the nice thing about me doing this meme

  ‘start an argument’ starters

  • what in the world is this!?
  • i thought i was clear!
  • this is why we can’t have nice things!
  • do you understand the damage you’ve done here!?
  • there’s no coming back from this, ever!
  • get away from me!
  • i can’t believe you would do this to me!
  • i’m not talking about this ANY more.
  • i can’t believe you lied to me… again!
  • no! just leave me alone!
  • i’ve never been more angry at you in my entire life!
  • did you seriously think this would be okay?
  • forget it!
  • i can’t even look at you right now!
  • i think you should go.
  • i can’t believe you’d do this to me…
  • you were flirting with them!
  • was it worth it?
  • i can’t do this anymore!
  • you need to pull yourself together.
  • i don’t believe you.
  • how am i supposed to trust you now?
things said to or by my siblings:
  • “They break your heart, I break their face. Simple as that.”
  • “Trust me, I know people.”
  • “I’m hugging you, shut up.”
  • “Oh my god are you hugging me?”
  • “Stop doing that it’s creepy.”
  • “I tolerate you.”
  • “See this is why we can’t have nice things.”
  • “Ok but look, sometimes he gets off in his own little world all alone where he doesn’t care about anyone else. You don’t wanna be like that. No one likes that person.”
  • “If you do that again I’m hitting you…”
  • “So you’re telling me that…. You didn’t eat this because you thought it was mine, and I didn’t eat it thinking it was yours… Oh I’m eating this now.”
  • “Get out of my head please.”
  • “W h a t are you wearing?”
  • “Is that my shirt? That’s my shirt isn’t it….”
  • “No you can’t have my pants, I need them.”
  • “Eh, just go grab something from the closet and you’ll be fine.”
  • “I need you to dress me today.”
  • “I’m wearing your shirt. It’s mine now.”
  • “Would you stop taking my clothes with out asking?!”
  • “Oh hey I was looking for that…”
if i stay (movie) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i thought i knew where i was going. i thought i had it all planned out. turns out i had no idea.”
  • “did you really just quote alice cooper?”
  • “do not take his picture, _____.”
  • “you’re asking me out on a date?”
  • “he better be nice to you or i’ll crush him like the bug he is.”
  • “alright, we get it! you’re in love! go away!”
  • “your closet’s terrifying.”
  • “why do i have this feeling you’re about to mess up my entire life?”
  • “start fighting? how am i supposed to start fighting?”
  • “am i gonna die? is that what this is?”
  • “if you live, if you die, it’s all up to you.”
  • “well, food to eat is my favorite.”
  • “i need to take it slow, okay?”
  • “i’m not ashamed to be a cinnamon spice chai latte lover, thank you very much!”
  • “if it doesn’t work out, are you gonna be there to pick up the pieces?”
  • “no running off with some me wannabe.”
  • “the you you are now is the same you i was in love with yesterday, the same you i’ll be in love with tomorrow.”
  • “and, no matter what, i will never leave you.”
  • “being with _____ was like learning to fly. it was exciting and scary all at the same time.”
  • “whoa, the whole three bucks? slow down, big spender!”
  • “i miss you every time you go.”
  • “you so naive, you don’t know shit about the world!”
  • “you can’t just disappear from my life like that and then pop back into it whenever you feel like it.”
  • “you’re not gonna lose me.”
  • “so how come you haven’t written a song about me?”
  • “i can’t lose her again.”
  • “life is this big, fat, gigantic, stinking mess. but that’s the beauty of it too.” 
  • “sacrifice. that’s what we do for the people we love.”
  • “_____…stay.”
  • “i’ll do whatever you want. just please stay.”
  • “i don’t care where we are, i just care that we’re together.”
  • “you wrote me a song.”
Christmas Pop Lyric Meme
  1. ‘Make my wish come true.’
  2. ‘All I want for Christmas is you.’
  3. ‘I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.’
  4. ‘I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree.’
  5. ‘I just want you for my own.’
  6. ‘What more can I do?’
  7. ‘I really can’t stay.’
  8. ‘Baby, it’s cold outside.’
  9. ‘This evening has been so very nice.’
  10. ‘Beautiful, what’s your hurry?’
  11. ‘I wish I knew how to break this spell…’
  12. ‘I ought to say ‘no, no, no sir.’’
  13. ‘Oh, your lips are delicious.’
  14. ‘Say, lend me your coat.’
  15. ‘How can you do this thing to me?’
  16. ‘There’s bound to be talk tomorrow.’
  17. ‘I’m driving home for Christmas.’
  18. ‘I can’t wait to see those faces.’
  19. ‘It’s been so long.’
  20. ‘It’s gonna take some time, but I’ll get there.’
  21. ‘I’ve got red lights all around.’
  22. ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas.’
  23. ‘Let your heart be light.’
  24. ‘Our troubles will be out of sight.’
  25. ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day!’
  26. ‘Your rosy cheeks are gonna light my merry way.’
  27. ‘Christmas by myself this year.’
  28. ‘Bah! Humbug!’
  29. ‘Don’t think I have the energy!’
  30. ‘I just need to catch my breath.’
  31. ‘Get this winter over with!’
  32. ‘We tried, we said we’d keep in touch.’
  33. ‘No, this time it was me; sunburn in the third degree.’
  34. ‘Of course I am excited.’
  35. ‘I think I’ll miss this one this year.’
  36. ‘Oh damn, guess what I forgot!’
  37. ‘No thanks, no party lights.’
  38. ‘Waited all night for him to show.’
  39. ‘It’s that guy I’ve been chasing all year.’
  40. ‘This year’s been crazy.’
  41. ‘You forgot cranberries too?’
  42. ‘Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.’
  43. ‘The very next day, you gave it away.’
  44. ‘Once bitten, twice shy.’
  45. ‘I keep my distance.’
  46. ‘Do you recognise me?’
  47. ‘I meant it.’
  48. ‘Now I know what a fool I’ve been.’
  49. ‘But if you kissed me now, you’ll fool me again.’
  50. ‘Do not fear! I’ve come from a planet a long way from here.’
  51. ‘I bring a message for mankind to hear.’
  52. ‘Now I must fly.’
  53. ‘They were afraid.’
  54. ‘Peace and goodwill to all men.’
  55. ‘Peace on earth, can it be?’
  56. ‘Our finest gifts we bring.’
  57. ‘Make love your goal.’
  58. ‘Happy Christmas. I love you, baby.’
  59. ‘I can see a better time, where all our dreams come true.’
  60. ‘You’re handsome.’
  61. ‘You’re pretty, Queen of New York City.’ 
  62. ‘You scumbag, you maggot!’
  63. ‘Happy Christmas your arse.’
  64. ‘You took my dreams from me, when I first found you.’
  65. ‘Can’t make it all alone, I built my dreams around you.’
  66. ‘Next year, I could be just as good.’
  67. ‘I’ve been an awful good girl.’
  68. ‘I’ll wait up for you, dear.’
  69. ‘I want a yacht, and really that’s not a lot.’
  70. ‘Forgot to mention one little thing…’
Things Said on Vacation Starters:
  • “It gives me heartburn being this nice.”
  • “She’s got a bad case of man-face.”
  • “Do you want to go to the beach?’ 
  • "I’ve peed on [NAME]’s leg at least twice.”
  • “We should pee on each other.”
  • “[NAME]’s Facebook posts always make me feel better about my life.”
  • “No offense, but you’re super, super ugly.”
  • “I want to break out in song, but I can’t sing.”
  • “Swim trunks itch my ass.”
  • “If [NAME] ever starts singing, just fake ankle pain.”
  • “Why do you laugh like a gremlin?”
  • “If you break your hand, just stick it in the refrigerator.”
  • “I feel very wiggly like a piggly.”
  • “It’s all fun and games until your child goes blind.”
  • “Enroll all the bitches.”
  • “We’re gonna do some gay stuff.”
  • “This already sounds gay.”
  • “Crisis averted.”
  • “This drink smells like asparagus pee.”
  • “I hope you did that on purpose because we’re making fun of you for that exact thing right now.”
  • “I hope you fall in the pool.”
  • “I respect you so here is a phalange for you.”  
  • “I have boobs.”
  • “I don’t have boobs, guys.”
  • “How many glasses of wine have you had to be saying ‘dank’?”
  • “The first option is sketchy and the second option is even sketchier.”
  • “Shut up, science bitch.”
  • “I’m gonna go and be good to my body.”
  • “These people are bleeding everywhere.”
  • “Vacation dads are a different breed of dads.”
  • “You don’t fuck around with Disney.”
  • “Do you get seasick when you drive?”
  • “It’s like Tetris but with spacesuits and people.”
  • “Do you always pop up and shout random things in your sleep?”
  • “Am I breathing heavy or are you?”
  • “I’m just here to make sure you don’t die or get arrested.”
  • “No matter what religion you are, you’re still gross.”
  • “I dropped a cliff bar in the sand and I still ate it.”
  • “He was bonkers for Jesus.”
  • “Don’t fuck with my foot!”
  • “I’m very gay, okay?”
  • “I guess I just killed him.”
  • “You know how many taste buds I have? Like, five.”


  • “You disgust me.”
  • “Don’t beat yourself up. We all know what happened to the last person who tried to do that to you.”
  • “Nice to know you always find new ways to laugh at my expense.”
  • “We’re just one big dysfunctional family… with guns!”
  • “Plenty of folks wanna make life hard for people just trying to survive. I’m not willing to stand for that.”
  • “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”
  • “The thing about happiness is that you only know you had it when it’s gone.”
  • “Did you know you talk in your sleep?”
  • “I’m playing a game. First idiot who grabs my ass gets his arm broken. Ten points if he’s drunk.”
  • “The world’s a dangerous place… for anyone in my way.”
  • “The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.”
  • “What a contradiction a human is. To be lacking in so many capabilities, but being blessed with such a tapestry of emotions.”
  • “You’re looking to get stoned or stabbed? ‘Cause that’s all you’re getting here.”
  • “There really is no way to ride a seesaw with dignity.”
  • “Do you feel as bad as you look?”
  • “Lady Luck is my second favorite lover.”
  • “You’re a survivor, aren’t you? I bet the whole world could stand in your way and you’d just keep going.”
  • “Hey, chin up. The night just got darker, but it can’t last forever.”
  • “Whoa ho ho, I like you already! Walk into a new place, make a show of dominance. Nice.”
  • “I should have killed you when I had the chance.”
  • “Yeah. It’s true. I got shot in the ass last year. Long story.”
  • “Put some clothes on. You’re embarrassing us.”
  • “You really have a talent for finding trouble, don’t you?”
  • “I bet you never miss a detail, hm? Like what you see?”
  • “Don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.”
  • “It pains me to say goodbye. But we will be together again soon, yes?”
  • “Looks like you could use a little pick-me-up.”
  • “Hang in there. You’re going to be okay.”
  • “I love work. I could sit and watch it all day.”
  • “Hey, I’m not saying I want to shoot you, because that would be rude. But I’d doubt you’d even feel it.”
  • “Words don’t do it justice. You — you’re the best thing I got.”
  • “Moments like these, ll that karma stuff is bull. Because no one like me should be this lucky.”
Doctor Strange Starter Sentences

“Sorry about the whole time freeze thing!”

“I believe you’re my 1 o’clock?”

“Say goodbye to the nice ogre!”

“I’m punching you in the face! With magic!”

“Sorry to keep you waiting I had to exorcise something.”

“Do you really put your books in piles like that?! God you’re a monster!”

“This is the first time you haven’t attempted to kill me for it. That’s progress!”

“Did a demon just run through here?”

“Shout if you see it [a demon] or it possesses you.”

“Who keeps a door way to horrors in their living room?”

“Are those snakes on your coffee table?”

“Don’t talk to the snakes.”

“We’re awesome facial hair bros.”

“I saw a post on the tweeter.” (tweeter is what he calls twitter just fyi)

“The front door. Use the front door.”

“Why is it only raining if I look out of this window?”

“The cupboard is looking at me.”

“How did you know my name?”

“Really? That’s the question you ask first?”

“I don’t kiss demons.”

Why our generation is savage af

PSAT: ok, all that you have to do is not talk about the test, got it? Do not say anything about the test in ANY WAY. Don’ discuss the questions, don’t talk about your answers, and don’t talk about ANYTHING ON IT. Just keep your mouths shut. This is litterally the only thing you are not suppose to do. You think you can do that for me?

Teens: …..

Teens: this would make a great meme

shit my boyfriend says - sentence starters

❝  do you get the pun? do you get it?  ❞

❝  i’m tired and sore and just ugh.  ❞

❝  cuddling is the best activity.  ❞

❝  i really hope it didn’t make you jealous.  ❞

❝  i’m gonna fucking eat my own arms i’m so excited.  ❞

❝  it would be incredible.  ❞

❝  i would do terrible things on photoshop. memes… glorious memes.  ❞

❝  gay guys say damn skippy.  ❞

❝  for once i feel nice about myself.  ❞

❝  you know when i was like eight i went through this phase where i actually thought i was a vampire.   ❞

❝  end me.  ❞

❝  damn the things i do for friends.  ❞

❝  ugh i actually have to put sheets on my bed.  ❞

❝  i love running from the cops.  ❞

❝  yes unfortunately i’m serious.  ❞

❝  i love you a lot.  ❞

❝  stab me in the eye with a fork.  ❞

❝  i’m a brat you’re an asshole and we go perfectly together somehow.  ❞

❝  i don’t know how i didn’t smell the crazy.  ❞

❝  do you ever regret letting people into your life?  ❞

❝  end my sorry ass.  ❞

❝  i’d fuck the clock.  ❞

❝  i smell the gay from here.  ❞

seacull  asked:

Say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers/following (non-negotiable)! (i usually don't do this but hehe i like your memes~~)

this low key took me a really long time 

  • my green eyes
  • My ability to eat way more than I should lol
  • my legs (idk ahahaha)
  • My hair is naturally straight so i don’t have to do anything with it which is nice haha
  • i’m a quick learner (does that count haha)

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5 Nice Things

@skillfulstudio and @nour386 both tagged me in this meme, so I now I guess I have to say five nice things about me.

1. I produce a lot of content. It’s not always quality but there is a ton of it. Like, I think if you printed out you’d use up at least one whole ream of paper.

2. I’m punctual/polite

3. I try to be nice 

4. I’m really honest most of the time 

5. uhh, I can sort of bake. I mean I don’t invent recipes but if I have instructions to follow I usually do pretty well.

I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you want to you are free to do so

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Sex pollen

Hahahaha. Haha. Honestly? Yes. That sounds like exactly the sort of thing I’d write. xD Give me a nice prompt from the kink meme with that as the kink/trope and I’d probably end up filling it.

I’d happily write for any of the boys with that, but… wouldn’t it be kind of fun to see Angeal in the situation?? Mm. He’s fun to write when he loses control. x3

magiccatprincess  asked:

Ryuu Zaou for the character meme ^^

SORRY this took so long, I couldn’t add gifs on mobile, they kept forcing themselves to the end of the post ^^; and since I was on mobile I had to do this whole goddamn thing including paragraph breaks manually with html and it took ages so I was already pretty tired and would have appreciated the gif feature working as intended @staff take a hint

Do I like them?

How can you NOT?? BRAH Ryuu was my first favorite (for all the wrong reasons) (I tried to fight the queerbaiting for quite some time and Ryuu seemed so unquestionably heterosexual at first that I felt somehow allowed to scoff at people who shipped him with guys I can’t believe what a pretentious ass I used to be) and of course I still love him, he’s absolutely ADORABLE and completely fine with it (we mustn’t forget that Ryuu likes putting some emphasis on his Manhood but he also gets real pumped about a pretty boy competition and wears a hairband so yeah, in touch with his feminine side), and so genuine and open with all his emotions, what a guy.

five good qualities

Some as mentioned above…

  1. forward about his emotions and opinions
  2. holds loyalty to a high status
  3. he’s a playboy but he truly does appreciate and respect those girls
  4. doesn’t conceal his feminine side
  5. his smile could light up a room

3 bad qualities

  1. impulsive
  2. can be mean and rude
  3. Ryuu shows his emotions but I still think he could handle them better?? Idk

favourite episode

The screw monster one, Ryuu completely out of his comfort zone loses the last bit of reasoning and impulse control he has and he was so angry the whole time, watching it hurt the first time but I love it more and more each rewatch


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EDIT: wtF I fixed one typo and the gifs disappeared and when I went to look for them again my favorite wasn’t there in the recommendations?? I seriously hate how this feature works


Besides Io, I love Ryuu’s friendship with En. Their personalities go well together and it’s great they got those canon interactions in s2 (If there’s more in other media please tell me)


Can’t come up with anything with canon characters, the obvious choice would be akoioryuu but I’m personally not too fond of it…


I guess Ryuu is one of those characters I’m not that strict with… Maybe Akoryuu is the biggest notp tho, I like their rivalry, especially now that we have a reason to believe it’s more friendly teasing than seriously trying to hurt each other, but I’d rather have it platonic

best quote

the entirety of The Self-Depreciating Episode Let’s say “At this point you say ‘I understand’ and take them gently into your arms.” It indirectly tells us how Ryuu prefers to act after a conflict, he’s the type to hug it out and let it go, and imagining him doing it is darn adorable :D


Warning for nsfw

Ryuu’s first time was with a girl he’d seen like once most likely, and it was awful. He was too nervous to do his best (probably couldn’t keep it up) and she was an asshole about it. It took its toll. I also like to think Ryuu prefers women romantically and men sexually (because we don’t need to discuss Ryuu’s orientation on this blog lmao).

((pls send more characters these are fun))

Synpath Ask Meme

I don’t see many things at all about synpath stuff, and that’s kinda :c to me bc my synpaths are so important to me, and basically I figured it would be nice to put something out there for anyone else who’s looking :3

1.) What are your synpaths?

2.) Pick one of your synpaths and explain why you identify with them.

3.) Do you ever have trouble finding nice content involving your synpath?

4.) Talk about a time your synpath made you feel safe/secure.

5.) Have any of your synpaths lead you to do something courageous you may not have otherwise done?

6.) What is your favorite thing about having synpaths?

8.) What was your first synpath?

9.) Have you ever cosplayed/dressed up as a synpath of yours? If not, would you like to?

10.) What’s a painful feeling associated with a synpath?

11.) What’s a joyful feeling associated with a synpath?

12.) Has there been a time when synpath feelings have brought you to tears?

13.) List three songs that remind you of a synpath.

14.) Have you done anything with your room (layout, posters, bedding, etc.) that helps you to connect with your synpaths?

15.) If you are otherkin or fictionkin, do you have more kintypes or synpaths?

16.) Talk about the moment you realized one of your synpaths.

17.) What’s an AMV you would love to see made about a synpath of yours?

18.) What’s one thing that gives you strong synpath feels?

19.) Something you’ve seen relating to a synpath that you wish you could delete from your mind forever

20.) A picture or photo you’d love to see of a synpath

21.) Have you ever role-played as a synpath of yours?

22.) If you’re synpath with a character, what person in your life does their enemy remind you of?

23.) What person does their friend remind you of?

24.) What’s a significant event in their life that you relate to? (again, if your synpath is a character)

25.) Do you ever wish you could have powers related to your synpath?

26.) If your synpath is an animal, do you like to surround yourself with members of that species? Do you have any pets?

27.) If you could adapt any aspect of your synpath’s physical appearance, what would it be?

28.) Do you (or have you) played any games related to a synpath of yours?

29.) Do you wish your synpaths were acknowledged more?

30.) Does it make you uncomfortable when you see someone else who has the same synpath, or is kin with your synpath?

tfw u see someone walking down the hallway with a basket full of toothpaste like:

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Five things you’ll find in my bag

  • tic tac
  • hand sanitizer
  • lipstick
  • glasses
  • keys

Five things in my bedroom

  • fake plants
  • non-fake succulent plants
  • humidifier
  • chess board 
  • craft tape

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  • go shopping at a nice mall without having to worry about prices
  • ride my own motorcycle
  • maintain an indoor garden
  • adopt a bunny
  • meet and shake hands with a celebrity i like

Five things that make me happpy:

  • a tidy, organized room
  • eating good, healthy food
  • meeting dear friends after not seeing them for a while
  • alone time
  • comedy/funny memes

Five things I’m currently into

  • drinking tea with lemon
  • flashcards
  • cooking
  • zodiac signs
  • blanket scarves

Five things on my to-do list

  • read accounting textbook chapter 1
  • annotate global economy lecture slides
  • continue model un research
  • practice driving test questions
  • maintain duolingo streak

Five things people may not know about me.

  • i haven’t played chess seriously in years
  • sometimes when i’m bored i try on clothes i don’t wear often 
  • i still coo over my brother even though he’s big now
  • i’m very bad at social interaction despite how cheerful i seem
  • i’m simultaneously too emotional and also dead inside d=(´▽`)=b

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anonymous asked:

Do you have an advice for someone with no confidence and self-esteem at all? 😕

I could never get every piece of advice into this box, but some key things for me in overcoming this were:

• Compliment and help others - being good makes you feel it
• Wear however much make up/clothing you are comfortable in!! But also once in a while push yourself slowly out your comfort zone, and reward yourself for being able to do so
• Selfies!! Take selfies!! And keep ones you are proud of!!!
• Read nice things about you - e.g. Astrology, ask memes, quizzes, anything

I invite anyone to reblog and add to this!! Check the notes for more that worked for others xx

EXO as things ADMINS have said
  • Lay: (When did you upload that?) It was today... At... IDON'TREMEMBER:PM -Admin Miyu
  • Kris: philosophize isn't my thing -Admin Eileen
  • Luhan: The batery of my phone is crying... 23% THIS IS DANGEROUS -Admin Miyu
  • Chanyeol: I'm not Yoonmin shipper... I'm not Yoonmin shipper... I'M YOONMIN SHIPPER -Admin Eileen
  • Sehun: *talking about old teacher* Ow it's so nice for him, but I don't miss him. He put me a 70 on physics. -Admin Eileen
  • Suho: STAR BECAUSE YOU'LL BE A STAR B) -Admin Miyu
  • D.O: Stop giving drugs to this woman -Admin Miyu
  • Tao: (Do you want a kiss?) No, gross, ew. -Admin Eileen
  • Xiumin: No one can bear with you like I do -Admin Eileen
  • Chen: Okay let's stay calm (You aren't being calm) I KNOW -Admin Eileen
  • Kai: Why do I have to put up with these kindergarten... -Admin Miyu
Things I say with the squad V.1 2k16

This is some things that I and my friends have said this year (it’s actually mainly what I have said)

  • “Does google scare me?”
  • “Do you fart it out?”
  • “Why would you have a sauna in your phone?”
  • “The magic wand tool, you can magic wand people outta your life.”
  • “________ don’t bite ________’s hand! It’s cannibalism. It is cannibalism right?”
  • “You need to see Dermot O'Leary about your skin?”
  • “Nice Toe.”
  • “Sarcasm.”
  • “Cheating wires. Come on you pies.”
  • “Woooo! She/He goes by the name of __________!”
  • “Spoons kill immortals did you not know.“
  • “I beats yous up.”
  • “Just watched a film called Don’t You Forget About Me, It was very good……but who are you??”
  • "It’s not that funny he/she’s on a list.”
  • “The lady in it said that people with Aspergers are blind, she’s wrong she don’t know anything about it.”
  • “Are you so gay?”