the next investment i want to make

“It’s not really my style” is easily one of the most ridiculous, bold faced lies Robert has ever told. Like boy who are you trying to fool? 

19 days after their first kiss he was offering to invest thousands of dollars into Aaron’s business because Aaron didn’t want to be involved with him. NINETEEN DAYS. 

All Aaron had to do was make a few mild comments about the barn and the next thing you know they’re staying overnight at a hotel instead. Aaron makes a comment about needing a bigger bed because Robert kicks in his sleep and that’s all it takes for Robert to book them a room at the best hotel in the county. 

He spends two thousand dollars just to irritate Aaron into speaking to him. He manipulates Chrissie into leaving town without him so that he can bring Aaron to HF and be ‘normal’ with him. He did hard labor just so that he could be near Aaron. He constantly put his ideal life with Chrissie in jeopardy because he couldn’t stay away from Aaron. He paid Ryan to give a false statement to the police. Chas said they should take a day off to have fun together and Robert is like “Or! I could take Aaron to Spain for a weekend away.”. 

And Aaron never asked him for any of it. That was all down to Robert. Plus that’s just some of the stuff he’s actively done for Aaron, there’s a ton a passive stuff too. Like not getting more pissed than he did about Aaron trashing his car, or telling Chas and Paddy about their affair, or Cain, or CHRISSIE which caused Robert’s entire life to implode. Not only that but Aaron set him up and tried to record Robert confessing to killing Katie. And he shrugged it all off eventually and moved past it because Aaron meant more to him than all of it.

(Ok granted that last one comes with the giant exception that it was immediately followed by the whole lodge thing but still - that seemed to be coming more from a place of devastation that Aaron knew the truth and hated him for it than from anger. But that’s beside the point.) 

Robert has absolutely no chill when it comes to Aaron. He never has. On any given day Robert would give Aaron the world if he wanted it. And the fact that he’s trying to pretend like he doesn’t see the anniversary of the day that Aaron was born as the best day in the history of everything is totally adorable. 

So before this year ends, I’m gonna go ahead and post my resolutions for 2017. I’m really excited for next year, I can already tell it’s gonna be awesome :D Thank you @aoademic for tagging me ^_^

1. Be studyblr-worthy.
I LITERALLY started this blog yesterday, and I’m really happy to be seeing some followers already. Therefore, I want to actually live out my life well so that I can make great content. That means investing in little things like taking better notes, not hitting snooze (HAHA) or getting Starbucks more often to set the studying mood.

2. Write more essays or stories.
This year, I want to participate in more writing contests to get a little more money or just for the sake of knowing I can write well by winning (i love competition!) If possible, I want to join my school paper as well.

3. Be a better leader and a kinder person.
Some people irl actually say they’re scared of me (omg) and I want to be nicer to others, especially in leading groupmates or classmates. I can be really harsh and judgemental on people aroud me, and that has to change :)

4. Manage my time wisely.
I cannot adequately stress how my perfectionism always gets the best of me, leading me to waste time often, so I need to properly schedule to avoid that. Maybe I’ll have to change up my sleep schedule, but it will be worth it :p

5. Take care of my body.
Because of schoolwork, I tend to skip meals, do all-nighters and eventually neglect how I look (ahhhh), so I want to be more mindful of that. Perhaps walking more around campus or daily workouts will do the trick.

If anyone wants to do this challenge, go ahead xD I tag (i hope you don’t mind me tagging you) @midnitelatte, @ambivalentstudies, @aescholar, @catalinastudies and @honeydewstudies take it :)) A happy new year to everyone!

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hey, it's the last anon! thank you so much for your answer, could i have more trans guy information?

Of course! 

Definitely invest in a good sports bra. I personally have a pretty big chest, and since I was a dumb young trans and used an unsafe binder (I had stress fractures- NOT GOOD) I have to wear the next best thing. The ones I have halve the size of my chest! Make sure you know your size, and stay safe with them.

Tell your parents you want to buy your own clothes, then hit the thrift store. Yeah, the clothes may be faded and a little bit worn, but you might be able to get away with passing something you find in the men’s area as something you found in the women’s. (example: most of my early men’s button downs were purchased from goodwill and passed off as shirts I found in the women’s section.)

Try to get a shorter hair cut. Short hairstyles are relatively in (I think?) and you may be able to get away with something short for the summer. Find a “feminine” cut, then tell your hairdresser to make it more masculine. 

Practice lowering your voice. I believe there’s an app (don’t quote me) that helps trans people train their voices. 

Have a razor? Start shaving your face. You might not have dark hair, but you have peach fuzz. Plus, shaving your face will probably help you feel a bit more masculine.

Buy “gender-neutral” deodorant. Yeah, it might say “extra strength odor protection”, but it isn’t heavily perfumed like the deodorants marketed towards women, and it isn’t strictly ‘for men’ if your parents are so worried about it.

Watch how guys hold themselves, and mimic it (if you feel safe doing so). Study intrinsically masculine body language, and try to subtly work it into your own.

Exercise! Work on upper body strength to broaden your shoulders. Plus, if you get your pecs developed, it actually makes future top surgery easier, as doctors can reshape your chest over your pre-built muscle. Check out here for some work outs to help masculinize your body.

I hope this helped, lovely anon!

-Mod Fen

Since the very first fandom I got into more than ten years ago until now I could never answer one question: why do we invest so much time, feelings and work into fandoms and ships when, realistically speaking, the things we want are obviously not gonna happen in canon? We talk how it’s possible (and some actually believe) that in the next installment our ship is getting together when some canons not only doesn’t have even one lgbt character (if they do, we just never gonna know) but manage to mess up their straight pairings.
However, this isn’t a post about how unfair some canon work is. Because in fandoms we make it as we like it. The answer to my question was always here, I just never really acknowledged it. We invest in FANDOMS not in canon, in fandoms where we actually get what we want.

Dear MCU gods

if you wanted me to be invested in your “canon” romance pairings please have said pairing spend more than 20 minutes of screen time or worse blindside us with their “that came out of nowhere” romance. please see exhibit 1 and 2.

exhibit 1:

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exhibit 2:

Originally posted by isaacoscar

I mean we get that you’ll always cater to the heterosexual masses when it comes to pairing a couple. But next time can you have a little bit of build up so it makes sense? see exhibit 3.

exhibit 3:

Originally posted by stormxpadme

and you almost had it here with exhibit 4:

As a female watching any MCU movie : No need to shove a romance story at us to have us watch your movie. 

but if you do please don’t treat us like we’re stupid because it feels disrespectful. 

Also don’t shove the “its in the comics” explanation at us either. I’m sure the comics had more time building up these pairings to be more believable and for the fans to actually care about said pairings. Do it right (again see exhibit 3)

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Headcanon + family?

send me a word plus ‘headcanon’ and i’ll give a headcanon based on that word.

OOC;; i don’t have any family headcanons where it comes to who his parents were or how smoker might have been raised. none i’m going to incorporate into his character here, at least, unless it’s for a specific au. i want to hope that oda will eventually touch on his backstory, especially after making smoker a recurring character and personally important to luffy on some level.

i mean, if he had absolutely nothing planned for his character, he could have just left him in loguetown as the marine of the day, couldn’t he? thus saving me from becoming so stupidly invested. here i am, though. stupidly invested and waiting for smoker’s next appearance.

while i don’t have any headcanons for his background i’ll use, i do have solid ideas for smoker’s opinion on families–specifically parenthood. it all starts with commitment. your family, your spouse, your children–that’s an important commitment, one you don’t just set aside to do whatever you like. if you have a dream that you haven’t accomplished yet, but you chose to have a family? then too fucking bad. you chose to have a family, to marry and have a child. they should be your dream now or should be involved in your dream.

if you wanted to do things that would make them second tier in your life, then you either should have done that beforehand or thought about it more. he has no patience for the people who abandon their children and believe that’s fine and dandy, that their behaviour is excused because they had a dream to chase. if anything, it just proves they’re selfish–that they wanted it all and believe they deserve it all.

so, for example, what yasopp did to his son–how the red hair pirates encouraged him to leave, when he had a frail wife and young boy to look after? smoker would find that unforgivable and no excuse yasopp might come up with would make up for his actions. especially not when usopp’s mother died while he was still young, leaving a boy to grow up alone. he didn’t even return to visit at any stage from when usopp was a child to his teenage years. it would come across even more damning if smoker learnt about this and how he spent time with shanks and luffy.

smoker owns his decisions and he expects others to do the same, especially when their decisions will affect not only others but children.

Back to School Essentials

I have been involved with school for 9 years and still going. Throughout them years, I have learned a handful of things that are essential for you!

1. Pencil-case: this sounds like a no brainer but it has happened to me that I forgot my pencil-case at home in exam season! So, before you fall asleep, pack your bag for the next day and make sure your pencil-case is one of the first things you pack.

2. Note-books: yet again, sounds like a no brainer but is probably the most important essential. Not many people pack a note book because they think paper is enough. However, if you want to keep your notes in one place, I would invest into some good note-books! 

3. A water bottle: you have no idea how much water helps your brain. Everyone has heard about the important of keeping hydrated (helps your digestive track, keeps energy levels up). However, many people skip out on this. Either invest into a good water bottle from a store like VS or pop down to your local supermarket. There is also the alternative and paying a £1 or under for a 1L water bottle! 

4. Food: as a person who loves food (you can tell by my body), food is something I cannot leave the house without. Try keeping it healthy (have whole-meal bread or vegetables in your sandwich). To add something to your food, have a small chocolate bar or a bag of crisps. Food will keep you motivated as it will be a reward for working hard in your lesson! 

5. Hand-sanitizer: if you don’t like the grease on your fingers from your crisps, hand-santizer is your bestie. 

6. Hand cream: this is an essential for me as my hands become dry very quickly. My personal favorite are the Garnier ones! 

7. Compact mirror: if you’re someone who wears make-up, a compact mirror is a very handy little thing. Also, it is handy if you want to check whether you have pen marks on your face (been there, done that). 

8. Chapstick/vasline/lip-balm: whatever you use for your lips, put it in your backpack/handbag. You will be surprised how nice it is to moisturize your lips! 

9. Ear-phones/headphones: these will come in handy if you’re in a busy area at school or it is noisy at the cafe/library, these will be your best-friend. These will also be your best-friend when on the train or bus. 

10. Umbrella: for someone who lives in the UK, it is also rare to get sunshine in the autumn/winter/spring times. It just rains and rains and rains. On many occasions, my hair was a damp dog and my make-up smudged down my eyes (not very attractive). 

Hopes for DA4

Okay. I have a lot of opinions right now about the next game. My dash is full of people wanting their Inquisitors back for DA4, for many reasons. I’ve said before that I would not be angry if we don’t get them back, but now I feel I need to clarify. I will not be surprised.

I’ve watched Weekes’ recent interview, and I love listening to him geek out and have fun. But, I did listen. So here it is.

I don’t like getting invested in a new protagonist time and time again–it makes it hard to invest at all. I can; it’s the nature of interests, but when I put so much effort into a character only to lose them over and over (not necessarily through death)–I will have a hard time touching the new game for a long time, meaning I will not immediately jump in and buy it. I don’t replay DAO much because the game is long and I can’t invest in my wardens the way I had at first. I know where their stories can go. I can sit in the keep and make plenty of them for a new worldstate. I replay DA2 because it is short and sits on the same level as essentially comfort food for me, but I don’t get too invested in my Hawkes when I do it. Not anymore.

But then there’s Inquisition. I can’t stop playing, even with Trespasser. I’m super invested! My Lavellan and Trevelyan are fun to play! And part of the fun, for me, as a player, is not knowing where they are going next. Their story is finished… but unfinished. I want to play my Lavellan opposing Solas’ plan, doing her level best to save him. And, I remember reading way back last year that Bioware had been studying the movement of one-armed amputees and how they could move and fight with that. They have looked into it! Losing their arm should never prevent them from being a main player character and it would help make sense that they need to relearn their skills all over again.

I spent a long time investing in my Inquisitors, and honestly, I would be happy to continue them forward. The rule about Thedas not being one person’s story makes sense, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have one person’s story be multiple games and then move on to someone new after that. I want a complete story. DAI does and doesn’t feel complete–it feels like a complete origin story of epic proportions, like a complete setup for the next part of the Inquisitor’s story. My wardens and Hawkes were done by the end of their games (and DLC). But it really does feel like the Inquisitor isn’t done yet–they still have goals and a stake in things, and it wouldn’t make sense for the next person to have the same stake in, say, Solas, as the Inquisitor does.

As a player… I don’t want my Inquisitor in a supporting, sideline role to handle Solas. I want them to struggle for Solas directly–he is their friend, their love, their enemy. Yes, we are moving on to a new part of Thedas and likely new companions. I’m okay with that–the companions feel wrapped up. It’s the Inquisitor who… well, isn’t. They are and they aren’t. It’s strange. At this point, the new protagonist “rule” for every game feels arbitrary with how Trespasser left things. I was more ready for a new person after the end game, but now, after Trespasser, I feel… like I’m sitting on a cliff waiting to get nudged off or pulled back and I don’t know which I want.

Losing an arm isn’t going to make me not want to play them, nor should it stop them from being a hero. Also, the Inquisitor is the first protagonist in Dragon Age with no defined age. I want to play someone who has been around the block, who is older, experienced. The Warden and Hawke have rough canon ages that start them pretty young; the Inquisitor does not. You can play that grizzled warrior who has been around the block before with them, and if their story is continued, then you can do so even more. That would be great!

The Inquisitor is left with finishing Book One, maybe even Book Two with Trespasser–I would like to see Book Three (through Five, if we’re going for a Trilogy or a five part series) for them. Playing a few games as one protagonist’s complete arc would make me very happy, and ready to play as a new protagonist after that. I need a defined and definite ending to the story.

Another thing! I would love to play a story like Leliana’s Song for Solas–playing AS Solas during the events that led up to the creation of the Veil? HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!

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I just want to know what Ben could do that now billionaire invests his money in his next 7 movies when SM currently produced only 1 short film? I don't believe that its investments and investments in other companies are based on blind faith in the talent of one actor. They are businessmen first of all and want to make a profit. But again! At the moment SM produced a total of only one movie! (1)


Yes, right? 😄I guess it’s probably a motivation thing on investor side. Perhaps they finally heard that oil is running out sooner or later and they were looking for a new area to develop into- a lateral cooperation/diversification. Or they had too much money on their hand and needed to get rid of it before someone mentions the ugly word “taxation”

We don’t know at this point if that said company finances all the projects. They invested into SunnyMarch which raised their equity capital and that also raises their financial standing to borrow money from somebody.

There’s a small but mighty difference because the money the company invested into SM is not to be touched of possible. Look at it as a kind of security deposit. If a company starts paying bills from their “deposit” you want to start looking for another job before they stop sending your paychecks because this is most likely to end up very bad for the company.

The mighty business of ‘Hamilton’ and the myth of the great green way (Forbes):

Last November, shortly after Hamilton transitioned from selling out the tiny non-profit Public Theater to making millions per month on Broadway, investor Brisa Trinchero received a call from an inquisitive tech billionaire.

“I want to get in on Hamilton’s next round,” he said plainly.

“Broadway doesn’t work that way—there is one capitalisation,” explained Trinchero, who has invested in 20 productions, including Beautiful and Porgy and Bess, through her company, Make Musicals. “You get one shot to invest in a Broadway show.”

Fortunately for Trinchero, she didn’t throw hers away. She is among Hamilton’s roughly 100 carefully selected backers—a group that includes billionaire Len Blavatnik and Tony Award-winning producer Kevin McCollum—who collectively came up with the $12.5 million capitalisation for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s groundbreaking hip-hop musical.

They have all been handsomely rewarded. In its first year on Broadway, Hamilton was projected (in June) to gross $100 million, with some $25 million in profits (and nearly $100 million in advance sales). Investors have already recouped their initial outlays; for each dollar put into the show about the man who created American money, they can expect to reap twice that each year, indefinitely. 


Says Trinchero: “While you can’t make a living on Broadway, you can make a killing.”

The 35-year-old Trinchero learnt the hard way. She got her MBA from the University of Portland in 2005, and within a few years, she was running one of the biggest theatre companies in Oregon. In 2010, one of her donors fell in love with the musical Bonnie & Clyde, which was on its way to Broadway. He partnered with Trinchero, contributing $250,000—but lost it all when the show closed after less than a month.

Undeterred, Trinchero went to see Miranda’s first Broadway musical, In the Heights, and was so impressed that she approached Jill Furman, one of the show’s producers, and handed her a blank cheque. Trinchero didn’t have unlimited funds, of course, but knew she wanted to invest in Miranda. “Whatever show he does next,” she said, “I want in.”

Miranda was already working on that. He had read Chernow’s 2004 Hamilton biography and saw not only the quintessential American story but also the quintessential hip-hop story: An ascent from poverty driven by the power of words. […] Eventually Furman and fellow lead producer Jeffrey Seller committed $1.9 million to debut the show at New York’s Public Theater in January 2015. Soon after, they started planning to take Hamilton to Broadway, knowing they could have their pick of investors. 

As they brought on members of their inner circle, Furman remembered the blank-cheque offer from Trinchero, fresh off Broadway hits with Beautiful and Porgy and Bess, and invited her to invest a specific five-figure sum—no more, no less. The show opened on Broadway in August 2015, and the world quickly recognised the brilliance of the marriage between Chernow’s book and Miranda’s rhymes.

When it comes to investing, however, Trinchero believes the material is only one part of the alchemy. The most important ingredients, she says, are reasonable weekly operating costs—which typically run between $500,000 and $800,000 for musicals—and strong lead producers like Seller, whose résumé includes Rent and Avenue Q. Most shows also have several co-producers whose names go above the title; they pay anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million for the privilege and are eligible for Tony Awards.

Beyond that, a cast of smaller contributors usually pours in sums of five to six figures apiece. All Broadway backers must be accredited investors, which means annual income in excess of $200,000 or investable net worth north of $1 million. Recent shows like Godspell have been able to skirt the requirements by turning to crowdfunding. In theory, it’s a great way to bring more people into Broadway’s fold; in practice, it’s a great way for starry-eyed neophytes to lose money on shows already passed on by veterans.

“If you want to be involved and somebody brings a project to you, know that you might lose that money,” says Trinchero, who estimates she’s had a 60 percent return on her theatrical investments. “But know that also it’s really the only way to get in—there’s a real badge of honour for that.”

The one drawback of investing in a runaway hit like Hamilton? Endless seat requests from friends and family. Trinchero brings the curtain down firmly: “Do not call me for tickets.”


I’ve mainly been keeping quiet, eagerly reading all the thoughts and excitement about our pair and it’s been AMAZING, this fandom is so invested and clearly we are all anxious to know what happens next but I wanted to say a few words about Hasil and his steadfast refusal to back away from Sally Ann.

Before I begin, can I say this is my opinion and that in no way makes it right, it’s just my take on it.  Feel free to disagree but please remember it’s just my opinion along with some theories and or food for though.

When Hasil waits for Sally Ann after their failed date, she is clearly upset and tells Hasil that it’s not the first time this has happened to her and it won’t be the last! She tells him to leave her alone. Hasil’s reply “Why would I do that?” For me this was said in what can only be described as a Hasil way.  Hasil cannot understand why she would imagine he would not want to see her, be near her.  I really don’t think it was said with any intent to disregard her feelings.  I think he was still trying to apologise and trying to say that he was serious about her and that he would NEVER “leave her alone” (waiting aimlessly for him) and NOT show up for their date if he could help it.

Sally Ann tries to explain that she lives in the real world and that he lives on the mountain and that they are too different but ALL Hasil sees as their DIFFERENCES are their gender and in-fact he goes on to say that, that actually helps the situation.  If you think about it, maybe even the differences of where they live to him, “Sorta, helps the situation”.  

We don’t know much about Hasil ‘cept he seems to stay in the background and not get too involved, we know he’s curious about town and maybe that thing about them being from different worlds, is part of his attraction to Sally Ann. Hasil has a thirst for knowledge and is talented and bright, so to him those reasons may not hold water.  I can hear some of you say, yeah but what about what Sally Ann wants and I would agree but my point is that she has sited her reasons for things not being a good idea but maybe Hasil has other ideas about staying on the mountain, maybe he’s more like Asa than we think.

When Hasil goes to speak to Sally Ann in the laundromat he is desperate to know that he has not done something wrong.  So desperate that he does not wait for her to leave the laundromat but instead goes in to find out if she is okay. I don’t know if you guy’s remember but in one of the promos it shows Hasil holding up the flowers and smiling; his standing by the wire fence, they did not show this in the episode, so I can only guess that Hasil catches Sally Ann’s eye while she’s doing her laundry and holds up the flowers to show her what he’s brought for her but she is unresponsive.  I believe this is what spurs Hasil on even further to actually enter the laundromat because he is immediately concerned about what is going on with her/them.  Also remember, the last time he saw her she seemed melancholy after their time together and I don’t think he was convinced when she told him she was happy, his feelings of anxiety and confusion would’ve been further exasperated by the fact that she rushed out of there after getting a text.

As soon as he begins to talk to her, he can tell she is sad and her whole demeanor is off, Hasil is a sensitive soul and non of this will have been lost on him.  He wants to make it right but doesn’t know how, he tries to offer to help her but she scolds him.  He explains his confusion and tells her their time together was beautiful… He waits hopefully for her response and is rewarded when she confirms she felt the same.  Unfortunately, it’s followed by, “I cant see you anymore”  He’s really lost now!

Sally Ann explains that her brother is not happy about her seeing him and he offers to make his “acquaintance” (so old fashioned) he says he’ll speak to him and I think in his mind he feels that perhaps this will settle things.  She says things will get really bad for her but it is not clear to him what really bad means. He maybe feels he’s to blame for her brother being upset because he should have gone and spoken to the family (her brother) first, after all isn’t that what you do when you “court” someone? I think when he says “I aint gon let you go” He means I will fight for you, not that he hasn’t heard what she says but that he wants her to hear him too.  He wants her to know that  whatever her fear is he is NOT running away.

Okay guy’s there it is.  Hopefully, I haven’t offended anybody, that was not my intention, just sharing some thoughts… Enjoy the rest of your weekend! <3

Look, I understand what it’s like to be broke as shit and for video games to seem really expensive, but I feel like everyone’s forgetting how much work and time goes into video game creation. There are so many people working on these big projects. There’s designers and writers and actors and modelers and composers, and I mean seriously go watch the credits of your favorite game, I bet you it’s longer than 10 minutes. These are all artists who are putting in a lot of work to create something, and every single one of them needs their paycheck too. 

There’s a huge initial investment that they’re hoping and praying to make back because if they don’t that’s how game companies go under. It’s a gamble every single game. 

So please, the next time you want to talk about how a game is overpriced at $50 because it requires some strategic saving on your end and “isn’t worth that much for the content” I want you to seriously sit down and think about all those names in the credits and divide that $50 by that number and figure out how much you’re actually contributing to the work they put into this game that you enjoy.

“Passion and Profit.”

Spoliery Talk Below

And we are back! Ok, so how did this season resume? Was it good, was it bad? It was pretty good, I’d say. Rarity was a pretty fun protagonist, and it was nice to see her finally initiating the next step of her ambitions. She wasn’t as crazy out there as she sometimes is, but it still worked. And this story really spoke to the artistic struggle between pursuing one’s passions and having food on the table. When making art for others, you have to give them what they want. But it’s not art if you’re not invested in it. It’s a hard argument. I think this episode struck an idealized middle ground by the end.

Now that said, Sassy was not an interesting character. She was the pushy, helicopter manager/producer/publisher who’s more concerned with numbers and margins than with the project itself. Bias notwithstanding, she was not entertaining to watch. UNTIL a brushed over addendum to one of her lines: “I can’t have *another* failing boutique” (Paraphrased.) Her reasons for being so pushy, so obsessive, so orderly and planned out suddenly change. She’s not like this because she got an MBA and this is how the book says to do it, and she has no flexibility. This is her attempt to counteract failed attempt after failed attempt, taking lessons and pulling together the pieces that worked. This was desperation. And that’s a lot more interesting. Too bad it was zipped past and never really regarded.

All in all, a fair episode. It was nice to see Rarity evolving professionally and artistically, and it was nice to see her at odds with doing art in an economy. Also yes, jelly bean pony, go ahead and get it out of your system.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro                                                      


I mean, just imagine it. Kaneki as a really notorious jewel thief that the police have been hunting down for ages. He pulls off all these heists and leaves random clues about his next targets around but nobody’s been able to solve them so far.

Enter Hide, just an errand boy or low level on the career chain for the department but he’s so invested in the case?? He gets a look at the most recent clue Kaneki’s left behind and manages to crack it. So he goes to where the next heist is supposed to take place and he is actually correct.

But like he didn’t really prepare much he was just so excited about the thing and that he got it right so he’s just standing confused while Kaneki makes his escape. Kaneki’s maybe impressed about it and just starts teasing him through the clues.

I just really want all this to culminate with Kaneki leaving really terrible pick-up lines along with the clues and idk, leading Hide into a surprise romantic dinner??

i just want a jewel thief kaneki really.

I need something definitive to happen.  (And shut up, because getting shot in the head is not definitive, just ask Gabby Giffords).

I either need Emily to announce that she’s been cast on a new show full time or I need Emily to be spotted on set sometime this spring/summer.

I. Can’t. Do. This. Anymore.

I don’t want this tiny spark of hope that still lives inside of me.  I don’t want to get myself worked up for the next 6.5 months only to lose her for a third time.  I just need answers.  By not giving us answers or closure, TPTB make it possible for this tiny spark to exist and I hate it.  And if she’s really dead and they are ignoring the controversy, they are being heartless dicks.

I’m so tired.  I am emotionally exhausted.  I hate them for getting me so emotionally invested in this wonderful character.