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"M’just jealous...”

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Word count: 16k 

Song: Moonzz - Satisfy

“I take a bite of you, come play with me.” 

Link to the original request *here  and thank you to those who requested some extra details. I hope you all like it! *a jealous dad Harry drabble is in the works as well. xxx

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Aftermath // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Spencer x Reader’s relationship after the reader was kidnapped by an unsub.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Shh, baby I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

Spencer’s heart broke as you clung to him desperately. He could hear JJ and Emily as they restrained the unsub just feet away from him. He could hear Morgan calling for a medic, his voice filled with both anger and disbelief at the state they had found you in. He could hear the commotion in the room but none of that struck him as much as the mangled cry that left your throat as you buried yourself into his side in fear.

You’d been trained, both psychologically and physically, to be prepared for certain situations. An FBI agent was trained to endure difficult situations overall. You thought you could handle anything thrown your way. Everyone else did so too. You had always been strong so no one had ever expected to find you so broken.

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Part 11: Unexpected Encounter

(Part 1 ), ( Part 2 ), ( Part 3 ), ( Part 4 ), ( Part 5 ), ( Part 6 ), ( Part 7 ), ( Part 8), ( Part 9 ), ( Part 10 )

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Y/N tries her best to avoid Theo after they encounter that night. However that proves to be difficult considering Theo won’t let you forget. There’s an attraction between the both of you, there’s no denying that. But you are set on the idea that what happened that night would never happen again, and this attraction towards Theo is dangerous. Can Theo convince you otherwise? Or will you be the one girl that Theo can’t have?

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Side Note: So here is the final part of Unexpected Encounter. It’s literally been so much fun writing this, I honestly didn’t expect this to become a series but I’m so glad that many of you liked it enough to keep requesting! I hope the ending is satisfying. Thank you for everything, love you guys xx

Opening your eyes you rolled over and noticed that Theo wasn’t laying next to you anymore. The other side was empty and it felt cold, getting up you put on a long t-shirt and saw a note. Picking it up the note read:

Went to get breakfast be back soon - Theo

Smiling you placed the note back where you found it, and decided to go downstairs to wait for Theo. Minutes later the front door opened and in came Theo holding 2 bags of what smelled like heaven.

“Who knew Theo Raeken did breakfast runs” you said smiling in his direction.

Theo came over and kissed you on top of the forehead “For you, always”.

After you and Theo had breakfast the two of you sat there, not sure what to do next. Awkward silence filled the air and you thought there was going to be more time to prepare on what to say. Things were about to get intense very fast, just like every other conversation you and Theo had.

“Theo we need to talk”.

“I know, but can we do it later babygirl I need to run a few errands”

Theo stood up, put his jacket on and headed to the front door.

“Theo! I’m not playing here. We need to talk, and the more we run the harder it will be”

He turned around and you knew what he was about to say, wasn’t going to be pleasant.

“So it’s okay for you to run time and time again, but not me?”

“That’s not fair, you know why it was so difficult for me to let my guard down”.

“You’re forgetting that I let my guard down too. Do you know how hard it was for me to admit that I love you!” Theo said.

You looked down and knew that he was right, somehow you always tried to put the blame of Theo. But the truth was that you choose to spend that night with him, you choose to continue having feelings for him…you choose all of it. It was difficult for you, but you couldn’t imagine how difficult it must have been for him.

Looking up Theo wasn’t standing there anymore, and you didn’t blame him for leaving this time. Feeling frustrated you couldn’t believe that this was happening, you had Theo and everything was good but you screwed it up one too many times. Jumping slightly at the sound of your ringtone you grabbed your phone


“Y/N what is happening? I just saw Theo and he looked pissed” Lydia answered.

Rubbing your head, you responded “I screwed up Lydia, and I don’t know how to fix it or if I even can”.

“I’m coming over, don’t worry Y/N you and Theo will survive this just like every other time”.

Hanging up you waited for Lydia to arrive, 5 minutes later and you heard a car pull up. Greeting Lydia at the door she walked in and gave you a smile.

“I’m going to get straight to the point, you and Theo have been through too much to let it end now. Y/N you’re my best friend, and we all see how much he means to you. What’s stopping you this time?”

You weren’t use to Lydia being so blunt, usually she sugar coated a few things but now she wasn’t holding back.

“Nothing Lydia that’s the problem. I’m finally ready to be with him, it’s just what if he doesn’t want this anymore? Ever since that night his been chasing me constantly, always reminding me of it and being his cocky usually self. Then Isaac came back into town, and then everything with Logan just put more pressure on the situation. Lydia I wasn’t ready to admit that I was in love with him, I got scared and pushed him away. But now I don’t want to push him away anymore, I want him here with me. I want to feel his lips, touch his skin and see his face.”

Lydia grabbed your hand, “Then tell him that. He needs to hear it, call him and make sure he doesn’t leave this time.”

Smiling you couldn’t believe how lucky you were to have her as a best friend. Giving Lydia a quick hug she let herself out, allowing you some time to prepare for the events that were about to unfold. Hitting the send button on your phone, you invited Theo to come over hoping that he wouldn’t ignore you.

Once you finished getting ready, you heard a knock on the front door. Taking several deep breaths you opened the door.

“Thank you for coming” you said allowing him to make his way in.

“You made it sound urgent” he replied.

Nodding your head, you grabbed Theo’s hand and lead him upstairs. Closing the door behind you this was one of the most important moments in your life. So getting it right was a must.

“I’m sorry for everything. I panicked after we slept together. And things from there just started moving so fast, and I wasn’t ready. So I pushed you away, and that was wrong. Theo when you almost died it broke me, I didn’t know what I was going to do if I lost you. I need you, I want you, I love you and I promise you this time will be different. I’m all in Theo.”

At this stage you were certain that Theo could hear your heart beating a million miles a minute. He kept silent for a few minutes, which absolutely terrified you. Theo was never usually silent, he would either get angry or stay really calm…but silence wasn’t something you were familiar with when being around him. Watching him he stood up and walked towards you, his height towered over you and the look he was given you was making you go weak in the knees.

“I’m all in too Y/N”

Both of you smiled and waiting no longer you smashed your lips on his. Completely being captivated by his touch. Stepping backwards until your legs hit the bed, you made yourself comfortable. Theo was hovering over you and both knew where this was headed, wasting no time he kissed you along the neck,  removing your shirt in the process revealing your bare stomach. In seconds both of you were only left in your underwear and lust, passion and heat were filling the walls of this room.

This wasn’t like the first night. This was going to be so much better than the first encounter you and Theo experienced, purely due to the fact that it wasn’t just sex it was passionate, loving and meaningful.

The next day you couldn’t have woken up any happier. You saw that Theo was still asleep and just then a cheeky idea came into your head. Carefully changing positions so now you were on top of him, you placed butterfly kisses down his neck, seeing him stir a little amused you. Going a step further you went down his chest.

“I hope your going to finish what you just started babygirl”

Looking up you smirked at him, he grabbed your waist to stop you from moving.

“Considering your awake now, my job is done” tapping his nose.

Theo regained control and flipped the two of you over, he pinned both of your arms above your head. You knew from the first encounter that Theo hated not being in control, and this morning was no different. He roughly kissed your lips and one hand was running up and down your leg. Traveling down to your chest, he sucked lightly and you knew he was leaving his mark.
Both of you were breathless and just when things were starting to get good, his lips left your skin. Frowning you sat up and saw that Theo was putting on his boxers.

“Where do you think your going?” you asked him.

“Considering your fully awake now, my job is done” he smirked and put his shirt back on.

Glaring in his direction you knew what he was doing. But deicing that you weren’t going to let him win, you pulled him back down and kissed him.

“There is no way I’m leaving this house feeling all hot and bothered because of you Raeken”.

20 minutes later both of you and Theo left your house smiling before heading off to school, this morning was amazing and things were finally the way it should have been all along.

Entering the school gym you remembered that this was the place it all started. This was the moment you told yourself that getting involved with Theo was a huge mistake, but ever single event since has made you reconsider.

Yes, sure many people would argue you and him aren’t good for each other, many would say he’ll break your heart and others would say you’re a fool for trusting him, however none of it was their choice…it was yours. Just then someone came up behind you. “What are you thinking about? Hopefully it’s me” even though you couldn’t see his face, you bet Theo had the same cocky grin on his face as always. Turning yourself around you smiled.

“I was thinking about our first encounter in here”

“Well technically our first encounter was that night, in a room…where we got hot and sweaty” Theo laughed.

You gave him the look, and couldn’t help but grin at his response.

“Okay fine, that was our technically our first encounter. But here in this school gym, is where you told me that the good girl falling for the bad boy was a classic story. And I remember just before you left, you reminded me that we’re better together. And every encounter since between you and I, was because of this moment, right here” you said.

Theo just looked at you, there was no anger in his eyes like so many times before. There was nothing but a cheeky smile and pure love shown on his face. He walked towards you, gently letting your back hit the wall. “And are we…better together that is?”

“In every way possible”.

Theo kissed you, it wasn’t like last time where he left you wanting more. He was giving you exactly what you needed. His lips and his touch, which both drove you absolutely crazy. Pulling apart he leaned in resting his forehead on yours, you could hear his breathing trying to catch up to him. And he probably, most definitely could hear your heart beat racing trying to return to a normal speed.

“Answer me one more thing babygirl”

He pulled away, wanting to see your reaction in your face and eyes when he asked you this question. “Has the good girl falling in love with the bad boy?”
You smiled and looked at him with intensely and passion, something that you didn’t ever want to lose while with Theo. Cupping his cheek you said.

“The good girl fell for the bad boy as soon as she laid eyes on him, back then she was just too afraid to admit it. But now she doesn’t give a damn who knows it.”

You could see in his eyes, that those words meant the world to him. And it was finally a breath of fresh air to admit that to him, but also to say it out loud. Staying in each others embrace for a little while longer not wanting this moment to end. Theo took your hand and you followed him out into the school hallways.

Stares from the other students came your way, but you didn’t care.

Standing at your locker with Theo by your side, you thought everyone would have to agree, no matter many times you hear it. The story of the good girl falling head over heels in love with the bad boy, will forever be a classic story. And that’s what you and Theo were, a classic story….one that will forever be remembered.

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This gif is how my brain was about to explode from lack of smut, so here’s a lovely little scenario for my favorite pervs. 

This one is definitely less “Aww, Nevada’s secretly a good guy” and more “He’s a piece of shit and so are you.”

Clocks will continue, I just need to rest the fluff side of my brain before I can figure out where it should go.


Oooh, could you do one where the reader gives a lap dance to Nevada? I love your Nevada imagines and your blog!

“Get in.”

It was a command, it was always a command with Nevada.

“What do you want?”

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Out of the Crowd

Summary: Stuck in a crowd at vidcon, Dan has a panic attack and Phil has to get him out of there. Comforting and hugs take place in a private youtuber lounge before they are due on a panel. Fluff.

Phan status: can be taken as either platonic or in a relationship

Warnings: anxiety attack, crowds

Word count: 3.1k

A/N: This is just a load of fluff with not a lot of plot. I really needed to write something and had no inspiration for any of my other fics, so this kinda just flew out my fingertips without any planning. Also, the symptoms of anxiety vary for different people so the ones I’ve used in this are just what I’m familiar with. Also the method of counting which they use (breathe in for four seconds, hold breath for seven and out for eight) I find works really well.

Phil’s POV:

“Stand back,” I yelled into the crowd around us, “Please. Give us some space.”

Dan was hunched in on himself, hands over his eyes, crying. Crowds made his anxiety particularly bad and we’d just been mobbed by a bunch of fans. We loved them, but being surrounded and crowded by that many people would be too much for anyone. They moved back a little, giving me space to move a little, but not enough space to move and I really needed to get Dan out of here.

It was far too loud for me to hear how he was breathing, but I could see from his rapid chest movements that the answer was not well. I needed to get him out of here, to speak to him, to tell him everything was okay.

“Guys, you need to move,” I yelled a bit louder and I saw Dan flinching at my words, “He’s having an anxiety attack. STAND BACK.”

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I honestly can’t wait to see the reactions from the rest of Salem’s group when Tyrian gets back to tell them what happened. Like he just runs in furious and screaming, “SHE CUT OFF MY TAIL SHE CUT OFF MY TAIL SHE CUT OFF MY TAIL SHE CUT OFF MY TAAAAAAAAAIIIIIL!”

Most of them are stunned, but Cinder is just standing there smirking. This is the happiest she’s felt in months and the most vindicated she’s ever felt in her life. It’ll be a lot harder for them to make fun of her for getting grievously fucked up by Ruby, now that it’s proven that the same can happen to them just as easily if they’re not careful. 

Tyrian notices, knows exactly what she’s thinking and gets even more pissed off, and without thinking yells, “Oh, shut up, Cinder!”

Cinder just touches her throat and goes:

She may not have her voice back, but if she senses a chance at regaining even a tiny feeling of control and superiority she’ll go at it like a shark after blood. Girl’s probably desperate for that at this point.

But jokes aside…How is Salem going to react to this? In “The Next Step,” she made it clear that she was accepting of Cinder’s defeat and subsequent handicaps only because Cinder had (to her knowledge) completed all parts of the mission assigned to her. Tyrian, on the other hand, not only failed in his mission to capture Ruby, but his poison stinger was probably a huge part of what makes him so useful to Salem, and now he’s lost it. Scorpion tails don’t grow back if they’re cut off, so his ability to poison people is gone for good…And, according to my brief research into the subject, so is something else:

…My God. Ruby, you’ve taken more from him than you realize. I’m in tears right now. 

Okay, in all seriousness, I’m seeing two options for Tyrian here and one is only marginally better than the other.

Option 1: Salem decides that Tyrian both failing the mission she gave him and losing his greatest weapon is unacceptable, and just kills him for outliving his usefulness.

Option 2: Salem decides that Tyrian is strong enough even without his Faunus attributes to continue serving her (he has his weapon, after all, and he was kicking Team RNJR’s asses pretty handily before he had to bust out the tail). I doubt she has the ability to just grow him back a new stinger, or else Cinder’s throat and face would be good as new by now, but she might even work on giving him some kind of replacement as part of his recovery, seeing as it was a useful weapon. But even so, Tyrian still lost Salem more than he gained her with this mission, and it would set a bad precedent if she were to let it go unpunished…

Either way, I think we’re about to see how Salem handles the things she does consider failures. “She’ll forgive you,” my ass. She’s probably going to make an example of him instead, maybe in front of the others for maximum effectiveness. Watts and Hazel are horrified. Meanwhile Cinder’s leaning over to an equally horrified Emerald and Mercury like:

She’s gloating and Emerald and Mercury are just like, “Cinder please WE ARE LITERALLY GOING TO DIE HERE why are you like this”


Malia spoiler for 6x04

What is going on with Malia on Teen Wolf?!
Without Stiles, it seems Malia is having a hard time staying human, and her issues only continue in the next episode. But what might be more surprising is the person who steps up to help her regain control: Argent uses his past experiences with Kate to try to teach Malia the importance of holding onto her humanity. Let’s just hope he’s successful. (x)

As we can see Papa Argent plays dad for the whole pack <3

Why Zayn’s return date doesn’t affect the fact that his leaving is a stunt that will result in his return.

I can’t say when Zayn will return, although I’m optimistic about the time frame being sooner rather than later currently.  However, since I keep giving the answer that even if he doesn’t return right away, that doesn’t shake my firm belief this is a stunt and that he will return, I’d like to give proper support for that belief.

So the original assumptions I’m making are:

  • One Direction would never remain with Modest after their contract expires.
  • Zayn would never sign with Modest as a solo act.
  • Zayn is still signed with Modest.
  • Modest/Syco/Sony would never allow someone to quit if it negatively impacted their profit.
  • One Direction would discuss any major changes within the band before setting anything into motion.
  • We have no concrete information about their contracts whatsoever.

Some resulting assumptions are also given in the support section.

Before that, to state the logic:

Zayn would never be allowed to quit if he didn’t go solo.  There’s a lot of evidence that he isn’t really going solo despite rumors and press.  Therefore, there’s no way Zayn was actually allowed to quit.

With the current circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to think Zayn was allowed to quit.  Zayn didn’t quit.

Zayn is still being represented by a management and PR team and there’s lots of evidence that team is still Modest.   If Zayn did go solo, there’s no reason for him to do so with Modest as  there’s every reason to believe he would never re-sign with them voluntarily, it’s unconfirmed there’s actually a convenient solo provision in his original contract, even if there were, that doesn’t mean he can be forced to start a solo career, even if they did try to force him, there would probably be visible fallout from a struggle, and there’s no reason for him to want to negotiate a release from 1D but not Modest.  If he’s still with Modest, it only makes sense for him to still be with 1D.

Zayn is with Modest, and with the current circumstances, it doesn’t make sense for Zayn to still be with Modest but not 1D.  Zayn is still with 1D.

It was announced that Zayn quit, but if there was no reason for Modest/Syco/Sony to allow him to quit and no reason for him to want to quit, it has to be assumed he didn’t quite voluntarily.  If he didn’t quit voluntarily, it makes sense that he will return when he’s allowed to.  The only people that could force him to appear to quit without breaking the contract are the people who he’s contracted with. Since this is not a good business plan and it doesn’t look like Zayn is actually going solo to offset losses, it has to be assumed that Zayn will make a return as it’s the only action that could restore the original profit and possibly increase it.

Zayn did not quit voluntarily and money will be lost if he doesn’t return or go solo, the second of which he doesn’t seem to be doing.  Zayn will be returning to 1D officially.

So, altogether, Zayn quitting is a stunt and it only makes sense for him to return. No matter when that is, unless my assumptions are disproved, this holds true.

For the support of the assumptions, read beneath the cut.

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on repeat.

Without Stiles, it seems Malia is having a hard time staying human, and her issues only continue in the next episode. But what might be more surprising is the person who steps up to help her regain control: Argent uses his past experiences with Kate to try to teach Malia the importance of holding onto her humanity. Let’s just hope he’s successful.
—  What is going on with Malia on Teen Wolf?! — Entertainment Weekly (x)
Play with Me (Chapter 1)

The reader is a meta-human whose powers include blood (only when outside of the body) manipulation. Because of these powers the reader is captured and experimented on. Once she gets out she is a little crazy…and is looking for something to distract from the nightmares and finds a nightmare of her own, the Clown Prince of Crime.


     ‘So that was him,’ you purred to yourself. The infamous Joker, the one who terrorized the city of Gotham so expertly. What was there to fear? All you saw was a man with a gun and a few loose screws. You giggled as you watched him speed away from the city almost as if he was a child throwing a tantrum. He was interesting and dangerous just the kind of adventure you were looking for. 

    ‘Why did people fear him? Why did people follow his rule? How had he become untouchable?’ Thats what you wanted. Its what you needed. There was something about him that was intoxicating. You couldn’t keep your eyes off him. Everyone else in the city had seemed so boring and ordinary but you finally you found something that made you think. Someone to challenge you. Curiosity had always been your downfall. That’s how you ended up trapped in the damn place. Your face fell as flash backs played in the back of your mind of the horrors and daily experiments you endured. You shook the feelings off and smiled thinking of your new playmate. You had heard of a club that was owned by the Joker. Now all you had to do was find it.

     He opened the double doors to his club in his iconic, dramatic fashion. Many people looked up in shock as he walked through the door way with his men trailing behind him. It had been a while since the Joker had visited his own club. 

     ‘Finally, maybe I will have some fun for more than an hour,’ he thought as he scanned the many scared faces in the crowd. The host led him to his usual V.I.P. section, which gave him the perfect view of the entire club. The girls who frequented the club waved hello in hopes of a one night stand with the Crown Prince of Crime. 

     ‘Boring,’ he growled. He over looked them and took his time trying to single someone out. They were all the same, no one was interesting enough to hold his attention for more than a minute. No one was worth his time. 

     ‘Damnit, it’s all the same,’ he thought to himself. This was supposed to be entertaining. This was supposed to be distracting from the boredom that plagued him. He threw his drink against the wall in frustration as his eyes drifted to a girl standing at the bar. 

     You were wearing a tight maroon dress that formed to all your curves with black heels studded with golf which coincidentally matched his own maroon shirt, slimming black dress pants, and of course the many gold accessories. His breathing slowed as his eyes moved up your body again to your purple tipped hair and finally rested on your eyes. Of course you were already staring at him. 

     You smirked as he returned your gaze and you quickly turned back to the meaningless conversation you were having with the guy beside you fully aware the Joker’s eyes were still locked on you. He growled as he watched you push yourself up against the guy at the bar. 

     ‘Bad girl,’ he thought to himself. He wouldn’t let you get away now, not after that little display. He smirked getting up from his VIP booth and headed through the dance floor to the bar. You could feel the goosebumps rising as the green haired man leaned in-between you and the guy at the bar, separating the two of you. The Joker just glanced over his shoulder causing him to run before his life was on the line. You giggled watching him run in fear. 

     “Hmm, I haven’t seen you here before,” the Joker purred taking in the details of your face. He didn’t know what it was about you that captivated him. It frustrated him. You looked just like any other girl. 

     “You don’t tend to come around here anymore,” you retaliated, trying to hide your excitement. The Joker laughed loudly at your boldness, startling everyone else in the club. 

     “What’s your name doll face?” he asked casually not wanting to scare away his pretty new toy. You smirked, biting your lip liking where this game was going.

     “How about you tell me yours first?” you asked calmly taking a sip of your drink. He just stared at you in disbelief. Did this girl really not know who he was? Or was this just a game? 

     “Call me Mr. J,” He said calmly as he nodded to the bar tender who instantly had a drink ready for him. He was already loosing patiences as you leaned toward him so you could whisper in his ear.      

     “What about the Joker? J seems to be a favorite too,” you sat back down, smirking up at him. You were obviously teasing him, trying to draw him in. You wanted him to want you. You wanted a willing playmate. 

     “Whichever you want,” he said sternly moving closer to you. “I won’t ask for your name again doll,” he threatened still smiling. He liked this game you started. No one had ever tried to challenge him. 

     “Calm down, I was only playing,” you pouted innocently. “It’s y/n.” He moved even closer to you trying to close the gap between you two but you leaned away to tease him. Both of you had your eyes locked on each other trying to figure out what was so intoxicating about the other. You were having fun and it seems your new toy was just as curious as you were. He reached down to move some hair out of your face. 

     “Maybe we should get out of here. Take this conversation somewhere more… Private,” Mr. J growled this time wrapping an arm around your waist finally closing the gap between the two of you, giving you no way to escape. You blushed being so close to him. 

     “Hmmmmm, bringing home stray girls tonight Mr. J?” you teased. “Or are you looking for a new queen?” He smirked, deciding to play your game. 

     “Why? You think you are crazy enough to be my queen?” He chuckled to himself finding the thought funny. How could anyone keep up with him? They were just toys to him. There was no way he could keep a girl alive for more than a week let alone long enough to claim her as his queen. Even if this girl was different there was no way she would last, but he would enjoy watching her try. You giggled watching him think. 

     “Why don’t you find out for yourself Mr. J,” you smirked as you slipped out of his grip trying to regain some control. Mr. J growled and stepped towards you cracking his neck. His body language had changed and it put you on edge. 

     “So you want to play?” Mr. J laughed as he quickly drew his gun, pointing it at you. People started running out of the club trying to not become the next victims of the Joker’s rage. “Come here y/n.” he commanded. He didn’t like disobedience. He would show you who was in charge. 

     ‘Why did he have to ruin the fun’ you thought to yourself as you pouted. You just wanted to play. Why did he have to be so…so…Serious? 

     “Hmmmmmm,” you hummed to yourself attempting to defuse the situation. “I don’t know if i like this serious side of you Mr. J,” you said still pouting at your playmate. You slammed your glass down onto the bar, shattering it in your hand. “Why don’t we stick to the fun? We don’t want anyone getting hurt do we?” you continued giggling as you crushed the shards of glass into you palm preparing for the worst. He didn’t even notice the blood. 

     That ticked him off. 

     ‘Was this girl really threatening me?! Challenging me?!’ He decided that the game was over. He turned his back to you and quickly pulled the trigger without a second thought. 

     “All that chit chat is gonna get you killed doll face,” Mr. J chuckled to himself waiting to hear your body drop to the floor. He waited and turned around in confusion at the absence of that familiar thud, only to see you glaring back at him. You looked completely different as you examined the bullet now suspended in your blood at the center of your palm. He could see the fire in your eyes as you debated your next move. You threw the bullet back at him noticeably angry. You let the blood surround you right hand, taking pleasure in the sensation. 

     “Is it now Mr. J?” you glared at him. You let the blood slowly surround your right hand, keeping your eyes locked on Mr. J. “I don’t like being shot at,” you said seriously. All the bad memories of how you were treated flowed back into your crazed mind. You were tied down and caged but not this time. Not now. You were free. 

     “How did you do that?” he grinned looking at you with wonder in his eyes. ‘Oh she is just getting more interesting by the minute!’ He was happy you stopped his bullet. He thought about all the fun he could have with you now. The rage in your eyes burned as you the blood suddenly formed a blade around your hand. You giggled tilting your head to the side as you stepped towards Mr. J. 

     “Let’s play Mr. J. I hear you like knives,” you laughed a little and lunged forward hitting the wall behind Mr. J’s head, missing him by only an inch. You knew he would doge your blow. If he hadn’t he wouldn’t be a worthy playmate and the game would be over. 

     “Ok, ok princess you win,” Mr. J said holding his hands up, surrendering to you. “I took the first shot so I’ll let this little display slide this time,” he said chuckling to himself. You raised an eyebrow wondering if he was serious. “Why don’t we work together? I think I’d like to continue this little game of ours,” he continued. You smiled widely letting the blood return to liquid while you wrapped your arms around Mr. J’s neck. 

     “When do I start?” you giggled letting the bad memories slip away. Mr. J unhooked your arms from his neck and wrapped one of his around your waist. He signaled his men to bring the car around. 

      “How about now doll face? Lets see what you can really do,” Mr. J said excitedly as he pulled you towards the exit. If you could stop a bullet Mr.J was curious to see what real power you had inside of you. He wondered how long the game could last between you two. Would he kill you? Or would you beat him to the punch? 

     “Mmmm, no more shots?” You questioned teasingly. 

     “No more shots…for now,” he smirked thinking about how you would hold up against a semi-automatic weapon. You pouted accepting Mr. J’s offer. 

     You leaned into his shoulder feeling an odd comfort next to him as you walked towards the car. He was terrifying and psychotic but next to this man no one would ever cage you again. No one would be able to touch you. Except for him. You giggled as the dirty thoughts passed through your mind. You were crazy and damaged, but so was he. You drifted into your own thoughts as you often did when you were alone. 

     “Why so quiet all of the sudden?” Mr. J questioned, noticing your lost expression. You instantly perked up burring the thoughts back down. 

     “Nothing. Just thinking about all the fun we will have together,” you purred as Mr. J pulled you into the car and onto his lap. He signaled his driver to take off and off you went towards his hideout on the outskirts of Gotham. 

It’s very likely 1D’s contract with Modest ends soon, probably by the end of 2015, and that a new team will take over.

When I posted the masterpost about Zayn returning yesterday, I cut this bit out because it really wasn’t necessary.  It made sense to split them up, but that means things ended up a bit messy.  Some of the support in this is repetitive, so forgive me that.  


  • One Direction would never remain with Modest after their contract expires.
  • There is a team other than Modest/HJPR involved with One Direction’s PR right now.
  • We have no concrete information about their contracts whatsoever.
  • It’s likely that One Direction’s contract with Modest expires at the end of 2015 at the latest.


At some point, One Direction’s original contract with Modest must end.  One Direction would not re-sign with Modest because they’re not fond of Modest, Modest doesn’t do a good job, and One Direction is desirable enough in the industry that there are better agencies that would welcome them.

Harry being seen with the Azoffs, the fact that certain press around 1D and tactics used by 1D’s team have changed that have remained the same throughout the last 4 years, and the apparent power struggle demonstrated most clearly during the BS 2.0 incident point to a different management/pr team being involved in 1D’s affairs.  Also, the likelihood of Azoff being involved with that team is extremely high.

We don’t know One Direction’s contract terms for sure, but it seems likely that their contract might have been a 5 year one which would end at the close of this year.  With the fact that a new team is interfering in their affairs where no one should be able to and have been since last November at least, it’s reasonable to assume a power changeover will happen sooner rather than later.

One Direction should be under new management, likely Azoff, by the end of 2015.

For the support, read below the cut.

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Let’s talk Civil War.

Wow, that trailer really sent the fandom into a frenzy and changed the game, didn’t it? So I’d like to talk about about a lot of things I’ve had on my mind about Cap 3.

The fact is, so many of us in the MCU fandom are/were so dead set on seeing this particular story line as shades of black and white (red and blue?) when really, getting down to the core of the story is much more than that. It’s all a grey fog. No black, no white. No blue, no red. It’s grey. It’s purple.

The Superhero Registration Act, or The Accords, is one big hurricane of grey and the Avengers are stuck in the eye of it. It’s really one big question where neither answer is fully right. It takes away the rights of a group of people, which is wrong. But it prevents those people from doing damage, which is…right? It all circles around morals. If they’re saving people, is collateral damage okay? There are so many impossible questions revolving around this. The characters are the embodiment of these questions, but they each have their own answer.

Steve has always been about saving people and defeating the bad guys. He’s all about freedom, and the Accords pose a threat to the freedom of himself and all other superheroes. His morals are being tested, and when Bucky gets thrown into the mix, it really gives Steve a push to do what he believes is right, for the good of all, and for personal reasons alike.

Tony has been the cause of a lot of collateral damage, and he is carrying guilt on top of PTSD. He just wants everything to be okay, and his mental illnesses have tunneled his vision to seeing only the damage that he and the others could do. He is doing what he believes is right, for the good of all, and for personal reasons alike.

Each character has an opinion that is a mixture of their morals, responsibilities, and their personal affairs. Steve and Tony are the representations of each side in a way, but all of the Avengers (among other newcomers) have their own reasons. I’ll get to them in a moment.

Victory-wise, I don’t see either side “winning.” Fighting for peace won’t do any good, and I think we all know this movie ends with some common ground between the sides, otherwise Infinity War wouldn’t be happening. So let’s hope that, despite the fact that someone (besides Peggy, whom I refuse to talk about much or I’ll cry,) is probably going to die, that the Avengers assemble over more than just a common enemy, but over friendship and agreement as well. But anyway, back to individual characters. 

Even though we didn’t see certain characters such as Peter Parker, or Vision, there are a few fun theories revolving around them, some backed up with facts. So real quick:

  • Sharon Carter is briefly seen standing next to Martin Freeman’s mystery character in a wide shot where people seem to be confiscating weapons from the Avengers facility. There’s a lot of talk that she’s on Cap’s side, and considering her actions in TWS, she seems a lot like Steve, so it would make sense that her morals would lead her in that direction, and in her personal life, a family member (tears up bc Peggy) has just died. So Peggy’s belief in Steve’s moral compass could be in Sharon as well.
  • Peter Parker, our beloved Spider-Man, wasn’t in the trailer at all. I’d say that has to do with the fact that he has a huge role to play. In some interviews, he’s stated as “stepping outside” of the conflict and being more of a voice of reason. (*cough* he’s been rebooted enough to know what a bad decision looks like *cough*) So it makes you wonder if , being the youngest Avenger (though he isn’t officially one) he’ll serve as a reminder to the others what the job is really about.
  • Vision is probably one of the most powerful beings in existence, so maybe it’s a matter of fairness and he won’t be in the central conflict as much, but as the wielder of the Mind Stone and having the ability to lift Mjolnir, Vision, too, will probably have a large role to play. And considering the oncoming Infinity War, it’s possible that an even greater enemy is coming for him, and he’ll need all the Avengers he can get.
  • We also don’t see our precious Ant-Man, but I have yet to even see that movie so all I’m saying on him is that I’m praying for a “please don’t eat me” joke of some kind when he meets Peter.

There are also those like Thor and Bruce Banner/Hulk, who apparently won’t be in the movie at all, which is interesting because one is a character of reason and rightness and the other is an experiment gone wrong whose entire existence depends on personal emotion and how it effects him. (Though after that insane disaster of a forced love story between Bruce and Natasha, I’m relieved he’s not in this movie. Speaking of our favorite red head though…)

Natasha has a very interesting choice on her plate. Her personal reasons and morals are all tangled up in a knot and she’s trying to unravel it. Her mind is with The Accords and what they stand for, but her heart is dead set on sparing Steve and his followers, so she’s caught between herself and that massive wall of grey hurricane I mentioned earlier. I’m excited to see how the Black Widow is going to unstick herself from the web and move forward into the story. As a person who, like Tony, has caused much collateral damage in the past, and has actually been a bad guy once in her life, her reasons behind wanting The Accords to happen are pretty clear. It’s everything else in her life that’s fogged up. Even her best friend has sided with Steve, so she’s very confused in her decision.

Speaking of Clint, his motives aren’t at all clear but he seems to be on Cap’s side, as noted by the fact he was running alongside him in the trailer. It’s possible that, like the cornered Bucky, he was once placed under mind control and he knows that hunting him down is wrong, thus prompting him to make his own judgements about The Accords. It could also have to do with the fact that he sees them as a threat to his family somehow.

I think it’s also interesting to see Wanda on Steve’s side. One can clearly understand why she’d pick Rogers over Stark, but it’s bigger than that. I think she simply came to her decision on what was right and acted on it. That, and after what the government has already taken from her, losing her freedom would be the final straw.

We also have the Black Panther, who is supposedly on “Tony’s side,” but seeing as what Bucky did as the Winter Soldier could have effected T’challa’s life, his motive in joining The Accords crusade (if he truly “joins” it at all,) is probably almost purely personal.

Now, I’d like to talk about Falcon and War Machine. Both are best friends with one of the two “leaders” on either side. With Sam, he’s Steve’s mirror in a way. He’s a soldier, he has a heart of gold, he wants freedom and happiness for the world. He’s on Steve’s side because he and Steve are thick as thieves and if Steve goes down, Sam is going down swinging at the bastard who hurt his friend. He and Captain America are a lot alike, so his reasons are very similar to Steve’s. Then we have Rhodey. He’s the Sam to Tony’s Steve. (Did I get that right?) He’d die for Tony, and he very well might, judging from that clip in the trailer. They’re both in it for their friend, and for themselves. It may be very personal, but their morality is so in sync with their friend that it’s really more like the two of them are extensions of Steve and Tony and I can’t wait to see the friendships in this movie.

And then there’s Bucky.

James Buchanan Barnes died fighting next to Steve Rogers so long ago, and he was revived as The Winter Soldier, a brainwashed assassin forced to do the bidding of those who controlled him. Because of those actions, people have pinned him as a bad guy. But Bucky, recovering from all that was done to him and regaining his memories slowly, is no longer The Winter Soldier. He’s not a bad guy. But he isn’t really Bucky anymore either, he’s stuck between the two. He’s going to be a very interesting piece in the Civil War game, the storm was brewing long before he stepped into it, but when he did, it picked up and swept the Avengers off their feet. All the shades of grey come back to him in some way, shape, or form. Steve is doing exactly what caused the Accords in the first place and going rogue to do what he thinks is right, and that includes saving Bucky. The real question is does the original Bucky still exist at all?

So what I’m saying is, no side is completely right or wrong, meeting in the middle is what needs to happen. I considered myself Team Cap before the trailer, now I’m Team Avengers, Do What’s Right. In the end, they have to come together because something much bigger is coming and only they can stop it. However, that is not the central focus in this movie. But here’s something to end on, considering the final Hunger Games movie came out recently.

Tony may be the antagonist (which only means opposing force, not bad guy,) but he is not the enemy. Steve is not the enemy.

Remember who the real enemy is.

Work For It | Luke Hemmings Request

Can you please write a luke Hemmings imagine where you go on a Road trip and you guys get lost and get in an argument

“You missed the exit.” You laid your head against the front seat’s headrest.

“No.” Luke glanced at the GPS once more. “It says 25W.”

“That thing has been taking us in circles all day Luke, just use the map.”

“I can’t exactly look at the map and drive at the same time.”

“And what exactly am I here for?”

“Can you even read a map?” His tone condescending.

“You’re kidding me right?” You began to rant your voice rising with each passing second.

“God, can you shut up?” Luke finally snapped.

“Just admit it, we’re lost.”

“We’re not lost.” He changed lanes, still following the instructions of the GPS. Finally having enough of it, you reached over and canceled the route. “You’re not serious, turn it back on Y/n.”

“No, that thing is useless. We’re lost and on the next detour we’re getting out to get directions.”

“I don’t need directions Y/N.” His feet stepped on the accelerator a bit more than needed. His eyes glancing back and forth between the road and the GPS screen in an attempt to reprogram it.

“You’re speeding Luke.” You attempted to look at how fast you two were actually going. “Luke pay attention to the road.” You’re voice panicked a bit as he swerved a bit but quickly regained control still not decreasing his speed. “Luke can you just slow down a bit?”

As if on cue bright blue and red lights appeared behind the both of you, the brief sound of a siren following soon after.

Exhaling, Luke pulled over, the GPS long forgotten. To say you were pissed was an understatement.


The whole ordeal had gone well, minus the fact Luke had gotten a ticket halfway through. What was the cost of the scream match between you both had been the fact that you’d asked the officer how to get to your next location. With his departure came the arrival of Luke’s voice.

“You’re kidding right, you actually had to ask him how to get there.” He didn’t even let you answer. “You couldn’t trust that I could get us there on my own?”

“Well at this point, no.” You rolled your eyes. “We were lost for a good hour, I’m sorry but I can’t stand to spend another minute in this car with you.”

“Then why don’t you just get out?” Luke pulled over on a deserted road. Looking at you as if daring you to do so.

“Fine then.” You stepped out, slamming the door behind you, waiting to hear the sound of Luke’s car driving away. But it never came, looking back you saw that the car was still there. Luke stepping out a few moments later. He leaned against the car’s trunk. Turning yourself to face him leaving about two feet between the two of you. “You’re crazy.” He shook his head.

“And you’re an idiot.” You sighed you voice hoarse.

“I’m sorry.” He tilted his head back “For everything back there.” Looking at you he uncrossed his arms. You being a bit too stubborn stayed quiet. He shook his head “You’re to make me work for it aren’t you?” You nodded.

“Wouldn’t be us if I didn’t.” You approached him.