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Hogwarts Love Story

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Summary: Newt Scamander and Y/N L/N are both new professors at Hogwarts, Newt teaching Care of Magical Creatures and her teaching Herbology. Everyone’s favorite Magizoologist had never really believed in love at first sight….but then he met her. 

A/N: I know that logically, they couldn’t be at Hogwarts at the same time as Hagrid, but he’s one of my favorites and I couldn’t help but put him in the story. 

Another fall had arrived and with it was the start to another school year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. New students, returning students, teachers who’d been there for year, and even some new ones.

Among the new faculty was Newton A. F. Scamander, Care of Magical Creatures professor.

The students always arrived via the Hogwarts Express, but teachers showed up by their own methods, a day before the student body. Newt had spent that day deep in his work, preparing for all the lessons he would be teaching to the next generation of wizards.

A year previously, the young Magizoologist had finally published his book. A few months after, he received a letter from Albus Dumbledore, the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. With hardly a second thought, Newt accepted the job offer in the letter.

The headmaster and his former student had negotiated that Newt could being his creatures on the campus, provided the case was secure at all times. Professor Scamander readily agreed.

An hour before the opening banquet began, Newt emerged from his office, every single lesson prepared to perfection. As he made his way down an empty and echo-y corridor, a familiar anxiety curled in the pit of his stomach.

Memories of not so nice classmates, and the daunting task of meeting new people made his breaths come out faster and shallower. Cheerful voices could be heard around the corner as he approached the next room.

With a deep breath, Newt rounded the corner. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but a very friendly half-giant surely was not it.

“You must be Professor Scamander!” The large bearded man boomed, pulling Newt in for a crushing hug. “I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Oh-! H-hello,” Newt offered, caught off guard.

“Name’s Rubeus Hagrid. Groundskeeper.” The smiling giant held out his hand. Newt took it gladly and shook.

“Newt. Care of Magical Creatures.” He said, trying his best not to be overly timid.

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Aesthetic Board for @rusalkkas

Prompt by @beyondmythought-s : ‘The Bros Code’

Sansa Stark and Rhaenys Targaryen run a successful dance studio that focuses on ballet & barre.
They’re close to reaching their financial goal cut out the fitness barre lessons and focus on creating the next generation of great ballet dancers.

It’s off season for Castle Black Crows and their coach has requested the players take either ballet or barre lessons to help strengthen muscle groups while hopefully helping prevent injuries during season.

Robb and Jon don’t look forward to their coaches suggestion at all. While complaining their mother’s recommend theirs sisters studio.

Jon and Robb reconnect with the girls and they learn just how hard ballet really is.

Who broke the Bros Code first?


He doesn’t like happy people or people in general. He avoids relationships to focus on his dancing. But Sansa took it upon herself to change him and bring some pastel to his black and white life.
He hates rainbows, pink and fancy dates and long conversations but he doesn’t really hate them with Sansa.
It’s not like the Bros Code would applies in this situation when Robb have known him his whole life. And Robb knows that he is good guy.
It wouldn’t mind…


He doesn’t know how and why it happened. He just got out of a rocky relationship where he was used for publicity. And For him to fall for Rhaenys Targaryen of all people, he didn’t see it coming. She always hated him since the day he spilled his marup syrup all over her white dress, when they where in elementary school. That woman can hold a grudge as well as she can dance.
After all, the Bros Code only applies to little sisters and Rhaenys is his best friends older sister. It’s not that bad…except he has to keep the secret from Jon and he doesn’t know if Rhaenys really likes him…

No Love Because of No Peace?

A rather out there question, but just hear me out.

After Kung Fu Panda 3, it can be assumed that Po is a full fledged Master - not like the Furious Five, but actually like Master Shifu, and likely even more because of the ending.  I’ll even dare to say he’s almost Ooway’s equal, if he had not become so in the past.

Because he was able to come so far at such a young age (thank you Shifu for bringing it up), I began to wonder what was the difference between Po’s mastery in relation to the mastery of the Furious Five.  I mean, with the title of “Master”, why are they just protecting the valley and not teaching a new generation of students, which was lightly stressed in Secrets of the Furious Five?  More importantly, why was Po the only one who was giving lessons to the next generation and not the Furious Five?  Just about all of the Five have some trait one way or another that is good for kids (heck, Tigress shows various times (even in the Legends of Awesomeness series) that she’s a potential mother), so why JUST Po?

Here’s my conclusion, and not just because Po is the leading roll in the series: I don’t think any of the Furious Five have inner peace.  I mean, come on, how could they?  They had been trained under Shifu when he didn’t have peace, so why (or how) could they have learned something from Shifu when he didn’t have it then?  Heck, Po contributed to his inner peace, and had to struggle like he did, so thanks a lot there, red panda.

So narrowing it all down, while Tigress has come far already as a character, I don’t think she would be ready to love until she finds inner peace, and thus, in a sense, learning to love herself.  If she does have it already, there is very little proof of it.  If she doesn’t have it, or any of the Furious Five in that matter, then that’s something Kung Fu Panda 4 could look into as how the villain can attack the team - testing their inner peace, or perhaps the lack thereof.  At least then that would give Po a chance to help Tigress like she helped him up to this point.

Heck, there’s a lot of reasons why Tigress could have a lack of inner peace, especially with things involving Shifu.  When Shifu didn’t have any inner peace, it was almost as if Tigress was trying to mold herself into what Shifu had lost - Tai-Lung, basically his son.  That was the problem between Shifu and Tigress’ relationship - Tigress is Tigress, not Tai-Lung.  Assuming that she came to see Shifu as her father figure, it’s only natural to try to please him.

She’s been able to support people being themselves and being the best they can be, especially Po, but what about herself?  When things get really bad (Tai-Lung, Lord Shen and his canons, and now running from Kai to warn Po), does Tigress ever think back on it and have worries of being a failure, and thus having personal insecurities that makes her unhappy about herself, and thus, no inner peace? 

I hope they cover this in Kung Fu Panda 4.

Do Kane and Abby Deserve to Survive?

I was doing my Season 2 rewatch and I made a note of a certain parallel regarding Kane/Abby and Cage/Dante that I noticed in 2x06 to write about when I got the chance. I guess this would be my chance. 

In the parallel, Cage is Season 1 Kane and Dante is Season 1 Abby. Allow me to explain. I’ll start by copying two discussions (one between Kane and Abby; one between Cage and Dante).

Scene One (1x01):

Kane: “I choose at every turn, and at every cost, to make sure that the human race stays alive.”

Abby: “That’s the difference between us, Kane. I choose to make sure we deserve to stay alive.”

Scene Two (2x06):

Cage: “Every day you paint the outside and - if Dr. Tsing is right about this - you might be able to see it again, dad.”

Dante: “Listen to me. You need to understand this. If I give the order to harvest those kids I won’t deserve to see it again.” 

In these scenes, Kane and Cage play the same role of doing whatever is necessary to save their people, and Abby and Dante instead play the role of attempting to hold on to the morality that they have left. Dante and Abby’s quotes in particular are incredibly similar. I have bolded the word “deserve” because it unmistakably links them to each other, and the idea of what our characters deserve is another idea that I’m going to talk about later. For now, I’d just like to point out the parallels between these characters, and what they might mean.

First of all, Abby, Kane, Cage, and Dante all find themselves as leaders of societies outside of Earth. All of them have the same problem: the Earth is (as far as they know) unsurvivable and they want more time - for Kane and Abby, that means more oxygen; for Dante and Cage, that means better treatments (which they would get from the 100) so that their people can live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Later in Season 1, Abby and Kane find themselves in opposite positions on the Culling, which would give the Ark the extra oxygen they need to live longer. Dante and Cage oppose each other in terms of whether to harvest the 100 or not, which would help them pursue healthier lives. Kane and Cage want to go through with it, despite both situations being inhumane (and enacted upon innocent people who have no control or say over their fate). Abby and Dante disagree with this, looking for alternative solutions to the issues at hand.

Where Abby tries to prove that the Earth is survivable (so the Culling would be unnecessary), Dante tries to get volunteers among the delinquents. Another parallel between Abby and Dante is that they both manage to inspire people to volunteer to help them. When Abby releases Jake’s video to the Ark, hundreds of people step up to the plate to be part of the Culling. Dante manages to convince Jasper and some of the delinquents to volunteer their blood for the Mountain Men.

I’d like to make the point that, while Dante is not okay with bleeding the delinquents on Cage’s terms, he is perfectly content with doing it if they give their consent. And Abby, while not okay with killing 320 innocent people in their sleep, is also fine with sucking the air out of 320 people’s lungs if those people choose to let it happen.

The point is, after these instances, instead of continuing to look for more solutions to the problem, Abby and Dante instead accept the one solution they already have, even though it is less than ideal - tragic even (especially with the Culling). The illusion that these people want to help (even though they probably don’t want to do it - they feel that they should) is enough to convince themselves that their morality is still intact (which probably isn’t entirely accurate).

If it is their last option, Abby and Dante have proven that they will choose society first

This is also apparent again with Dante when, as the Grounders/Sky People are preparing to take down Mount Weather once and for all, he helps Cage to prevent this from happening, essentially “[giving] the order to harvest those kids”, which is exactly the thing Dante decided would be the thing to ensure he no longer deserved to survive.

Dante didn’t want to harvest the 100 so he looked for volunteers, but harvested them in the end anyway.

Abby tried to stop the Culling and ended up inspiring people to volunteer. She then went through with the Culling anyway.

Meanwhile, Kane and Cage both pushed for the Culling of Sector 17 and the harvesting of the delinquents throughout it all, in the name of the greater good and the survival of their people.

This is where the parallels start leading into speculation territory, which is kind of the whole point of this post.

Dante and Cage are obviously dead now, but it’s not so much that fact that I’m interested in, but the reason why they died. Both of them were murdered because of what they have done. Lincoln killed Cage as an act of revenge for his sins, so to speak. Dante, on the other hand, was killed by Clarke in an attempt to save her people - the same people Dante assisted in putting in danger. In these ways, they have paid for all that they have done.

Kane and Abby, whose decisions parallel those of Cage and Dante, are still very much alive going into Season 4. But will they stay that way? That is the question.

Dante knew that he didn’t deserve to survive after what he did to the delinquents. And I believe that a part of Abby doesn’t believe she deserves to survive after what she did on the Ark, either. Why do I think that? Because of this:

“After all that we’ve done, do we even deserve to survive?” (2x13)

There it is again: that word. Abby has used it before - she said her choice was to ensure that the human race deserved to survive. But, clearly, she does not believe that she has succeeded. It’s implied that Abby doesn’t really think that she deserves to survive after all.

You’re probably wondering why I bring this up now - why events that happened in Season 1 and Season 2 are so important all of a sudden. It’s because of the Season 3 highlight reel that played at SDCC. Jason said that that video (and Clarke’s voiceover in particular) is a teaser into what ideas and themes the writers will be exploring in Season 4.

Abby’s line in 2x13 is incredibly similar to a line that Clarke says in the SDCC highlight reel, which is this: “When all is lost, can hope survive - can we survive - and, after everything we’ve done, do we deserve to?”

The same idea that Abby brought up in 2x13 was brought up again in the very video that Jason said is a hint at what will be explored in Season 4 - so this idea has not been put to rest yet. Abby and Kane’s sins have not been forgotten.

I just think that this idea of people on this show deserving to survive after all the horrible things they’ve done seems to always be linked to Kane and Abby. Both the scenes that Abby talks about it, she is speaking with Kane. And considering Abby and Kane parallel Dante and Cage, what does that mean for the future of these characters? Will they die also, because of the things they’ve done?

The reason I think that this might be a possibility at all is because Jason already said that there won’t be enough “lifeboats” for everyone to survive the next apocalypse in Season 4. He also said that Bellamy doesn’t believe he deserves to survive, but maybe he would decide to live if he believed that he had a purpose again … say, if Kane and Abby were to pass on their legacy and responsibilities to Clarke and Bellamy in the new society (remember this is all speculation).

Do I think that it is in line for Kane and Abby to sacrifice themselves for their people? Absolutely. Would it make sense for them to do so, considering neither of them believe that they deserve to survive in place of other people after what they have done? Yes, it would make perfect sense.

Kane and Abby - but most obviously with Kane - both have tried really hard since 2x13 (and in Season 3, in particular) to redeem themselves for what they have done when they were in power. But I don’t think that either of them really believe that they can ever fully be redeemed for all that they have done - I don’t think that’s how redemption works, especially not on this show. Just because someone changes, it doesn’t mean that the past is erased. So I can see Abby and Kane giving themselves up in a last self-sacrifice to save their people and in an attempt to make up for their past wrongs. 

I believe that The 100 is slowly moving in the direction of the start of a new society, one without the past restrictions and harsh ways of the Ark - a society that was run by Abby and Kane. It would make sense, wouldn’t you say, if there were new leaders to lead that society, versus the ones who were in part responsible for some of the corrupt and cruel things that went on in the old society? I don’t believe that either Kane OR Abby will be in power by the time this series is through.

Instead, I believe the power will be held in the hands of the next generation. All of the lessons Bellamy and Clarke learned? Their character arc’s these past few seasons? It’s them learning the necessary lessons they have to in order to become leaders. The narrative is shaping them into the leaders required in the new society - that’s my belief.

I had a discussion with @forgivenessishardforus @jane-doe07 and @junebugninja about the possibility of Kane and Abby dying in Season 4 and Bellamy and Clarke becoming leaders a little while ago, so I’m tagging them here in case they have anything to add. I’d also like to acknowledge that many of my opinions in the second half of this post were shaped by the discussion I had with these ladies. 

Anyone want to chime in?

My Long Ass Boruto Movie Review...

Despite the inevitable tension and two sided-ness that run rampant between the main ships in this fandom, I’m going to post my honest thoughts about the Boruto movie as if none of that shit exists. Just to clarify I am both an NH and SS fan, so yes my opinions will favor both in most circumstances. With that being said, I will start with this:

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anonymous asked:

Do you have Jacin + The Rampion Crew's kids headcanons?

  • Jacin is the official bandager of skinned kness, dispenser of icepacks, and diagnoser of mysterious colds/flus/viruses/etc. for all of his little, nonbiological nieces and nephews. He may not have gotten to be the doctor he wanted to be, but he can at least do that.
    • He has the coolest band-aids (fun colors, patterns, cartoon characters) in the medkit in his and Winter’s hover and he isn’t stingy with them unless it’s Thorne because if Thorne was dumb enough to fall out of a tree then he can buy his own band-aids.
      • He often lets the kiddos con him out of extra band-aids for minor or sometimes nonexistent injuries.
  • Jacin is also the best at playing along with whatever imaginary games said kiddos are playing. After years of handling Winter’s delusions and hallucinations, he has no problem saying hello to imaginary friends and fencing with invisible space pirates.
  • When they’re little, Jacin steadfastly refuses to talk babytalk—unlike certain other crew members IKO—while babysitting. He’s one of those people who talks to kids like they’re mini-adults.
  • At one point, he cut his hair short for a while. The kids hated it because he just didn’t look right without the ponytail (and also because kids hate change). Jacin let it grow back pretty quickly, though he never admitted why.
  • He and Scarlet bicker over who gets to give the next generation their piloting lessons.

This is what hockey is to me.

It’s not a blood sport, it’s not a war on ice. To me hockey represents the combination of skill, team work, determination and respect when playing the game. It’s about building life long friendship with one and other regardless of the team sweaters. A friendship that last a life time and it’s lessons handed down to the next generation.

Whatever the score, let’s all enjoy the game of hockey at its best. Winter Classic 2014, let’s play!


Lessons Learned Trailer

Ready for the next generation of hand crafted - puppetry MAGIC! Bring it!

a-peek-inside-my-head-deactivat  asked:

do you believe in god? if so, why? if not, why?

No? I don’t really believe in anything, yet I am into the idea of everything. I don’t believe in god in the same way I don’t believe in aliens or santa claus. Yet, I think it would be a lot cooler if all of the above existed. So to quote X-Files: I Want To Believe.

I was raised catholic and forced through 9 years of catholic grade school where I learned certain lessons from things read to me every friday and sunday from a giant book. I also learned to fear things like god, heaven, hell, sex, and forever. As I grew older I came to realize that none of it made any sense to me. I then discovered things like the teachings of Gandhi and Star Trek: The Next Generation, which made WAY more sense to me and contained better life lessons. The wife and I agreed that if we ever have kids, we are showing them episodes of TNG every sunday as our form of “church.”

My uncle was a priest for 50 years (he died last year). I loved going to church to watch him perform his sermons (even though the rest of the show wasn’t really to my liking). He always made people laugh and the reoccurring theme of his message was about being a good human and doing good for others. He was a masterful storyteller. At his funeral I learned that he was also a total badass and broke the rules in the name of helping others. My dad said he and his friends were like the hippies of the priesthood, which made sense as they all got started in the ’60s.

People like my uncle (and a few close friends who believe in god) have made me more tolerant of all things religiously related. I used to check out immediately upon hearing a certain word or phrase. Now I at least listen to what’s being said before I pass judgement.

I am unsure if Gandhi was speaking literally or figuratively when he said that “god is love,” but either way, that’s as close as I get to believing in the idea of god. But the word itself has too many ugly connotations for me personally, so I choose to refrain from using it.

Those are my thoughts.


“Thank God I have my twists now…Not as easy to snatch! Lmao” – Brandy

BRANDY RAYANA NORWOOD IS A MESS!  She, like everyone else, has been snatched bald by Beyonce and she is not afraid to say it.

I love her.  Brandy went through a long period where humility did not seem to be her strong suit (and she got secretly notmarried, lied about it, and killed somebody) but now she is just a ball of sunshine and she’s one of my favorite celebrity Instagrams.  I love an artist – especially an artist of Brandy’s caliber, recent record sales be damned – who isn’t shy about giving praise to another artist, and I especially love Black Women Boosting Each Other to counter so much of that Mona Scott Young foolishness out there in the world.

And she’s so humble and just in love with music!  I can’t picture many artists wanting to take a quick vocal lesson from the next generation in the hallway, but there she was with Jazmine Sullivan:

And this has unexpectedly become an advertisement for Brandy.  So while I’m at it, don’t forget to download her new single “Begging & Pleading.”

Doc told me,
“There are two S’s you’ll never be,
At the same time…

Sane & Suicidal…

You see,
We humans in humanity,
Are meant to live…

We are meant to pass on our genes,
Meant to pass on
Our lessons from the past,
To the next generation…

Never the way,
No sane human,
Does such a thing,
Which is why if you try it,
We’ll house you with the,

My genetics,
Are generics,
Mixed with a lot of,
Fucked up shit,
Nobody should have it…

I have no lessons learned,
From past events,
Only one question of,
How many times
Does one have to get burned,
Before they earn,
Their own urn?

Me procreating,
Would just be me defecating,
On the next stem,
Of my family tree…

So Doc,
If this life ain’t for me,
And I’m choosing this sanely,
Sane & Suicidal can exist,
You’d rather act like it doesn’t exist,
And insist that I need,
As if Anti,
Has the Midas touch,
To get me out of this tough,
Just mighta,
Missed touching my life when I was born,
And I’m not torn,
Over this…

It is what it is,
I roll with it,
As the whiskey,
Rolls through me…

—  JihbazFubyok

every school curriculum replaced with flight simulator games. that’s the only lesson. next generation every body are pilots. no doctors. no lawyers. no actors. all pilots. every body just zip zooming around all the time. feet on the ground is feet wasted

What if Morrigan’s child had been a daughter instead of a son - the next generation of witches, an old god/high dragon spirit incarnate. What lessons would she impart to the infant with eyes as golden keen as hers?

And joining the Inquisition with a young girl in tow, would she say “Look here at all the women who hold power. Watch to see how they wield it, love. See past the shadows and the frills and silk. Past the proclamations to the Maker and the steel kept ever-sharp. Find beneath it all the common thread of resolve and a fierce heart. That, my daughter, is what you must keep at the ready to survive.

Mother and daughter breaking the pattern of the pairing that came before.

It would have been something to behold.