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You jump ahead several seasons to the Dominion War, and you see how strong he became; that he’s learned to do the right thing. He learns how to be the cowboy that everyone wanted him to be at the beginning. But at the beginning, you’re not even sure of his sexuality. Then they throw the Cardassian Garak in the mix at a very early stage, and it’s -not- subtle. There’s a kind of quivering sexuality going on there, which obviously doesn’t come home to roost, but it’s hero worship. I had fun with that, and I know that Andy Robinson, who played Garak, did as well. Andy just changed my game for me. He gave me a direction to go in, and I began to understand what was going on with the character once I got to talk to him. It was pretty much the only talking I did. The Terry Farrell/Jadzia Dax infatuation thing just didn’t work.
—  Alexander Siddig, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years

world unknown by @cutieodonoghue

His song is stunning, of course, and she can’t help but fall in love with it. It’s about second chances at love and recognizing hope for a future.

And the chorus, she swears it’ll be the sound of her heart beat for the next fifty years. It’s like he’s begging her to open up for him, begging her to be that chance for him.

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The Next Fifty Years: Contemporary Nigerian Art.

The Next Fifty Years is grouped broadly around three themes; the body and society; the abstract and the poetics of materiality; and contemporary African politics. Working mainly with acrylics, oils, and gold leaf, artists like Joseph Eze, Uche Edochie, Ibe Ananaba, Lemi Ghariokwu and Jefferson Jonahan engage with the body and how we negotiate our identities in our society and within a larger global context, while others like Gbolahan Ayoola draw on Yoruba folklore and mythology.

The abstract and works that are crafted from found material feature prominently in the exhibition. They underscore the African way of making things as against the technological processes of the West. Artists like Uche Joel Chima, Peju Alatise, Adeola Balogun, Raqib Bashorun and Olu Amoda are notable in this respect. These artists’ chief concerns lie in recycling and the sustenance of our natural environment.

Many of the artists like Jerry Buhari, Yomi Mohmoh, Michael Kpodoh, Victor Ehikamenor and Bob-Nosa Uwagboe engage with contemporary politics. Theirs is a critique on the leadership and government of many African countries who line their pockets with earnings from oil and vast natural resources while the masses live below the poverty line, and are left to deal with issues such as epileptic power supply and poor housing infrastructure.

In all, the works presented here are strongly individual and are a testament to each artist’s quest in exploring new visual possibilities. They offer us something different, something fresh, away from the over-exposed themes of modernity and street scenery, dancing figures, milk maids and cattle herdsmen. Collectively, the works form a part of a significant trajectory in our recent artistic history− a glimpse into the next fifty years of
contemporary art in Nigeria!

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We kept getting the same old complaints: “It’s not a family.” Well, it is a family–sometimes a dysfunctional family, but we had much more of a family like the original series than TNG. Spock and Bones may not get along, but they love each other. These characters care about one another … I couldn’t believe it was such a hard concept to grasp. There were no unlikable people. I saw that men were threatened by Kira and they said they didn’t like her because she’s too strong, but that’s because we live in a screwed-up society, not because she’s a bad character.
—  Ira Steven Behr, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years
Episode 2x14: The Next Fifty Years

Beverly Hills 90210 - Season 2

Episode 2x14 - The Next Fifty Years


My Alternate Title: - “Happy Birthday To Yo-*BANG*…Aw crap.”


Quick Recap: David and Scott are starting to become close friends again after their Halloween egg fight. However, Scott actually doesn’t have any other friends. Unfortunately, his happiness with David doesn’t last. Poor boy.

Brandon and Emily made out at the Peach Pit. Everyone is disgusted…oh wait, that’s just me.


Quick Overview: Scott’s mother wants to cover up the fact that her son is a loner, so she asks David to round up all of the people he knows to throw a great party for Scott. That’s just what I would want at my birthday…people that don’t care about me. 

Scott feels the same way, because he hates his party so much that he shoots himself in the head…

…Actually, no - that’s not how it happens, but it sounds more exciting than the actual plot.



-Hello, creepy woman hiding behind a tree.

External image

-Does Scott’s mother not realize that there are not 25 people at West Beverly? There are 9…all the rest are called “extras”.

-“They’re all here? Inside?” …No Scott, they’re on the roof.

-The most action Scott will ever see in his life…quite literally. 

External image

-We’ll just sneak up to a bedroom in a strange house and make out. In a KID’S bedroom! 

External image

-In all seriousness, I do feel bad for Scott. I mean, he has no friends other than David, and his mother is a total embarrassment. Poor guy.


External image

-Uh guys…get a room. 

External image


External image

-David is absolutely breaking my heart in this scene. That doesn’t happen very often, and I don’t know when it will happen again. But, kudos to you Brian for making the scene believable. 

External image

-Did somebody give these guys permission to dig up the school’s lawn?

-A Corvette key ring? A copy of the school paper? Surfboard wax? Whoever digs up this time capsule is going to think “wtf?”

-The end when they’re all holding up sparklers, reminds me of the wand scene in Harry Potter after Dumbledore dies. So, there you have it: Scott Scanlon = Dumbledore.



-Wow, how many verses does this stupid song have?

-Geeze, David is a jerk to Scott. Some friend.

-Yeah, this party looks like a hoot. 

External image

-Way to diss your best friend when he’s standing right behind you. 

External image

-See? A hoot! 

External image

-Oh dear God, it’s Limbo time!

-That’s one way to kill a party. No pun intended…

External image

-Andrea wants to do a spread in the newspaper in memory of Scott…oh no, wait…she wants to do a spread about gun control. My bad.

-Scott’s mother is ridiculously pushy. And she also keeps referring to David as Scott’s “bestest, bestest friend in the whole wide world.” Creepy.

-Uh Steve, why are you asking David if there was “tons of blood”? Inappropriate much?

-Honestly, if one more person asks David how he’s doing, I’m going to punch somebody for him!


-I know I should feel bad because this woman just lost her son and all, but she has got to be the most annoying human being on the planet earth. 

External image


Favorite Quotations:

Brenda: When am I able to go on one of these surfing safaris with you?

Dylan: When you’re willing to get your hair wet.


David: Scott, it’s dancing, not a Stairmaster.


Spencer: Mom, why did you make those kids leave? I wanted to see them make out some more.


Dylan: I don’t mean to sound like a jerk…but which one was Scott? When you first told me, I thought it was that kid over there. Obviously not.


Mel: You know, the human spirit has a remarkable capacity to recuperate. They taught us that the first year of Dental School…of course they were talking about Gingivitis.


David: Look, he was a jerk, okay? He was a jerk who blew himself away - that’s who he was! You don’t know! You left early! You missed out on the fun when he picked up a loaded gun and twirled it around! You weren’t there to see him goof up and shoot himself, and bleed all over his mom’s Persian rug! 

Brandon: David, the microphone is on.

David: I don’t care. No one gave a rat’s ass about Scott until he died! And I was the worst one of all. He was my best friend, and I dropped him because he wasn’t cool like you or Kelly or Steve! 

Brandon: David…

David: So they’re looking at me. So what?!? They’ve been looking at me for days Brandon! Oh poor David, is he going to be okay? I hope he hasn’t cracked up yet. I can’t even walk through the hall without somebody in my face trying to cheer me up like they’re my new best friend. But what about my old best friend? It doesn’t matter what you write about him in that paper, Brandon. It doesn’t matter what you say about somebody once they’re gone. What matters is how you treat them when they’re still here. I guess you can quote me on that…



What We Learned Today: 

Even if you have no friends when you’re alive, everybody in the school will go to your Memorial Service and act really sad. (They might not know who you are - but they’ll be sad about it.)


Rating on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being “Go Back To Minnesota”, 10 being “That Was The Greatest Thing Since David Silver’s Dancing”):


Bashir is really good-looking, so as a character choice I thought, ‘What the hell? Why not go for it?’ There is a closeup of Garak where it looks like he could eat him alive. And I’m sure that’s why I got the job.

Andrew Robinson (Garak) in The Fifty Year Mission, The Next 25 Years

This bit was immediately followed by Alexander Siddig quoted as saying, “I gave Garak some of the best years of my life.”

I assume Robinson was referring to this closeup when he was hovering over Bashir at the Replimat:

Fable [An Overwatch/Reader Story] Video Diary #1

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I’m so fucking angry right now. I’m sorry that I couldn’t keep to my word. I’m just so mad that I had to write. I’m late to the Overwatch party… but I’ve been playing since the start! :) THought I should contribute

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Lee Fletcher
  • There were two things no one knew about Lee Fletcher. 
  • The first was that he had Cassandra’s Curse. He could see the future, but was powerless to change it, and if he told anyone, they wouldn’t believe him. 
  • This caused a lot of psychological problems for him. He was able to see the Titan war, the war with Gaia, and the war with Nero from the first moment he looked at Luke the morning they were all going to Olympus. He tried to hit Luke so hard that Luke couldn’t go, but Chiron pulled Lee off of him before it could get that far. 
  • The only time Lee succeeded in messing with fate was when the hunt came to camp. 
  • Because the second thing few people knew about him was that he had a twin sister, Phoebe. When they were both twelve at camp, she made the choice to join the hunt, and he rarely talked to or about her after that.
  • But when she was chosen for the quest, he could suddenly see her as the person in the prophecy lost in the desert. And he didn’t want his sister to die. 
  • He was the one that poisoned her. 
  • He thought the hunt would pick another, experienced hunter. Someone with no family left alive. But instead they picked Bianca di Angelo. 
  • The moment they made that choice, Lee could see all of Nico di Angelo’s future. And was powerless to stop it. 
  • He never stopped blaming himself for making that choice. It wasn’t his to make, and that fates had to punish him for it. He died utterly guilty for what he did to that child. He never stopped feeling like he was completely selfish for taking a sister away from a child who needed her more than he needed his sister. 
  • The morning after Lee watched Nico leave camp (as he knew he would have) he was standing on the beach. He started to speak to his father, asking him, begging him to prove to him that this was all still worth it. He needed proof that his life wasn’t just some sick joke, or a twisted lie. 
  • Lee predicted every major camp event that would happen for the next fifty years, but what he didn’t see coming was Chris Rodriguez, one of his best friends, coming back to him. 
  • He was sure this had to be the sign from his father, that there was some purpose or forgiveness. 
  • But Chris had come to them sick. And he never got better in Lee’s lifetime. Lee died believing, at least in part, that Chris was his final punishment, and that he was fated to just spend almost a year watching his friend slowly die as a final kind of penance. 
  • A year later when Silena and Beckendorf came into the Underworld, he learned that Chris had been healed, and was alive and happy. That was the first moment that Lee actually had genuine respect for his father and the other gods. 
  • His final dept was paid when Phoebe shows up in the Underworld two years later. She died protecting Nico di Angelo. 
I read 19 Days

I found this comic by Old Xian a while ago thanks to Tumblr but only just got around to actually reading it and boy was it the best decision I ever made.

- Jian Yi is a precious sunshine puppy who only deserves happiness. Also to get into Zheng Xixi’s pants. Which for him, are basically the same thing. I’m curious about his background because OMFG Mafia??!

- Zhan Zheng Xi should suck a dick *looks at Jian Yi* He’s a stellar friend to Jian Yi and has been a solid pillar through his gay panic. Also, noteworthy are his awkward moments with Jian Yi and when he catches his classmates staring *ogling* at them.


- Mo Guan Shan aka Team Mom needs to chill but also needs more love and affection *I am here for the hugs* His character development from destructive bully to reluctant housewife is amazing and gives me hope yet for this red child of mine.

Honorable mentions: He Tian’s brother who is too hot to be real *my body is ready*, Poor Zhen xixi’s sister, She Li the snek, the precious birthday celebration *BE STILL MY HEART* and the family dinner at He Tian’s place.

Waiting to see the magic that Old Xian keeps spinning with these characters.


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #95

It was the second nightmare this week, the seventh this month.

I could say I’m used to it by now, but nobody in their right mind can be used to their brother screaming their name helplessly in the middle of the night. The fact that every episode is more violent than the preceding one doesn’t help either. It started when Dean came back to the bunker again, three, four months ago. At first, it was just words I could hardly decipher through the door when I was coming back from the library or the kitchen; then, as time went by, they became cries, louder and louder every time. My name, pretty often. Calls for help too. Pleas for whatever torture to stop. Again and again and again. 

Stop, don’t do this, please. PLEASE. STOP. MAKE IT STOP.

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To a Friendly Stranger

Whether we talk for another minute
Or spend the next fifty years
Talking under the stars,
The time won’t really matter
Because, now you,
Shall always hold a piece of my heart.
Please don’t treat it poorly,
I know that it’s not much,
But, one day when you least expect it,
You’ll find the need for such a part.

When that time comes,
This moment that we shared.
One night
When you least expect it,
You’ll find the words,
Of this stranger,
Will bring you here,
Where he left a piece for you
To find that extra strength,
Face any moment that will come,
Whatever may,
Night or day.

Thanks, @uniquelykalene for this inspired hope for you!

-H. Murcia 11:48AM 2/9/2017

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Drunk Kara calls Lena and Lena comes to pick her up

She knows better than to make bets with Winn, but he’d looked so smug—so sure—that Kara had immediately taken him up on the wager, shaking his hand gleefully as she exclaimed that Maggie and Alex would totally be together by the end of the week. Winn had been less conservative and when she makes it back from Barry’s Earth, she’s met with his enthusiastic grin, cheerfully telling her pay up.

And naturally, rather than money, he wants to see the thing that he missed and only experienced via Alex’s vivid descriptions: watching her get drunk.

(It’d have been all right if only he’d remembered to take her phone.)

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NCT Dream reaction to giving their gf/bf a promise/couple ring

Awkward lil baby that’s probably screaming on the inside internally. He’ll approach you after school one day and hand it to you hesitantly with a sheepish grin. He’s probably really nervous that you think he’s proposing or something. “So what do you say?”

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He would be so shy about it, he pretends that he doesn’t even know he’s giving you a promise ring. He’ll hand it over to you and look at anything but you because he’s afraid that he’ll die if he looks at your face. Probably really, really nervous. but afterwards he would be so happy. “What’s this Donghyuckie?” “Just open it woman/man.”

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This baby would be so happy and excited to give you a promise ring. It’ll be out of nowhere and he isn’t shy about it AT ALL. He’d be so enthusiastic and say something like “Y/N, look what I got us! Promise rings!!” and startle you. Chenle isn’t afraid to show you how much he loves you lmao.

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He’d be so so so so so so shy and embarrassed. His face would be burning red and he’d be so hesitant, he’s probably this close to running away with the promise rings and pretending he never bought them. When he hands the promise ring to you, he’s too nervous to look you in the eyes and he’s stuttering and he looks like he’s about to hyperventilate, quiCK HUG HIM. “Calm down Jisung-ah, it’s alright.”

Originally posted by zeusmayo

He’s so sentimental about this and he probably thought about giving you a promise ring for a long, long time. He’s most likely nervous as heck but he knows that this is what he wants to do and he knows you’ll like it. He has a small smile on his face the entire time and he seems calm on the outside but he’s screeching on the inside. “Oh my gawd, I thought you would refuse.”

Originally posted by worldwidenct

You two had already had a lot of couple stuff together (shirts, phone cases, etc) but when he handed you a promise ring with the biggest smile ever, it still made you blush. He’d squish your cheeks and say something like “What, you didn’t see this coming? You know I’m gonna be with you for a long time, right? You wont get rid of me that easy.”

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He’s like Jaemin and Chenle in one person, honestly. He isn’t afraid to show people how much he loves and cares for you and he’s so, so committed to this relationship. He’d give you the promise ring on your birthday or even Valentine’s Day and he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for the next fifty years.

“Ey, Jeno are you okay?”

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Lipstick Sex Scene

    anonymous submitted to letterstodamie                    

I’m curious as to why the lipstick sex scene isn’t included in the deleted scenes. I understand why they didn’t put it in the unrated version, but they could have at least put it in the deleted scenes. I hate knowing there is another scene that we will never see.


For the same reason they didn’t include other very important scenes in the theatrical version? Even thought some of them would occupy only a few seconds… The I Love You scene being one of them, the scene between Ana and Carla which in my opinion was breathtakingly beautiful and showed not only Ana’s love for Christian but also how willing she was to be with him. The boat scene too, showed how vulnerable Christian is. There are 3? 4? versions of the dvd and none of them have the lipstick scene nor a glimpse of Dr Flynn. There isn’t a logical explanation..unless maybe they are keeping them for a special box edition for next year.


We’ve known for over a year that Kate and Jeri had reconciled, because of their actions at the 49th anniversary convention in Vegas. Sitting next to each other, laughing, taking selfies. It was clear that after over a decade of distance post series, and some public talk by Garett Wang & Jeri herself, something had changed finally - for the better. But this is the first time to my knowledge seeing any public acknowledgment of that reconciliation and specifically of Kate’s apology. Thought it worth sharing.

I was confused by Kate’s assertion of being “professional” but figured it refers to the fact that the conflict and tension never came to name calling or shouting matches or even physical fights. It was limited to hostility, tensions, animosity while they kept working. Attitudes over actions.

The book has a remarkable amount on the conflict between Kate and Jeri, pages and pages worth. I wish I could give you a better estimate but I’m reading the kindle version so there aren’t page numbers like normal.

From The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. J. Abrams: The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek