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What bothers me the most about the “friendzone” interpretation of Snape, it’s not the mischaracterisation of Snape himself, but the complete lack of understanding what a “friendzone” guy is.

Do you think a friendzoned guy would accept the refusal, yet still be envolved in the well-being of the girl, endanger his life trying to save hers, and then watch over her kid until his very end? Nope, the friendzoned guy would have whined, used his pain to touch another girl, got rejected 4546th times until his tragedy becomes the consistency of rejection and not a particular rejection itself, and after her death, would have passed by her ravaged house, rise his fedora, said out loud “this is what you get when you marry assholes” and at the pub he’d have sighed deeply with his boys wondering : “why do women always prefer to get killed by Dark Lords instead of dating Nice Guys” and all the boys would have nodded because it happened to four of them so that’s the proof, women just prefer get killed in wars, how strange yet fascinating creatures, so mysterious, so killable. 


Welcome To My Dark Twisted Mind (CC)

Nice guys finish last. Lol but no they don’t. Remember middle school? When kissing was scandalous and dating was the coolest thing you could possibly do? Turns out it doesn’t end and people still think that. But it’s not. You should be nice to people because it’s nice, not because you want to date them.

🎀anti-fem/sjw youtubers, part one🎀

hello everyone! here’s a quick, nice list of anti-feminist/anti-sjw youtubers. these are all some of my favorite creators, feel free to add your own!

  • blaire white - easily the most infamous person on this list, but she provides a different outlook on many social issues. also known as “the transphobic trans girl” or something like that.
  • shoe0nhead - how could you not love june? 
  • roaming millenial - gets her point across without the necessity of being rude. just overall great
  • hunter avallone - i feel like he’s lost his touch a bit, but some might agree with him on a lot of issues. very active!
  • andywarski - very loud but always gets his point across.
  • abitofbritt - a fresh face. brings up good points.
  • paul joseph watson - has a lot of controversial opinions. i love so much???
  • mrrepzion - oh, daniel. 

Feminists, here’s the plan:

  •  Get all the women in this world their reproductive rights, all of them, every last one. Protection from pregnancy, access to safe abortion, full sexual rights and option to never ever have sex with a man unless they feel like doing so due to their own desires, none of them ever again to be forced to join to a man to ensure their own survival.
  • We all make a deal and refuse to give birth to new babies until this world gets its shit together. I’m thinking around 20-30 years at least. Here’s the rough draft of the pros and cons:

1. Decline of female deaths, end of problematic pregnancies and birth complications.

2. For the first time, women get to experience life without crushing pressure of being obliged to put their body to a painful and dangerous process of creating a baby, women get to be fulfilled and have full lives without ever subjecting themselves to pregnancy, women leading safer lives, building their careers more easily, stereotypes of female lives without pregnancy being useless, unproductive, and without a purpose destroyed, females claiming their rightful place in living as full humans and not baby creating mechanisms.

3. Decline in female poverty. No more children means resources can be split among existing people, no more hungry families to feed means less reasons to cater to capitalism, nuclear family slowly decaying, more independant females lead free lives, having less to protect means focusing on our own goals more easily, organization of female power is closer and easier to achieve.

4. World decline in child abuse. Existing children suddenly gain importance if nobody is making new ones. All homeless children adopted. All child abusers prosecuted and jailed. Children’s lives gaining more importance. More focus to what are we doing to future generations, now that there’s a question if we’re even having another one. Leading up to children not being seen as a property.

5. Fall of economy, complete fall of education system, leaving space wide open to build it anew. Start of a new schooling system that doesn’t make children want to commit suicide, and fails to brainwash them to happily accept being exploited by capitalism for the sake of survival.

6. Fall of patriarchal organized religion. I mean, really, male gods? Hopefully this would make men realize that despite all of their imaginary power and masculinity and whatnot, women are the only reason why everyone on the earth exists.

7. Start of a female centered religion. Doesn’t have to be organized. Credit for giving birth to everyone alive finally given to females.

8. I wanna write everyone is angry at females for not giving birth, but everyone is already angry at females for pretty much everything females do or don’t do, so this part is pretty much just the same, actually, a bit better, now they can’t just hate females without any consequences, female hate should decline.

9. End of patriarchal family unit. As females are proven to be their own humans, and keep their reproductive rights to themselves, men have no longer anything to claim or take credit for so marriage is no longer as benefiting their ego, perhaps they try to see women as humans now? Maybe I’m making too big of a reach now.

10. We raise existing children without forcing them into gender roles. It doesn’t matter any longer if they’re male or female, there’s nobody they have to sacrifice their body for, there’s no role they need to fulfill in order to be a part of society. When enough time passes and world turns a bit more civil and humane, we let the new generation of females, children who were raised in a changing world, to decide weather they want to continue the humanity or not. We trust in their decision to shape the future.


Con: men are not happy. but, hey, they could also start the same revolution, you know, by refusing to- I can’t even write it without laughing, refusing to have sex with women, oh my god, may I live to see the day

Be wary of a self-professed “nice guy”. Anyone who is always going around saying they are “just trying to be nice” are most often, anything but nice. -If you’re truly kind and loving, you don’t have to “try”. It comes naturally.
—  Miya Yamanouchi, Embrace Your Sexual Self: A Practical Guide for Women