the next beyonce

im just thinking abt the next album BEYONCE is going to come out with bc how is she gonna top lemonade

along with a seat at the table.

2000 Playlist
  1. Erykah Badu - Bag Lady
  2. Mya/Jay-Z - Best Of Me Part 2
  3. Ja Rule/Christina Milian - Between Me & You
  4. Lil Bow Wow - Bounce With Me
  5. Lil Bow Wow - Bow Wow (That’s My Name)
  6. Mya - Case Of The Ex
  7. Christina Aguilera - Come On Over
  8. Nelly - Country Grammar
  9. Mystikal/Nivea - Danger
  10. Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter
  11. Nelly - E.I.
  12. Beenie Man/Mya - Girls Dem Sugar
  13. Jay-Z - I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)
  14. Sammie - I Like It
  15. R. Kelly - I Wish
  16. Sisqo - Incomplete
  17. Destiny’s Child - Independent Women
  18. N'Sync - It’s Gonna Be Me
  19. Destiny’s Child - Jumpin Jumpin
  20. Profyle - Liar
  21. Outkast - Ms. Jackson
  22. Lil Kim - No Matter What They Say
  23. 3LW - No More (Baby I’ma Do Right)
  24. Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again
  25. Mystikal - Shake Ya Ass
  26. Sisqo - Thong Song
  27. Aaliyah - Try Again
  28. Next - Wifey
  29. Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants
  30. Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be

My top 30 songs of 2000. Please feel free to reblog and add to the list if your favorites aren’t listed. Songs are clickable. Enjoy!

exo reaction to your horrible singing (OT12)

suho: “honey that was amazing!! you could be the next beyonce!”

chanyeol: “what was that… a dying walrus..?”

baekhyun: (you are sehun)

kyungsoo: *gif*

jongin: “i mean,,, i could always teach you how to dance…”

chen: *starts giving you 1 on 1 singing lessons*

lay: plays the guitar as loud as he can while you’re singing so he can mute out your horrendous singing

sehun: kinda shocked on how bad it is**

xiumin: “stop!!”

kris: “bye babe. I’m going to Korea for a bit”

tao: *horrified but still tries to dance along*

luhan: “please, i don’t want to hear you sing”

Beyonce’s incredible Grammys performance was an ode to motherhood

Who says a killer performance needs heavy acrobatics?

The anticipation around Beyoncé’s Grammys performance was palpable even in the remote places of Twitter. This was the first glimpse of Queen Bey since her pregnancy announcement hit Instagram at the beginning of February — and answered many questions about how she’ll handle performances through the next several months.

The next Beyonce - Jughead x Reader

Request: The reader is a really good singer and no one knows but Jughead finds out

Word count: 641 (Sorry about the shortness)

Warnings: None :)

Singing, it was your escape from the real world, when you sang, you were in your own world, a world that just consisted of you and the music, even though you loved to sing, you hid it very well, you didn’t want anyone judging you and you didn’t like the idea of being told that you actually couldn’t sing. So to keep your wee hidden talent, well, hidden, you had some rules you followed religiously, no singing at school, no singing when people were supposed to come over and no singing in the shower if someone was coming over in case they came early because you wouldn’t know.

You followed these rules to a T, you had been in Riverdale for a while now and no one knew you could sing, you felt like you were living a secret life, like Hannah Montana but not as dramatic. One day you messed up, you had a long day at school and completely forgot Jughead was coming over to pick you up for some Blue and Gold investigating, you decided a nice warm shower would help wash the stress of the day off. You turned on the water and played Drunk by Ed Sheeran, and hopped in the shower, as you were singing you entered your own world and didn’t hear the door to your house open, or Jughead calling your name, you were so caught up in your singing everything other than that wasn’t important.

You wrapped yourself in a towel and went to your bedroom to go get changed, you walked in and saw your  raven-haired boyfriend sitting on your bed, you screamed and jumped and the top half of your towel slipped, you quickly regained yourself and looked up at a very tomato faced Jughead, “Oh my god, Jughead, what are you doing here??” You asked, “Don’t you remember? We’re going investigating tonight, Y/N, we talked about it at school.” he answered, suddenly it all came back to you, Archie had given Jughead his car for the night so Jughead could go investigate Sweetwater river with you. You covered your face in embarrassment, “That’s right, we’re doing that aren’t we, okay, well, I’m just going to go get changed in the bathroom and I’ll be ready to rumble, Juggie” you joke as you pick out clothes and walk back into the bathroom.

You were so caught up in wondering how you forgot about the investigation tonight with your boyfriend, that you didn’t think about him hearing you sing, it wasn’t until you were in the car with him and you turned on the radio and Drunk was playing did your eyes widen in shock, oh my god, you thought, Jughead would’ve heard me sing, “You seem to like this song, Y/N” Jug said, a smirk slowly growing up his face, “Look, Juggie, I don’t need you to make fun of me or my singing voice okay” you said, looking at the floor of Archie’s car. “God no, babe, I’m not making fun, you’re a really good singer, Y/N I couldn’t help but listen to you, your voice, well, all I can say is wow” you looked up at him, a smile slowly formed on your face, “You really think so, Jug?” you asked, he placed his hand on your thigh, and said “Of course, Y/N, how come you never told me you could sing like that?” he asked, “I never knew if I was good enough or not, no one knows to be honest” you furrowed your brows at your answer. “Are you kidding me, Y/N?! You could be the next Beyonce” he announced, smile as wide as ever, you laughed at your boyfriend, “That’s a bit outrageous babe” You said as he pulled up to Sweetwater river, you both got out and started investigating.