the next fifty years

Bashir is really good-looking, so as a character choice I thought, ‘What the hell? Why not go for it?’ There is a closeup of Garak where it looks like he could eat him alive. And I’m sure that’s why I got the job.

Andrew Robinson (Garak) in The Fifty Year Mission, The Next 25 Years

This bit was immediately followed by Alexander Siddig quoted as saying, “I gave Garak some of the best years of my life.”

I assume Robinson was referring to this closeup when he was hovering over Bashir at the Replimat:

I read 19 Days

I found this comic by Old Xian a while ago thanks to Tumblr but only just got around to actually reading it and boy was it the best decision I ever made.

- Jian Yi is a precious sunshine puppy who only deserves happiness. Also to get into Zheng Xixi’s pants. Which for him, are basically the same thing. I’m curious about his background because OMFG Mafia??!

- Zhan Zheng Xi should suck a dick *looks at Jian Yi* He’s a stellar friend to Jian Yi and has been a solid pillar through his gay panic. Also, noteworthy are his awkward moments with Jian Yi and when he catches his classmates staring *ogling* at them.


- Mo Guan Shan aka Team Mom needs to chill but also needs more love and affection *I am here for the hugs* His character development from destructive bully to reluctant housewife is amazing and gives me hope yet for this red child of mine.

Honorable mentions: He Tian’s brother who is too hot to be real *my body is ready*, Poor Zhen xixi’s sister, She Li the snek, the precious birthday celebration *BE STILL MY HEART* and the family dinner at He Tian’s place.

Waiting to see the magic that Old Xian keeps spinning with these characters.

To a Friendly Stranger

Whether we talk for another minute
Or spend the next fifty years
Talking under the stars,
The time won’t really matter
Because, now you,
Shall always hold a piece of my heart.
Please don’t treat it poorly,
I know that it’s not much,
But, one day when you least expect it,
You’ll find the need for such a part.

When that time comes,
This moment that we shared.
One night
When you least expect it,
You’ll find the words,
Of this stranger,
Will bring you here,
Where he left a piece for you
To find that extra strength,
Face any moment that will come,
Whatever may,
Night or day.

Thanks, @uniquelykalene for this inspired hope for you!

-H. Murcia 11:48AM 2/9/2017

To my followers:

Let me be 100% honest here, to everyone who can see this: If you voted for Trump, you are dead to me. If you voted third party, then you effectively voted for Trump, and YOU ARE DEAD TO ME. Do not think that you have the right to look me in the eye if you’ve taken actions that will drive the country further down the path of fascism, causing real and lasting harm to me and people that I love for the next fifty years or so. I fucking curse you. I hope you are devoured by your own shadow, your name unspoken, your words unheard.

“Atheism is UNSTOPPABLE!”

I’ve been seeing phrases of this kind on the internet increasingly often and…I’m sorry but regardless whether they are true or not, they are so over-the-top that they genuinely make me smile every time!
Take this other usual form: “Atheism is on the rise and there’s NOTHING you can do about it!!!”
Seriously, with the way that these are phrased, first thing that comes to my mind is some evil supervillain disclosing his evil, ingenious master plan! I almost naturally imagine them spoken in the voice of Count Olaf. Or Robotnik. And I’m sorry but I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds this HILARIOUS.

Along, of course, with the fact that studies show that the numbers of the irreligious worldwide shall be on a decline for the next fifty years…but oh, silly me, what was I thinking! They’re atheists! BY DEFINITION they cannot be delusional!

Spiritshipping Drabble - Prompt Nr. 5

For Anon: Thank you so much for the request! ❤ I hope that you like it! And I hope it’s okay, I wrote it in the train so I hope the grammar etc is not too off..


It had been an incredibly long day and all that Johan really wanted to do now was to eat a quick meal, brush his teeth, kiss his husband and then fall head first into bed to sleep for the next fifty years or so.

The kids at his school had been as enthusiastic as ever to see him, telling him all about the late night conversations they had had with their respective duel-spirits, their eyes beaming with happiness.
There were only a few things that made Johan as happy as the thought of what Judai and he had been building up for the past few years - a school for pupils like his husband and him, people that were able to see duel spirits.

Said husband was nowhere to be seen though, and Johan wondered if he had already gone to bed. (Which was rather unlikely, since Judais energy could last them both through days).

He was just about to enter the door to the kitchen when suddenly there was a weird swooshing sound zipping right past his ear, causing him to jump backwards and look at whatever the hell had just almost hit him.

He hadn’t meant to raise his voice like that but his heart was hammering in his chest and he only realised now that the offending object was in fact a pair of scissors.

“You need to be careful with those! They’re dangerous!”, he told Judai, his voice still slightly hysterical while he wondered how the hell that had even happened.

“Don’t yell at me like I’m a child!”, Judai pouted at him, arms crossed in front of his chest - which was covered in a shirt sprinkled with paint stains.

Johan had really meant to sound threatening in any way but he felt a laugh slipping from his throat that soon turned into a full on fit, making his stomach hurt.

Judai just stared at him, his features easing into a smile as well, before he too started laughing.

“No, but for real, what were you trying to do?”

He walked towards Judai, pecking him on the cheek.

“I wanted to cut out those stencils for the kids tomorrow and I kinda.. slipped?”

1 & 4

Request: 1&4 with Zach pls?

A/N: Probably has a lot of mistakes, I wrote this in Physics class so I didn’t have time to read it over and edit the best I could.

Your heart wouldn’t stop beating rapidly in your chest, your hands were still visibly shaking. Fear rung through your body, although it had been a near five hours since you ran for your life, you had a feeling you would be frightened for the next fifty years of your life.

“Hey,” Zach pulled you closer to him and embraced you in a hug. “How you holding up?”

You couldn’t answer. You felt a lump creeping up your throat and you knew if you attempted to speak all you would do is let out a sob. You simply shook your head and tried to stop the tears from falling from your eyes.

“Shhh, shhh,” Zach was trying his best to comfort you by holding you closer and rubbing his hand up and down your back in a slow motion.

“Just try to relax, we’re okay now.” You grabbed onto his shirt in response, everything was not okay.

“But I’m scared,” You whispered, you didn’t even know if he would hear you since you were basically talking into his shirt.

“Close your eyes, everything will be okay.” He reassured, continuing to rub your back. The way he said it and the way your body seemed to relax under his hands, you took a deep breath and closed you eyes.

Although you were still shutting out the world by hiding your face in his shirt and didn’t want his arms to leave you, you started to feel a bit of relief fill your chest.

It was a good feeling, it was much better than feeling weak, vulnerable and scared shitless to huge, scary monster dinosaurs.

Assassin Intel: Reconstructed Data #010
  • Assassin Intel: Reconstructed Data #010
  • Álvaro Gramática/Isabelle Ardant
  • Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Gramática: Isabelle! What brings you here?

Ardant: I came to gloat, actually. Look at this data.

Gramática: A Sage!

Ardant: It gets better. Check his patrilineal line.

Gramática: Let’s see… patrilineal line… Nineteenth century American midwest. Eighteenth century American Revolution. Sixteenth century Ottoman Empire. Fifteenth century Italian Renaissance! Oh my god! You don’t mean…?

Ardant: Yeah… The best part? His mother just walked him into one of your new clinics in New York City.

Gramática: I’d really like to strip him for parts like we did with Subject 17.

Ardant: Oh no you don’t. You had your chance with the Shroud. This asset is mine, and I won’t be a party to the needless mutilation of a ten-year-old boy. It’s inhumane.

Gramática: So what do you plan to do with him?

Ardant: Given his unique lineage, I think we should put him in an Animus for the next fifty years. Think of the data we could extract!

Gramática: That’s terribly old-fashioned. In any case, we should send Sigma Team to recover him.

Ardant: No. I’m going to keep an eye on him for now. We’ll collect him when the time is right.


…you know, i could really go for some pizza right now.


“The Hunters do not have ranks due to our background. When first formed, the Hunters were little more than a patchwork of local sellswords and soldiers from various countries–mostly Italy, Spain, and France. They died very quickly and Avignon continually revised and researched for the next fifty to sixty years.

“To put it simply, Hunters died before they could reach any significant rank. The death rate also discouraged new recruits. It’s only within the last fifteen years that the constant research and development has yielded positive results. We now have a structured training system and a weapons workshop that provides more than swords and knives. We live longer and our success rates are growing. We currently have three hundred enlisted Hunters; the top brass hopes to bring that number up to five hundred in the next five years. The Compound is actually built to house one thousand Hunters.

“Bringing in a ranking system now would completely disrupt the culture we have at Avignon. We all receive the same training and authority, save for the Investigators, so if one of us falls during a mission another can take their place.”

Heartbeats Like Clockwork by jar-o-mirth (Hobbit Big Bang 2k15)

“Bilbo Baggins is born with a weak heart, requiring a cuckoo-clock to keep it from stopping. All is well for the next fifty years, but when his mechanism begins to act up, he will have to embark on a journey to find the only person who can fix his heart: A dwarven clockmaker by the name of Thorin.”