the next bond please
Ryan Gosling as the Next James Bond? Yes, Please
Ryan Gosling looks great in a tuxedo, but he'd look even better in said tuxedo speed racing an Aston Martin and seducing his female sidekick: That's...

No.  I’m sorry, but no.  I mean, I love Ryan Gosling, but no.

Let me explain.

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James Bond is English.  Or a Scot (hello, Sir Connery).  Or Irish (Hi, Pierce!).  Or Welsh - looking at you, Timmy Boy.  And okay, you can throw an Aussie in there for flavor (George, we hardly knew ya). 

The point is, James Bond is not fucking American.

Do we really need another square jawed white guy who knows how to wear a tux?  I mean, come on.  Been there. Done that.  Repeatedly.

And finally,

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The world deserves Idris Bond.

You deserve Idris Bond.


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If Nekoma had a Manager! Part 2

I want to thank all of you who decided to follow this blog, as well as those of you who have reblogged or liked my last post. <3 I honestly didn’t think my headcanons would get to so much attention. ; v; I’m going to take that as a reason to continue this while the ideas are still fresh in my mind!

And so I will write a few small parts/chapters to showcase more interactions between Manager-chan and the Nekoma members. I’m really nervous about posting this so I hope you all enjoy. ; v;


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Yamamoto’s Next Objective: Form Bond with Manager-chan

“Please Yaku! Tell her how to talk to her!” Yamamoto cries reaching his hands out to Yaku, who only stepped away and raised an eyebrow at Yamamoto’s pleading expression.

Everyday had been the same thing for Yaku. Before the start of each practice Yamamoto would instantly burst into tears, pleading and begging for help from Yaku to help talk to teach him how to talk to their new female manager. Yaku felt pity for Yamamoto but honestly, Yamamoto needed to grow up on his own.

“There’s not much I can do Yamamoto.” Yaku continued unbuttoning his shirt, continuing to get ready for practice.

Yamamoto sulks, walking towards his locker. Inuoka gives him a reassuring pat on the shoulder muttering a “Do your best!” Yamamoto acknowledges Inuoka’s encouragement with a nod.

He proceeds to getting ready for practice all while pondering on how he should approach the situation at hand. Yamamoto wants to talk to the new manager in order to prove he could best his friends who lived in Miyagi. Often he would hear Tanaka and Nishinoya talk about not being able to talk to their beauty of a manager, so he wanted to become better than them! Yamamoto smiles at the image of both Tanaka and Nishinoya asking him for advice on how to approach managers.

The door of the locker room clicks open, the figures of Kuroo and Kenma walking in. Kuroo greets everyone, with Kenma muttering his own greeting.

At the sight of his captain, an idea sparks in Yamamoto’s head. What if he asked Kuroo for help? After all, him and the manager seemed to talk a bit because of the duties they are entrusted to. And Kuroo has to know how to talk to girls!

Yamamoto takes slow steps towards Kuroo, gulping down his worries. “K-Kuroo…san? …Could I ask for a favour?” Yamamoto speaks in a quiet voice.

Kuroo doesn’t even turn his head to acknowledge him. “I’m not helping you Yamamoto.”

“PLEASE!” Yamamoto falls to the ground dramatically, bowing his head in front of the captain.

Kuroo sighs in frustration. “Yamamoto get ready for practice.” Kuroo quickly slips out of his school uniform to wear his volleyball jersey and shorts. Whilst preparing for practice, Kuroo does not acknowledge Yamamoto’s bowing form.

Yamamoto slowly lifts his head, only to be met with Kuroo’s back. “But, but, why won’t you help me?” Yamamoto crawls towards Kuroo, grabbing hold of his leg.

Kuroo only shakes him off. He takes his volleyball shoes in hand, proceeding towards the door. “Practice is starting in ten minutes.”

Yamamoto watches helplessly as Kuroo exits the locker room.

Practice ended, but Yamamoto had not made any progress. An opportunity to approach the manager never rose. The entirety of practice was spent with the manager assisting the coaches overseeing the actions of the players with a clipboard in hand. The thought of approaching her came into mind, but there would have been severe consequences from the coaches.

At this rate there was no point to keep trying. Managers are celestial beings who should not be seen around people like him anyway. She was a pure goddess. And him - well, nothing compared to her.

Yamamoto gulped the last of his water and sighed heavily. ‘If only there were a miracle.’

“Yamamoto? Are you alright?” A soft voice asks him.

Hearing her voice directed at him, almost causes the water to spew from his mouth. Yamamoto is unable to say anything, he can only stare in disbelief. The gods really did hear his prayers!

A look of concern overcomes her features at the lack of response. “Your spikes seemed to be unsteady today. Is something bothering you?”

“N-no, not anymore.” Yamamoto manages to say. His arms laid stiff by his side, and a large amount of sweat fell from his forehead.

“Good.” She smiles, sighing in relief. She stands beside him, relaxing in order to have a short conversation. “Lev was going on and on about becoming the ace at this rate. Of course, there is a lot more he has to improve on.” She laughs to herself.

Her laugh sounded similar to a light melody to his ears. Never before had he heard something as beautiful as her laugh, and Yamamoto wanted to engrave it into his mind.

“Anyway,” she takes a quick glance at her wristwatch. “I’ll be heading home now. Thanks for the hard work today.” She waves before walking to the other members to say her good-byes.

Yamamoto stares at her retreating figure wordlessly. Never before did he think he would be blessed to experience something like this. Yamamoto felt like a new man. This blessing he had received gave him newfound strength to overcome any obstacles. This was a sign for him to keep advancing forward.

Yamamoto takes a deep breath, then yells. “Alright! I’ll work hard tomorrow!”

A slightly frightened Kenma looks at him in disgust.

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This isn’t my first studyblr, and I created a new one because I want to get more motivated for next semester and bond with other students. Please send me a message if you wanna get to know me better or if you want any tips 💖 . I’m always up to talking with new people. (By the way all the follows come from a different url!)

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A very touching video about the stories of the Stark sisters. Love them with all my heart, the two she-wolves of Winterfell.

More sister-bonding scenes next season, please!


“She’s next.”

  • lardo cooking pho on cold winter nights!!!!!!!!!!
  • lardo having to call her mom in vietnamese bc she doesn’t exactly kno how to get through the recipe… like… how long do u leave the beef in the stock to make the best broth????? helP???? 
  • chowder for some reason has a rice cooker in his room????
    • “idk lol…. i think my mom put it there just in case i ever felt homesick”
  • lardo almost cries
    • “ur telling me… i could hAVE HAD RICE THIS WHOLE TIME….”
  • (one time lardo tried to cook rice over a pot and the results were disastrous)
  • cue chowder and lardo kicking bitty out of the kitchen (much to his distress) so they can cook
  • their fried rice is BOMB AF
  • also chowder can cook up a kickass chop suey… it is AMAZING like this aint panda express wtf rans and holster DON’T EVER COMPARE IT TO PANDA EXPRESS EVER AGAIN ALSO PANDA EXPRESS DOES CHOW MEIN LEARN THE DIFFERENCE!!! (this was the first time chowder yelled at someone and they will never do it again that glare from chowder is something they never wanna see)
  • lardo and chowder making spring rolls nd egg rolls according to their own cuisine!!!!!!!!!!
  • op now chowder has to call his mom bc he forgot how to fold egg rolls and needs guidance
  • so then the kitchen is just a jumble of chinese nd vietnamese and everyone else is like ”???????? what’s happening down there”
  • during dinner the whole hockey team cries bc wow this is so gOOD?????? chowder and lardo u guys need to cook more
  • chowder’s like “well we could take u to this dim sum restaurant off campus…… :D”
  • and this has been Adventures with Chowder and Lardo Because They’re Asian and I’m Asian Too And I Want To Know More About Them Bonding Over Being Asian tune in next week
animal whisperer

Summary: Bond usually uses his ability to talk to animals on missions. He never thought he’d have to impress Q’s cat.

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Bond should have known that Q had a cat.

His ability to talk to animals had so far proved extremely useful on missions; rats were good informants, birds could see threats he (and Q-Branch) could not, and household pets reached closest to holed-up targets where Bond could not. Their requests (in exchange for their services) were simple enough, for the most part, for Bond to accomplish in a timely manner. The problems came primarily with cats and dogs, as their fierce loyalty to owners made negotiations difficult. Cats became difficult when Bond realized that their level of cooperation depended on their quality of living. Dogs were a hit-or-miss: Bond still recalled the three Rottweilers that chased and nearly shredded him as a result of a failed compromise, while another mark’s wife’s lapdog easily told Bond how to get into the house without notice.

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