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Deepest Darkest Secret

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Chapter 19. Penny.

When Simon comes out of the Mage’s office, he’s glowing.

He’s literally glowing, golden light radiating off him and little sparks shooting off his skin. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He runs down the stairs and I follow him out to the courtyard. I can feel the heat of his magic from here, and the static is making strands of hair float up around my face. Something is happening, and this isn’t the way Simon normally goes off. It’s usually much more sudden than this, a quick burst of light and a boom and it’s over.

Now, he’s glowing from the inside out, and he stops in the middle of the courtyard. His eyes are closed, and he holds his arms out, and the light surrounding him glows brighter and then seems to burst forth.

I stop a safe distance away and stare in wonder. It’s almost like the magic is floating out of Simon and returning to the atmosphere.

Something green streaks past me – the Mage – and before I can shout or reach out to stop him, he runs straight into the glare of Simon’s magic and flies back a few metres. He lays on the ground, unmoving, knocked out by the force of it.

Simon keeps glowing, and the air around him is hazy with golden light. The magic radiates off him, shooting out into the air and then dissipating like pieces of paper burning and then shrivelling into nothing. The atmosphere is healing.

And then the Humdrum’s there, standing right in front of Simon. Simon seems to know and opens his eyes straight away. The golden light seems to direct itself straight into the eleven-year-old boy.

‘Thankyou,’ the Humdrum says. I squint, trying to see if he’s fading – he looks like he’s less corporeal – and then I blink once, and he’s gone.

‘Simon, you did it,’ I whisper. ‘It’s over. The Humdrum is gone.’

Something More (Shawn Mendes)

“I missed you,” Shawn admitted as he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulling me into him in the privacy of his hotel room.

“I missed you too,” I say, returning his hug by wrapping my arms around his waist and resting my head on his shoulder. “I got you something.”

“I was the one traveling, you’re supposed to be the one getting stuff.”

“I guess we could’ve went together, but I thought you were going home so I was just gonna ship it there overnight.”

“Well.. show it to me,” he says, excitement dancing in his eyes.

I pull a muffin out of my bag, wrapped in the cute little plastic from the baker down the street. “This is a—“

“A red velvet muffin with cream cheese chocolate chips? From Bonnie’s Bakerie?”

“How’d you know?”

“I’ve been obsessed with muffins for years now, you think I can’t tell one when I see it? And I remember you telling me about it when we were on the phone back in May.”

“Ah, I remember that. So, how long are you here for?” I ask.

“Actually,” he says, drawing it out, “I wanted to talk to you about that.”

Oh no. I knew exactly what was coming. He was moving here, he had to be. I mean, Toronto doesn’t exactly have the same music opportunities as LA and New York does. And if I know anything about Shawn, it’s that he’s willing to do anything to accomplish his dreams.

Only problem with this was the way I felt. He’s been my best friend since we were in kindergarten, we’re closer to each other than we are to anybody else. Or at least we were, until he left to go on tour with The Vamps a year ago, and I left for New York. We may have been separated, but it didn’t happen quick enough that I could miss the feelings I’d developed for him.

The way he treated me before he left, spending extra time with me because we wouldn’t be able to see each other for months, maybe longer. The more he spent time with me, made me feel special in a way no other guy I’d gone out with had, made me fall for him a little. Then I thought about every time he’d been there for me since I was little and scared of the daddy long legs on the playground, and I was officially in too deep.

Him leaving was heartbreaking, but I knew it was for the best. Our paths from then on were completely separate. He would always be the boy I grew up with, the one who I first fell in love with. Ever since I moved I’ve tried to leave all that behind, but it looks like it’s catching up with me.

“Go ahead,” I say.

“I’m moving here!” he exclaimed.

Past or not, I couldn’t suppress my excitement to have him back.

“That’s great!” I tell him, going in for another hug, one I’d been craving since he pulled away 15 seconds ago.

“Yeah, I’ll have to stay here for now, but my manager says he already has a few places lined up for me to take a look at.”

“You know, instead of staying here you could stay with me.” No, Y/N, what the hell are you doing inviting the only boy you’ve ever loved to stay with you?

His eyes immediately make contact with mine and widen in that way they always do when he gets excited. “Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, my roommate is visiting her family until the second week of January so as long as you have a place within like 3 weeks you’ll be fine staying there. You can have my bed and I’ll take hers.”

“You’re serious?” he asks once again, his hands still at my back, leaning back from hugging me.

Too late to take it back. “Yes! I mean I know you hate staying at hotels, I’m sure even more now after tour. And what kind of best friend would I be if I didn’t offer you a place to stay?”

His adorable smile widens once again, warming me from the inside out. He’s still looking into my eyes, shaking his head a little, as if he can’t believe something. Before I can grasp what’s happening, his hand is on my cheek and my lips are on his. And damn, if that hadn’t been what I’d been waiting for for nearly 2 years.

After overcoming the initial shock of him actually making a move on me, I kiss him back, eagerly. His hands grip me tighter, pulling me closer. It only further encloses me in all of him— his crisp woodsy scent, the warmth of the juncture of his neck, where my hand rested, and the feel of his lips on mine, skin making contact.

A moment later we pull away, realizing what just happened. Both of us disconnect from the other, and I can’t say I don’t miss his warmth and the feel of his hand on my back, neck and everywhere else it touched. I can’t look him in the face, I don’t even know if I could look at myself right now. (Italics)What have you done?

Sure, he initiated it, but I continued it, encouraged him even. I mean we haven’t even started to catch up. What if he has a girlfriend? No, he would’ve told me when we occasionally called or Facetimed. He was probably just excited to see me, it means nothing. To him at least.

“Woah,” finally comes out of his mouth. “That was…”


The next words out of his mouth shock me more than anything else could. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“Wait what?” I force myself to look at him.

It takes him a moment but e eventually speaks. “Y/N, I’ve wanted to do that for a while now. And I’m sorry, if you don’t like me that way. You know I love you as a best friend either way, but I couldn’t take it anymore.”

The timid side of me is flustered, doesn’t know what to say. But regardless, he’s still my best friend, I can tell him anything.

“Let’s just say I didn’t mind it,” I say with a small smile.

Shawn slowly walks closer to me, and I can tell he’s smiling even though my eyes are glued to the ground.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I..?” his hand tangle in my hair as he guides my lips back to his, and it’s everything it was the first time, just shorter.

“How long?” I ask, out of breath.

Luckily he understands my question. “Years,” he says simply. “You?”

“2 years.”

“The only reason I didn’t act sooner is because I didn’t want to tie you to me while I was out starting my music career and you were working on school. Going on tour made me realize just how much I need you.”

“It didn’t matter,” I explained, “I already knew how I felt for you. I couldn’t have been with anyone else anyway.”

“That’s exactly how I felt,” he says, relieving me of my worries that he’d found someone. “What about now? We’ll be in the same city, and I don’t think I could take knowing you’re wandering around NYC single.”

I laugh lightly, “We’ll talk about that later,” I say, bringing my lips closer to his.

“This is all I wanna do in the mean time,” he says against my lips. My eyes flutter shut and for who knows how long, I just enjoy him.

Eventually, we’re interrupted by the Jacks. Apparently they have a key to Shawn’s room. “Sorry, forgot to mention.”

Johnson charges in with Gilinsky right behind him. “Come on, lovers(italics),” he announces in a crappy British accent. “No time for cuddles and kisses, we need dinner.”

“How do they even know we’re together?” I ask Shawn.

Johnson speaks up once again, answering me. “There was no way Shawn could talk about a girl like he does you and not be with her, or at least totally in love with her.”

I can feel the heat rising through my neck and cheeks as we all leave the hotel hallways. Shawn places his hand on my waist as we walk, making me feel closer to him than ever.

He’ll always be my best friend, but I can’t be more excited to call him more than that now.


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//The “Westerburg destroyed” AU is coming to a temporary close! The next two posts will be a 2-part comic addressing what happened at Westerburg, answering some details about how it all went down and wrapping up this AU for now.  I will post one later today and the second one probably tomorrow or Sunday.

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Nolan Holloway~ Projects

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1267

Warnings: none I think

Request: Anonymous said:
Can I have a Nolan Holloway imagine please. Maybe something like Nolan and y/n are put together for a project and Nolan is really shy so when She goes over to his house to start he doesn’t know what to say but he gets more comfortable and lots of fluff please

A/N: Everyone needs to thank @joegibson1983 because without his help from the last time I broke my screen, I wouldn’t be abe to post!! This will probably be the last one I post for about a week, because it’s getting sent out tomorrow.


Originally posted by shitposting-tozier

               “Nolan and Y/n,” My history teacher yelled. I looked up from my book to see her staring at me. “Go sit next to each other. You’re partners.” I sighed and stood up, slinging my bag over my shoulder, and walked over to his table. I sat down beside him and gave him a half-smile.

               “Hey,” I stated, waving slightly. He just stared at me for a little bit before whispering a ‘hi’ back.

               “The project will be to create a model of any of the famous landmarks we have talked about this semester. It should be painted and decorated accordingly. The better it looks, the more points you get. It’s due October 17th. Talk about it for the rest of the period.” She then began passing out packets of paper with the information for the project on it.

               I turned to Nolan with a better smile than before. “Okay, do you want to do it at your house or mine,” I questioned, already knowing what I wanted to do for it. It would probably be what we were going to make as it looked like Nolan had no idea what we had even donw this semester. It wasn’t surprising, considering he had been gone for most of school this semester, fighting werewolves or whatever. I could care less.

               “Uh, can we do it at my house? My parents won’t be home and I have a lot of food,” he mumbled, obviously not used to the interaction. I nodded and quickly pulled out my phone to text my mom.

               “Can you drive me by chance? My car’s in the shop and I had my mom drive me here this morning,” I questioned, reading the text my mom had sent me as an okay. I looked up from my phone to see Nolan nodding. I sighed and slumped in my seat. He was going to be hard to work with.


               School had ended and I met with Nolan by the entrance of the school. He was slouched and he looked as if he would pass out any second. I bit my lip for a second before walking over to him, greeting him with a bubbly ‘hi.’

               His head shot up, as if he had fallen asleep against the wall, and he waved at me. “Uh, my car’s over there.”

               I nodded and we began the short walk to his car in silence. Then we stepped into the car in silence. Then the drive was silent. And when we arrived, it was silent. It seemed as if neither of us could figure out what to say to start a conversation, so we stayed quiet.

               We stepped out of the car, Nolan surprisingly opening my door as I rummaged through my bag for something, and we walked into the decently sized house. The house had a warm color scheme that made me feel at home. The floors were a dark wood, the walls a beige, and the furniture a dark brown. We stepped into the living room, and Nolan asked if I wanted to eat anything.

               I shrugged and he walked off to the kitchen. I sat down on the large couch and pulled out some supplies I had gotten from the art teacher. I laid the materials out on the glass coffee table before looking up as Nolan walked back in.

               He was holding two bags of chips and two glasses of water. He placed them on the table and sat beside.

               “Okay, so we’re going to make the Eiffel Tower. I have this print out of it, and I think we could do it. What do you think?” I asked, fiddling with my fingers as Nolan listened. He nodded slightly and smiled, surprising me. Maybe this would be easier than I thought.

               So, we began to work when Nolan asked me something. “So, how was your day?”

               I looked over to him and my eyebrow rose. “It was pretty good. How was yours?”

               “Pretty good,” he nodded as if trying to convince himself. Then, it was silent again until he spoke. “I’m sorry,” he stopped working and laid back against the couch. “I’m really bad at this kid of thing and I’m probably freaking you out.” He placed his hands on his face and groaned. “I’m a terrible partner.”

               I laughed lightly and took away his hands from his face. “Actually, I think you’re a pretty good partner. Just because you don’t talk a lot doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy your company. In fact, we got a lot more done then I thought we would, so why don’t we take a break. We can watch a movie or something. It’s only five.”

               Nolan smiled a boyish smile and nodded. “That’s be cool.”

               So, we flicked on the TV, scrolling through the endless movies and talked. We talked about school, friends, family. I talked about how my best friend was ignoring me for some reason, how I had recently become friends with Malia, and how my dad was working late shifts at the police station because we were low on money. He told me about his fake friends, his hatred towards Scott in the beginning that turned into friendship, and how his parents never even seemed to be home enough to care about him. Conversation became easier and easier, and we found ourselves completely ignoring the movie that was playing in the background, preferring each other’s conversation over a Star Wars marathon.

                 It wasn’t until my phone began going off like crazy that we noticed how much time had passed. My dad began texting me like crazy. He had just come home form his shift at the station to see me still away. It was three in the morning.

                “Oh my gosh,“ I laughed. Nolan looked at me confused. "We’ve been talking for hours literally.” I showed him my phone screen. He chuckled for a oment before going bright red. I stood up and stretched for a second before I began to pack up. “I guess I should head home, shouldn’t I?”

                   I sent a quick text to my dad with the address and to get me which he responded to almost immdiately.

                   Nolan nodded and stood up, helping me get my stuff together.

                “This was fun,” i said, smiling at Nolan. he nodded and smiled quickly.

                   We stared at each other for a few moments before my dad honked his horn outside. That was quick, I thought. I began to head towards the door when nolan stopped me, grabbing my wrist loosely. 

                “Wait!” I looked aat him confused and rose my eyebrow, silently telling him to continue. “I- I was wondering if, well, since this was pretty great, if you maybe want to go on a date with me. Like, this Saturday? But, I mean, it’s okay if you do’twant to. I don’t want to pressure you or anything, but,” I cut him off from his rambling by placing my hand on his mouth.

                “I’d love that,” I spoke to him.

                He nodded slowly and grinned wide. He smiled wide and led me towards the door.

                “So Saturday?” I questioned. Nolan nodded happily. I nodded to myself and smiled at Nolan again. I just couldn’t seem to stop. “I’ll see you then, I guess,” I stated before placing a quick kiss to his cheek and my phone number in his hand. I then ran out of the house and into my dad’s car where I knew I would be lectured, but I coudn’t are less. My mind was still on the boy I seemed to fall for already.



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Part 58

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Drunk (Third Part)

This is the third part to my Rick Sanchez x Reader fanfiction “Tease” and “Mad”.

This one is longer than the rest, and I think the next one (which I’ll probably post tomorrow or tonight) is the last one of this series. 

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Warnings: Big age gap but the reader is over 18. Mentions of sex. Alcogol and drug use (weed and alien drugs). The reader is described as an orphan in a very derogatory way by another character. 


Morty walked into the garage expecting his grandpa to be working on something new but instead, Rick was sitting on the floor, under his desk, with a bottle in his hand. The sound of Morty walking in called to his attention and he hit his head with the button of the desk. Groaning, he got out of the small space and stumbled towards Morty.

“Wha-what’s this about, Rick? –Come quick, Morty! Adventure ahead!-“, read Morty from his phone. “It’s 11 at night, you could have just knocked on my door. What’s up with the text?”

“No-no time, Mo-brrr-rty! We need to head out now. Get in the ship” he commanded as he got inside himself. “Need you to give me a ride, M-Morty, I’m too drunk. Need to cool off before –brrr- before we get there”.

“Get where? Oh jeez, Rick, why you…why do you always do this? A-and since when do you stay safe while dri-driving?”

“Do you know where Joe Constant-douche lives?”

“Joe Carlson?” Morty asked, unsure whether to tell Rick the truth. He seemed too drunk and mad to be going to that boy’s house right now. Summer was at that party, supposedly trying to get it on with Joe and if Rick ruined this for her, she would surely blame Morty and make his life impossible for the most part. “Hey, Rick, I’m not sure you… I don’t know if you should…”

“You don’t know anything, Morty. That’s sort of the whole point of a Morty. Just drive me there, Morty”. And because Rick knew what his grandson was thinking, he sighed as the boy started the ship. “I won’t destroy Summer’s chances with that boy, I swear… Just… Just… I need to check on someone”

Morty looked over to his grandpa, a surprised look on his face. What was going on in his head lately? He normally wouldn’t bother to reassure him, those things didn’t matter to Rick. And, someone? The only person Rick knew enough at that party was Summer. Maybe he was trying to stop her from sleeping around with Joe? Either way, Morty pulled out of the garage in the ship and headed towards the party.


To be honest, (Y/N) was getting bored. Everyone around were drunk already while she was only tipsy. This was a shame, because truly, she just wanted to get wrecked with the rum she was holding and maybe buy some weed and finish everything off with a nice hook up. None of these things could happen though. One, the drunkenness part: not only did she have a higher tolerance than everyone around her but she was also more responsible, drinking lots of water in between drinks. She didn’t want to be completely wasted when she dragged Summer home later. Two, buying weed would only make that task more difficult at the end of the night and she didn’t think she had enough money for weed and next week’s food. Three, no one here could give her what she wanted right now. A few boys and even two girls had approached her asking if she wanted to hook up or something. She was almost tempted with one of the girls. Pretty little thing, freckles and brown hair in space buns that shared one of her classes, but she ended everything and lost her in the crowd before they could get to an empty room. Just a few kisses in the dancefloor that Joe had arranged by moving furniture around in his spacious living room.

She was currently sitting on one of the sofas against the wall, her head moving with the music while she watched everyone else dance. She focused her eyes on Summer, who was kissing Joe in a corner. They had been like that almost since they got there. (Y/N) wondered how it felt to be that kind of normal but she didn’t envy it. All of a sudden, Joe pulled back to whisper something in Summer’s ear and she giggled as they got up.

That was her point to interfere. “Summer!”, she yelled.

A drunk, wide eyed and flushed Summer turned to her and smiled softly, waving her hand. (Y/N) called for her to get closer and she motioned Joe to wait where he was. When Summer got to her and embraced her planting a kiss on her neck, the walking steroid (she kept calling him that in her head and it made her smile almost every time) whistled.

“You two going to have sex?”

“Wow, you sound like my mum”, said Summer, laughing and still hugging her friend.

“Right now, that’s my part. You sure you want to do this?”

Summer looked at her seriously and nodded. “I came here for it. You alright staying here alone?”. When her friend nodded as well, she smiled again.

“You got condoms?”

When the answer didn’t come, (Y/N) sighed and reached for her back pocket. “What would you do without me?” she said as she handed her two of the ones she has brought with her just in case.

Summer took them and kissed her on the cheek, which prompted another whistle from Joe. Oh my god, had he never seen two drunk girls interact before? (Y/N) doubted he needed more than one condom. She said goodbye to Summer and left the couch to go to the kitchen. Getting another drink was a necessity now that she was completely alone in that party. She knew almost everyone there but she wasn’t about to bond with anyone.

She was on her third drink and already drunk when she heard the sound behind her, coming from outside the house. Curious, she moved the curtains of the window in the kitchen to see Morty stepping out of what could only be Rick’s space ship. What the hell was he doing here? Summer had told him to stay clear because Jessica wasn’t going to come anyways, but… And there was Rick. Damnit. Not a good idea to see him while she was drunk. She needed to go to the bathroom and put cold water on her face and neck, clear off a bit before talking to both of them. Rick was probably here to check on Summer under Beth’s orders, and she would only inform that she had condoms with her and that teenage pregnancy wasn’t an option in Summer’s case while she was around. Instead of going to the bathroom though, (Y/N) took another swing of her drink, finishing it and walked out of the kitchen. She was going to play a game.

The alcohol in her bloodstream made her bolder and she strolled into the dancefloor and got close to the girl with the space buns. She greeted (Y/N) with a bright smile, “There you are!” she said; her brown lipstick was smeared a little around her mouth. She remembered being the one to do that and she went in for another kiss, putting her hands on the girl’s lower back as they danced. ‘I am not a kid’, she repeated inside her head. Another voice answered that she was acting like one, a stupid and immature kid. What was she expecting to accomplish? Now that she was deep in the game she herself had proposed, she realised that this probably wouldn’t work. Rick wouldn’t give her a second glance even if she was fucking that girl against a wall in front of him. Why would he care? Of course he wouldn’t get jealous.

Not long after she started kissing her, Rick opened the front door, Morty following close behind. (Y/N) noticed he was a bit drunk, but according to Summer, this wasn’t a rare occurrence. However, his expression was wild, like someone had slapped him and he was about to hit back. Nobody paid attention to him walking in except for her, who immediately locked eyes with him, at the same time that space buns girl roamed her chest with her small hands, squeezing a bit hard as her mouth explored (Y/N)’s neck.


Oh no. Morty looked at (Y/N) as she was being felt up by another girl, a sight that he would normally enjoy if it wasn’t for his grandpa next to him. His breathing was erratic, his hands in tight fists, so tight his knuckles were white and his veins showed more than usual. He had noticed the way he looked at (Y/N) but he attributed that to how any man would look at her, nothing that would translate in actions in his case. She was hot, too pretty and smart for her own good, and Morty also thought that Rick saw her as an annoying presence in the house. Even though he hadn’t complained, that was how he saw most of Summer’s friends. He didn’t think (Y/N) was any different in that aspect.

“Rick, Rick, maybe we should go… Summer doesn’t seem to be around…”

Rick ignored him and walked towards the girls. (Y/N) almost seemed to have been waiting for him to do that, but there was still a hint of surprise when she stopped dancing with the other girl, and stopped touching her altogether, to face him.

“Who is this? Your grandfather?”

(Y/N) could have killed her right there and Rick looked at her with a frown.

“No, he’s Summer’s grandfather… What’s up, Rick?” she asked.

Without hesitation, he reached for (Y/N)’s wrist and pulled her towards him. She lost her balance, surprised by his action and fell on his chest. “We’re going home. Get Summer”, he whispered in her ear. “Now”.

“Why?” she pushed back, but didn’t pull away from his hand, that was still holding her wrist, softer now. “She’s with Joe. I gave her condoms so it’s all good. Now, you have two options, leave and let us enjoy the party, or stay and participate. You seem to be deep in pre-drinks right now”

She was pushing his buttons. He didn’t have a fucking reason to want her out of there, which was the worst part. Why did he feel like she shouldn’t be touching that girl? Why wasn’t she touching him like they both knew she wanted? Or had he misunderstood her remarks?

“Stay?” he asked, shocked now by her expression, a smile creeping on her pretty face.

She turned her hand so she was the one to grab his wrist. Before he knew what she was going to do, she pulled him towards the kitchen, away from the crowd. As they passed Morty, she waved at him and giggled. Morty couldn’t believe his eyes and as he looked at the girl with the freckles that (Y/N) had left on the dance floor, she didn’t either.

(Y/N) knocked against a boy getting into the kitchen and dragging Rick behind her. She bend over once she opened the cupboard and handed him a full bottle of vodka. “Drink up”, she said, a smile on her face. Why was she so happy? He was still fuming at the sight of her being touched by someone else. Of course, he had no right to say that to her. “I thought I wouldn’t be able to get drunk tonight because I was responsible for Summer, but you and Morty can help these poor girls get home, right?”

Rick sighed and opened the bottle, thinking that there was nothing innocent in her tone, and that drinking more wouldn’t make their night any easier if they ended up on a bed together. It certainly wouldn’t make the morning easier. All those thoughts vanished when she winked at him over her own drink.


He had bought them both weed and mixed it with his own alien drug when they sat in the sofa together, Morty sitting next to them. He was a nervous wreck, stuttering and looking around. Everyone was older than him and way more popular, and according to him, this wasn’t his place. (Y/N) thought that if he wanted this kind of thing to be his place, the only reason stopping him was himself but she didn’t say anything. In her drunken state, she placed her legs over Rick’s and he used them to roll their joint, smiling to himself over how daring she was being. Soon, they were a mess. They shared the blunt, laughing at the smallest of things and before long, Summer was back, hair a mess and a stupid smile on her face. Upon seeing Rick and Morty sitting with (Y/N), her face turned to shock. Rick couldn’t blame her, seeing as he was holding her best friend’s legs over his and they were both drunk and high. She didn’t seemed angry though, already a bit numb to her grandpa’s antics when drunk. After that, everything became a bit of a blur under the effect of everything he had taken.

The music in that place seemed to be mocking him, all about sex and smooth skin touching, and he couldn’t help but feel her skin, soft and warm, the total opposite of his. He was rough and cold and he felt like crashing onto her and ruin her beautiful city, turn her to ruins in the most satisfying way possible. Her laughter at something he had said filled his ears and he smiled at her. He was surprised at the fact that he was actually having fun, his body full of substances to make his sensations even stronger, not to numb them. One of his hands moved to higher to her thigh and her laughter stopped as she turned towards him, her eyes locked on his. Nobody else noticed their silence, Morty and Summer talking to other people and dancing around, without a care in the world. All of a sudden he was very aware of how exposed they were as she leaned towards him a bit, her stare shifting a bit to his lips. He was doomed. He ignored his surroundings and leaned in as well, smelling her scent the closer he got. So fucking pure in comparison to him. He was almost there, almost touching her soft lips with his, when a tall and lanky teenager dropped his drink on top of her. Half her t-shirt ended up drenched in coke and rum as she jumped back to look at the boy.

“So this is why you weren’t ‘looking to date anyone’, huh?” the boy enquired, a drunken vicious smile on his lips.

Rick felt (Y/N)’s legs move from his lap and she sensed her hostility but he also felt her hand on his shoulder, a sign that he didn’t want him to intervene.

“Joe accepted it, Nathan. Just get over yourself and grow up”, she growled. Nathan. Summer had told him about this dude. A problematic little shit who had been interested in (Y/N) since she transferred to their school, being met with a harsh rejection that he just wasn’t used to get. Rick prepared to get up, leaving his drink on the floor.

“Yeah, I bet you want me to grow up. I see now that you like them old enough to be your father. Wonder why, orphan girl” he answered, almost screaming. Rick felt his blood boil. Summer had never disclosed (Y/N)’s story, why she had been transferred or where her parents were, and he ever asked, sensing it was a sensitive issue.

(Y/N) got up and faced him. “Shut the fuck up”. She was almost taller than him, which seemed to intimidate the kid, but that didn’t make him stop.

“Are you really that desperate for a daddy?” he laughed at his own joke grossly, his drunken state making him almost loose his balance.

The punch came from deep inside his stomach and he felt the bone break under the force of his fist. (Y/N) didn’t have time to react to what Nathan had said before the kid was on his back on the floor, nose bleeding and whining loudly. The party was over.

“Grandpa!” Summer yelled, in shock. (Y/N) was holding his arm and he felt her pull towards the door, his grandkids following close behind.


Fourth Part:

Spring! (pt 1)

“Tyllerrrrr, where are we going?” Ethan asked he couldn’t stand it anymore. Once a month the two roommates took a day off to spend time together. Just a casual thing, de-stress and what not. Each time they switched off who was in charge of the day. This time was obviously Tyler’s turn.

“Okay,” Tyler began looking away from the road for a moment to smile at the whiny blue boy, “I’ll give you one hint.”

“Sure! Whatever, gimme da hint.” Ethan responded. He hated surprises.

“The hint is: what’s today?” Tyler said, proud of himself. It was a really good hint. Even if Ethan knew what was special about today, there’s no way he’d figure out everything.

“Whatttt??” Ethan groaned. “What kind of hint is that? I’ll tell you what type, a bad one.” The younger boy pulled out his phone and checked it. Nothing really seemed to stand out about it. “I don’t get it. It’s just March 20th. Nothing special…right?” Ethan paused for a moment. “Shit, I didn’t forget like our friend-aversary or something did I???” He looked at Tyler who was just smiling widely.

“No, no nothing like that, just sit back and enjoy the ride silly.”

*about an hour later*

“Are we there yettt?” Ethan asked, for the billionth time. Finally, Tyler had the satisfaction of being able to say yes.

“Actually, we are,” Tyler said, pulling onto a dirt road. They had left the city miles back. There wasn’t much around. Just hills and some mountains way off in the distance, a couple of trees. Not a lot to say the least.

“Oh.” was all Ethan could muster. If he was confused before, then he was straight baffled now. A minute or two down the road, Tyler pulled off to the side and killed the engine. He stole a glance at his friend, chuckling a bit at the lost look on his face.

Tyler, without saying a word, unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. Ethan followed suit, there wasn’t much else to do. As an after thought, Tyler told him to leave his phone in the car, saying that he wouldn’t need it. Reluctantly, he listened. However, Tyler’s next request was even stranger.

“ You see that hill?” Tyler gestured to one right in front of them, “Go to the top and close your eyes, and no peeking.” he smiled at the blue haired boy and ruffled his hair a bit.

“…Tylerrrr are you planning on murdering me out here?” Ethan joked, but without even waiting for a response started climbing up the side of the hill.

“MAYBE,” Tyler called out. When Ethan was far enough away, Tyler started putting his plan into motion. He popped the trunk of the car, revealing a picnic basket, a blanket, and other assorted goodies. He got everything out and carried it all up the hill at once, not wanting to make two trips. Once he made sure the younger boy had his eyes closed, he laid the blanket down on the ground. Right on a nice, soft patch of grass. He set up two plates and napkins, put out the food. Everything was perfect. On the other side of the hill, out of sight from the road, there was a small lake. That was for later, though, after their little feast.

~~This was originally just going to be one long thing, but maybe breaking it up will be better. Then I can see if there’s any real interest in it too. So more of like a teaser part. Also mostly bc im lazy. and Tired. anyways, yeah. I WILL POST THE NEXT PART TOMORROW OR I SHALL DIE. Just -ahem- anyways. I’ll go now.

Hey, I’ve been a bit busy with important stuff™ lately. Sorry about the absence, but I’ll probably have a bit more time those next couple days.

So throw a random phrase in my inbox if you want to! I’ll see if I can add a doodle to it! Just for fun and I miss interacting with y’all.

Mellifluous - REDDIE (Part Three)

Mellifluous - A sound that is sweet, smooth, and pleasing to hear.

(Part Three)

Reddie AU- Richie Tozier, a 17 year old broken boy in a broken home and his best friend/first love, Eddie Kaspbrak, a 16 year old mute boy who’s silence is loud enough to keep Richie sane.

hey guys! i hope you enjoy this chapter even though I’m convinced it turned out like shit. I’m sorry it took awhile to post but I’ve actually been fairly busy recently ( i even have a job interview tomorrow ) so thank you for being patient AND FOR 200 FOLLOWERS!!! wow i love u all.

Warnings - shitty writing??? lmao

Word Count - 1.3k

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On, Wisconsin! (Pt.4)

Originally posted by dangered

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - some Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: It’s a few days into your vacation Up North with the boys, but the growing need to tell Bucky about your past bursts at the seams, and his reaction wasn’t at all what you had expected it to be.

Warnings: some angst, but mostly fluff - language

Word Count: 2.3K

A/N: Ya’ll, it’s been such a bad day. I wasn’t going to post this part, but I managed to push through it. There’s only one more part after this, and then it’s back to The Light Behind Your Eyes. I’ll probably post TWO fics tomorrow - the next The Light Behind Your Eyes AND the last part for this one, so keep an eye out! Like always, requests are open, so ask away!!

Read Part One, Part Two, and Part Three here!!

After the sun had dropped far below the horizon, crystal-clear stars invaded the empty, dark sky. Their shimmering forms are reflected in the dark, cold water of the lake. You sit on the edge of the dock, your legs swaying gently, toes skimming over the silent surface of the still water, creating gentle ripples that alter the starry painting that has locked you in a captivating trance. The large, full moon illuminates your surroundings, serving as the main light source in the never-ending darkness of the forest. Frogs and crickets create a delightful melody that swings through the air, further securing you in a powerful stupor.

A soft rumbling of footsteps on the dock hauls you out from your thoughts. You look over your shoulder and see Bucky carrying two mugs in his hands with a large afghan blanket draped over his shoulder. He’s wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants, which seems a lot more practical than your pajama shorts and t-shirt. He greets you with a small, caring smile as he sets one of the mugs next to you and the other one a few feet away. His hair is pulled back into a low bun, a few strands of hair had escaped and frame his face. You take the mug in your hands, warmth blossoming into your palms as the smell of chocolate dances at your nose. Bucky drapes the blanket over your shoulders, and you hum in thanks, appreciating the layer of protection from the chilly summer night air. He takes a seat next to you, his left thigh pressing against yours as he crossed his legs.

You take a sip of the hot chocolate, the steaming liquid slightly burning your tongue. The hair on the back of your neck begins to prick as the feeling of a gaze lingering on you sends a shiver down your spine. Looking up, you make brief contact with Bucky’s gaze, then look away, clearing your throat.

“I was a HYDRA agent,” you blurt out, breaking the arduous, drawn-out silence between you and Bucky. “An, uh…an assassin, to be more specific.”

You look over at Bucky. His eyes shine in the moonlight as his face is set in a heavy, understanding expression. When he didn’t say anything, you decided to continue, looking back out over the mesmerizing view. Something about the night and the complex, comforting feeling you felt radiating from Bucky just seemed to cut open the box of secrets you had hiding in your mind.

“I knew you before joining the team,” you whisper. “I…I never actually interacted with you, but I saw you a few times, training other agents, or walking around the facility being trailed other HYDRA members. They trained me to be the best agent they could use when you weren’t ‘in commission’. When they couldn’t risk possibly putting your life on the line, they sent me to do the job. I would do anything I had to just to complete a mission.” Your voice started to take on a shaky edge. “I’ve destroyed so many lives…so many families, I just…”

Your breath hitches in your throat as tears prick at the corner of your eyes.

“I was never afraid of you,” you push yourself to continue. This time, your voice was barely audible above the sounds of the night. Slowly, you lift your legs and turn your body to face Bucky. You cross them under the afghan, resettling into a more comfortable position. “I knew the soldier I saw wasn’t you, and when I met you for the first time - the real you - I…I was just blown away. You’re so kind a-and funny, and just, such a wonderful person…” You sniffle as a trickle of a tear slides down your cheek. Bucky was still looking down at the water, soaking in every word that tumbled from your mouth. The hot chocolate was reaching dangerously close to the rim of the mug as your hands shook in your lap. You set the mug down to your left, opting cross your arms and pull the sides of the blanket closer to your body.

“I…I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier, I just -”

Bucky pulls you into his arms, enveloping your shuddering frame in a comforting, strong embrace. As the shock of his sudden action subsides, you unwrap your arms from your body, sliding them under Bucky’s arm and around his back.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for,” Bucky mutters next to your ear as he hugs you tighter. He rubs large, relaxed circles over your back. You stay like that for a few minutes, focusing on relaxing your breathing. Bucky smells like the forest, very earthy and calming, but has a tint of his body wash - he smells like home.

You pull back, and he brings a warm hand to your cheek, wiping away the remnants of your tears with his thumb. His palm is rough, but at the same time, comforting. He drops his hand back into his lap.

“I know that must have been hard, but…thank you for telling me,” he whispers, mouth curving into a delicate, full-hearted smile. His eyes sparkled with something deep brewing beneath his calm exterior, sending a wave of calming warmth washing through you. The moonlight spreads across half his face, casting the other half in shadows. He looks beautiful.

“Thank you for listening,” you softly smile back. A shiver snakes through your skin as a cool breeze slips through the holes between the crocheted yarn of the blanket. Bucky reaches to his waist and grabs the bottom of his hoodie, pulling it up and over his body, then hands it to you. You happily take it, letting the blanket fall around you, and slide the hoodie over your head. The residue of heat from his body that lingers in the fabric spreads down your arms and across your chest as you hand him the blanket. He takes it and lays it down on the dock behind him, then motions for you to lay down.

You both lay on your backs, looking up at the endless sky. You let your arm slide over the edge of the dock, lightly grazing the surface of the lake with your fingertips.

“I still have nightmares, too,” Bucky’s voice gently cracks into the silence. “They used to be really bad, but they’ve gotten better since Steve brought me in. It took me forever to warm-up to the team. I just felt like such a burden, like I didn’t belong, or even deserved to be an Avenger. I still kind of feel like that sometimes - just another basket case.” He shifts, propping himself up on one elbow, slightly hovering over you. “But when you showed up, I never felt like that. There was just something about you that felt…familiar. I felt like I didn’t have to hide anything from you - I didn’t have to be afraid. The more time I spent with you, the fewer nightmares I had.”

Your heart fluttered in your chest as you listened and took-in every word he spoke. You brought your free hand to his chest, feeling the dull drumming of his heartbeat through his shirt. He looks at you for a long, relaxed moment, then leans closer to your face, his lips hovering only a few inches from yours. You could feel his soft breath fan across your cheek as you move your hand from his chest to the side of his face, sliding your fingers through the loose locks of hair that had fallen from the bun.

“Do you trust me?” He mutters. A warm flame of desire flicked to life in your stomach.

Yes,” you breathe. Bucky leans in more, about to close the small amount of distance between you two when a loud, bone-rattling scream pierces the air. You and Bucky jump up from the dock, standing back-to-back as you try to determine where the scream had come from.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT,” Steve’s voice cuts through the night. Bucky takes off up the stairs, taking three at a time. You trail close behind, taking only two at a time. You stumble through the door to the sunroom then skip the stairs, searching for Steve. Bucky turns into the kitchen as you head to the living room.

“Steve…why are you on the island,” Bucky states flatly more than asks. You blink and turn around, jogging across the room to the kitchen doorway.

Steve was on top of the island in the middle of the small kitchen, squatting and holding a plastic spatula.

Look,” he hisses, pointing the spatula towards the glass door that leads to a small mudroom. You look at Bucky. He raises an eyebrow and shoots a quick side glance towards you. You sigh and slowly walk around the island. The door was open and the trash can was tipped over, its contents splayed across the floor leading into the kitchen.

“Steve, I don’t see any- OH SHIT,” you squeal, leaping back into the fridge behind you as a huge, scraggly possum waddles out of the trashcan. You instantly jump up onto the counter, shoving Steve over.

“What are you two - what the SHIT is that,” Bucky quickly dips out of the room, peering around the doorway. “How did that get inside?!”

It’s a possum!” You crouch and jump off the island, landing in the doorway. You dip behind Buck, putting your hands on his back and standing on your toes to peer over his shoulder. “Steve, scare it away!”


The possum peeks its head around the corner of the island, its beady eyes and sharp nose poking around the room.

“Good luck!” You pull the sliding door shut, trapping Steve in the kitchen and cutting off the only source of light simultaneously. Even in the dark, you could feel Bucky’s lingering presence. The sound of a few pans clattering together and a slur of curse words are muffled by the door. You drown out the noise as Bucky brings his metal hand to your face, gently caressing your cheek.

“I’m sure he’ll be fine,” you can hear his smile in his voice. His soft breath tickles your nose as he leans in, hesitating for a brief moment. “Are you sure you want this?”

“I’ve wanted this longer than you think,” you whisper back as adrenaline begins to pulse in your veins. You push up on your toes, locking your lips with Bucky. His lips are soft and rough at the same time, making you crave more. He deepens the kiss, and before you could react, you hear the kitchen door slide open at lightning speed. Light pours over you two, and you quickly break away, turning your heads at the same time to find Steve standing in the doorway - still holding a plastic spatula and now a bag with something heavy inside dragging it down - with his mouth hanging open. You drop your hands from Bucky’s chest and tug on the bottom of the hoodie - his hoodie - as you clear your throat, biting your bottom lip. Steve still stared at you, saying nothing at first.

“I’m telling Nat!” He pushes between you two, jogging into the sunroom.

“No! Steve!” You bolt after him, jumping over the stairs, but you were too late.

“Sent,” he smiles. If he had been in any other room, he wouldn’t have been able to send anything, but the sunroom was the only room with any sort of reception. Great.

“I knew it! I knew this would happen.” His smile grew into a shit-eating, triumphant grin. Sure enough, a few moments later, your phone buzzed in the back pocket of your pajama shorts.

I can’t believe you!! Why didn’t you tell me about Barnes?!? Call me, NOW!” Natasha’s text read.

You groan and sigh at the same time, flopping down onto the futon beside Steve.

“Steve…Do you have any idea of what you just did?”

“Yeah I do,” he boasts. “I just won a fifty dollar bet.”

“You what,” you and Bucky both question simultaneously. You sit up, leaning off the edge of the futon.

“What are you talking about?” You stand up and face Steve. “What bet?”

“The rest of the team and I had a bet going on how long it would take for you two,” he looks between you and Bucky, “to finally get together. And I just won.”

You blink at him, then turn to Bucky, who was now doing his best to stifle both a grin and his chuckling, failing miserably at both.

“I just…I can’t believe…Why me,” you pinch the bridge of your nose, shutting your eyes tight. “I’m going to kill you,” you groan at Steve.

“You think you can actually take me on?”

“You’re such a punk,” you lightly punch his arm. “I’m going to bed…Today has been enough for me.” You walk up to the main room, brushing past Bucky as you head towards your shared bed. You take one last look at your phone, finding about ten new text messages from other members of the team in a group chat, and decide to turn it off for the night. After putting it down on the side table next to you, you climb into bed, drowning in your racing thoughts inside your mind and the heavy blankets covering your body. Before you drift off to sleep, you feel the bed dip under Bucky’s weight. You could feel his hand gently brush some hair out of your face, and you look up at him through hazy eyes.

“You’re so beautiful, doll,” he smiles.

“Are you sure you’re not just saying that because of the whole ‘bet’ thing?”

He lifts your chin lightly, then ghosts his lips over yours.

“I’m positive, darlin’.”


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interrupted (M) part I

pairing: reader x ???

genre: angst  and a lil bit of fluff (the next few parts are just going to be straight smut. im not lying.)

summary: basically i am still on hiatus but wanted to give you guys a one shot drabble thing, but we all know how incapable and incompetent i am of one shots so i made it into 3 parts (sue me) and i’ll probably post part II tomorrow or something. btw this part is literally so shit so sorry lmao but just read it for part two tomorrow ;)

word count: 1.7 k (specifics: 1,724)

warnings/triggers: i always fucking swear okay, i have a whore mouth and suggestive theme obviously

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Day 17 for My Favourite Character Inktober 2017.

Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin~ One of the first shonen manga I liked, and Hitenmitsuguri Ryuu is so wonderful *___*

The next AxK update will probably be on Thursday because I have school after work tomorrow. Was planning to update tonight but my after-work seminar ran late… and I am writing important notes at the end of my posts to see if anyone reads them XD *bricked*

Bad Boy Part 2

So awhile back, when I just started to began writing on tumblr, I wrote a presmut for Jun where he tried to finger you during dinner. And I said that I was gonna make a part 2? Then I never did…whoops…ANYWAY I totally just wrote it today. It’s my first actually smut. I’ve written foreplay, and I’ve read alot of smut, but I’ve never written it. I’m v sorry if it’s bad. I’ll try harder on my next one. This was way out of my comfort zone is all. 


I will also post some Junhui fluff tomorrow for his birthday in return for procrastinating because I am a horrible person. And I also have part 2 to ‘I’m Sick of you’ That I need to write. I will definitely get more organized I just got out of school so my schedule is clear for most of my summer yay I’m also going to organize my blog so its just writing because I’m so freaking messy! anyway enjoy the smut!

p,s. I know a lot of you probably see Jun as such a freaking Dom but like I love the idea of him begging. It’s probably so hot

Part 2/2 (You can find part 1 here)

Word count: 3105

Genre: Smut (are your tired of the word yet?)

Originally posted by junhuipie

“Stay.” You ordered him, as if he was a misbehaving dog. It’s not that far off, you think, as he stares after you longingly with puppy-dog eyes. He lunges for your skirt just as you were about to step outside, but you slapped his hand away just in time. “Bad boy.” You scolded him, and closed the door. When you looked back, you could see him punch the seat of the car through the window. Kinky little shit. Too bad he was so needy because you would have really enjoyed that.

Feeling powerful, and a bit evil, you walked through the lobby and straight up to (f/n)’s apartment. She grinned at you and pulled you into a grateful hug, and you were glad you chose to help her move into her apartment.

“I’ve missed you so much.” (F/n) admitted once you two began to rearrange the cardboard boxes near the couch.

“I know! I can’t believe the last time we talked was eighth-”

The doorbell rang. “Grade…” Your heart stopped. “I-I’ll go see who it is.” You shouted while jumping athletically over cardboard boxes. Well, athletic besides falling on your face and walking carefully after that. You slowly open the door, praying it’s not who you are afraid it is. Your fears are confirmed by the dark shape that flies at you before the door’s even fully open. Jun throws himself at you with such longing that the force of the kiss knocks you over. All you can feel are his lips pressed against yours, pushing harder than your resistance to him. Every movement he makes tears down bit by bit of the wall of defiance you built between the two of you. He shifts, and suddenly you were aware of your back against the rough carpeting, his thighs warm against yours, his-

I can’t. You tell yourself. I can’t let him get his way or I’ll lose all control over him. And we’re in my friend’s apartment. You remember as a second thought.

Like he knew what you were thinking, he chooses that exact moment to take your bottom lip between his teeth and force his tongue into your mouth. Even though he only attacked you maybe three seconds ago, it seems as though time slows to a crawl every time he holds you.

(F/n) should be wondering what happened right about now. She should be heading this way to check on me any second. You use the horror of this thought to gather your strength and push him off of you. He let out an unintentional gasp of shock as you shoved him away, a gasp similar to the one a small child makes when you hand them a lollipop, then snatch it back when they’re just starting to enjoy it. And you don’t want him to enjoy this.

You want to build up his frustration by denying him over and over again, until he can’t take it. Both of you love when you act dominant, and what could be more dominant than putting it off until he can’t bear it any more? He’ll do anything for you when you have that kind of control. And the idea of making him beg is quite enjoyable. You snapped out of it. Focus, you reminded yourself. Deny him.

There was now about two inches of space between your faces, none between anything below your torsos. You stared right into Jun’s eyes as you called out to (f/n). “I’m fine, I just tripped again!”

She laughs. “Who is it?”

“Just the mail carrier.” You state deliberately, reveling in the pain in Jun’s eyes.

Jun was holding himself up with his arms, but looked ready to fall on you again. His mouth moved towards your neck.

“Don’t you dare.” You hissed. He moved quickly, and had his mouth on your skin before you had time to react, but a second later you managed to roll him over, although it took all your willpower not to succumb to his touch. You sat on top of him now, on his stomach, straddling him. His abs were tensed.

He whimpered pitifully “(y/n), I don’t wanna wait for you to come back. I can’t wait for you, I-” he shudders pleasurably.

“Get yourself the hell out of here, understand?” You whispered harshly at him. He nodded, exhaling sharply through his nose. Right once you said that, you heard (f/n) walking through the apartment toward you. Panicking, you blurt “Change of plans. You’re staying here.” You don’t have enough time to get him out the door. You pull him up and roughly shove him into a nearby closet, the only hiding place.

You barely had time to register what had happened when (f/n) walked in. “You okay?” She asked you.

“Yep.” You lied, laughing uncomfortably and adjusting your skirt.

“Where’s the mail?”

“Ummm, it was just some magazines.” You gestured vaguely at the boxes behind you.

“Okay, well I’ve got the couch away from the wall, so it’s ready to be-” your friend starts, but is interrupted by Jun abruptly falling out of the closet. It appears he was trying to open the doors from the inside, and failed miserably. Not missing a beat, Jun chooses this moment to try to be funny and announce to everyone in the room: “I’m here and I’m horny.” Well, everyone in the room heard, but he wasn’t aware that that included anyone else but you. You could tell when he realized he had company, because his eyes widened ever so slightly.

“Yes, I can see that.” You friend responded, quite nonchalantly for the situation. She glanced between his crotch and you in a millisecond. “Is this what you do with your free time?” She addressed you. You were blushing furiously. “Well, this is fantastic, one more person to help move the couch!”

After the couch was correctly relocated, (f/n) dusts off her hands. “Thank you guys so much!” She grins cheekily. “Feel free to use it, if you need to.” She wandered out of the room. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. When you opened them, Jun was looking at you, in a… daring way.


“Why not?” He whined. “Don’t you think I’ve suffered enough?”

“I told you, you have to be punished.” You shamed. “Have you learned nothing?”

He blankly watched your face as you moved around the room, his breathing uneven. His eyes were a dangerous dark shade, glazed over with lust.

After what seems like forever, you finished organizing the boxes in the room. Just then, (f/n) walked back in. “Oh, you guys aren’t doing anything?” She sounded almost disappointed. “Nope, I think we’re done here, hope to see you later!” You responded quickly walking out of the room, dragging Jun behind you.

You got to the car after much struggling on his part. When you shoved him roughly into the car, he looked up at you hopefully, like he was expecting you to give him what he wanted. But instead you slammed the door and walked around to the trunk. When you opened the trunk, you could hear him, sounding nervous, calling your name, wanting to know what you were doing. You heard him trying to open the door, and discovering them locked. Metal gleamed as you grabbed something from underneath a blanket.

He let out what sounded like an audible gasp as he saw the pair of handcuffs you were holding. He had bought those to use on you, but oh how the tables had turned. You harshly ripped the door open, and grabbed his wrist. He squirmed under you, but you still grasped a hold of the limb as you put the handcuffs around one wrist and laced the remaining hand cuff through the handle of the ceiling of the car and then finished handcuffing him completely to above the window of the car. You then stormed over to the driver seat, and started to aggressively drive down the road.

He struggled angrily against the chains. “I need you now, Jagiya,” he moaned. When that didn’t get your attention, he started making threats. “I swear when we get home you’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.” You scoffed. Angry tears spilled from his eyes. You know he doesn’t like being prevented, but he should have known better, besides he’ll enjoy it later when it pays off.

But for the time being, he was frustrated. He was frustrated and in pain the whole ride home, but when you pulled into your driveway he perked up, hopeful. You sat there in silence for a minute. Not a word or even a sound came out of either of your mouths before you quickly opened the door and climbed out of the car. You walked around to the side Jun was on and opened the door. Juns lustful eyes looked up at you. You stared down at him for a bit just taking in his beauty.

“Babygirl-” Before he could finish the sentence you were sitting on top of him, straddling his waist between your legs. You pushed your lips onto him harshly, and he returned the kiss in the same manner. You couldn’t take it anymore and man neither could he. He really couldn’t wait anymore.

He pulled harshly on the metal restraints holding his hands above his head. He just wanted to touch you. He wanted to feel you. You pulled away to take them off of him, and he latched onto your neck, devouring the skin, and tracing his lips down to your collarbone.

As soon as the handcuffs were off of him, he grabbed the outside of your upper leg and ran his hands up under your skirt, your lips meeting again. You moaned into the kiss as he grasped your ass in both hands and squeezed, your hands grasping his shoulders tightly. You pulled away and he looked at you confused, as you wriggled out of his grip. You climbed out of the car and walked away from him, taunting him. You quickly unlocked the front door, and you waited. You looked over your shoulder, and Jun climbed out of the car, following you, slamming the car door behind him. You had him wrapped around your finger.

As he met you at the front porch, you grasped his tie between your fingers pulling him into the house. As he walked through the front threshold, you connected your lips with his, and he slammed the front door behind him, locking it. He pushed you backwards before slamming you into a nearby wall.

You grasped his hair between your fingers, pulling at the strands, causing a moan to escape from his mouth. He touched every inch of your torso, reaching under your shirt and feeling the delicate skin. He pressed you against the wall with enough pressure to allow you to wrap your legs around him tightly. He grabbed your bottom to support you. Then he carried you to your shared room.

He set you down on the bed, and practically pounced on you, dying of anticipation. He straddled your waist between his knees. He pulled at your shirt needingly, and you gladly accepted his invitation to pull off your shirt, and you pulled him closer by his tie. Both your lips were slowly becoming swollen from the harshness of the kisses. Jun bit your bottom lip lightly, and tugged on it. His hands practically praised your body, feeling the delicate soft skin under the fabric of your skirt. You chuckled at his desperation, and he slid his tongue into your mouth, exploring it.

He grasped your inner thigh, and squeezed the delicate skin. You pulled him down by his neck so that he was closer to you. He pulled away from the kiss only to reconnect his lips at your collarbone. You yanked at his tie, telling him that you wanted it off. He pulled his hand away from your upper leg to pull the black fabric off, and you slam him against the headboard, desperately unbuttoning his shirt revealing his dancer body.

“Shit, you’re so hot,” you moan before kissing up his stomach and chest, pulling off your shoes, and throwing them across the room, Jun mimicking you. You pull his shirt completely off, throwing it somewhere on the floor, and he removed his pants completely, leaving him in just his underwear.

He climbed back on top of you, pressing his body against your, needingly. He kissed as much as your chest as he could with your bra on. He slid his hands between your legs and ran his fingers up, dangerously close to your pooling heat.

“I need to, baby girl,” Jun pleaded, playing with the fabric of your underwear. You shook your head, grabbing his wrists.

“Tell me, do naughty boys get rewarded?” You whispered in his ear. He shivered, and swallowed heavily. “Hmm?”

“No,” he said, his voice cracking a bit. You let out a laugh, and pushed on his chest to slam him onto his back.

“Do why should I reward you?” You asked lowly.

“Because I’ll be good,” Jun whined. “I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“See, I don’t trust you,” You threatened, climbing off the boy. Jun watched you, anticipating what you were going to do. You walked over to the closet and went threw a few things before finding something he wasn’t expecting you to bring back: a belt.

Jun was slightly nervous, scared of how you were going to use it, but you just simply tied it around the bed frame, and pulled Jun’s wrists through the loops before tightening it. Jun let out a small yelp, and you stopped tightening it, and finished buckling the belt. You had left your handcuffs in the car.

“Naughty boys don’t get to touch.”
Jun watched you intently, waiting for what punishment you were going to give him, and you kneeled above him, a knee on either side of his tensed abs. He was unintentionally nervous, and he wandered if this is how you felt every time he did this to you.

As Jun began to recover his composure, you reached behind you, and unclipped your bra. This caused Jun’s breath to speed up rapidly. He wanted nothing more then to reach out and grab them, kneed them to get you all hot and bothered. He pulled violently at the belt, and you let out a tisk.

“Always so needy, aren’t we Jun.” He let out a loud whine, and you shook your head once again. “Not even trying to be good. Naughty, naughty.”

“Please,” he let out a whine, and you chuckled, moving down to cover over his tent, grinding lightly. He bit his lip, trying his hardest not to let a sound slip out. You noticed, smirking.

“Smart boy, you’re learning.” You lowered you hips back down onto his boner, and watched his struggle to keep quite. As your grind, Jun bit his lip so hard that he thought blood might be drawn.

You pushed your hand against Jun’s bare chest and leaned down, while continuing to grind. You kissed him, and he released his lip from his teeth to accept your lips. You absorbed the moans that escaped his mouth, and moved your lips down to his neck, and kissed the soft skin, biting a bit, but not enough to leave a mark. You didn’t want the press getting any pictures of that.

As your continued to kiss, Jun let a frustrated grunt. You pulled away from his neck, only to see him trying his hardest to keep quiet. You faintly smiled, and went back to his neck before ghosting over his ear.

“See. You can be such a good boy when you try. Such a good little slut for me.” You whispered in his ear. It sent shivers down his spine.

You pulled away, and climbed off the bed, removing your panties completely. You pulled off Jun’s boxers slowly, and you saw his face overwhelmed with excitement. A frustrated tear fell from his eye.

As you pulled them off, you released his rock hard cock, already leaking with precum. Smirking, you climb back on top of him, one knee on either side. You notice how anxious Jun is and you sink down onto him, slowly. You reach down, and capture his lips into your own, swallowing his moans.

As you pick up your pace, Jun bucks his hips up, begging for more, but you deny it from him. Sitting up, you slow down, and hold his hips against the bed, letting out a low growl. He stops his movement, and you release your grip, and you began to sink down on him again, and let out a loud moan, making him want to buck his hips once again. To your surprise, he controls himself. You feel him about to release and you bend over to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t even think about coming before me, you brat!” You threatened. “My little cumslut.” Jun couldn’t help but pull at the belt as you began to speed up. He desperately wanted to cling to the bed sheets. He desperately wanted to lace his hands through you hair and pull at the strands. As you came, you let out a loud moan, and kept sinking down on Jun riding your orgasm out.

“Please,” Jun begged. “I’ll do anything.”

“Come for me my little slut,” You groaned in his ear, and with your permission, he came with a loud scream. You fell off of him, laying beside him, catching your breath. As soon as your breathing was steady, you pushed yourself up, and undid the belt, letting Jun’s wrists fall on the pillow underneath him. You carefully grasped his wrist and kissed the red marks the belt left on his sun kissed skin.

You threw the belt across the room, and both you and Jun climbed under the covers of the bed. You placed your hand on his beautiful face, and pressed your lips softly against his own.

“I love you,” you whispered to him. “You’re my everything, and I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I love you too,” he spoke back, wrapped his arms protectively around your waist.

“It wasn’t too much was it, Jagi?” You asked him, burying your head into his neck.

“No Jagiya. Of course not, you know I would tell you otherwise. And we have a safe word.” Jun reassured. He let out a low chuckle. “Besides… I deserved it.”

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After going through some suggestions, I picked the ones I liked better for Saeyoung. As for Zen, there were some really good ideas, but some of them were more suitable to simple hcs, while some of them were too complex and worthy of a long fic, not just an one-shot, so I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’m going with an idea of my own for him. I promise it’s cute :3

You can vote for the NSFW prompt with Saeyoung here!

I’ll run this poll for the next 24 hours, so you guys can vote until 12am of tomorrow (according to my timezone). I’ll probably post Zen’s on friday and Saeyoung’s on saturday ;)

Once again, thank you for the suggestions. You guys rock!

No, It’s Bucky: Part 10

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 1,874

Warnings: Language (curse words etc) . Just horrible writing.

After a fight in the 12th grade, the reader and Bucky don’t speak for 6 years until the reader moves back to her home town for a work.


A/N: Here is Chapter 10!! I already have Chapter 11 and 12 mapped out and I will start writing those hopefully tomorrow. Those will probably be posted in the next few weeks. Sorry for the long wait. And I hope you like it.

All errors are mine.

No, It’s Bucky Masterlist

| PART 9B |         |PART 11 |

Originally posted by sebjpeg

If there was one thing you could pride yourself on, it was the fact that you were always on time. You were always at least 30 minutes early to work, parties or get togethers. You were a punctual person by nature and always prepared for anything thrown your way. Monday was not one of these days. You woke up late (well late for you) Monday morning after only 4 hours of sleep. It had been a long weekend and you spent most of it trying to distract yourself to some success, except when it came time for you to sleep. A lot of things were replaying through your mind.

Looking at your clock, you saw that you had exactly 10 minutes to have a shower, get changed and drive the 20 minutes to work. Fuck. You were never late. Jumping out of bed, you ran straight into your bathroom and had the quickest shower you had ever had in your life, brushing your teeth in the shower as you tried to not get your hair wet. As you made your way out, you quickly got changed into the first thing you could find, a dress that was probably widely inappropriate but honestly who cared at this point, you quickly grabbed your makeup case and handbag and ran out the door, before turning back around and grabbing a pair of shoes.

Shoes help.

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Hey friends, 

I feel like everyone might be having a bummer time the last two days (at least according to the deluge of bummed out rage-y posts on my dash) so I thought maybe I’d take some ficlet prompts? Y/N? Fluffy heartwarming fics to take everybody’s mind off stuff? Idk what you’re into. You tell me. 

Cassie is out of town so editing the next MYIY chapter won’t happen until tomorrow so I’m happy to pump out some quick ones if anyone has any itches they need scratched. 

Dream Drabbles 1-10

Here are my dream drabbles numbers 1-10.  There will two more.  One posted tonight at 10pm UK time and one tomorrow night same time.  I will then put all of them into one file on AO3. 

I am planning on doing another series of these, probably post TWOTL.  If anyone has any ideas or request then feel free to inbox me!  The next series will have gifs and manips to match.

They will also all be tagged under #purplesocratesdreamdrabbles from now on.


Will can feel the breath on his skin, thetouch of the fingers as they are dragged down his back, it feels like worship, like a prayer, he feels almost god-like. The moan which leaves his lips as he arches his neck back head leaning back is soft and slow. Everything feels slowed down his skin is burning and his nerves are aching. He closes his eyes to the building pleasure and hands grip his hips hard and firm pressing further in, he can feel every inch inside him. A hand scrapes down his chest now and stops at his cock wrapping elegant fingers around and stroking, everything has stopped he wants to stay right here in this moment forever. Thoughts nothing but blind pleasure he grinds back against Hannibal who gasps and leans forward licking sweat from Will’s shoulder. Hannibal shudders as Will grinds back again, one hand is in Hannibal’s hair gripping the strands the other gripping Hannibal’s thigh to steady himself….. 

Will wakes up hard and sweating his immediate thought is fuck.

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muddledmark  asked:

hi hello im just wondering what your thoughts on the whole Markiplier TV thing was, like what do you think mark will do next? got any theories? :P also, how has your week been so far ?

i have no idea what mark’s gonna do next! the fact that all of mark’s characters all know each other and what not is really exciting. like what are they planning? who’s going to show up next? are they gonna take control? who knows! we’ll just have to be on the lookout! 

i do have one theory so far, which is about dark and wilford working together that i posted here, but i’m working on another about wilford! i’ll probably get to posting it tomorrow. 💜