the next yolo

I was messin around with the brushes from @bardofmotherfuck‘s version of sai they gave me and… wow Hemera… your brushes are pretty good!!!

This is my oc Xena btw, more info under the cut if you’re interested!

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Here you have my take on the “Hipster Squad of the Sand”. I feel so deeply embarrassed for my 17-year-old self. File this unter my shady past of the year 2014. (Also, I won’t even try to come up with an explanation for this.)


is this even considered an imagine or is it more of a drabble? -Anahi 

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TFW you don’t have impulse control and you have a 20 item To Do list for the next week and a half but a copy of Marine Biology just magically appeared in your email.

And now you’re going to get on the stationary bike and read it instead of reading the course work you have to read for the paper that’s due next week.



The empty husk of the portal stood, a sad and bleak contrast to the usual bright and explosive inventions his parents created.

Sam told him to go in it, with the jumpsuit on, and Danny did, if only so they could laugh about it later. It was so surreal, though. This machine was supposed to be a gateway to another dimension, but when his parents plugged it in it barely gave off a spark.

If he had noticed the control panel on the wall, maybe he wouldn’t have pressed it. Common sense would have told him to unplug the portal before turning the device on while inside it. Or maybe he would have pushed that on button anyway.

But as fate would have it, it was quite dark inside the portal, and the control panel was not well defined.

He pressed the button, and everything flashed green.

It was his fault the portal had ever turned on, it was his fault that the ghosts kept coming through to Amity Park. Danny took full responsibility, even if he never told his parents. They knew he had something to do with it, but they didn’t question him further, thank goodness.

Now the portal glows green, a swirling entrance to another world so unlike their own. Even when the doors are shut, a faint glow emanates from the machine.

The portal is both the bane of his existence and one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.