the next 3 had walls in them too


i thought about making a post about the Convention too but i think the concert is much more interesting and it was so hyped so im just gonna try to list everything that i remember!! (i’ll try to list things in order but im sorry if i mess some things up… im still a mess myself tbh)

Ok so, first of all- the weather wasnt on our side. It rained really hard and got pretty cold and windy, so..yeah. But the doors opened at 6PM for everyone, and depending on your ticket (seated or standing, i was in the pit standing) you had to stand at different lines/doors. It went pretty smoothly tbh like there was no extrem harsh pushing etc + the guys working there made sure that everyone was standing fairly at their right place (cuz apparently some people tried to sneak to the front ;;). once you got in after getting checked you had the chance to go get some food or some goodies like the Kcon lightstick etc. since you still had to wait 2 hours for the actual concert to start and get everyone inside.

We went inside the hall pretty quickly since we wanted to stand as close to the stage as possible before we would get squished. as we were waiting for everyone else they started playing the MV to fire first and the few (a lot of) people that were waiting inside the hall went CRAZY ALREADY LIKE !!!! and then there were some short CF’s of korean food with HaHa and kwangsoo on the monitor thingy etc, then they started playing Block B’s MV to Toy, Shinee’s View mv etc! After a while the people seated to the left of the stage suddenly started screaming– apparently some members (idk from which groups) were teasing them by coming out and going back inside again! ;;;

Once the actual concert started Leeteuk came out looking all fancy and glorious in his suit and greeted us so happily omg (he also spoke french but i have no idea what he said tbh, i cant speak french asdfgh. but it was still very cute!!) ;;; anyway then of course all the groups sang Arirang and BTS came out first with their white suits !!! and then the other groups slowly joined and sang the song together. Once they were all on the stage, Leeteuk told us that the South korean president is also there and watching! It was an honor being in her presence btw, i didnt expect that at all!

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Our Garden

The air definitely has that fall bite to it these past few days. I’ve found myself reaching for my sweater more and more. I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible with the twins and Charlie outdoors as possible, so we snuck out to the local greenhouse and bought some seeds and plants for our new garden.

Our options weren’t that great as its coming up on fall and most vegetables grow during the summer. We ended up with some Spinach, Radish, Lettuce and Arugula seeds, some Blueberry plants and some Cauliflower and Garlic sprouts. We had so much fun planting them (And hopefully will have just as much fun eating them :3)

In other news Charlie will soon be 3 months old! I can’t even believe that in just one month she will be old enough to try solid foods ;-; She is growing too fast! We also have been doing good with the reno, and now have the drywall up and the floors down! Next comes wall painting (Which means i have to start picking out colors)

Hopefully you will get a better update on house progress with my next post!

Keep smiling,