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Update! “HELP NEEDED!!!!”

The car is dying, so we have to purchase the bus. It’s a necessity now. The car with upset start and we cannot run the AC unit or the van dies. We are going to try to get a pay day advance to help with purchasing the bus, but I’m not sure we will qualify for anything and on top of that we may not even have enough still. So tensions are running very high.

But, other than the car issue, we are doing okay. I get paid this next Friday, I’m probably going to have to take out a payday advance and I’m pretty sure we may not even have enough for the bus. We are getting the bus through public auction. It is the easiest way since the schools are replacing all their old busses.

As for getting out of homelessness. Kimmy and Gwen are still looking for work. It is a slow process but I feel we are making our way out of this mess. We are still working to get us back to ground zero, but again it takes time.

I found out with all my credits transferring I’ll only have 2 years left in school or if I continue with summer classes I’ll get it done in 1 ½ years! I’m really excited for that.

All in all our lives pretty much depend on our ability to purchase this bus. With out it I will probably lose my job. Please if you can we need as much help as we can get! Our PayPal is

In honour of Nick and Louis having a PERFECTLY DELIGHTFUL interview that has brought me NOTHING BUT JOY and I would like to listen to forever, here, have an I Had Rather snippet. <3

Louis reaches for him, curling his fingers around Nick’s bare thigh.

“What?” Nick says.

Louis presses his fingertips into Nick’s leg, thumb stroking over the rough hairs. I love you is on the tip of his tongue. He shakes his head instead. “Nothing,” he says, and Nick’s smile curves up at the edges.

“No, what?”

Louis shrugs a shoulder. “You still all right for my mum’s next weekend?”

“Yeah, course. Getting my new pyjamas and everything. You don’t back out when you’ve got new pyjamas.”

“You know we can’t leave until after I’ve finished work.” Work next Friday means filming an interview with Jonathan Ross then a segment for Children in Need. It’ll be late by the time they even get to think about leaving London. It’ll be even later when they finally get to Doncaster.

Nick nods. “Yeah. I know. Don’t need to worry about it affecting the PJs situation.”

Louis refuses to think about what next weekend’s going to look like, him going home and bringing Nick. Bringing a boyfriend. Going home and not being straight. He’s rooted to Donny in a way no one else can ever fucking understand, a constant fucking heartbeat underneath his skin, a thread pulling him home when he’s halfway around the world. It’s all caught up in one tangled cat’s cradle, being home, his heart laced together with each of his family’s, tiny flickering threads all held together in the tiny pockets of time they share that Louis doesn’t ever get enough of.

If it’s not the same, if it’s changed, if home feels different then Louis doesn’t fucking know how he’s supposed to leave again. Sometimes he only manages to travel away from them because he knows he gets to come back at the end of it all, that no matter where he is in the world there’s this keeping him rooted to the ground.

He taps his finger against Nick’s thigh. “All right.”

anonymous asked:

hi, im gene and im a 20 yr old male. im really passionate abt acting and actually got a lead role in a movie thats coming out next friday, im really happy. but that aside, im kind of small compared to the rest of my peers and have weirdly yellowish tinted skin. im not very muscular, but i think thats okay.

hi gene that’s so exciting and i’m so happy for u !!! i’m bi as heck so i love all girls but i also love all boys i promise your height/build does not matter to me i bet you are an all around lovely person :’’’) but u did not describe what kind of date u would take me on so unfortunately there can be no verdict in whether or not i would date u

describe yourself on anon and i’ll say if i’d date you!

Commissions are open! And news!

Lol i realized my price sheet has been set as nsfw because of the crappola setup, so Just posting that I have four slots open for commissions in case folks haven’t been able to see it.

My price sheet can be gound here –>

In other news! I’ll be doing my first commission stream in a while, next friday afternoon, the 28th around 3pm pacific c:

Also! I’m going to be cleaning up my patreon this upcoming week, so tiers will be fixed amd content will be regularly posted! C:

Thank you so much guys! I hope y'all are doing good c:

Exam Week Announcement

On Monday exam week will start for me. I probably won’t be able to check my Tumblr as regularly so if you send me a message/ask/request just gimme some time to get back to you. I promise I will do so asap.  😇🙂

Also I’m always super nervous about failing so I wrote some small encouragement drabbles for myself to get me through the week. Every morning (my time^^) at 9 there will be another one posted [that’s 3 am EST].

Exam Week Drabbles MASTERLIST

  • Exam Week Drabble I - Mick
  • Exam Week Drabble II - Chuck
  • Exam Week Drabble III - Ketch
  • Exam Week Drabble IV - Crowley
  • Exam Week Drabble V – Gabriel

Wish me luck. See you all next Friday. 💚