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John’s dick is Chekov’s gun

It only came to our attention recently that Chekov’s gun as a symbol was being used in Sherlock series 4, however, it’s actually been the main motivator behind Sherlock for the last seven years. “Chekov’s gun” is a writing technique, that says don’t put unnecessary details into your stories.

So when we saw John’s gun at the beginning of A Study in Pink:

We knew that by the end of A Study in Pink, he was going to fire it:

However, there’s more to John’s gun in A Study in Pink than most people might realize. 

We hear Moriarty introduce himself in The Great Game by asking, “Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in you pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”

Sherlock replies, “Both”. 

Here is explicit proof that guns in this show are meant to be seen as penises. Sherlock just compared an erection to that gun. It happens later in The Abominable Bride, as well, if you think I’m just making this all up.

“It’s dangerous to finger a loaded firearm in the pocket of one’s dressing gown, or are you just pleased to see me?”

Considering this is all in Sherlock’s head and Sherlock is horribly repressed, Moriarty mentioning that gun/dick again only slides home this symbol.

And if you needed any more proof, here’s a picture of Sherlock thinking about Moriarty maintaining eye contact while getting on his knees and putting a gun on his tongue:

Is it even subtext anymore when they’ve openly admitted guns are penises? 

This all brings me back to Chekov’s gun and A Study in Pink.

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anonymous asked:

Would you be able to an imagine where Alex and the reader were partnered together for a project but they both forgot to do it so they have to pull an all nighter at one of their houses but they're too busy trying to impress each other with cheesy pick up lines so their project ends up a lot more rushed and awful than it could be? Your blog is one of my favourites by the way ❤

Great idea anon! Honestly send me more Alex I need me some more inspiration for my Joy Division nerd ~

969 words, Alex Standall/fem!reader

Your phone vibrated next to you with an incoming call, it was Alex Standall, the boy you had been partnered with for your geography project.


Your geography project! 

Rapidly smacking the ‘accept’ button with your thumb you flung your phone up to your ear, and the two of you instantly started shouting about how you were so sorry that you’d forgotten, and how you had to get it done tonight to get it in for tomorrow (the last possible turn in date). 

You gave him your address and got out a few arts and crafts supplies from your ‘artistic’ days of your childhood. You had to make a poster describing something to do with coastlines, something that neither of you had the first clue about. 

You’d just about set up the cardboard and felt pens which had probably dried up in the past eleven years when a knock came from your door, yelling to your parents that it was for you. 

“I’m sorry that you have to have me in your house at ten to ten at night but this has gotta be done.” 

“It’s no problem really, and no shit it’s gotta get done!” 

The pair of you half assed coastal erosion research for the first few minutes, taking short handed notes. 

“Ever realise that erosion kinda rhymes with erection?” you blurt out, already exhausted from all the panicking and rushing around to pull your shit together. Alex snorted and smirked over at you on your bed from your desk chair.

“You give me coastal erections.”

“Colossal erections, babe, you just missed a trick.” it felt weird joking about erections and being a little flirty with someone you hadn’t spoken to, outside of your constant complaints about the lesson in geography. It was quiet for a minute, Alex trying to be serious and carry on his research before bursting out into a fit of laughter. 

“It’s not even that much past ten and I’m already going crazy.” 

“I can’t wait for your craziness peak, then,” everything you said came out tinged with that tone of voice you use when flirting clumsily. 

Time passed again, Alex shouting out facts about colossal erections coastal erosions for you to write down in your most presentable handwriting, complete with pictures.

“Holy fuck, we’ve only just done the first stage? You nearly cried, taking a look at what you’d already done. 

“Hey, we’re being detailed, and we’ve got all night.” 

“Yeah but I don’t wanna go all night.”

“Said no one to anyone, ever.” Alex smirked at you rolling your eyes at yet another discreet innuendo. A few more crude sex jokes later (now how in holy hell have you managed to make a geography project so sexual, Standall?) he moved onto pick up lines, you following his lead, both of you daring each other to get cheesier with them.

“Are you a magician, because when I look at you, everyone else disappears!”

“Ohh, that’s weak, y/l/n - do you have a bandaid? I scraped my knee falling for you.” you made gagging noises, pretending to stick your fingers down your throat. 

“My god, Alex I had no idea the extent of terrible pick up lines.” 

“I’ve got some pretty nasty ones.”

“I bet I can top all of your shitty pick up lines.” 

“Bite me.” he’d scooted off your desk chair and onto the bed where you’d been since you’d started; however the project was on the floor, only two out of god knows how many stages of erosion completed. 

“Hey Standall, does your left eye hurt? ‘Cause you’ve been looking right all day.” he actually laughed at that one exclaiming:

“You’re terrible, y/n,”

“You bet.”

“You’re sixty-five percent water, and I’m thirsty.” You threw your head back and laughed over dramatically. 

“Okay, enough, enough, you’re disgusting.” Alex’s face turned serious, making you do the same. “Ah god, sorry, do you wanna keep going with the project, or?” you trailed off, watching Alex watch your lips move. 

He snapped out of whatever daze he was in, shaking his head lightly. “Sure thing, I’ll get back to the research.” You were a bit upset that you had to actually pull an all nighter doing geography, instead of flirting with the hot new friend you’d just made.

He spun out some more facts to you, going quicker than ever once you both realised it was nearly four am and you needed to sleep at some point. The A3 poster found its home on your bedroom floor yet again to make room for a very tired Alex next to you. It was scruffy and lacked a lot of information, but it was good enough near to done so you both accepted it. 

Flirting with each other seemed a better use of six hours anyway.

You got up and ready with each other that morning, firing even more pick up lines at each other, and even more on the walk to school. You went to part ways in the hall to get to your lockers until you mentioned one pick up line you’d both over looked.

“Y’know what this shirt is made of? Girlfriend material.” 

“I’d like to take more than your word for that one, y/n. Wanna get a coffee or something? I used to be a regular at Monet’s, so I can get us some free stuff.” he mentioned with a wink, not waiting for you to fully respond, only taking your first uttering of the word ‘yes’ as his answer. “Cool, see you tomorrow? It’ll be cool to hang out, sans the homework right?” 

“Right, totally.” he gave a little wave before turning away, making his way to his locker. 

You were exhausted, naturally, but you were pretty sure that you’d just gotten a date from a few cheesy pick up lines. 

Drive Me Crazy

Bellamy X Reader

Request? Yes:
(Idk if I sent this in or not lol) could you do a Bellamy X read could be an AU where they were FWB Briefly(but had secret feelings they didn’t share to w/ other) on the ark. when both are on earth he’s a huge player and doesn’t know Y/N is there until he sees her talking to Murphy, causing him to become a lot tougher(over the top mean bc he’s jealous) and it gets too much she runs away causing him to go mad, sending out a search party.(long one plz, your writing is great)

Author’s note: This is extremely long, so please be prepared. It’s not just a smut like most of the other things I write.

Italics=Ground flashback

Bold italics=Ark flashback

You scramble over broken twigs and mossy rocks, nearly tripping over your own feet. A brief glance behind you sends a fresh wave of terror coursing through your veins. The cloud of acid fog moves closer, reaching out in finger-like tendrils that claw over the ground. You turn your head forward again and your legs carry you faster. It won’t get you. You won’t just be another name crossed off the list of delinquents.

You feel like you’ve been running miles. The grounder horn you heard must have been blown an hour ago, at least. Every time you get the nerve to turn, sure that you’ve distanced yourself from the approaching mist, it seems to have gained on you. You’re desperate now, eyes scanning the woods for any place that might just shelter you from the worst of it.

Air whooshes from your lungs as you slam into something solid when your attention is turned. You grip the tree trunk for support as you try to force oxygen back into your bloodstream, but you continue wheezing. Maybe this is it. That’s what the chancellor sent you down here for after all, isn’t it? To die? Your will to keep going dissipates with every painful breath. You’re all but resigned to take what you’re given. This has to be less painful than seeing his face again anyway.

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The past, the present... The future.  -Part 8

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 8: The Past.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: heavy mentions of rape and torture, angst.

A/N: I don’t even know. This is strong, guys! Please, let me know what you think!

Previously: Part 1, Part 7

Originally posted by rickbridge


I leave the notebook on the table when I hear rapid footsteps approaching. Bucky busts through the door. His expression is twisted in a mix agony and guilt when he looks at me.

“What’s the matter?”

He looks at me in silence for too long. Eventually, he speaks. “You… You’re the girl with the HYDRA scar.”

It’s been long since anyone called me that, but there was a time when that name was all there was from me. It was my only name and identification. That was all I was.

The girl with the HYDRA scar.

It’s been a long time, but it hasn’t been enough.

Y/N’s POV:

Acid. It was running through my body, burning me inside out. I was pressed against the way, bitting tightly my arm so I didn’t scream. But the pain was just too big. Too intense.

I was in my cell. I had been living there for approximately the past five years, but it was difficult to tell. If I wasn’t wrong, I had turned sixteen around a month ago, but I couldn’t be sure. I had been in there for so long I was completely disorientated. Well, it didn’t matter given the fact that I was most likely never going to leave the place alive.

I was shaking very badly, my body’s natural response to the invasive substance that now cursed through my veins, consuming every cell of my body. It was killing me. My breath was heavy for the immense effort my system was doing to cope with the serum. My body was bruised from their needles and scissors, my mind was tortured by the images of the table… The room creeped menacingly towards me, but I couldn’t go any further, my back was pressed against the cold wall. Slowly, my conscience started to drift off and took me to the day it all started…

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Dear Mr. Fantasy

(A/N: @bloodstained-porcelain-doll - Hope you like it, love <3)

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Dear Mr. Fantasy

Your knees pressed together as you muttered curses under your breath, glaring at the bus full of strangers around you and wishing they would just disappear. Your mind had wandered off to Gabriel for the seventeenth time today, and the increasingly graphic details of the things he could do to you was starting to effect your body in the most sinful of ways. You could practically feel your walls clenching from even just his name floating around in your mind, let alone the perverse thoughts that had kept you company throughout the day.

There were still three stops before yours, but you decided that you needed the fresh air and were going to walk the rest of the way home, standing from your seat as you looked at the person next to you.

“Do you need to get off?” they asked, sliding out of their seat to make room for you to leave.

“You have no idea” you grumbled as you pushed passed them, making your way to the door as the bus stopped and people began to file out.

The cool evening air hit you and you breathed deeply, hoping the chill would chase away the blush that warmed you inside and out. You pulled your collar up against the cold and set off in the direction of home, the promise of a glass of wine and self-achieved relief nearly had you sprinting.

By the time you stuck your keys into the lock, you were slightly winded from the walk and the accelerated heart rate was not helping your aroused state in the slightest.

You pushed the door open and turned to close it, slipping the lock back into place as you kicked off your shoes.

“Well, hey there, Kitten” a voice teased from your living room.

The silky quality of his voice had you reeling and you were half convinced you were dreaming until you turned around to see him standing there, holding a single rose and grinning wickedly at you.

“What are you doing here?” you asked quickly, praying that he was alone.

You watched him carefully, edging your feet towards the living room where he stood while making sure to keep a respectable distance between you.

“Please, how could I not show up after you’d been practically shouting at me all day?” he teased, giving you a sideways smirk as he threw the rose down on the table.

You heart hammered in your chest as each and every fantasy you’d imagined throughout the day danced behind your eyes so graphically that it nearly obscured your vision.

“What do you mean? I haven’t spoken to you…” you rambled, very aware of the fact that he was sauntering closer towards you.

Gabriel tapped the side of his head, devious intent written as clear as ink on his face as he came to stand before you.

“Don’t need words when you’ve got such wonderfully desperate and descriptive longing. I think I’m almost deaf in one ear from how loud your thoughts are” he mused, tilting his head as he pursed his lips.

“You heard all that?” you asked nervously, though the answer was already obvious.

“Guilty. But I must say, some of those wicked little ideas of yours, oh, they tickled me in all the right places” he confessed, slipping his fingers through the belt loops of your pants to pull you forward, your waist pressing against his as he swayed your bodies back and forth.

You swallowed hard, feeling arousal race through your system like a forest fire, your throat running dry as your fluids were clearly needed elsewhere.

“What do you say, sugar? That little idea with the whipped cream? Why don’t we start there?” he offered with a wink, snapping his fingers so a bowl of whipped cream appeared on your table.

A thousand more fantasies raced through your mind and Gabriel smiled, clearly eager and excited to try every single one of them.

Confess a Fantasy to me

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: What will happen next™

🌙: Greetings everyone~! I had mentioned when we released the end of Chapter 1 that there was gonna be an important announcement in regards to the future of Nextale, so here I am with that announcement. Now this will cover several things: The future of the comic, the inactive discord server, and the OC submissions from months and months ago.

For starters, I’ve personally been working on Nextale since June…and throughout the months, not only did my life take a turn and my priorities shift, but my motivation for this project has decreased significantly and I’ve personally grown to borderline hate the project. In the beginning, Nextale was a “for-fun” project….something that we weren’t gonna dedicate so much of our time to except if we wanted to, but while getting popular was amazing, it eventually tacked a lot of stress on myself and Nextale went from something that was supposed to be for-fun to a total responsibility that I didn’t sign up for entirely.

On top of that, the lack of motivation and growing hate for this project has put a strain on both of our lives, and at one point, our relationship entirely, but we didn’t want to take a break until Chapter 1 was done. It’s been a hell of a roller coaster ride, let’s just put it that way…

Now don’t be frightened, neither of us have any intention to cancel Nextale here, but after the intermission pages, I will be announcing a hiatus on the comic until we’re ready to pick it back up again. Fire, and occasionally myself, will be submitting for-fun pieces, like Nexswap or Outernex or whatever we want. Stuff like that.

Another thing is that even when we’re ready to go back to Nextale, we’re not gonna go all out like we did before. Reasoning for this is because our IRLs have taken turns, with Fire starting a new semester of college, and with me finishing an out-of-state move and focusing more on my own IRL. On top of that, Fire and I also want to focus on our own personal original projects, my priority project being @shisenota and his being DraGunMetal (which you can find on his actual blog, @firereddragon).

As for the format of the comic itself? We decided to ditch the cohesive story formula and do it in certain parts. After Chapter 2 (AKA the Origin Story) is completed, we will be able to do comics and stories of whatever part we want to do, so we don’t have to be chained down to do an entire story when this was ORIGINALLY supposed to be for-fun and only in certain parts. Some parts will remain in black and white, others will be in color.

That being said, in 24 hours, we’re shutting down our Discord server. It’s been inactive for quite some time and it was also quite stressful to run it when it was in its active days. Whether or not we want to recreate it again in the future depends on us, so please understand. It was quite fun when it lasted though, and I do thank you for coming in if you did.

Finally, and this one we’ve been kind of avoiding for a while because of possible backlash…the OC submissions.

I’ll be real with you guys: it was an on-the-spot decision because at the time, I thought it was cool. But after receiving SO MANY OF THEM, we’ve….regretted it to say the least. That was when we were just over 1000 followers, but if we opened them again when we have OVER 9000 followers, then….yyyeahhhh. So simply put, we’re cancelling OC submissions to save ourselves the trouble. I am VERY sorry to those who have worked hard to create their OCs and for those who never got the chance to submit one. There were some REALLY cool submissions, don’t get me wrong, but the decision was not well-thought out and it resulted in a lot of unneeded stress. You guys are still more than welcome to create your own characters in a Nextale fashion, but we won’t be putting background cameos in the comic. Please understand.

TL;DR: The comic will go on a hiatus, the story will only be done in certain parts instead of a cohesive story, we’re shutting down the Nextale Discord server in about 24 hours, and we’re cancelling OC submissions.

Other than that, thank you for sticking with us so far, and stay turned to see what happens NEXT.

Would You Like Sugar? (Madison x Reader)

Words: Maybe less than 500, i apologize in advance

Warnings: Just pure fluff tbh

Request: Could you maybe do a JMads x reader where JMads works as a barista at a coffee shop and every day (y/n) flirts with him using coffee puns? And they smile every time he becomes a darker shade of red? They end up exchanging numbers and it is just super fluffy and cute???? Please and thank you! @sweaterkitty-fluff

A/N: we do not know much about ol’ JMads (at least from the plays perspective) but i feel like i made him adorable. Oh and the person who requested this, i looked at your blog and i love the pun in the description! im a sucker for puns.

You found a little coffee shop on the corner nest to job. It was small and cozy, and you only saw a few people in there every hour, at most. When you first decided to grab a cup of joe, you didn’t regret it. One of the workers, who went by the name James Madison, was handsome. Really, handsome. That’s when you decided to go there.




It was your routine. You would visit your favorite coffee shop, flirting with him.  You always called him JMad, and he smiled and laughed every time. His laugh, it was a musical sound. And you loved to hear more and more. That’s when the puns began. It started small, like “It’s a brew-itful day today, isn’t it?”. Soon, you were making him laugh every chance you got.

Today, you walked into the shop, ready to see your crush. There was a lot of customers in the shop today, and the line was extremely long. You decided to wait until it died down, so that you could have a longer conversation with James. Once the crowd dispersed, you marched over to the counter, ready to order. He did not notice you march up, so you rang the bell on the counter. He was in his brown apron today, wearing a collared shirt and jeans. He turned around, his brown eyes meeting yours. You did a little wave, and he smiled.

“Nice to see you, Y/N. The usual?” He asked, and you nodded.

“Yup.” He grabbed the coffee pot, beginning to brew the coffee. You sat at one of the stools, watching him. “JMad?”

He looked up, a small smile on his face.

“Can you hold the sugar? You’re sweet enough.” You winked, and he blushed, looking down at the counter. You saw the smile grow on his face, and you took this as encouragement to keep on going.

“Sure, Y/N, no problem.” The owner, Thomas Jefferson, walked out the back, staring at the two of you. You twirled your fingers at him, and he shook his head, passing by the two of you to help another patron. You turned back to Madison, and he chuckled at you. “You’re going to get me fired.” He grinned, and you noticed his face getting redder by the second. This time, you decided to step up your game. He placed the hot latte in front of you, and you sipped it. The hot liquid burnt your tongue, and you hissed. James panicked, looking at you.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I don’t know, JMads. The coffee is hot,” you looked into his eyes, “but you’re hotter.” You wiggled your eyebrows. He put his hand to his mouth, the heat rising in his face. You found it cute that you could mess with him so easily, and you hoped that this would lead to something.

He placed the towel he held in his hand to the side, and stared at you. You were surprised that he finally acknowledged your advances, so you put the cup down.

“You’ll be soy sorry for those puns.” He looked at your seriously. You coughed, almost spitting out the coffee you held in your mouth. The look on his face was priceless, and you giggled uncontrollably.

“You did not.” You gasped through chuckles. He nodded slowly.

“I like you a latte and I think we were meant to bean. Would you like to go on a date with me?” You smiled at his now permantly burgundy face, his lips cracking a smile. You grabbed the pen that was by his ear, and took the napkin right next to you. You wrote down your phone number, passing it over to him. He smiled, placing it in his front pocket. You grabbed your cup of coffee, and before you left, you looked back at him.

“How long were you thinking of that pun?” You asked. He smiled, putting the pen back next to his ear.

“Ever since I saw you walk through that door.” 

at her wit’s end

AO3 | written for @overworkedunderwhelmed​ as part of the ML Spring Exchange 

“They have to know. I would sooner lock them up in a room and send an akuma right there than let this trip end without them discovering the truth.” Alya stomped her feet, the fire in her eyes downright terrifying.

“You know I’m usually with you,” Nino started, no doubt in his mind that Alya wasn’t making empty threats with what she just said. “But I don’t really think that’s a good idea. Promise me you won’t do that.”

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Half Smoked Smokes

@adrenalinethief asked:

Hey, I was wondering if I could request a fluffy Elliot fic were him and the reader are friends and are just sat outside smoking and talking about stuff. And he is laughing, or at least chuckling, and enjoying himself because he actually feels comfortable and then he accidentally lets it slip that he loves her. At first he thinks he’s screwed up so he tries to retreat from the situation but it has a happy ending because she loves him too. thankyou if you do this! P.S. I love your blog <3


This was really nice to write! It took me a while to get this done, and for that I apologize, I hope this is okay!

Friendly reminder that I WILL write second parts to things if they’re requested!

Word Count: 1193

Elliot sat with you on the fire escape, legs dangling from the metal grate over the cement below. A pack of cigarettes sat in your lap, the lighter resting between your fingers and palm as you flicked the metal piece down with your thumb to light the smoke resting between your lips. This was the third time you’d tried to light it, the wind blowing the small flame out each time you tried.

A frustrated sigh escaped your lips as Elliot plucked the cigarette from your grip; placing the filter in between his own lips, and lighting it with ease once he cupped his hand around the flame. He took a quick drag before handing it back to you with a small, satisfied smirk. There were lots of things Elliot could do that you couldn’t, one of them being lighting a god damned cigarette apparently.

“Alright, show off, I see how it is.” You let out a stream of smoke, the white wisps curling as they hit the night air. Leaning back on the palm of your hand you swung your feet back and forth, heels clanging against the cool metal bars below.

That earned you a shrug from Elliot, hood bunching up around his face as he did so. “Not my fault you won’t invest in a Zippo, Y/N,” He took the pack of Marlboro’s from your lap, flipping the cardboard top open and taking a smoke out from the box before tossing them between the two of you. You turned to face him, watching as he flicked his thumb down the lighter, a small flame popping up and disappearing just as quickly as it came. “Oh, come on.” He said after three more tries. You quirked an eyebrow, stifling a laugh behind a small veil of smoke.

Elliot sent you a glare, stone blue eyes filled with a sense of empathy and frustration. His cigarette hung limply between his lips before he straightened it out. You scooted closer to Elliot, the button on the back pocket catching on the grate for a moment. You touched the tip of your cigarette to his, the small embers lighting the paper and tobacco in his. A shit-eating-grin rested on you face, teeth biting into your bottom lip.

“Okay, okay,” You sighed, voice still filled with the fit of laughter you just calmed down from. “One time in like tenth grade I tried to run away and ended up at my cousin’s house, only to find my mom there talking to my aunt. I had to make up some bullshit story as to why I was there with two backpacks at ten p.m.,” That made Elliot snort, so you continued with your story. “I think I told her that I needed to stay with another family member for school, to compare how different families function and work despite being related. She bought it, my aunt didn’t, but she didn’t say anything.” You tossed the butt of your cigarette into the murky, nicotine stained bucket of water as Elliot let out a small belt of laughter, lips curling up to reveal white teeth.

It was nice to actually see him laugh, to see him enjoying something. It was a miracle on its own that he’d sat still next to you for half a pack of smokes. “God, at least you did something in tenth grade, I sat around and coded other people’s websites and did all of the computer tech kid’s work when they couldn’t. Made good money off of it, though.” A small smirk rest on his lips as he tossed the half-smoked-smoke down onto the street below.

You watched as the red ember fizzled into nothing, slowly fading out into the darkness. “Elliot Alderson making money off of people? Running a makeshift business? What a shocker!” You feigned a gasp, shouldering him gently. A small bubble of laughter escaped your lips, and you tossed your head back as you leaned on your palms.

At this point all of Elliot’s walls were down, all of those protective barriers that where meticulously set up fell down each and every time you were around. You’d managed to make him laugh, or make him talk about things he either buried so deeply into his brain he forgot, or things he hardly would admit to himself. You made Elliot more himself than he’d ever been, and he could almost say “I love you.” But that’s silly right? Because this isn’t high school, this isn’t some Disney movie. And no one liked each other back now unless they were rich or had a high social status.

“Wait…what did you just say?” Your eyes widened, and every muscle in your body froze. You heard your heart hammering away, almost loud enough to cause a headache. There was no way you heard him right, no way. Elliot Alderson didn’t love, he didn’t even like. He put up with. There was no way you’d managed to be the only person to break into that locked part of his life.

Elliot’s eyes were just as wide as yours, picking up each and every beam of light and shining back into the growing darkness. “I…said I love you.” He blinked slowly, not knowing how you would react, his fingers gripping onto the backs of his folded hands for dear life. Because my god, this was far more important than any hack he’d ever done, more important than any person’s life he’s ever ruined, more important than the fact that he may or may not have forgotten to take Flipper for a walk; because if he fucked this up now there was no way in hell anything else would ever equate to what you two had.

Elliot wouldn’t find another you, not in the city at least. There’s no one here who would put up with his random breakdowns, there’s no one here who would come over at three in the damn morning with his favorite cookies, there’s no one who would help him with his laundry or dishes when things got particularly bad. There is no way there is anyone who has your smile, your laugh, your acts of selflessness or your kindness. You were the only one who put up with his bullshit on top of the stress of work, and your own life.

In fact, Elliot probably shouldn’t have said anything at all, this would just add more stress to the situation. He felt guilty for not checking in on you more, not asking how your day went or if you needed help with anything, wanted to talk or go grab food. Hell, he hardly even involved himself in your life and you’d nearly helped him live his own.

“-Elliot? Hey, hey… stop thinking for a second, okay? Jeeze, dude, I thought I lost you there for a moment,” You let out a breathy laugh, one leg now tucked under the other as you turned to face Elliot. The next three words to leave your mouth would certainly change something between you and Elliot, but you were more than ready to take that leap after months of waiting.

“I love you too.”  

Bang The Doldrums

*not my photo*

Request: Anon- Could you please write a Ryan Ross (or Spencer if you don’t want to write Ryan) imagine about like an accidental pregnancy… Like you guys are like best friends and accidentally hooked up when you were drunk? Thanks

You wake up in a bed that’s not yours with a killer headache. You barely remember what happened last night or how you ended up where you are right now. You wince as you turn to your left towards the window with light dully beaming through the curtains which hurts your eyes. You adjust to the light and open your eyes again but your heart stops when you see who’s next to you: your best friend. He starts to stir and a soft groan falls from his lips. You look down and see your naked body wrapped up in a sheet and Ryan laying naked on his stomach, facing away from you. Oh shit. You jump out the bed and grab your clothes off the floor, putting them on as fast as you can. As soon as you pull your shirt over your head, Ryan rolls over to face you. You freeze and look at him with wide eyes. He looks down at himself and realizes he’s completely naked so he scrambles to cover himself up with the sheet.

“Ryan, did….did we….?” You trail off not wanting to say it. He nods and sighs, running a and through his hair. When he looks back up at you, tears are brimming in your eyes.

“Wait…are you crying?” You sniffle and wipe the tears running down your face. He stands up and puts his boxers on, walking over to you.

“Look, I know this is weird but-” You flinch away from his touch, not knowing how to feel about this. You slept with your best friend. Would this change everything? Would you lose your rock, the person you tell everything to? It’s all too much to take in at one time, especially considering the throbbing headache you have.

“I…I gotta go.” You grab your phone off his nightstand and pick up your shoes off the floor.

“Don’t you want me to drive you home?” He asks with sad eyes as you walk towards the door.

“I’m gonna walk. I’ll text you later.” You say before walking out of his bedroom and downstairs. You grab your hoodie off the couch on your way out the door and begin your ‘walk of shame’ home.

After about 15 minutes, you arrive at your house and unlock the door, thankful that your key is still in your pocket. The first thing you do is get in the shower. You don’t remember everything that happened last night. Matter of fact, you don’t remember most, but knowing that you had sex with your best friend who you’ve known almost all your life makes you feel gross. You get out the shower, take a couple advil, and get in you bed. You stare at the ceiling, wondering what this meant. Does he still want to be friends? Do you still want to be friends? Is it even possible? You close your eyes to try and ease your mind for a bit. You fall asleep for a couple hours and when you wake up you have 3 missed calls and 5 texts from Ryan. The last message he sent reads,

‘Please just call me, Y/N.’

You sigh and dial his number. He picks up after the third ring, sounding distressed and worried.

“Listen, Y/N, I know you’re probably really confused and upset right now but I don’t want last night to ruin what we have. Your friendship means everything to me and I can’t lose you over a drunken hookup.” You stay silent, a tear rolls down your cheek. You don’t trust your own voice so you still don’t say anything, trying to organize your thoughts before you speak.

“Please say something…” He breathes heavily.

“I don’t want to lose you either, Ryan.” I blink away the rest of the tears as he sighs in relief on the other end.

“Thank god. So…nothing weird between us? We can pretend this didn’t happen?” He asks hopefully.

“Pretend what didn’t happen? We only went out for drinks, remember?” You smirk and he chuckles.

“Yep, exactly. I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.”


You hang up and set your phone down, smiling to yourself. It feels good to know that you’re both on the same page. It would’ve sucked to lose such a good friend over something so stupid.

As the next couple weeks go by, everything was fine with you and Ryan. Just like you both wanted, nothing had changed and everything seemed to be perfect again. You and Ryan are driving home from a movie, blasting the radio as the wind coming through the sun roof blows your hair. Once you pull up at your house, he turns the music down and looks at you, putting the car in park. You exhale and let your head fall back against the seat, not wanting to get out just yet.

“Do you want me to carry you inside or…?” Ryan asks jokingly. You roll your eyes and open the car door.

“Good night….you fucking dork.” You smirk and get out the car, shutting the door and walking up to the porch.

“Night, loser!” He yells, sticking his head out the sun roof. You give him the finger before going in and shutting the door behind you. You sigh and take off your shoes before heading up the stairs and straight to your bed. You yawn and roll on your side as you drift into sleep.

You’re woken up the next morning by a gross feeling in your stomach. You weren’t drinking last night or anything so it’s completely unexplained. You lay in bed for a couple minutes hoping the feeling would just go away but it doesn’t: it gets worse. Suddenly, the nausea takes over and forces you to run to the bathroom and kneel over the toilet, emptying your stomach of everything you ate the night before. Beads of sweat drip down your forehead as you lean against the wall behind you and swallow hard. Once your pretty sure nothing else can come up you go downstairs to make yourself a cup of tea, hoping the heat will make your stomach feel better. You pick up your phone and call Ryan because it looks like you’ll be staying in all day until this stomach virus passes.

“Hello?” He answers. He sounds awake so you don’t feel bad for calling.

“Hey. What are you doing today?” You ask grabbing a mug from the cabinet and setting it on the counter.

“Nothing, why?”

“I got a stomach bug, wanna come over and hang out?” You grab a teabag from the box and drop it in the cup.

“Sure. Want me to bring anything?” He asks.

“Nah, I’m good….wait no, bring ice cream.” You change your mind, earning a chuckle from him.

“Alright, I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“Thanks, Ry.” You hang up as the kettle starts to whistle. You turn the fire off from under it and pour it in your mug. You add a couple spoonfuls of sugar and stir your tea before going into the living room. You sit on the couch watching some random crap on tv when there’s a knock on the door.

“It’s open!” You yell followed by the sound of the door opening. Ryan comes in with two plastic bags and sits down next to you.

“Hey, how ya feeling?” He asks to which you respond with a shrug.

“Better than I did earlier but still shitty.” He gives you a sympathetic smile.

“Well, I brought chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and four star wars dvds.” You grab the ice cream and immediately stand up to go get a spoon. You pull one out of a drawer and open the carton, spooning some out and putting the cold creamy substance in your mouth. You close your eyes, savoring the taste.

“You’re the best.” You say before taking the ice cream and going back into the living room where Ryan is putting a dvd in your Xbox.

“Well, that’s what friends are for.” He stands up and sits next to you on the couch. He wraps and arm around you and that’s how you stay for the rest of the day.

Eventually, you fall asleep and when you wake up, it’s dark. You look up at Ryan who’s smiling down at you.

“What time is it?” You asks. He checks his phone.

“11:30” You rub your eyes and yawn.

“Holy shit. Sorry I fell asleep on you.” You apologize.

“It’s cool. I just came to keep you company.” He shrugs.

“I should probably get home though, I have work in the morning.” He says as he stretches.

“Alright. Talk later?” You ask as you both stand.

“Of course.” He hugs you before walking to the door with you following.

“See ya.” You say as he leaves, shutting the door behind him.

You go back to the couch and lay down, too lazy to go back upstairs. You check your phone since you haven’t done so all day and realize that its the 13th. You should’ve started your period about 3 days ago. Your stomach twists but this time its not the nausea, its the thought of what could’ve caused it in the first place. You put your phone down and sit up as anxiety pulses through your body.

“Oh shit.” You say out loud. You waste no time, slipping on shoes and walking to the corner of your street where there’s a 24 hour drug store. You grab three pregnancy tests and go to the register, kind of embarrassed. The woman doesn’t look judgey or anything but of course you feel judged coming in here alone with no one else in the store because it’s so late. Once you pay for the tests with a few crinkled up bills, you practically run back home.

You walk right in the door because you didn’t bother to lock it on your way out. You go upstairs to the bathroom and take all three tests, pacing in front of the mirror as you wait for results. As each minute passes, your anxiety rises. You decide to wait for all three tests to show results versus reading each one as it was ready.


Your heart drops. What does this mean? It’s obviously Ryan’s kid. You both agreed to forget what happened but how can you do that now? Would this be the end of your friendship? Would he cut all ties with you so he doesn’t have to deal with a child? Will he try to make you get an abortion? All these questions run through your mind as you sulk back to your room and get in bed. You sit in silence and stare at the wall, thinking of all the ways this could possibly go wrong. You think about calling Ryan now but you need time to call down. You don’t want to say anything wrong and fuck everything up. You just close your eyes and try to sleep. Hopefully some rest will help you sort this all out tomorrow.

You wake up around noon, sleeping in more than usual because you were up so late. You yawn and roll over and that’s when you see the tests in the trash can. You look down at your stomach and rub your hand over it with a sigh. You know what you have to do. Ryan should be on his lunch break now so you decide to call him.

“Hello?” He answers.

“Hey, Ryan. We uh….we need to talk when you get off work.” You simply say.

“Oh, okay. Is everything alright?” He asks, becoming concerned.

“Just come over when you’re done, please.”

“O-okay. I’ll see you then, I guess.”

“Yeah…see you then.” You hang up and sit on the couch, pulling your knees to your chest and letting the tears fall down your face. Ryan gets off at 2:30 so until then, you sit on the couch, going over how you’re going to tell him that you’re pregnant with his child.

Eventually, 3pm rolls around and Ryan opens yout front door without even knocking, but that’s nothing new.

“Y/N?” He calls your name.

“In here.” You say, your voice is a little scratchy.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He sits down on the couch next to you. You take a deep breath and close your eyes to prepare yourself.

“I’m about to tell you something that could–no–it will change our lives….” He looks at you suspiciously.

“Y/N, what the hell is going on?” You sigh.

“Ryan, I….I’m pregnant.” you breathe out shakily. He looks at you with furrowed eyebrows for a couple seconds. Then his eyes go wide with realization.

“It’s my kid…” You nod, trying to control the tears that threaten to spill. You both sit in silence for a few moments.

“So…what do you want to do?” He asks you.

“I wanna keep it but, I can’t do it by myself.” You say quietly.

“Why the fucking hell would you think that you would have to do it alone?” He asks, clearly insulted by the fact that I thought he would abandon me with his child.

“Because we’re just friends, Ryan! And I know this is impossible at this point but I still don’t wanna lose this friendship! I’m sorry.” You yell, getting frustrated. Ryan doesn’t say anything for a few moments, he just stares at his lap. 

“Y/N, I already did this once but I guess I have to do it again….” He takes a deep breath and takes your hands in his.

“I love you. I always have and it doesn’t look like I’m gonna stop anytime soon. I told you the night we slept together but when you woke up you didn’t remember and I just decided it was best not to tell you. I’m not saying this to somehow guilt you into falling in love with me, but I’m not gonna leave you alone with our child. Regardless if we’re together or not, we’ll always be best friends.”

You stare into his brown eyes, unable to speak. This changes everything now. The thing running through your mind isn’t your unborn child or who’s going to raise it, its Ryan. But this isn’t anything new, is it? Hasn’t he always been the one thing running through your mind? The one person you’ve allowed yourself to open up to about everything? The one person who’s never left your side no matter what? You’ve been trying so hard to maintain your friendship with him that you didn’t think about what could happen if you just…let it happen. It’s gotta be fate at this point, right?

“Ryan, I…I…” You give up trying to speak and just lunge yourself at him, smashing your lips against his. He falls onto his back and you grab his face as you straddle his waist. You slip your tongue into his mouth and run your fingers through his hair which makes him let out the softest moan, so quiet it was barely audible. Ryan pulls back and you open your eyes to look at him.

“Y/N, I don’t want you to think you have to do this just so I’ll stick around. I already told you that I’m gonna help you raise this kid, regardless if you have feelings for me or not.” He sits up but I remain seated on his lap, a leg on either side of him.

“Ryan, I’ve always had feelings for you. But I was so worried about screwing up the relationship we already had and I didn’t realize that in order to really keep you, I had to stop holding back and completely give you my all.” He smiles genuinely at you before pulling you into his chest and holding you close.

“We’re gonna start a family together, Y/N. This is really happening…” I look up to see him smiling to himself.

“You’re gonna be an amazing dad.” You say, grabbing his hand and gently rubbing it with your thumb.

“And you’re gonna be an excellent mom.” He says, raising your intertwined hands to his mouth and kissing the back of yours.

“Ya know… this hand would look a lot better with a ring on it. It only makes sense now, don’t you think?” He says casually. You pull away from him and turn to look at his face.

“Are you….” You ask with wide eyes. He has the biggest smile on his face as he nods.

“Y/N Y/L/N, if you’ll have me, I would love to make you my wife.” Tears stream down your face but for the first time in few weeks, they’re happy tears. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss his cheek before resting your head on his shoulder.

“We’re gonna be a family.” He says as he gently places a hand on your stomach.

“Yeah, we are.”

Fourth place goes to the story ‘Unwritten’ by the lovely @thebloggerbloggerfun 

What can I say? This soulmate AU absolutely warmed the cockles of my heart! Also love how at the end it wasn’t immediately all sappy and rainbows, and that you instead chose a more realistic approach for their first meeting. 

You were probably one of the first people I followed on here, but everyone who doesn’t yet really needs to go check out your amazing blog! Congratulations, you rock!

Dean had heard this story a thousand times already.

“- and as soon as I saw her I said,” Sam continued with a breathless laugh, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but you can’t leave the library through the fire escape.” He looked over at Jess who smiled coyly and lifted up her pant leg to show those exact words imprinted across her calf like a tattoo.

“So then what did she say?” Anna asked, obviously enraptured by the story of how the two soulmates had met just a few days before.

Sam grinned slyly and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt to pull it aside, revealing the words “Watch Me” marked on his skin.

“Then we kind of just stopped and stared at each other for a while once we realized what had happened.”

“You don’t know how many library fire escapes I’ve used over the years trying to find him.” Jess said with a playful slap against Sam’s shoulder.

Dean watched as Sam gazed into Jess’s eyes with more adoration than he’d ever seen his brother give to anyone.

They were obviously perfect for each other.

“Excuse me,” Dean mumbled, and pushed his chair out from the bar counter. Faintly, he could hear Jess asking Sam if they’d said anything wrong as he swung the bar door open to leave.

He could almost imagine Sam’s practiced speech.

“No,” he’d say. “Soulmates are just a touchy subject for Dean. He - he doesn’t have one.”

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for klance week

My first collab ever! Big thanks to the lovely viane-art, who coloured the lineart for this and made it absolutely gorgeous (look at that lighting!) Please check out her blog, her art is amazing and she’s also keep in klance hell !

process art x

It was supposed to be a regular mission.

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Request: @youcanhavit: Ok since you did an awesome job on the lady one. So here’s another. Reader is Pregnant and Craving something and Poor Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen whichever you want has to deal with a pregnant hormonal reader who wants something that’s not around.

Hey its me. I put the request for the craving Pregnant reader. But make her bad ass! I just watched Lethal Weapon 4 and the was and add even 9 months pregnant

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Pregnant!Reader, Dean Winchester x Pregnant!Reader(platonic)

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Fluff, Language, a little violence, major mood swings by pregnant reader :)

Tagging: @ellen-reincarnated1967 @rockingmotherhood @theerinpage @demondean-for-kingofhell @winchesterprincessbride @jotink78 @mrswhozeewhatsis @withoutaplease @skybinx-blog @aprofoundbondwithdean @kittenofdoomage @blushingsamgirl @spectaculacular-sammy @icecream-and-gadreel (If you want to be tagged or untagged please let me know)

Hunters lead short hard lives. It was a well known fact, yet here you were, nine months pregnant not able to see your shoes and you were on your way to do a simple interview. That was all that Sam would let you do, and even that he had a hard time agreeing to-well he argued until you grabbed his shirt and growled that if you had to sit for another minute in the hooker magnet motel room that someone was going to bleed-he agreed quickly after that.

He did ask rather nicely though if he or Dean could go with you, just in case. You glared and agreed that Dean could go because he wasn’t the one who knocked you up. So that was how you came to be sitting in the driver’s seat of the Impala, while Dean sat nervously next to you. He had learned his lesson not to piss you off, when he said that he should drive because of your delicate condition- he was now currently fearing for his life.

“Dean! Are you listening to me?!” you practically shouted.

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choi-saeran  asked:

RFA+Saeran+V keeping the MC safe in the nuclear apocalypse?

warning: cw/tw for guns, suicide, and blood mention

i straight up made this angst bc this blog needs some hehehehehe but also i hope these aren’t too cliche or unreasonable,,,

also suuuuuuuuuper long scenario post, just a fair warning i hope i did it justice! i worked so hard on this alfjlasjfljfa;f s


  • he’s not prepared for this at all
  • everything was out of control, there were so many dead bodies everywhere
  • Yoosung does his best to protect you while this is going on
  • if either of you got injured, he’d try and patch them up as best as possible
  • however, when you two were roaming around, Yoosung didn’t feel so good
  • “MC… let’s go look somewhere else. I’m not getting a good feeling right now.”
  • so you listen to him and follow close behind
  • it was hours and darkness was falling quickly
  • you two took shelter in an abandoned home, even though it probably wasn’t the best idea since none of you had any sort of protection
  • it was just a matter of relying on dodging bullets if you ever came across someone who had a gun
  • both of you had a difficult time falling asleep – neither of you were sure if it was because of being on edge or that you literally couldn’t just sleep
  • what you assumed to be the next day came, you told him that it probably wasn’t the best idea to stay in one area for too long
  • he agrees with you, but he first decides to rummage around to see if there was anything for protection
  • Yoosung does end up finding a gun in one of the closets, but with little ammo left in it and there weren’t anymore ammo boxes to be found
  • “We’ll just have to use it sparingly.” however both of you know that Yoosung’s never really fired a gun before
  • once finished, you guys head out and begin trekking to another place
  • dread was tugging at the bottom of your heart, though you couldn’t figure out why
  • stopping and taking a break at another house empty, your boyfriend disappeared for a bit before you started getting worried, but then he pulls you into a hug and tells you that everything will be okay
  • “Sorry for worrying. I wanted to make sure this house was safe first. Oh, by the way, MC, could you see if I left my bag of items outside?”
  • “Yes.” and then you went out the door and looked around and sure enough, his familiar bag that had the essentials was near the next door house
  • you figured that if it was that far away, he was doing some excessive checking
  • as soon as you picked up the bag, the most ear-deafening sound surrounded you and sent you flying backwards and knocking you unconscious
  • when you awoke, everything was muffled and there was a nasty burnt smell wafting around
  • as you sat up, confusion was replaced by despair as the house that Yoosung was in was completely demolished
  • “Yoosung… Yoosung!!!” you got up as fast as you could and ran towards the destroyed house, but deep down, you knew he was gone
  • your knees collapsed underneath your weight as you began weeping his name over and over again, however no amount of times you said his name would bring him back


  • let’s just he’s glad that he exercised daily to be able to keep up with running away, lifting debris, and carrying you if you got too exhausted
  • he’s never had to pull a gun on someone, but if he needed to to keep you safe, then he would
  • many buildings are in complete ruins or blown to smithereens, so it was difficult looking for somewhere to hide
  • additionally, you both had to be careful that the area wasn’t too infected with leftover radiation
  • reminds you often that he’s here and that he’ll be here to protect you
  • sometimes a little too overprotective, but you know he means well
  • instead of roaming from house to house, he suggests that you two should just stay put
  • luckily, you were currently residing in a house that had a lot of unopened food and water bottles, so if you rationed the food properly, it would last for awhile
  • when you guys slept, he made sure you slept closer to the wall and him closer to the door just in case someone tried breaking in
  • while you slept against him, he just stared into the darkness, constantly worrying about you and keeping you safe
  • everything seemed peaceful and calm, until one night, Zen heard some banging noises around the house
  • he wakes you up and tells you to hide and then he grabs one of the guns and carefully makes his way to the front
  • when he peers out one of the windows, he catches a glimpse of a guy roaming around and it didn’t seem like he was up to any good
  • he mentally prepares himself and cracks the door open and a bullet whizzes past, just barely grazing his cheek
  • slamming the door shut, he crouches down and hastily searches for a good place to hide and shoot at the same time
  • shots are fired through the window creates a deafening sound
  • he moves over slightly to get a better view and he’s finally in Zen’s line of sight
  • he raises his gun and shoots a few times then crouches down and reloads the barrel quickly and as he’s about to shoot again, the guy was out of sight
  • he’s cursing and trying to figure out where he might have moved to next and as soon as he gets up to move to a different spot, an unseen bullet makes its way right through his heart
  • Zen immediately falls to the ground
  • you’re hiding in the closet and holding a hand over your mouth, hoping that it was your enemy who just fell to the ground
  • the door opens and there’s heavy and slow footsteps that seem to get closer, as if he were inspecting to see if anyone else was hiding in here
  • you couldn’t breathe; you body was frozen stiff and you didn’t dare start crying
  • they stop in place and then get quieter and the front door finally shut
  • listening to make sure he was gone, you opened the closet door and looked for Zen
  • and when you did, you gasp so loudly and stare down at his lifeless form; there was a pool of blood slowly expanding underneath of him
  • “Zen…”
  • you put a hand to your mouth as you sob uncontrollably, wondering how you were going to survive without your protector and love of your life


  • fairly fit to be in this kind of situation, but knows that her judo skills won’t provide any use
  • you both rely on running away from danger until a secluded place was discovered
  • you also picked up a few weapons here and there from dead bodies along with way, distributing them evenly amongst both of you
  • even though this was really happening, it still felt unreal… just the fact that at any point in time, either of you could end up dead
  • and that alone scared Jaehee
  • if anyone were to go first, she was going to make sure that it’s her
  • as of now, you two are hiding in an abandoned house, but luckily it was still filled with non-perishable foods and water
  • when night came, you’d take turns every other night keeping watch, and tonight was hers
  • while you were asleep, there were voices that could be heard from outside, so she grabbed a gun and tip-toed through the dark to see if was something she could ignore or had to take care of
  • there were a group of strangers roaming around and it looked as if they were going to enter the house
  • strangely, they knock and she has to mull over whether it’s worth telling them to find another place or hiding… but what if they just enter?
  • hiding the gun in the back of her waistband, she cracks to door open, asking them questions and curtly telling them that this house is occupied
  • but they weren’t having any of it; they kept going on about how it took them forever to find somewhere, but Jaehee was keeping her ground
  • finally her and the other groups came to an agreement – if she forked over some food and water, they’d leave
  • skeptical at first, she finally decides to go with it just so that they would leave
  • she’s about to shut the door and grab some food, but they others overpower the door and push it open, but she acts quickly and fires the gun twice, one bullet per person
  • this causes you to wake up quickly and grab yours as well and then examine the scene
  • there were two bodies on the ground and Jaehee was in a standoff between another person
  • you’re about to take another step forward quietly, but the floor creaks and jaehee looks over at you
  • “MC…!” but that was enough of a distraction for the enemy to shoot her in the chest, killing her immediately
  • your hand flies to your mouth
  • It was all your fault
  • but you quickly snapped back and shot him before he could even say another word and he slumps right to the ground
  • tossing your gun to the side, you rush over to her as she was lying face down, blood pouring from the bullet hole
  • you break down and cry into your hands, blaming yourself for slipping up and causing the death of your beloved


  • sure enough, he owns a bomb shelter and sees that you and Elizabeth the 3rd are securely in it
  • there’s bodyguards outside of the door 24/7 for your protection
  • you tell him that you don’t really think that you need bodyguards considering you’re way underground and safe from thieves and whatnot
  • still, he insists that they’re there for your protection
  • as much as you appreciated him protecting you in this dome, you missed having fresh every once in awhile and he lets you out with a few security guards
  • while you were sleeping, with Elizabeth the 3rd, he’d come in and stroke your hair and kiss your forehead
  • he really did hate keeping you holed up here, but since everything has escalated into something as serious as a nuclear apocalypse, he had to protect you at all costs
  • you played with Elizabeth the 3rd from time to time and played games
  • however, one day, Jumin had to meet with his father in a different location to discuss important matters regarding the future of C&R and other things
  • he told you this and you didn’t like the idea
  • “Jumin, it’s so dangerous out there… please don’t go!”
  • “I have to. I’m sorry, princess. If I don’t, and this war subsides, everything will be a mess. I must prepare for this.”
  • reluctantly, you let him, not that you really had a choice
  • there’s a knock onto door and one of the bodyguards comes in
  • “He’s here, sir.”
  • “Let him in.”
  • “Who…?” and then a familiar redhead comes in with several electronics
  • “Seven?” you gasp in surprise
  • “Seven Zero Seven at your service!”
  • “Jumin, what’s he doing here?”
  • “Just in case.”
  • “Just in case what?”
  • taking your face in his hands, he places his forehead onto yours and gazes into your eyes
  • “I love you, MC. I love you so much.”
  • you blink a few times in confusion before responding
  • “I love you too, Jumin.” and then he places a very gentle kiss on your lips before breaking away and petting Elizabeth the 3rd one last time
  • “Take care of MC of me while I’m gone, okay?”
  • she meows sadly in response and he sets her down beside you and heads towards the door, looking back once more at your beautiful face, and then finally taking his leave
  • on the other side of the spacious room, he’s setting up his hacking equipment
  • he does help cure your boredom by telling you funny stories and “”””playing”””””” with Elly, but even with the entertainment, you were missing Jumin
  • it’s been at least a week since his departure and there hasn’t been word from him
  • you’re about to go ask the security guards, but as soon as you open the door, Seven’s standing right there, dread covering his entire face
  • “Is there an update on Jumin?”
  • he looks away, unable to meet your expectant gaze
  • “Jumin… won’t be returning.”
  • your hopeful face falters, shock and disbelief replacing it
  • “No… he… that can’t be true…!”
  • Seven looks back at you; his eyes seemed dull and there were no signs of jokes
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • unable to hold it in, you burst into tears and flung yourself into Seven’s arms
  • he’s completely thrown off, but eventually wraps his arms around you as you’re bawling into his jacket
  • so this is what Jumin meant by just in case


  • seven knows of a hidden, but safe bomb shelter-like place for the time being
  • the real challenge would be getting there with his hacking equipment safely
  • brings gas masks just in case you two have to walk where there’s high radiation
  • also brings extra guns and weapons for protection and gives some to you just in case you two get temporarily separated
  • he understands that any moment something drastic could happen, so he’d do everything in his power to make sure you won’t be hurt
  • you take one of his cars as transportation
  • on your way there, both of you are silent
  • he’s got a look of dread on his face and his knuckles white from clutching the wheel so tightly; you’re rigid like a statue
  • you tried not to think about when your last moment with each other could be
  • but as soon as you thought about that, an unexpected explosion went off nearby, causing the car to flip over multiple times
  • things are fuzzy and heavily muted, but there’s a muffled voice calling your name repeatedly
  • “MC!! MC!!!!”
  • was that seven…?
  • you felt a pair of hands dragging you across the ground and shaking you
  • “Sev…en?”
  • “MC! Can you hear me?”
  • you nod, but very weakly as you try to sit up
  • he helps you and you look around – his car was smashed all over
  • “If you don’t remember, there was an explosion that went off and the force caused the car to veer off and I lost control… Everything in the car, including my hacking equipment is unusable. I still have a few guns hidden in the waistband of my pants and in my pockets, though.”
  • “Are you hurt anywhere?”
  • “I’m fine. Let’s start walking and find somewhere to hide until we devise a different plan.”
  • so you two begin walking in a totally different direction trying to find shelter
  • what seems like hours after, there’s an abandon set of houses and you take refuge in one for the time being
  • both of you eat what’s available, talk about a new plan, then sleep
  • the next day, you two set out again. everything seemed calmer, but… you thought too soon once again
  • instantaneously, your boyfriend pulls out a gun and points it at an open window, shooting because he sensed someone watching from above
  • he missed at first and the other fired back, sending at least 3 bullets through the side of his stomach
  • he falls down while clutching the fresh wound and you’re staring in complete shock, but then snap out of it and pull out a gun hidden in your waistband of your pants, and aim before the opponent has a chance to re-aim at you
  • pulling the trigger, the gunshot echoes throughout the area and shoots right through his head
  • once you’re sure there’s no one else, you rush over to your dying boyfriend
  • he’s only hanging on by a thread…
  • tears form and you start crying, knowing that his life is nearing its end
  • “Seven…”
  • he struggles to reach his other hand up and wipe away your tears, giving you one of his signature smiles
  • “Looks like Defender–” he coughs up blood trying to speak, “of Justice… Seven Zero Seven, has been defeated…”
  • “No…” you didn’t want to accept that in a few minutes, you’d be all alone.
  • tears start falling from his eyes as well
  • “Let’s find each other… in the next… life… and we’ll definitely… marry in the space… station… okay?”
  • nodding your head vigorously, you hold his hand tightly
  • “I promise… I promise we’ll find each other… I love you, Saeyoung!”
  • “I love you the most, MC. Don’t… ever forget that…”
  • a moment later, his hand goes limp, and his breathing comes to a halt
  • you scream out in agony, wondering why everything had to come to an end like this
  • then an idea came to mind; your hand reaches for the gun in his hand
  • and you press the cold metal to your temple, squeezing your eyes shut while tears are still pouring from your eyes
  • I’ll find you in the next life, Saeyoung, so we can marry in the space station and live a better life.
  • you hesitate a slight moment before finally pulling the trigger
  • your body falls to the ground right by his and all you remember was a blinding white light enveloping you


  • with his limited sight, he’s basically… well, useless in this kind of situation
  • even with his heightened sense of hearing, it doesn’t provide much use
  • there’s constant explosions going off everywhere, but staying inside is your best option
  • however, you didn’t know when your last day would be…
  • even in areas with low radiation, you two didn’t have any sort of masks to filter out the dangerous particles, so they would fill your lungs over time
  • there were nights where you would constantly shake in fear, but V would hold you tightly in his arms
  • he’d try to calm you with his low and soothing voice
  • even if he was calmer on the outside, he was scared as hell – he was scared of losing you first
  • if either of you were to die, he’d want to be the one to go first because he knows that you have a higher chance of survival than him
  • so to make sure you don’t end up as the same fate as him, he does something while you’re asleep
  • what seems like it’s going to be another normal day, there’s a knock on the door
  • you’re confused because who just… knocks in this kind of situation?
  • “Ah. MC, would you get that?”
  • a million things are flying through your mind because V said that as if he knew something…
  • but you decided to trust him and open the door
  • there stood Jumin and at least 3 bodyguards with a car behind them
  • “MC. Good to see that you’re safe.”
  • your head whips around as V approaches from behind
  • “V… what… is this?”
  • “I’m sorry, MC. It’s the only way to keep you safe since I’m incapacitated.”
  • then it clicks – he’s sending you off with Jumin because he has the protection
  • “No… V, please come with me! You can’t stay here by yourself! You’ll… you’ll…”
  • “I know. But it’s too late for me anyway,” he moves closer and strokes your cheek gently, giving you a warm and loving smile, “I know you’ll be fine without me.”
  • “No…” tears begin to fall down your face
  • V concentrates his limited sight on Jumin’s form
  • “I know you’ll take good care of her, Jumin”
  • he nods and picks you up and slings you over his shoulder like it’s nothing
  • but before leaving, Jumin looks back one more time at his best friend
  • “V…”
  • “Goodbye, Jumin.” and he just smiles once more as Jumin makes his way to the car with you
  • “V!!!!!”
  • he just waves at you, and even behind those sunglasses he always wears, you could tell he was crying and that it was just as hard for him to say his final goodbyes to you as well


  • you’re his number one priority and he doesn’t care what he has to do to keep you safe – he’ll do anything and kill anyone to ensure that you’re living
  • once two are finally alone and in a safer place, he embraces you tightly
  • he doesn’t know if it’s comforting for you, but it’s the only thing he can think of to help
  • you end up falling asleep behind him and he stays up to make sure that nothing happens to you; however, someone manages to break in, startling you awake
  • the intruder managed to outwit Saeran and shot him in the stomach, falling to the ground, seemingly dead
  • your eyes were wide with shock as tears began forming, heart rate skyrocketing
  • the person stalked towards you and you reached for the knife in your back pocket, but you knew it was useless against someone with a gun 
  • as the enemy raises his arm and points the gun at you, finger on the trigger, you close your eyes, ready to accept your death along with Saeran’s
  • there was a loud fire, but you didn’t feel anything
  • when you opened your eyes, there was a bullet hole through the guy’s head and he dropped to the ground with a large thump
  • beside him, Saeran was sitting against the wall clutching his stomach, the gun still pointed up from shooting
  • “Saeran…!” you rush over to him and grab his face, “I thought you were dead!”
  • there was blood everywhere; his hand, shirt….
  • “I was not about to let him touch a single hair on you.” he said through gritted teeth
  • “Your stomach! Ah, let me see if there’s gauze around here…”
  • he didn’t didn’t stop you because, well… he just couldn’t tell you that he was bleeding too much
  • you came back with a small roll and tried your best to stop the bleeding and wrap him up
  • “You’re going to make it, okay? E-Everything will be fine…” you kept repeating to him, not sure if it was to comfort him or yourself
  • you lie down and gingerly place your head in his lap, wet eyes trying to make out his face
  • Saeran looks down and wipes the tears away and then gently caressing your cheek, silently giving you what you know will be his last smile forever
  • both of your hands hold onto his wrist tightly
  • as painful as it was for him, he does his best to lean down and place a kiss on your forehead
  • you and Saeran are enveloped in silence, enjoying each other’s presence while you could, but you end up falling asleep some time after
  • he stares at your sleeping face for as long as he can
  • “I guess this wasn’t the right world. Maybe… maybe in the next one, it won’t end in ruins like this. We can be happy again…”
  • Saeran hesitates at first, but then decides to do it anyway
  • “I love you.”
  • when you awoke, you instantly remembered everything that happened and see that he’s looking down at you… but… with duller eyes
  • his wrist that you were clutching was eerily cold as well
  • “No!!” you scrambled to your knees and put your ear to his mouth
  • Nothing.
  • immediately, tears burst from your eyes as you hugged him close to you
  • death had taken him, and you didn’t know how long it would take to catch you
  • but you hoped it was soon
  • brushing your hand over his eyes to close them, you place a hand on his cheek once more
  • he looked peaceful
  • but then you remembered
  • You didn’t get to tell him that you loved him.

anonymous asked:

i want there to be a hc about possibly anonymous designer! adrien who designs to escape but doesn't want it to seem his father is helping and anonymous fashion blogger! marinette starting to talk and they send letters to one another and their pen names are chat noir and ladybug and on her blog you know it's something by her because of a little ladybug symbol next to what she wrote and you know he's designed something because of the little paw always on it. or possibly those roles are reversed?

i know you said headcanons but i couldnt help myself im so sorry

man no one should encourage me to do aaaanything. although this did bump me a bit out of my writing funk so thank you for that this is kind of like…..a how this situation would happen fic? sorta?

honestly i wrote most of this after 1am so no promises on quality of literally anything. i haven’t sewn in y e a r s. enjoy?

[on ao3 in case of problems opening]

Adrien knows that there’s a bit more than just a hint of irony in this situation. The son of a world famous designer, one of the top designers in the industry, hiding his designs. Adrien could easily announce that he’s going into fashion and be given not only all the supplies he could ever need but also all the publicity in the world in a matter of seconds.

But he won’t do that. He never will.

Being the son of Gabriel Agreste means two things:

  1. He’s expected to be perfect in every way.
  2. If he went into fashion, no one would believe he got there with his talent and hard work alone.

If people didn’t think his father got him a job directly, they’d think it was the name. The name Agreste is synonymous with high end fashion. The name and the designer are impossible to separate, even with Gabriel’s line being called Gabriel.

It doesn’t help that Adrien’s been modeling since he was born.

It’s kind of…cliche? that Adrien wants to go into fashion. You’d think that after so many years of being surrounded by it and smothered in it he’d stay far far away. But it’s the opposite. Adrien is expected to inherit the Gabriel fashion empire. He’s expected to possibly handle the business side but mostly just be the face. He doesn’t want that. He wants to be hands on, he wants to be creating. He wants to be like his father. There are very few times he is able to say that.

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100 Random Things About Magick, And The Occult

Since I just got a hundred followers, here is a list of 100 random things about magick, and the occult. I started this originally thinking this would be easy, but making this was actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done here. Thank you for following my blog my friends.

  1. Chicory root is known to magically unlock all boxes, and doors.
  2. You can evil eye yourself by staring in a mirror.
  3. Your spirit guides can actually leave you, if you are mistreating them.
  4. Jediism is an actual religion in which, a good amount of its members choose to practice psychokinesis, and telekinesis.
  5. Sweeping with a broom to the east is a banishing ritual against evil spirits, and negative energies.
  6. There is a technique called Spirit burrowing which is the more positive version of spiritual  possession.
  7. Crystals, gemstones, or even sigils can replace candles in mostly every type of ritual, and spell.
  8. Some people are naturally immune to cursing.
  9. The most spirit guides I have ever experienced one person having at one time is 18, even though most people usually have about 5-10 spirit guides.
  10. In Roman culture penises with wings were worm around the neck to protect you against evil spirits, and the evil eye.
  11. You need no tools to do magick, all you need is energy, and intent.
  12. Religious people praying for you to stop your magickal practice can hinder your magickal practice, because they’re sending out their intent to stop you.
  13. Archangel Michael is known to be the angel of death.
  14. The Armanen Runes are the runes that appear in nazi ideology, and germanic mysticism.
  15. Astral temples are primarily used by practitioners who are unable to practice magick in the physical world, because of persecution.
  16. Most harmful entities feed on fear energy, and if they don’t think they can get your fear energy, they will leave you alone.
  17. Selenite is a high energy crystal that never needs to be charged, and can be used to charge sigils, and other magickal items.
  18. Looking through a hag stone is said to allow you to see into the world of the fae, and other spiritual realms.
  19. Burning a magickal item will purify it, but at the same time will release all its energy all at once.
  20. The difference between the pentagram, and a pentacle is the circle.
  21. Rubbing a quartz crystal against your head will relieve headaches
  22. Putting lapis lazuli under your pillow will induce dreaming, and allow all your dreams to be more vivid.
  23. The base energy of a person corresponds to there zodiac sun signs element. The base energy amount in corresponding elements in order from greatest to least is fire, air, water, earth.
  24. Through a technique called the chi ghost one can better themselves in different areas through a full body energy clone.
  25. Putting sigils on your router will permeate your Wi-Fi zone with that energy, and that intent.
  26. Magick is deeply connected to your emotions, and your mental state
  27. Writing magickal glyphs next to each other will combine, and mix their energies.
  28. There may be seven main chakras, but there are several lesser chakras that are almost as important as those. These chakras are your palm chakras, your feet chakras, your soul star chakra, and your earth star chakra.
  29. In energy manipulation putting energy into a physical representation of a line, or trail, will guide that energy to the end of the line.
  30. Christians actually have their own forms of mysticism that uses the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Abrahamic God. Those they won’t be likely to admit this as mysticism.
  31. Swear words are actually the lowest form of magickal cursing.
  32. Wearing opal if it’s not your birthstone is considered bad luck.
  33. If your indoor plant dies unexpectedly that may be the first sign of a spiritual attack.
  34. Rumpology is a form of divination surrounded completely around the butt.
  35. Most of the energy in the human body is stored in your solar plexus.
  36. Meditation is one of the most important skills to learn when practicing magick.
  37. Using magick too much in a consistent amount of time, while not being properly grounded can give you a spiritual burnout, or a magickal hangover.
  38. Servitors can be used, and stolen by other magickal practitioners.
  39. You can transfer servitors between two different servitor houses by simply commanding your servitor to take up residence in the new servitor house.
  40. It takes very little blood to charge things with blood.
  41. Holy water is usually just made of prayed over salt water.
  42. Every culture has some sort of understanding of chi energy.
  43. Flipping any sigil, or symbol upside down will also reverse its meanings, and energies. Unless the symbol is the same inverted.
  44. In meditation the back should be straight to allow cosmic energy to flow down your spine, and flow to the rest your body.
  45. The black aura is usually seen as negative, and represents death, abuse, and depression in the auric field, but in some occasions it can represent, and be used as more of a Shield for the person, or thing.
  46. Energy does not flow well through iron, steel, salt, or the color black.
  47. Invisible spells do not turn you invisible, but much rather make it harder for people to notice you, or sense you.
  48. Baphomet has both male, and female traits.
  49. It is easier to scry, see spiritual energy, see auras, and see spirits in dim lights.
  50. Thor is also the god of oak trees, and acorns are said to protect you from lightning.
  51. Everything dynamically tries to remain in balance.
  52. A way to train psychic ability is a technique called cloud bursting. It’s a technique where you stare at a cloud, and make it dissipate.
  53. The United States government try to make psychic agents back in the Cold War in an operation known as project Stargate.
  54. If you exhaust a high number of your spiritual energy you can actually die.
  55. Every action uses spiritual energy regardless of it being magical, or mundane.
  56. At the point of sexual orgasm a very high amount of spiritual energy is released.
  57. When meditating, or dreaming you become tuned into the etheric plane.
  58. Energy is projected the easiest through your hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.
  59. The Violet Flame is a technique of self transformation, transmutation, energy healing, and purification. The Violet flame can be invoked through visualizing violet flames, and chanting “I am a being of violet fire, I am the Purity God desires.”
  60. The cthulhu mythos is used, and thrives in some occult practices.
  61. Cats protect against harmful spirits.
  62. It is said that everyone has a spirit guide, a power animal, a dragon guardian, and a guardian angel to help them along their path.
  63. Certain gemstones can be used to make gem elixirs.
  64. Dragon runes were envisioned by Isedon Goldwing in April of 2001, and used for rituals, draconic magick, divination, and runic magick.
  65. The Druatch Language is the language that is said to be spoken by dragons.
  66. When you breathe, spiritual energy is pulled in to you through your lungs.
  67. You can open up chakras by wearing certain colored clothing that have to do with that chakra.
  68. Most magick chants to not have to be said correctly word for word, because they are just a way to declare your intention.
  69. Ganzfeld Experiment can put people into a state in which they can experience higher extrasensory perception.
  70. Sigils can be turned into sounds, tones, music and words.
  71. You can assign entities names to gain power over them.
  72. You can build a telepathic link with someone just by looking into their eyes.
  73. Cartomancy is divination using playing cards.
  74. Clapping, and ringing bells can be used to cleanse areas of negative energy.
  75. Gently lift your head off of your neck, and supporting it with your hands will quickly put you in a trance state.
  76. Having any piece of a person, anything that may have come in contact with them, or anything they have put their energy into can be used as a target.
  77. Angels have a sophisticated hierarchy of 9 different choirs the Angels belong to.
  78. Most animal spirit guides, totems, and power animals are the wolf, followed by close second the big cat.
  79. Everyone can perform magick.
  80. Practitioners can accidentally create a poltergeist by feeling too many complicated emotions and thoughts.
  81. Spirits can only sign their own name.
  82. All energy is unique, but can be quite similar.
  83. Sigils can only be used to their full power by whoever created the sigil.
  84. Apples have natural pentagrams on the inside of them.
  85. Fluorite is a good stones for students, learning, and other mental endeavors.
  86. The Sign of the horns is a hand sign to ward the evil eye.
  87. Most things can be invoked by calling out to them.
  88. Everything is connected on a energetic level.
  89. No entity can see everything.
  90. Writing sigils on your body is a good way to keep the energy of that sigil with you.
  91. Drawing seal of mars below the name of a person, or below the picture of a person will curse them.
  92. Drawing an “X” on the bottom of a table will give you good luck in any card games, or board games you play on the table.
  93. Some people sign the pentagram like the Christians do the sign of the cross.
  94. Using magick squares, or the kamea can bring planetary energies into your sigils.
  95. You must go through reiki attunement in order to use reiki energy to its maximum potential.
  96. War water is make by putting iron nails in salt water, and letting the iron nails rust.
  97. Passing things through smoke will Infuse it with the energies of whatever is burning.
  98. Ouija boards are not inherently evil. They just don’t provide any shielding, and you don’t know who you’re talking to.
  99. You can trace symbols and sigils into the air, and then push through them in order to activate them.
  100. Most things have a magical property of protection.

I haven’t written a lot for AOU. It isn’t because I didn’t like the movie or anything (I quite enjoyed it actually), but because it is tricky to write for my story. Because I have to find a way to slip in not only the Reader, but also Bucky and Sam.

I hope that I am able to do it well, and as ideas come to me, I will write them as best I can!!! Wish me luck!

If you have any feedback, please let me know! Hearing from you guys always makes me smile!



The intense energy you could feel told you who had entered the carriage before you had even turned around to face her. Steve’s attention remained on Ultron.

Now that you had time to study her, you could see how beautiful she was. Her beauty was a different kind than Nat’s. It was dark, and understated. Her hair was a brown colour, and her green eyes had seen too much.

Wanda’s brother, Pietro, was there too. He had a muscular build. Not to the same standard as Steve or Bucky, but he was certainly fit. He had very light coloured hair, and you couldn’t help but wonder if he had dyed it, or if it was a result of the experimentations. His eyes matched those of his sister, despite being blue, rather than green. He had one hand in front of her, as if to shield her from you.

Everyone was still, and cautious. It was not until Ultron made his move toward Steve that the Maximoff twins made theirs.

Before you could even react, Pietro zoomed past you, slamming into the machine. Ultron went to pursue him, but a red energy crackled around the carriage, twisting the metal of the luggage rack in front of him, blocking him from Pietro.

You chanced a quick glance at Wanda, and saw a red in her eyes, a tell tale sign that she had used her powers.

Ultron calculated his odds quickly, and realised that he was out matched and outgunned. He seemed to stare at you for an awfully long time. Out of everyone there, you were the least able to damage him.

Ulton made his decision, and escaped the train. Steve and yourself ran after him, but he jetted off before either of you could stop him.

“Steve, we’ve got a problem!” you exclaimed. Ultron had knocked out the conductor. And you were fast approaching the end of the track.

Steve, quick on his feet as always, formulated his plan.

“Get people out of the way,” Steve yelled, turning his attention to Pietro. Before you could blink, he was out of the train.

“Can you slow it down?” he asked Wanda.

Without a reply, she began her attempt, the air once again crackling, her hands moving rhythmically, red in her eyes. You could hear the grinding of the train wheels against the tracks, as if they had locked up. But it still wasn’t enough.

Cap, have you seen Nat? You heard over comms.

“If you have the package, get it to Stark. Go!” Steve replied. He kept it out of his voice, but you could feel how scared he was at the thought of losing her.

Do you have eyes on Nat? Clint asked again.

Ultron got her, Bucky stated, worried. Nabbed her just as she got the cradle loose.

Damn it! We have to get her back!

“We will Clint, I promise. But for now, you have to get the cradle to Tony,” you attempted to reason.

She’s right man. We’ll get her back, Sam comforted, and you imagined him placing a comforting hand on Clint’s shoulder.

Copy that.

The train still hadn’t halted. You crashed through the barricade at the end of the track, and a blue blur darted in front of the train, moving people out of harms way.

“(Y/N), now might be a good time to practice,” Steve whispered to you, surveying all of the terrified people surrounding you in the carriage.

You nodded hesitantly, and closed your eyes. You tried to reassure yourself that nothing bad could really happen if you failed, and tried not to think about Nat.

You began to breathe deeply, and did your best to block out your surroundings. Then, you delved into your mind, sifting through memory after memory, until you landed upon one that you thought you could use.



“Why are you staring at me?”

“Because you’re beautiful,” Bucky replied, playing with the hair by your temple. “And I can’t believe that I get to see you like this. I’m so lucky.”

You lifted the sheets and looked down at the heavy flannel pyjamas that you were wearing. You raised your eyebrow quizzically at your boyfriend.

“You know what I mean,” Bucky laughed, pulling the sheet back down around you, and nuzzling your neck. “I get to see you so comfortable. I get to sleep with you next to me.”

Bucky slowly drifted off, and you spent time watching him sleep, wondering what he was dreaming of.

For your whole life, you had feared the night. But with Bucky sleeping by your side for the first time, you felt calm and warm. You had never felt this calm before. You didn’t know that you could.

You took that feeling, and nurtured it within your heart, a small smile playing on your lips. You focused purely on the feeling, amplifying it, and pushing it out from yourself.

You began to tire, until Steve gently took your hand, and squeezed it ever so slightly. You felt lighter, and your job was easier.

The screaming of the passengers seemed to quiet, and many of them stopped altogether, faces falling into serene expressions. Wanda was better able to concentrate on slowing the train.

A few seconds later, and the train screeched to a stop at last, jolting everyone on board. The trail of destruction left in its wake was large, but it could have been worse. Pietro had managed to get everyone out of the way.

You stumbled off the train, and began to help people disembark themselves. Wanda moved quickly over to her brother, who was exhausted and panting.

Once everyone was off the train, your dizziness got the better of you, and you fell into Steve, who supported you with one arm.

“I’m proud of you (Y/N),” he said, kissing your forehead. “The impact could have done so much more damage if people had been panicking.”

“Thanks,” you replied, vision slightly blurred.

“Did you get the cradle?” Wanda asked, approaching you both, a hand in her brother’s.

“Stark will take care of it,” Steve replied, still uneasy about trusting Wanda or Pietro, after everything.

“No, he won’t,” Wanda stated, fear evident to you.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Stark’s not crazy.”

“He will do anything to make things right.”

“Stark, come in. Stark. Anyone on comms?” Steve asked, worry in his voice.

Your own concern was mounting. You had wanted to believe that Tony would realise how dangerous the path he was walking down was.

That hope was foolish.

“Ultron can’t tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. Where do you think he gets that?”

You knew that Wanda had seen into Tony’s mind. She knew exactly what she was talking about. And, despite everything that had happened in the past, you knew that you could trust her.

You felt a strong connection with her, and seeing into her heart was exceptionally easy. Just as easy as it was for her to see into your mind.

“James, get back to the Quinjet, and fire it up please” you said into your earpiece. “We’re in a hurry.”

Roger that Doll.


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Arranged (III)

1 /2

A/N: Sorry I only seem to post on weekends :/

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes are arranged to be married. The only issue there seems to be is that you two despise each other. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 1,597

Warnings: Cursing, Lack of Christmas spirit

Originally posted by marvelisbae4life

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I’ll always find you

Request: Can you do an imagine where you rescue Spencer from kidnapping?

Warnings: Mild kidnapping

Pairing: Reid/Reader but mild mild romance.

Kinda a weird one! But hope you like it! ~AdminAnna



Your gloves made a loud sound in the empty FBI gym. It felt good to get back to your daily routine. You dragged the back of your hand across your forehead to get the sweat off. You were a naturally good fighter and really only called in under the extreme cases. When you’d gone a little overboard catching a murderer, understandably you were assigned to desk duty for a while. You finally had your access to the gym back. You were pushing yourself, hard.

Your phone went off and you’d realized you’d stopped kicking the dummy, lost in your own thoughts. You looked at the caller I.D. You put the phone to your ear and fixed the tape on your knuckles.

“Yes Ma’am?”

“Y/N. I need you to come in.”

You huffed, annoyed, “So I can be off desk duty-“

“Y/N.” Her voice went soft, “Reid’s in trouble. I need you to extract him.”

It felt like your whole world stood still. 

No. NO.

You closed your eyes and inhaled slowly. You felt your whole body tremble. You forced yourself to breathe in and out slowly. You had to calm yourself down before you went in. 


She read it to you, “Hostage situation. Four men inside.”

“On my way.”


“No movement inside,” Derek Morgan scowled from next to the house where Spencer was being held, “It looks like its calmed down in there.”

Aaron Hotchner whipped a hand across his face, “Any noise from Reid?”


The senior agent’s phone rang. He took it out of his pocked and looked at the front to see who was bothering him.

“Strauss I really don’t have time for this,” He snapped into the phone, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Put me on speaker Aaron.” Her tone had a no-nonsense air.

Aaron raised his eyebrows and put it on speaker phone. He waved over Prentiss, Morgan, JJ and Rossi.

“We’re all here.”

Strauss exhaled, “I’ve Y/N..”

“What do you mean?” Aaron’s face hardened, “Strauss of all the people to send-”

“I know Hotch,” She snapped, “I know she’s emotionally invested but we all are. You have to let her go in.”

The phone went dead on the other end.

“What the hell-” Derek started.

Suddenly there was a crash on the inside. It was faint, but we could hear it.

What was that?” They heard over the radio.

Another voice came over the speaker, “I don’t know. The FBI’s right outside. They haven’t moved. I’ve been watching.”

Go check it out!” The leader commanded.

All 5 of the BAU agents gathered around the radio that was wired to listen inside. They waited.

“I don’t know if this is a good idea,” Emily bit her lip.

“No.” Rossi shook his head, “She’s right. If anyone can get him Y/N can.”


You  hid in the dark hallway. It was easy enough to get in. You’d learned to pick a lock in third grade. You tipped over the vase on purpose. You’d seen one of the captors come to check on it. You let him walk past you before you jumped on him, taking him down quickly in surprise. He fell to the ground and you put a cloth over his nose and mouth.You pulled his tie behind his head, cutting off the air supply. He fainted quickly and quietly. You used cable ties to bound his wrist and ankles so he couldn’t move if he came to. You continued down the hallway to where you could tell Reid was being held.

You looked quickly around the corner. There were 3 standing around Reid. He was bloodied. You couldn’t focus on that now. You had to get him out.

You didn’t see any weapons in their hands. They were laying on a table near the back wall. You could shoot two down easily. It was the third that could probably get to a gun.

You inhaled and exhaled three times. You could do this. You could do this for him.

As you predicted, you fired and brought two down easily. You shot them each in the leg. The third ran to the back table and quickly retaliated. He fired the same time you did.

He crumbled to the floor. You quickly restrained the two still living. They needed to be interrogated. You finally ran over to Reid. You felt the air go back into your lungs. He was hurt, but not too badly.

“Hey love,” You slapped his cheek lightly to try and get him to come to, “Spencer wake up. Spence. Open those eyes.”

Slowly, he opened his eyes.

You smiled, tears forming in your eyes, “There they are.Hi baby.”

“Y/N?” He asked in confusion as you untied him quickly.

You practically jumped into his lap, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. He lifted his arms, squeezing you to the point of almost pain. 

“You’re my night in shining armor.” He chuckled sadly, putting his face in your neck.

“Always,” You kissed him, “Always.”