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Update on asks + AUs!

//The “Westerburg destroyed” AU is coming to a temporary close! The next two posts will be a 2-part comic addressing what happened at Westerburg, answering some details about how it all went down and wrapping up this AU for now.  I will post one later today and the second one probably tomorrow or Sunday.

After this, there’ll be a quick comic introducing the “Pure AU” dream sequence and asks will be reopened! A reminder that any asks that direct specifically towards the “Westerburg destroyed” AU will be left unanswered until the “Pure AU” is over.  Asks will be closed once the inbox reaches 50 asks like last time.

Hope you guys enjoy! <3



Bam! 4 parts in one day. I hope this made the hiatus worth it. digital colored pages in the next update!! >~<

Also for all those sending me asks, I thank you very much. I’m promising not to spam your dashes with asks so I’m gonna save them all up for tomorrow and answer them in a text post. This will be probably what I do from now on. thanks for your patience

Part 58

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Spring! (pt 1)

“Tyllerrrrr, where are we going?” Ethan asked he couldn’t stand it anymore. Once a month the two roommates took a day off to spend time together. Just a casual thing, de-stress and what not. Each time they switched off who was in charge of the day. This time was obviously Tyler’s turn.

“Okay,” Tyler began looking away from the road for a moment to smile at the whiny blue boy, “I’ll give you one hint.”

“Sure! Whatever, gimme da hint.” Ethan responded. He hated surprises.

“The hint is: what’s today?” Tyler said, proud of himself. It was a really good hint. Even if Ethan knew what was special about today, there’s no way he’d figure out everything.

“Whatttt??” Ethan groaned. “What kind of hint is that? I’ll tell you what type, a bad one.” The younger boy pulled out his phone and checked it. Nothing really seemed to stand out about it. “I don’t get it. It’s just March 20th. Nothing special…right?” Ethan paused for a moment. “Shit, I didn’t forget like our friend-aversary or something did I???” He looked at Tyler who was just smiling widely.

“No, no nothing like that, just sit back and enjoy the ride silly.”

*about an hour later*

“Are we there yettt?” Ethan asked, for the billionth time. Finally, Tyler had the satisfaction of being able to say yes.

“Actually, we are,” Tyler said, pulling onto a dirt road. They had left the city miles back. There wasn’t much around. Just hills and some mountains way off in the distance, a couple of trees. Not a lot to say the least.

“Oh.” was all Ethan could muster. If he was confused before, then he was straight baffled now. A minute or two down the road, Tyler pulled off to the side and killed the engine. He stole a glance at his friend, chuckling a bit at the lost look on his face.

Tyler, without saying a word, unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. Ethan followed suit, there wasn’t much else to do. As an after thought, Tyler told him to leave his phone in the car, saying that he wouldn’t need it. Reluctantly, he listened. However, Tyler’s next request was even stranger.

“ You see that hill?” Tyler gestured to one right in front of them, “Go to the top and close your eyes, and no peeking.” he smiled at the blue haired boy and ruffled his hair a bit.

“…Tylerrrr are you planning on murdering me out here?” Ethan joked, but without even waiting for a response started climbing up the side of the hill.

“MAYBE,” Tyler called out. When Ethan was far enough away, Tyler started putting his plan into motion. He popped the trunk of the car, revealing a picnic basket, a blanket, and other assorted goodies. He got everything out and carried it all up the hill at once, not wanting to make two trips. Once he made sure the younger boy had his eyes closed, he laid the blanket down on the ground. Right on a nice, soft patch of grass. He set up two plates and napkins, put out the food. Everything was perfect. On the other side of the hill, out of sight from the road, there was a small lake. That was for later, though, after their little feast.

~~This was originally just going to be one long thing, but maybe breaking it up will be better. Then I can see if there’s any real interest in it too. So more of like a teaser part. Also mostly bc im lazy. and Tired. anyways, yeah. I WILL POST THE NEXT PART TOMORROW OR I SHALL DIE. Just -ahem- anyways. I’ll go now.

interrupted (M) part I

pairing: reader x ???

genre: angst  and a lil bit of fluff (the next few parts are just going to be straight smut. im not lying.)

summary: basically i am still on hiatus but wanted to give you guys a one shot drabble thing, but we all know how incapable and incompetent i am of one shots so i made it into 3 parts (sue me) and i’ll probably post part II tomorrow or something. btw this part is literally so shit so sorry lmao but just read it for part two tomorrow ;)

word count: 1.7 k (specifics: 1,724)

warnings/triggers: i always fucking swear okay, i have a whore mouth and suggestive theme obviously

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Hello everyone! I bought these two Stabilo markers and found out that they actually go well together (the pictures helped a lot haha :D). I don’t have a tutorial for this spread yet but I’m planning to do it for the next one so it should be up by the end of the month. I’m also going to Prague tomorrow, so there probably won’t be many posts for the next two days. Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! :)

muddledmark  asked:

hi hello im just wondering what your thoughts on the whole Markiplier TV thing was, like what do you think mark will do next? got any theories? :P also, how has your week been so far ?

i have no idea what mark’s gonna do next! the fact that all of mark’s characters all know each other and what not is really exciting. like what are they planning? who’s going to show up next? are they gonna take control? who knows! we’ll just have to be on the lookout! 

i do have one theory so far, which is about dark and wilford working together that i posted here, but i’m working on another about wilford! i’ll probably get to posting it tomorrow. 💜

No, It’s Bucky: Part 10

Type: Reader insert

Relationship/pairing: Bucky/ Female Reader

Word count: 1,874

Warnings: Language (curse words etc) . Just horrible writing.

After a fight in the 12th grade, the reader and Bucky don’t speak for 6 years until the reader moves back to her home town for a work.


A/N: Here is Chapter 10!! I already have Chapter 11 and 12 mapped out and I will start writing those hopefully tomorrow. Those will probably be posted in the next few weeks. Sorry for the long wait. And I hope you like it.

All errors are mine.

No, It’s Bucky Masterlist

| PART 9B |         |PART 11 |

Originally posted by sebjpeg

If there was one thing you could pride yourself on, it was the fact that you were always on time. You were always at least 30 minutes early to work, parties or get togethers. You were a punctual person by nature and always prepared for anything thrown your way. Monday was not one of these days. You woke up late (well late for you) Monday morning after only 4 hours of sleep. It had been a long weekend and you spent most of it trying to distract yourself to some success, except when it came time for you to sleep. A lot of things were replaying through your mind.

Looking at your clock, you saw that you had exactly 10 minutes to have a shower, get changed and drive the 20 minutes to work. Fuck. You were never late. Jumping out of bed, you ran straight into your bathroom and had the quickest shower you had ever had in your life, brushing your teeth in the shower as you tried to not get your hair wet. As you made your way out, you quickly got changed into the first thing you could find, a dress that was probably widely inappropriate but honestly who cared at this point, you quickly grabbed your makeup case and handbag and ran out the door, before turning back around and grabbing a pair of shoes.

Shoes help.

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Hey, guys! Mod Colette ♡ here!

Tomorrow I’m leaving to fulfill my long-held dream of hiking in the Andes Mountains! It’s a really big deal for me, but it also means that I’ll be away from the internets- and this blog- for a while. I’ve filled up the queue with more than enough posts for the next few weeks and I know that Mod Sheena will take very good care of everything while I’m gone, but with only one mod around to answer questions and post submissions and such, we probably won’t be as interactive as we’d like. 

My hope is that we can host some group polls and discussions when I return, so please look forward to that. In the meantime, thanks so much for your support and patience! You guys are the best! ♡

oh my loves, just wanted to let you know i’ll be gone for a long weekend to celebrate one whole year of legally binding commitment 💒 but no need to fear, i’ve got a nice lil queue set up, as per usual, and even a little extra somethin’ somethin’ posting tomorrow night. lemme know what you think of that piece and i’ll be back early next week

be good, be safe, be nice, heart you all 💕


[a/n]: helllloooo!! decided i’d get one more thing out before classes start tomorrow :( i probably won’t post anything else until next weekend, but i’ll work on some writings do they’ll be ready to go by friday! if u have any requests send them my way (also any feedback would b nice) and i hope u like it!!!

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: fluff, college!au, frat boy!yoongi

word count: 367

summary: yoongi wakes up to you wearing his shirt and he just noticed how much he liked it. (and you)

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Draco Malfoy Imagine - Romeo and Juliet

Hey guys!  I’m going on a trip for the fourth of July so I might not be posting much until after next Saturday.  I will try to put a bunch of stuff in my queue, but I don’t think I can write eleven imagines in one night, so …  Also, I have no requests left to do (except the masterlist, which I am still working on and will probably be posted tomorrow) in my inbox so I’m just making these up lol.  If you write me a request it and send it TONIGHT I will probably get it done.  But if you send one much later, I probably won’t write it for a bit less than two weeks.

     “My father will hear about this!” cried Draco as he stormed off towards the hospital wing.  Ron, Harry, and I were left cracking up in the hallway behind him.

     Hermione stood next to the three of us trying to look unamused.  “Ron, I can’t believe you gave him rabbit ears!  To be honest, I didn’t even know that you knew that spell.”

     “Hey,” Ron sputtered, “I’ve gotten better at magic since I got to Hogwarts!”

     I rolled my eyes and he elbowed me in the ribs.

     We stood together in the hallway, talking and laughing, for a long time before Hermione eyed a clock on the wall rather regretfully and said, “It’s getting late.  We’d better be going.”

     I nodded and said goodnight, then we each went our separate ways - Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the Gryffindor common room, and me to that of Slytherin.  The four of us had been good friends since we first met on the train to Hogwarts, but sadly, I had been placed in a separate house.

     Seemingly, the worst house.  After all, who would want to be stuck with Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Vincent Crabbe, or Gregory Goyle?


     Later that night, I was reading in the common room.  I had finished my homework early for once, and was indulging in one of my guilty pleasures - reading classic muggle novels.

     Right now I was reading Romeo and Juliet, which, so far, I was hating.  No one falls in love like that!

     A few pages after I started reading, Draco Malfoy sat down on the couch beside me.

     “What are you reading?” he asked me.

     “I see you’ve gotten your ears back to normal,” I remarked.  Why was Malfoy talking to me?

     He just looked at me.

     I sighed and said, “Romeo and Juliet.  Why are you talking to me?”

     “I was curious - not many wizards read muggle books,” Draco spat out the word ‘muggle’ as though it was a curse, “Besides, Crabbe and Goyle are in detention.“

     “Surprise,” I muttered, turning back to my book.

     He sat there for a few moments, before suddenly saying, “y/n, why do you hate me so much?”

     “You’re mean to my friends,” I said, without even a second thought.  Why would I like someone who constantly pestered my best friends?

     “But I’m not mean to you,” he replied, “I like you.  More than the rest of them, anyways.”

     “You’re mean to them.”

     He rolled his eyes.  “My parents hate him.  You can’t really expect us to be best friends, now can you?”

     I shrugged.

     “What’s it about?” he asked, gesturing to my book.

     “Two teenagers who fall in love.  It’s kind of dumb, actually.”

     “Why’s it dumb?”

     I looked away.  This was kind of an awkward discussion to be having with Draco Malfoy, who was supposed to be my enemy.  “Because they’re young and stupid.  They fall head-over heels in love for each other in a matter of days, they don’t understand the danger of their situation, and they end up dying for each other.“

     “Wow.”  Draco said.  “But it doesn’t seem very realistic.”

     “I guess not.”

     “I mean, usually a person likes someone for a long time before they talk to them, right?”

      I nodded cautiously.

     “And then they usually try to find things in common with the other person?”

     “I guess,” I replied.

     “And then, maybe they tell the person that they like them?”

     All my attention was on Draco now.  Was he telling me he liked me?

    “And then see if they want to go to Hogsmeade next weekend?”

     I blinked in shock.  Draco had never been nice to me before, and my friends would tease me forever.  But despite all of that, he was sort of cute.

     I took a deep breath, and smiled at him.

     “I’d like that.”

     Might as well give him a chance.



This was supposed to post yesterday but the wifi was bad so i’ll pretend it was by having yesterday’s date

So, it’s pretty incredible being allowed to live here for a few days while interviews are going on as the view out my window is spectacular. Today I had an interview this morning and I have no idea how it went. My next one is tomorrow and I’ll probably go down into the city centre to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon as I have a lot of spare time.

To my hopeless anons:

I don’t know if I’m going to post your asks. Not tonight at least. I need to give this one a night and see how I feel tomorrow. Or next week. I don’t really know.

Don’t be offended if I don’t post your asks. If I don’t, it’s because I don’t have a rebuttal and I don’t want my blog to be a place my followers go and get down because of it. 

However, feel free to PM if you really want to talk to me about this and you need to vent or whatever, I am totally open for you!

My ask box probably isn’t the best place to go for that …

anonymous asked:

imagine viktor tickling the snot out of yuuri and yuuri cries "vitya!" and then gets super embarrassed but viktor thinks its the cutest thing hes ever seen and keeps asking him to call him that :D also im the one whose prompt you did first and THANK YOU! it was beautiful! <3 :3

idk if this was a prompt or just a headcanon but i had to write a little s/t for it because it was TOO CUTE

“So,” Victor says, slipping underneath the covers and sliding closer to Yuuri. “We have the hotel room all to ourselves.”

“Yeah, because I finally managed to get Chris to leave,” Yuuri mutters, adjusting his glasses and clicking through instagram on his phone idly. He’s half-sitting up against the pillows, and Victor scoots closer, slinging an arm over his waist and nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

“What should we do with our time, then?” Victor asks pleasantly, kissing Yuuri’s neck softly. Yuuri shivers and pulls his phone closer to his face, nearly touching his nose as he tries to ignore Victor’s wandering hands. They’re long and warm, and they slip underneath his shirt easily, thumbing along his hips and brushing over his stomach, petting soothingly.

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Hello! Time for another personal weekly update kinda!

Anyway, for people looking forward to the next chapter of Metamorphosis, it’s written, beta, and ready for posting tomorrow! Hehe, it’s part one of the final fight in this part and boooy howdy! I’ll probably start working on the next part so I can hopefully have it done soon because I want to get these chapters out before the end of May.

Besides that, let’s see. I have a summer fanfiction exchange to work on, the Zine piece needs to be shaded, and I need to finish that RotG crossover with Miraculous for the Holiday Special. I can’t even remember how many words I was at with that. Though, now I wanna write another shorter one-shot based on the designs I did for Dreamworks!AU day back during February?? Yup, it was February (I also did a Zootopia animal design for them). Man, I just love Crossovers and AUs.

Oh and, this weekend I’ll be scarce since I’m going to FanimeCon. I don’t have a table this year, but I’ll try again next time. I wanna sell some prints. And speaking of prints, when I come back, I’ll do a commission post proper just because Tumblr rules be wacky and messing up my normal links.

Annnd, that should be all for now. Later!

Writing Update 11 May 17

It’s been a while since I’ve written this much this consistently. And I am enjoying it immensely. Also, gleefully anticipating the reactions of my readers, and getting a lot of use out of the one gif. Because it’s very apt to the grin I’m directing at my screen in the hour or so after each section of story posts.

Also! The stories in the AU have titles now! And will have their posts updated at some point tomorrow to reflect that, as well as linking them to each other. Probably after the first part of the next story posts at 8pm eastern US time.

anonymous asked:

Is there no mafia update today? ☹️

Okay, so the sitch is, I had a whole shit fest to deal with last night that meant i got VERY little sleep, and then had work till late today, and then when i got home i spent some quality time with the main bae before she leaves me until God only knows when on tuesday :( Which meant i ended up not being able to edit and post today’s chapter of Mafia. Im genuinely really sorry. <3

That being said, we now have 3 options, on when i post this week’s chapter of mafia, although more like 2 cause im not too keen on one of them. So:

- A - I upload mafia tomorrow at around 7/8, before i post the last two chapters of SRF (This is the one im not keen on, so it probably wont happen)

- B - I upload the next chapter on Monday night, instead of you guys having to wait a whole week for an update.

- C - Or, I just postpone uploading till next weekend, and you get one chapter on saturday and one on sunday. (In both scenarios B & C, there will be a second upload on Sunday, since that will be the new weekly upload date once SRF finishes.)

So let me know which one you guy’s are down for, and whichever option is more popular i’ll announce before Monday night! :) <3

Originally posted by selva3bd

Daily Sketches | Week 16 

This week was one of the hardest until know. I think it’s probably because one of my weakest points is storytelling and “what to draw”. I decided to focurs everyday in developing an idea I would like for a finished illustration (these you’re seeing are just one of many I drew). Also, the character on the right is a tribute to my friend Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña, and I will dedicate a full post for him tomorrow or the day next. I hope you had a nice weekend :) 

Keep drawing yaayyy! :D


anonymous asked:

what are the next few fics coming out from the prompt thing

Anon is talking about my Follower Celebration!

I’ve gotten so many amazing prompts and I am trying to do all of them over the next two weeks or so, probably posting one or two a day. The next few are drum roll:

  • Uliro spar
  • Shatt royalty AU
  • Shance fluff
  • Drunk Hunk

Those should be coming out tomorrow and the next day and I have a bunch more to follow!