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I will be selling/ adopting out my Scraplet pals at TF Con DC this year! Come give them a home where they can snack on all your scrap and keep you safe from those sneeky Decepticons!

Find me as I walk around with them swarming on my shirt! ;D

Scraplets Pals will come with a starter pack to get you started caring for your little friend!

It includes:

Tiney collar
Smol Hat
Bolts/screws (food! 😜)

They come in :

Hungry mode(open mouth)

Sweety mode(closed mouth)

Nom Noms! (Eating into stuff)

They all have two strong magnet on their bottoms to allow them to stick to cloths or metal surfaces along with posable legs that allow them to stand on their own!

They also have magnets in their mouths so they can eat!

(Magnets also in the closed mouths so they can dantily nibble) ;)

See you there!!

This is the second time we got the girls the Nibble n’ Dig Meadow toy, but we slotted it into a tray to prevent soil getting everywhere this time. It barely did much though, they still managed to pull out bits of soil and get it everywhere within an hour LOL. :P

Who cares though, it’s easy to clean up with a blanket on the floor, and most importantly they have fun!

Imagine being together with Beric Dondarrion

(gif not mine, found it online)

Pairing: fem. Reader x Beric Dondarrion

Warning; fluff, smut

Hi guys! Another request for Beric, I hope you all like it :)

”There’s a hole in your shirt“, you said to the man sitting in front of you. Beric chuckled.

“Why do you care about it?”, he asked.

“It’s annoying.”

“And what I am supposed to do now?”
“Take it off. I’ll sew it.”

“You can sew?”

“Of course I can!” You rolled your eyes. Beric finally took off his shirt and threw it at you. He watched you with interest while you did your work.

“Unbelievable”, he eventually said. “Somebody took my (Y/N) and replaced her with a lady.” Beric moved closer to you and wrapped his arms around you from behind, softly nibbling your ear lobe.

“Stop it, Beric. I need to concentrate”, you said half-laughing. He shoved your hair aside and kissed your neck, leaving small hickies everywhere. You turned your face to him and pressed your nose to his before you kissed him. He placed his hands on your back to hold you tighter, your hands stroke his arms. He was warm, but his skin was covered with scars. But even with all these scars, he was the most handsome man in the whole world for you.

You put your head on his naked chest and listened to his heartbeat. You pressed your lips against his chest, covering him with sweet kisses. You went deeper until you reached the lacing of his pants. Your fingertips ran over the half hard bulge under the fabric and you slowly opened it.

“Take off your clothes”, Beric said demanding. You sat down on his lap and took off your shirt. Beric grabbed your boobs and squeezed them with his hands. Your nipples got hard under his touch and you started moaning. Beric twisted and pinched your sensitive teats while you placed your own hand between your legs.

“You’re so beautiful”, Beric mumbled. “Please ride me.” You winked at him and stood up to take off your pants. Your sex was wet and swollen, desperately waiting for Berics hard member. He took off his pants by himself and you let him enter your damp pussy. Sitting on top of him you started moving up and down and Beric rubbed with his thumb over the tiny pink button between your lips.

“Oh Beric, it feels so good”, you cried out.

“Yes… Yes, it does.” Beric closed his eyes and put his head back, his moans and grunts made you insane. Your movements got faster until you came, crying out Berics name. Your sex was twitching around Berics dick. You moved slower, bending forward to kiss your love. He moaned against your mouth.

“(Y/N)…”, he said and one moment later you felt his member throbbing.

“I love you, Beric”, you said dreamy. He is perfect. He will always be mine, you thought.

“And I love you, (Y/N)”, Beric answered and kissed your forehead. “You’re my little princess.”


Hi guys and gals and non-binary pals (yeah, I stole that line from @thatsthat24 .. Sorry, Thomas!)

I’m a mom of a one-year-old child and am coping with anxiety and depression. I’ve been unemployed for nearly ten months now and the end of my unemployment benefit is coming, soon.
That’s why I’m turning to Tumblr to sell some items I created.

These are the baby teethers and pacifier cords I’ve got in stock. They are all made with BPA-free beads and figures, so your baby can nibble on them without worries. I put a lot of love and care in these toys.

The teethers used to be € 12,50 and are now € 10,00 (which is about 11.95 USD)
The cords used to be € 10,00 and are now € 7,50 (which is about 8,95 USD).
I’ll barely make any profit with these prices, but it’s better than nothing, really.

I am willing to ship them overseas (I live in the Netherlands). If you’re interested, please let me know and I will look up the shipping costs.

You can also help me out with donations:

Thank you very kindly for your time and I’d appreciate it if you’d reblog this post.

Koushiro’s Costume?

Hey folks, can anyone tell me what’s up with Kou’s costume in the new Halloween pic?  It kind of looks like Gohan’s costume from early DBZ…  Also a little bit like Syaoran in CCS?  And while I’m at it, what the heck is Taichi?  Hairkenstein????  

Who’s your fave?  I’m digging “Can’t-give-a-damn-pirate” Yamato and “sweetly dark angel” Sora.  And who can say no to Vampy Jyou?  I’d let him take a nibble.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Niall Drabble when he sees you for the first time?

Visual of Niall’s expression as the Missus walked down the aisle. (6:24)

He hadn’t had seen her in nearly twenty-four hours, and his anxiety had been growing each second. He didn’t want to muck up his vows. He didn’t want to trip as he was stepping onto the altar. He didn’t want to mess up his speech. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself. He was petrified he would embarrass her and make her regret marrying him.

He’d been pacing, nearing a panic attack, his fingertips drawn between his teeth as he nibbles his cuticles - and Harry knew he had to get her. He couldn’t have his best friend having a panic attack and passing out minutes before he would be ready to walk down the aisle to be married - he would be a horrible best friend and best man if he allowed that.

“Niall, close your eyes.”

“Harry, what t’e fuck are you talking about?”

“Niall, baby, close your eyes or else I can’t come in there.”

He almost started crying. He heard her sweet, angelic voice and his heart slowed, his breathing pacing, his palms rubbing his cheeks as he stands near a lounger nearby his hotel suite’s door. He couldn’t hear her step inside, but he could feel his heart swell with pure love as she wrapped her arms around his waist, her cheek leaning against his bare shoulder, her lips pressing a kiss to his collarbone as he wraps his arms around her shoulders, his nose tucked in her hair, breathing in her perfume, cherishing his moment with her, before she would be swept away to be dressed and ready, as would he.

“Keeping your eyes closed up there?”

“Of course.”

“Why are you having a panic attack? What’s wrong? Niall, if it’s cold feet I will kick you in your balls.”

“No, no. I jus’, I don’t want to muck anyt’ing up. I’m nervous. I don’t want you to be embarrassed and regret marrying me.”

“Hey,” she coos, squeezing his hips, her lips touching his neck softly, breathing against his skin, her whispering tone inaudible to everyone but him, “I’d never be embarrassed of you. I love you so fuckin’ much, Niall. ‘m marryin’ you, aren’t I?”



“I can’t wait for you to be ‘me missus.”

“Can’t wait for you to be my husband, Cuddles.”

“We have broken every rule so far, y’know?”

“If you don’t look at me, we’re not breaking this one, either. I’m not dressed in my dress, yet.”

“I love you.

“I love you, too. Please, text me if you start feeling panicky, okay? Don’t freeze out on me, Horan. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I’ll be waiting for you. I like you, I love you.”

“I like you, I love you.”

He didn’t need to see her - he knew he was going to start crying. He was marrying his best friend, his love, his girl. She could be stepping in in a tracksuit and he would cry, because he was marrying her. He couldn’t have asked for anything greater in his life. He loved her so much - he just wanted her to be his missus. Mr. and Mrs. Horan.

He pinched his lip between his fingertips, his blue orbs welling with tears as he admires her perfectly dressed figured beginning to slowly walk down the aisle, wedding dress clinging to her torso and hips, her hair pinned, makeup blended and sparkled on her features, her lips curving in a smile as she lays her palm in his, his hand carefully helping her step onto the altar, his fingertips clutching hers, a giggle slipping as she hold his shaking hands, whispering a quiet, “I love you”, as the priest begins introducing their ceremony.

He couldn’t hold his smudged paper, his hand shaking as he begins to read, her fingertips soothingly clutched around his wrist in support, a gentle squeeze encouraging him, “Y/N, I love you. I can remember the day Harry introduced us, and I couldn’t take my eyes away from you. I am completely infatuated with you - how loving, compassionate, sweet, funny, beautiful you are. Everyday I don’t think I could love you any more, and each day you prove me wrong. I devote ‘me life to you, from today on. I vow to be a devoted husband, father (when our time comes), to take you on our infamous impromptu dates and spontaneous travels, to always apologise and to never go to bed angry. I vow to be not only your husband but your partner, and to never leave you alone. With you as ‘me wife, I vow to be a better man and to respect and honour to, to treat you with love and dignity. I’m yours, now and forever.”

Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings.

Tony is in hysterics, Bruce is really curious as to how the mighty trickster got himself into the predicament, Natasha is snapping photos like crazy, Steve and Bucky don’t know what to do, and Clint is being a malicious little shit and talking about how tasty fresh rabbit was in a stew.

To everyone’s great amusement, Thor seems to be the only one concerned with Loki’s strife. Not only that, but he’s also the only one who knows how to properly care for his rabbit-brother.

The only thing is: Thor constantly wants to dress Loki up in cuteie-patootie costumes like a mini sailor uniform, a tiny nurse/doctor, policeman, etc. And to everyone’s even greater shock and bemusement, Loki actually /let’s/ Thor dress him up in the cute little outfits. He shows clear favoritism to the ones that involve large bows around his neck.