? or will I finally see your guys secret!

Tom (in Matt)- Edd! wait! NO!

Edd- he really is…

Tom (in Matt)- sleeping?

Edd- I’m getting cereal.

Tom (in Matt)- Edd…

Matt (in Tom)- did we do it? am I ok?

M!A: Switched Bodies 5/6

M!A: Monster Matt 3/3

imagine mulder trying to teach william how to swing a bat but he just doesn’t get it so mulder tells him it’s okay because everyone is good at different things. william gets really into microscopes and science and mulder supports him and loves him but is still a bit sad that he can’t share baseball with his son. then he comes home from work one day and william says he has a surprise so scully drives them to the batting cages and william hits every ball. mulder is too in awe with tears in his eyes to say anything other than “how?” and william says “mom helped me practice. she says you taught her.” scully smiles and mulder hugs his son and cries because it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him and now they can all share baseball together as a family.

Roman Reigns truly is a beautiful person inside and out. What he did for that fan, helping her out of her wheelchair so she can get a picture with him is one of the nicest things he’s ever done. He truly has a big heart and is so kind and great with his fans. How anyone can possibly hate him is something I’ll never understand.