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Reasons why This Weeks Episode was Iconic

Camryn and Kendall won their duet in a beautiful clapback.

Cheryl Burke is working with the irreplaceables another week.

Abby threw the Minis + Brynn out of her studio and fired one of her choreographers for agreeing to work with the Minis—after they created an entire dance in her honnor.

Ashlee left the ALDC and the show.

Ashlee got called out by a producer for posting hateful things about the irreplaceables and for being a hypocrite.

All in all, the ALDC just imploded and disappeared on national television.

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After School…

Levy: PAPA!!!!

Ehren: How was your first day little ones?

Nia: Ohhh, my little boy. Did everything go well?

Rudy: Mama! Papa! I made a friend! His name is Frankie and we sit together at lunch! 

Frankie: Hi!! I’m Frankie

Ehren: Nice to meet you Frankie, is anyone here to pick you up? Or do you ride the bus?

Frankie: My mom should be here…

Ehren: Why don’t you take Levy home, and I’ll wait here with Rudy and Frankie for Frankie’s mom….

Nia: Sounds good, nice meeting you Frankie!