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Green Day are being outrageously punk rock again, fuck yes. I can’t believe the amount of guts they have, standing up so violently and fighting endlessly against the evil in the world, from Trump and fascism to homophobia and racism… what would we do without Green Day? We need more great influences like this band, especially in the next few years. I’m so glad they’re back and stronger than ever, because we’re gonna need ‘em.

stimmyabby  asked:

do you like the mountain goats?

I love the Mountain Goats!! Special interest territory!! The Mountain Goats are also what got me through the Bad Psych Time last time, so I’m kind of hoping that works again. My bad psychs time album was Transcendental Youth in addition to the song Jam Eater Blues. 

Some tMG songs that I love:

  • Hail st. Sebastian
  • The Cow Song
  • Tribe of the Horned Heart
  • Cotton
  • Hebrews 11:40
  • Never Quite Free
  • Peacocks
  • Lovecraft in Brooklyn
  • Autoclave
  • and a million more songs, I love tMG and a lot of the songs are Important to me
  • Crowd favourites are my favourites too, like This Year, Up The Wolves, Cry for Judas, Heretic Pride, etc. 

Story: I’ve seen JD once at a book signing (for Wolf in While Van which I actually really enjoyed once i got thru the first bit) and twice in concert, but the second concert ??? made me hand a panic attack and I passed out and hit my head and my big brother got so scared (the security people wouldn’t let him near me bc they thought he gave me drugs or something, they didn’t know he was my brother) that he took me home and I was really sad bc I just.. wanted to take a break and try again. The first concert has a lot of Important Feelings in it for me though. There’s a recording of it somewhere. 

Tell me about your favourite tMG songs!! If it’s a special interest for you too or maybe you just know a lot, tell me some other things!! If you want I mean. I love the Mountain Goats so much.
As It Is - Pretty Little Distance (Official Music Video)
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I’m really looking forward to the new As It Is album okay that will be released next Friday! It’s been great watching this band grow over the last two years throughout their record cycle for Never Happy, Ever After. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish with this new album! Don’t sleep on them!

“We need to go camping somewhere else, let’s do that.”
“Let’s do that, let’s do that.”