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Can we have a blurb where you are pregnant and you and niall fight about breastfeeding because you don't wanna do it.

“It’s my body, Niall! Why are you being like this?”

“Of course it’s your body, but it’s OUR baby!  Why won’t you just talk to me about it?”

You slammed your dresser drawer shut hard enough to knock over one of the framed snapshots lining the top surface.  You let out a sigh and rubbed your hand over your swollen belly.  The argument over breast feeding had been going on for weeks.  You’d talked with your doctor about it and she had assured you that it was your choice and that as long as the baby was being fed, that’s all that mattered.  Niall however, had been appalled that you weren’t even willing to try nursing the baby.  He’d been sending you links to medical journals and parenting blogs eschewing the benefits of breastmilk.

You straightened the collapsed frame and wiped at a few stray tears rolling down your cheeks.  Looking down over your protruding belly, you trailed one of your equally swollen fingers down a fresh set of red stretch marks mapping out your skin like angry tributaries.  You had a matching set of blue varicose veins on your ankles from the pressure of the baby, and last week you’d peed your pants.  Twice.  Niall was sat on the edge of the bed, his head cradled in his hands.  He looked as handsome as the day you’d walked down the aisle nearly four years ago.  The broad planes of his back were still smooth and dusted with freckles.  His eyes still a bright bright blue that sparkled when he laughed.   He could have any woman in the world.  But he was stuck with you and all the collateral damage happening to your body.  

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Frat Boy Niall Pt. 2: Niall Horan (Dirty) One Shot

This will make more sense if you read Part One first.

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smut warning


Something hard was digging into my shoulder. I lifted my head and rolled to the side, only to feel the vacuum of space behind me. Shit - this wasn’t my comfy full bed in the ΣΔT house, this was the narrow, uncomfortable cruise bunk. I grabbed the sheets to keep myself from falling, but instead grabbed something thick and warm.


A hand reached out and gripped my upper arm, pulling me back onto the bed.


“Saved ya, Janet,” a smug voice said.


Niall. I scowled, pulled my arm away, and sat up. I couldn’t tell if I was hung over, or just cranky from lack of sleep. A few disconnected memories of last night flowed through my head. Dancing at the club on the ship. Making out with someone–(Niall?) in that bathroom. Leaning over the bed, dizzy with alcohol and the ship’s motion while Niall fucked me from behind. I knew that part was him. He wouldn’t let me forget it. “You like the Niallator?” he’d grunted as he thrust into me harder and harder, my knees buckling while his fingers caressed my clit. He’d even named his cock. Asshole.

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This one’s for all the people I’ve either been following since the very start, over the years or just recently. I could never imagine not following you in the future. You all bring me so much joy I don’t think you realize. I’m so glad you’re all such sweet, genuine, funny and lovely people. Never change, please! I would like to wish you all an amazing new year, may 2014 bring you happiness, good health and progress, you all deserve it. 

Love you guys lots & lots


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