the next fifty years

i’ve just received my copy of @thissimplefanzine! seeing my own art in a very real printed zine is the most amazing thing ever

thanks to all the contributors, y’all are so talented <3 and thanks to the editor for putting everything together and shipping the zines all around the world

think about it: fifty years later the next generation will consider this a classic K/S zine and will look up to us…

my name is Stanley Almodovar III
i carry the name of my father and his father before me
i’m twenty-three years young
i dyed my hair saturday but no one got to see it sunday morning
my name is Amanda Alvear
i am twenty-five years young
people know me as a pharmacy tech, the girl who lost almost two hundred pounds, the girl who takes too many selfies
but the only place i was truly myself was where i was that night
my name is Oscar Aracena
i am twenty-six years young
i’m a student at Valencia College
i was so close to getting my degree… so close
my name is Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala
i am thirty-three years young
i am a supervisor at the OneBlood donation center
i never did know if my job was the one who tried to save my life
my name is Capt. Antonio Davon Brown of the U.S. Army Reserve
i am thirty years young
i almost have my doctorate degree of management in organizational leadership
my name is Darryl Roman Burt II
i am twenty-nine years young
i just received my master’s degree in Human Resources Management
tonight, i was celebrating
mi llamo Jonathan Camuy
soy es veinticuatro anos
trabajo en una cadena de televisión española
realmente estaba deseando volver a trabajar el lunes
my name is Angel Luis Candelario-Padro
i am twenty-eight years young
soon, i will be an ophthalmic technician
i cannot wait to begin my new job in a few days
my name is Omar Capo
i am twenty years young
i love to dance
i always said i wanted to die doing what i loved
my name is Simon Carrillo
i am thirty-one years young
my partner and i just came home from a little getaway to Niagara Falls
i was really looking forward to our next vacation together
my name is Luis Daniel Conde
i am thirty-nine years young
my best friend is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
he’s been by my side since high school
my name is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
i am twenty-two years young
my best friend is  Luis Daniel Conde
seems only fitting we left this world together
my name is Cory James Connell
i am twenty-one years young
my brother is getting married this fall and i am to be his best man
don’t tell him but i have no idea what to say in my speech
my name is Tevin Eugene Crosby
i am twenty-five years young
i am the owner of a marketing firm, Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
hard work truly does pay off; i can’t wait to share my latest meme with all of my facebook friends when i get home tonight
my name is Anthony Luis Laureano Disla
i am twenty-five years young
i love to dance, i want to be a dancer
tonight, i want to go dancing with my friends
my name is Deonka Deidra Drayton
i am thirty-two years young
for the first time in a long time, i can finally, confidently, say
that i am happy
my name is Leroy Valentin Fernandez
i am twenty-five years young
i love to sing
no matter what happens in life, no one will ever take my voice away from me
my name is Mercedez Marisol Flores
i am twenty-six years young
i am studying literature at Valencia College’s West Campus but my true passion is party planning
i’ve been thinking about switching majors
my name is Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
i am twenty-two years young
all i want to do is make people smile
i’ve always thought that laughter could cure anything
my name is Paul Terrell Henry
i am forty-young years young
i am the proud father of two amazing kids and i have the most magnificent boyfriend
i cannot thank god enough for all of my blessing
my name is Frankie Hernandez
i am twenty-seven years young
i have a little sister, she’s one of my best friends
i cannot wait to see the person she becomes when she grows up
my name is Miguel Angel Honorato
i am thirty years young
i have three sons who i love more than life itself
i hope they will enjoy what i have planned for the next birthday party
my name is Jimmy De Jesús
i am fifty years young
i love my job but i am so thankful i have tomorrow off
i plan on having a good time tonight
my name is Javier Jorge-Reyes
i am forty years young
i am so, so proud of who i am
no one can take that away from me
my name is Jason Josaphat
i am nineteen years young
i love life, i love my life
and it’s only just begun
my name is Eddie Justice
i am thirty years young
i have a huge family, but i am a mama’s boy at heart
i always make sure to text my mom everyday
my name is Christopher Leinonen
i am thirty-two years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Juan Guerrero
i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us
my name is Juan Guerrero
i am twenty-five years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Christopher Leinonen
after a long week at work, i just want to unwind with my love tonight
my name is Alejandro Martinez
i am twenty-one years young
i have only been living in Florida for two years
but i have always met so many kind people here; that must be why it is called the “sunshine state”
my name is Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool
i am forty-nine years young
i beat cancer twice
and i have never felt more alive
my name is Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
i am twenty-five years young
i am studying health care management at the Ana G. Mendez University’s Orlando campus
all i want to do is help people
my name is Kimberly Morris, but you can call me ‘KJ’
i am thirty-seven years young
i moved to Florida to be closer to my mother and grandmother
i love my job as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub
my name is Akyra Murray
i am eighteen years young
i just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School
my name is Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, but you can call me Drake
i am twenty-five years young
i love Selena Gomez
i hope to meet her one day
Joel Rayon Paniagua
i am thirty-one years young
i love dancing
i am going to meet my friends for a night of dancing
my name is Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
i am thirty-five years young
not to brag, but i am the best salesperson Perfumania
you can ask Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
my name is Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
i am thirty-seven years young
growing up wasn’t easy but i can finally say that i am comfortable in my own skin
and i am lucky enough to have Jean Carlos Mendez Perez by my side through it all
my name is Enrique L. Rios
i am twenty-five years young
i am from New York
but i came to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday
my name is Eric Ivan Ortiz Rivera
i am thirty-six years young
i don’t really like clubs
but it’s for a friend, so tonight, i will go
my name is Xavier Emmanuel Serrano
i am thirty-five years young
i have a five year old son who is my entire world
i just hope i will raise him to be a genuine and compassionate person
my name is Christopher Sanfeliz
i am twenty-four years young
i am a personal banker at J.P. Morgan Chase bank
i am very thankful to have Sundays off, especially tonight
my name is Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan
i am twenty-four years young
i am a proud mom and wife
my youngest baby is three months old
my name is Jean Carlos Nieves Rodriguez
i am twenty-seven years young
i just brought my first house
i just want my mom to live somewhere nice
my name is Edward Sotomayor Jr.
i was named after my father
i am thirty-four years young
i love my boyfriend and i love adventure
my name is Shane Tomlinson
i am thirty-three years young
i am the lead singer in a band
i love to bring music to the lives of others
my name is Martin Benitez Torres
i am thirty-three years young
last month, i enrolled in college
i hope to be a pharmacy tech
my name is Juan Rivera Velazquez
i am thirty-nine years young
i love being a hair stylist
 i love making people feel beautiful
my name Luis Vielma
i am twenty-two years young
i love my job, especially working on the Harry Potter ride at Universal
but one day i really want to become an EMT
my name is Jerald Arthur Wright
i am thirty-one years young
i have a huge family, both biological and my coworkers 
tonight i am celebrating my friend’s birthday
—  say their names
(cc, 2017)
You jump ahead several seasons to the Dominion War, and you see how strong he became; that he’s learned to do the right thing. He learns how to be the cowboy that everyone wanted him to be at the beginning. But at the beginning, you’re not even sure of his sexuality. Then they throw the Cardassian Garak in the mix at a very early stage, and it’s -not- subtle. There’s a kind of quivering sexuality going on there, which obviously doesn’t come home to roost, but it’s hero worship. I had fun with that, and I know that Andy Robinson, who played Garak, did as well. Andy just changed my game for me. He gave me a direction to go in, and I began to understand what was going on with the character once I got to talk to him. It was pretty much the only talking I did. The Terry Farrell/Jadzia Dax infatuation thing just didn’t work.
—  Alexander Siddig, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years
Dating Jasper Hale would include: (+ some random Jasper headcannons that basically turned into an entire fanfic)
  • If you’re dating Jasper Hale it’s because he tried to hate you and you never gave him a chance 
  • He didn’t quite realize it but he’d been looking for you for over a hundred years 
  • He’s the marrying kind.  
  • Finds it amusing how much you love his hair 
    • (Secretly loves when you play with it)  
  • Again if you are dating Jasper its because he did everything in his power short of killing you to drive you away from him and you just would not give up
  • It wasn’t like with Bella and Edward, blood singers and soul mates and star-crossed lovers. You just saw something in Jasper you liked.  
  • Competitions to see who could get a higher average in the classes you shared
  • History class competitions get particularly interesting (it’s his favorite subject) 
  • He finds himself getting ridiculously protective 
    • Like you ride a bike to school and that makes him nervous (because bikes aren’t ?? like safe at all?? and humans are FRAGILE???) 
  • Convincing himself that of course he has NO CHOICE but to start driving you around
    • “Well, believe me, I’m beyond flattered that you’d wanna spend all that time with me, Jasper-” 
    • “Don’t start.” 
    • “I’ve got a bike.” 
    • “Bikes aren’t SAFE–you know what, forget I asked.” 
    • “It’s got reflectors and everything. I wear knee pads.” 
    • “It’s Washington, Y/N. There’s bears.”
    • When he picks you up the next morning you continually refer to the ride as a ‘first date’  
  • It just becomes a running joke that the two of you are dating and you start linking arms with him in the hallway 
    • It would be annoying if you weren’t so darn CUTE 
  • You only call him Jasper when you’re angry
    • All other times he’s either Texas or Boyfriend 
  • Arguing with him constantly about things he doesn’t really care about (he just likes talking to you, even if its arguing) 
  • Eventually he becomes so used to the idea of you two being together that he finds himself getting jealous when he thinks you like other people 
    • He bottles the feelings up until they burst out in a confrontation literal months after he discovered he had them 
    • It would be one of the many fights you have over him not telling you what he wants, mostly because he doesn’t think he deserves it. 
  • Loves kissing you anywhere but on your lips 
    • Cheek, forehead, knuckles, shoulders 
    • (Likes kissing you on the lips a lot too) 
  • Is actually really good at telling stories when he gets into it??? 
    • He knows some old ghost stories that chill you to the bone 
  • On bad days you just walk into his house and lay down in his lap 
    • “Play with my hair.”  
    • He rolls with it. 
    • “Yes, ma’am.” 
  • He recommends books for you to read
    • He loves a good scary story (classics like Frankenstein and modern stuff like Stephen King) but he also really really loves Soft books you know like sometimes you catch him reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings or Perks of Being a Wallflower 
  • Doesn’t like telling Civil War stories 
    • Because fighting for the Confederacy was only the first in a long line of things he’s done that he’s not proud of 
  • Before Alice found him he was in Europe for World War II
    • He was on the wrong side of history in his human life 
    • And fighting for Maria wasn’t exactly a moral triumph
    • So he figured if he couldn’t help what he was now, he could at least put it toward a good cause 
    • In some museum archive in Poland there are records of what appear to be animal attacks on Nazi soldiers allowing prisoners to escape
  • He has a dumb hipster polaroid picture of the two of you that’s practically dissolving because he never goes anywhere without it
    • uses it as a bookmark 
    • cards it through his fingers when he’s tense 
    • carries it in his wallet 
    • odds of him having it in his hands increase 100% if he hasn’t seen you in a few days 
  • You wear his Cullen bracelet everywhere 
    • its like his version of you wearing his letterman jacket 
  • He feels responsible for you and extremely protective but he tries so hard not to seem overbearing and controlling because he knows what it’s like to be in a relationship where you don’t get a say and he’s scared to death of treating you even close to how Maria treated him 
  • He has a bite mark on his upper arm/shoulder thats deeper than all the rest 
    • he’s ashamed of it, and you don’t even see it until you’ve been dating him for over a year 
    • “Who did this?”  
    • You run your hand over it and he winces. It still hurts.  
    • “Lots of people bit me, y/n” 
    • “Yeah, but you’ve gotta remember this one, it must have hurt like hell-” 
    • “Maria. It’s from Maria.”  
    • You never ask about it again but you kiss it every time you get the chance 
  • Basically you would fight Maria with your bare motherfucking hands
  •  he loves his motorcycle 
    • you love his motorcycle 
  • making out on the motorcycle 
  • daytrips on the motorcycle 
  • making out in the back of Emmett’s jeep when the motorcycle is not available 
  • Emmett catching you guys making out in the back of his jeep 
    • he comes out during school to grab something and catches Jasper underneath you 
    • “What–man, c’mon guys, we all sit back there! Go find a broom closet or a movie theater like normal teenagers.” 
  • Basically Jasper gets to be a kid with you in a way he never really got to before 
  • You make him watch your stupid TV shows like Parks and Rec
    • you immediately start calling him Ron Swanson 
  • probably has a minor internal panic attack when you tell him you’re applying to colleges because he’d never want to hold you back but there are places that he can’t follow you 
    • this is also the first time he’s really forced to deal with the fact that you’re a human with a human life and human desires and there are things you’ll find out in the world that he can’t ever give you 
    • you propose to him that night
  • short, sweet, simple wedding 
    • (probably telling Lauren and her snide pregnancy comments to go fuck herself) 
  • You planned the honeymoon (with Alice’s help, of course) 
    • Flying to Virginia, renting a car, and driving out into the country
    • Jasper watching the intermittent forests and fields fly by with increasing curiosity before you take a sudden turn onto a gravel drive that leads up to an old farmhouse 
    • “Are we … spending our honeymoon milking cows?”   
    • You smile. “It’s ours.” 
    • “Appalachian State is only a thirty-minute drive from here, and I’ve already been accepted. You’ve got woods to hunt and privacy so you don’t have to hide. Carlisle helped me sign the contract a few weeks ago. It’s ours.” 
  • Jasper turns you on the night you graduate from college. You are 23. 
  • He’s spent the last four years fixing up the house. He likes the work and he’s even getting better at controlling his hunger, which is good because you’ll need his help over the next couple of months. You guys have a dog and a cat. Jasper prefers the cat.
  • You guys heard about Bella’s pregnancy, but Jasper didn’t wanna risk hurting you, and you decided anyway that children were not for you. And if they were, you’d find a way. 
  • Over the next fifty years, you two start a family like Carlisle did. 
  • Jasper likes being able to give newborn vampires a good start, and he knows from experience how to help them with their hunger 
  • You jokingly refer to your little coven as the Lost Boys 
  • You can think of nothing better you could be doing than helping people like Jasper make lives as vampires instead of becoming monsters. 
  • The two of you against the world. 
    • Forever. 

120 years ago today, the jewish labor bund was founded in vilne. before the turn of the century, they became the biggest socialist organization in the russian empire and, under the protection of bund militants, organized the first congress of the russian social democratic labor party, the future ruling party of the soviet union. between communism, nazism and zionism, the bund lost most of their members over the next fifty years, but the bund remains an important episode in jewish leftist history. read more about the bund:

  • Class Struggle in the Pale: The Formative Years of the Jewish Workers’ Movement in Tsarist Russia by Ezra Mendelsohn
  • The Emergence of Modern Jewish Politics: Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe by Zvi Gitelman
  • The Politics of Futility: The General Jewish Workers Bund of Poland, 1917–1943 by Bernard Johnpoll
  • For Our Freedom and Yours: The Jewish Labour Bund in Poland, 1939–1949 by Daniel Blatman
  • The Jewish Bund in Russia from its Origins to 1905 by Henry Tobias
We kept getting the same old complaints: “It’s not a family.” Well, it is a family–sometimes a dysfunctional family, but we had much more of a family like the original series than TNG. Spock and Bones may not get along, but they love each other. These characters care about one another … I couldn’t believe it was such a hard concept to grasp. There were no unlikable people. I saw that men were threatened by Kira and they said they didn’t like her because she’s too strong, but that’s because we live in a screwed-up society, not because she’s a bad character.
—  Ira Steven Behr, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years

“Also in season six I remember thinking, "Holy shit, have we made Dukat almost too sympathetic a character?” The audience just went too far with it, as they are prone to do with certain villainous characters who suddenly become an almost, in some weird way, romantic figure for some people. Just because Marc Alaimo had a very firm sense of who that character was, didn’t necessarily mean that it was the same character that we saw. He says, “Dukat is not a Nazi,” and I would say, “Yeah, he is.” “But that’s so one-dimensional.” “No, it’s not.” Dukat is a man to whom the ends justify the means. That’s the bottom line.“

Ira Steven Behr (The Fifty Year Mission, The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation To J.J. Abrams)

anonymous asked:

I love Dramione and I will probably read it for the next fifty years of my life, but the stories create unhealthy expectations of love for the audience that reads them. It is not realistic that a bigot would fall in love with a marginalized person and have a healthy relationship with her. Even if he's changed, she will always remember the time when his words discriminated against her. And he will, likely, view her as someone whom he can consume as opposed to respect. Love the stories tho!

If you think Dramione promotes an unhealthy relationship and is unrealistic, why would you want to read it for the next 50 years of your life? 

Dramione appeals to a lot of people, myself included, because it’s the idea of forbidden love, two star-crossed lovers who come together against all odds. That’s a timeless theme that fits this situation, but we hope for a happier ending than Romeo and Juliet had. 

People can and DO change if they really want it, and people can and DO get past prior trauma, slights, and other negative experiences. I know couples who dealt with adultery, got counseling, moved past it, and insist their relationship is better than it’s ever been. If they can get past that, then why couldn’t Hermione get past someone bullying her in school? It’s rather depressing to think that Draco can’t change or that Hermione is incapable of forgiveness. That seems to run counter to the message of hope that runs through the HP series: we are defined not by who we are but by the choices we make. 

I don’t know if you’ve read Cursed Child or if you accept it as canon or not, but it’s clear from that story (problematic though it may be in many ways) that: 1. Draco Malfoy grew up and became a reasonably good husband who adored his wife. 2. Draco Malfoy told his father to stuff it when Lucius objected to Astoria’s lack of disdain for muggles and muggleborns. 3. Draco Malfoy turned out to be a damned good father in both the “real” time and in every AU that was created by time travel. 4. Draco Malfoy was apparently so over blood prejudice that he was okay with his only child being best friends with Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley’s kid. 5. Draco Malfoy was willing to work with Harry, Ron, and yes, Hermione to save Scorpius and Albus. That sure sounds like he changed and grew up and made a choice to become a better person, and it fits with how a lot of us think he could have been with Hermione.

I know the fandom tends to Mary Sue Hermione quite a bit (possibly in part because the films smoothed away a lot of her flaws), but she’s not perfect either. She’s bossy, she has to know everything and wants to be right all the time. She’s vindictive as hell (Marietta Edgecombe’s face, leading Umbridge to the centaurs). She has minimal patience for and openly ridicules things she doesn’t understand (divination, Luna Lovegood - who she calls Loony). She wants everyone to follow the rules… but she breaks them herself with impunity when it suits her. She’s insecure about her appearance and puts up with a lot of crappy behavior from Ron. She’s insecure about her place in the wizarding world and has a huge fear of failure - her boggart is literally McGonagall telling her she’s failed her exams and is being expelled from school. I don’t know why you think Draco would ‘consume’ her or what you mean by that, but this is the girl who bossed Harry and Ron around for seven years in school and who refused to crack under torture from Bellatrix Lestrange. She’s not likely to let anyone consume her. 

There’s enough in their shared history for stories that are rife with drama and angst and conflict as two flawed people who aren’t all good or all bad learn to love each other and be better together than they are apart. At its core, the overarching theme of most Dramione stories is redemption and people learning to let go of past prejudices and accepting each other for who they are, and that’s pretty powerful. I don’t see it as unrealistic or unhealthy at all. 


A Little Something More

Summary / Request: ‘Hi👋 can you do a Tom holland x reader. Where the reader is apart of the cast of spiderman (reader could be love interest) and during filing and press tour they fall in love😍 I just need some Tom fluff BTW I LOVE YOUR WRITING 💕 / When the line between friends and something gets smudged, lies the three moments in time where the relationship between Tom and Y/N gets a little more defined.

Warnings: cursing

fluff / Gender Neutral reader

requested: anon

Word count: 1550

Originally posted by marvelgifs

               Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N, More Than an Onscreen Romance?

               Tom Holland and Co-Star Y/N Y/L/N Caught on a Date in Atlanta

“Are you sure aren’t a thing yet?” Alex, Y/N’s visiting best friend, asks once they enter the trailer.

“No I swear. We just happen to be really good friends thank you very much,” Y/N says taking a spot on the couch, “as much as I would want to date him, it wouldn’t be professional.”

“Good friends my ass, I’ve seen the way he looks at you and it’s more than just an act. Co-stars date all the time. Look at Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. I could keep going,” Alex lists, “and since when have you been all professional, I remember when you told me that you showed up hungover to work.”

“That was one time! I was young-,”

“That was last month.”

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world unknown by @cutieodonoghue

His song is stunning, of course, and she can’t help but fall in love with it. It’s about second chances at love and recognizing hope for a future.

And the chorus, she swears it’ll be the sound of her heart beat for the next fifty years. It’s like he’s begging her to open up for him, begging her to be that chance for him.

more aesthetics | manips

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm a punk and I would like an opinion of a fellow punk. Why do you think capitalism is bad? I'm genuinely curious, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to!! 💫

capitalism only serves the interests of the rich. why should rich people continue to make more and more money while people are homeless, starving and dying in the streets?? why do kids in schools have such fucking things as “lunch debts”?? THEYRE KIDS. LET THEM EAT.
why do people apparently not deserve to be kept alive regardless of their social standing?? it shouldn’t matter if someone has fucking money, food, water and housing are literally basic human rights and we’re denying people these basic needs for no good reason.
why do business owners get to have enough money to feed twenty families for the next fifty years while some people can’t even afford to go to their doctor??
capitalism doesn’t serve the people. capitalism only works when there are people suffering on the bottom tier.
and that’s fucking wrong no matter what way you look at it.
there should be no homeless people. there are plenty of vacant houses just sitting around and instead of letting homeless people live there?????? no apparently that’s a bad idea because they are poor.
giving people free food?? nope apparently that’s also a bad idea even though we’re producing so much more food than we can eat and instead of giving it to hungry people?? nah let’s destroy it
do you see my point?? i can’t on any level consider anyone a good person if they support this system.
everyone deserves food, water, and a home, regardless of what fucking profit they can generate for the top 1%.

anonymous asked:

Elucien 7

Elucien + kissing headcanons: 

Elain initiates their first kiss. Left to his own devices Lucien would just spend the next fifty years being blissfully delighted that he’s allowed to breathe the same air as her. Occasionally holding her hand is like the highlight of his existence. Kissing is much too much to hope for. Elain, however, has her priorities in order and she knows what she wants goddammit. 

It’s quite gentle and careful. They’re probably sitting together somewhere having a picnic. Lucien has just finished making her laugh until her stomach hurts and there are tears in her eyes and she looks up at him and smiles and realises that he makes her feel so….Light and free and happy again. That she looks at him and she finds hope there and starts to dream of her future once more. 

So she kisses him. 

Lucien is very taken aback by this and doesn’t respond at once he just goes very still. Elain is afraid she’s made a mistake and draws away, babbling and blushing about how maybe she shouldn’t have done that. Lucien grabs her hand and squeezes it to get her to stop and then murmurs that he’s very pleased she did that…He’d be even more pleased if she’d do it again. 

Still blushing, Elain leans in and cups his cheek with her hand and then draws his mouth down to hers. This kiss is still gentle and still tentative but lasts much longer than the first one did. 

They spend the rest of the afternoon experimenting with kisses. 

Bashir is really good-looking, so as a character choice I thought, ‘What the hell? Why not go for it?’ There is a closeup of Garak where it looks like he could eat him alive. And I’m sure that’s why I got the job.

Andrew Robinson (Garak) in The Fifty Year Mission, The Next 25 Years

This bit was immediately followed by Alexander Siddig quoted as saying, “I gave Garak some of the best years of my life.”

I assume Robinson was referring to this closeup when he was hovering over Bashir at the Replimat:


The Next Fifty Years: Contemporary Nigerian Art.

The Next Fifty Years is grouped broadly around three themes; the body and society; the abstract and the poetics of materiality; and contemporary African politics. Working mainly with acrylics, oils, and gold leaf, artists like Joseph Eze, Uche Edochie, Ibe Ananaba, Lemi Ghariokwu and Jefferson Jonahan engage with the body and how we negotiate our identities in our society and within a larger global context, while others like Gbolahan Ayoola draw on Yoruba folklore and mythology.

The abstract and works that are crafted from found material feature prominently in the exhibition. They underscore the African way of making things as against the technological processes of the West. Artists like Uche Joel Chima, Peju Alatise, Adeola Balogun, Raqib Bashorun and Olu Amoda are notable in this respect. These artists’ chief concerns lie in recycling and the sustenance of our natural environment.

Many of the artists like Jerry Buhari, Yomi Mohmoh, Michael Kpodoh, Victor Ehikamenor and Bob-Nosa Uwagboe engage with contemporary politics. Theirs is a critique on the leadership and government of many African countries who line their pockets with earnings from oil and vast natural resources while the masses live below the poverty line, and are left to deal with issues such as epileptic power supply and poor housing infrastructure.

In all, the works presented here are strongly individual and are a testament to each artist’s quest in exploring new visual possibilities. They offer us something different, something fresh, away from the over-exposed themes of modernity and street scenery, dancing figures, milk maids and cattle herdsmen. Collectively, the works form a part of a significant trajectory in our recent artistic history− a glimpse into the next fifty years of
contemporary art in Nigeria!

via Omenka Gallery

Episode 2x14: The Next Fifty Years

Beverly Hills 90210 - Season 2

Episode 2x14 - The Next Fifty Years


My Alternate Title: - “Happy Birthday To Yo-*BANG*…Aw crap.”


Quick Recap: David and Scott are starting to become close friends again after their Halloween egg fight. However, Scott actually doesn’t have any other friends. Unfortunately, his happiness with David doesn’t last. Poor boy.

Brandon and Emily made out at the Peach Pit. Everyone is disgusted…oh wait, that’s just me.


Quick Overview: Scott’s mother wants to cover up the fact that her son is a loner, so she asks David to round up all of the people he knows to throw a great party for Scott. That’s just what I would want at my birthday…people that don’t care about me. 

Scott feels the same way, because he hates his party so much that he shoots himself in the head…

…Actually, no - that’s not how it happens, but it sounds more exciting than the actual plot.



-Hello, creepy woman hiding behind a tree.

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-Does Scott’s mother not realize that there are not 25 people at West Beverly? There are 9…all the rest are called “extras”.

-“They’re all here? Inside?” …No Scott, they’re on the roof.

-The most action Scott will ever see in his life…quite literally. 

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-We’ll just sneak up to a bedroom in a strange house and make out. In a KID’S bedroom! 

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-In all seriousness, I do feel bad for Scott. I mean, he has no friends other than David, and his mother is a total embarrassment. Poor guy.


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-Uh guys…get a room. 

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-David is absolutely breaking my heart in this scene. That doesn’t happen very often, and I don’t know when it will happen again. But, kudos to you Brian for making the scene believable. 

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-Did somebody give these guys permission to dig up the school’s lawn?

-A Corvette key ring? A copy of the school paper? Surfboard wax? Whoever digs up this time capsule is going to think “wtf?”

-The end when they’re all holding up sparklers, reminds me of the wand scene in Harry Potter after Dumbledore dies. So, there you have it: Scott Scanlon = Dumbledore.



-Wow, how many verses does this stupid song have?

-Geeze, David is a jerk to Scott. Some friend.

-Yeah, this party looks like a hoot. 

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-Way to diss your best friend when he’s standing right behind you. 

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-See? A hoot! 

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-Oh dear God, it’s Limbo time!

-That’s one way to kill a party. No pun intended…

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-Andrea wants to do a spread in the newspaper in memory of Scott…oh no, wait…she wants to do a spread about gun control. My bad.

-Scott’s mother is ridiculously pushy. And she also keeps referring to David as Scott’s “bestest, bestest friend in the whole wide world.” Creepy.

-Uh Steve, why are you asking David if there was “tons of blood”? Inappropriate much?

-Honestly, if one more person asks David how he’s doing, I’m going to punch somebody for him!


-I know I should feel bad because this woman just lost her son and all, but she has got to be the most annoying human being on the planet earth. 

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Favorite Quotations:

Brenda: When am I able to go on one of these surfing safaris with you?

Dylan: When you’re willing to get your hair wet.


David: Scott, it’s dancing, not a Stairmaster.


Spencer: Mom, why did you make those kids leave? I wanted to see them make out some more.


Dylan: I don’t mean to sound like a jerk…but which one was Scott? When you first told me, I thought it was that kid over there. Obviously not.


Mel: You know, the human spirit has a remarkable capacity to recuperate. They taught us that the first year of Dental School…of course they were talking about Gingivitis.


David: Look, he was a jerk, okay? He was a jerk who blew himself away - that’s who he was! You don’t know! You left early! You missed out on the fun when he picked up a loaded gun and twirled it around! You weren’t there to see him goof up and shoot himself, and bleed all over his mom’s Persian rug! 

Brandon: David, the microphone is on.

David: I don’t care. No one gave a rat’s ass about Scott until he died! And I was the worst one of all. He was my best friend, and I dropped him because he wasn’t cool like you or Kelly or Steve! 

Brandon: David…

David: So they’re looking at me. So what?!? They’ve been looking at me for days Brandon! Oh poor David, is he going to be okay? I hope he hasn’t cracked up yet. I can’t even walk through the hall without somebody in my face trying to cheer me up like they’re my new best friend. But what about my old best friend? It doesn’t matter what you write about him in that paper, Brandon. It doesn’t matter what you say about somebody once they’re gone. What matters is how you treat them when they’re still here. I guess you can quote me on that…



What We Learned Today: 

Even if you have no friends when you’re alive, everybody in the school will go to your Memorial Service and act really sad. (They might not know who you are - but they’ll be sad about it.)


Rating on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being “Go Back To Minnesota”, 10 being “That Was The Greatest Thing Since David Silver’s Dancing”):



“I needed to figure some things out, like how I felt about her. And I know we drifted a part for a little while and we almost ended up with other people, which would have been a disaster because I would’ve spent the next fifty years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without Hanna and I don’t want to.”