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The Young Boy and Nico - Hey, 
there are only two ways for people to live.
To live beautifully, or to live for beautiful people. - Is that so.
Then, what about people who do neither? - My, that is simple. 
They become mad and die. Do you think how this conversation belongs to kaneki?

I think this conversation is especially relevant to Kaneki, because as a book nerd he has a tendency of trying to fictionalize the events happening to them and view them as a straightforward narrative in order to cope.

This is something we see all throughout the narrative. Kaneki literally reads a book telling him what to do next as One Eyed King, specifically written by Eto for that purpose. Then he goes and does exactly what was written in the book, even being called ‘Nameless’, like the protagonist of the book itself.

The interaction between fiction and reality is an important underlying theme in Tokyo Ghoul, and why most likely a lot of the major characters are readers, authors or have their life impacted by fiction in some way. Tokyo Ghoul shows us that fiction itself can be symbolic for empathy, Eto writes a book to try to get the masses to understand the plights of ghouls and it works for a little while.

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Alpha picking his next victim...

… since I can finally use my graphic tablet again (that is actually pretty new lol), I wanted to doodle a lil’ with a picture from Alpha (it’s from the acoustic set) just to get accustomed with digital drawing and not least the ghoulish outfits, but uh.. well, I got that idea from one of my fanfictions and things went out of control

(that’s how far I came, it’s only the sketch layer until now)