The Newsroom | “America is not the greatest country in the world” 

More relevant than ever. 


God I love this !!! The most honnest 5 min in TV show’s history ! I must watch this show seriously ! CC America

I just want to take a minute to explain what Dev Patel’s nomination means to me.

I am a Gujarati Indian, born in Kenya, raised in London. Dev shares a similar back story (His parents were born in Kenya, he in London).

Dev and I, though having never met, live in towns literally next door to each other; a short walk.

I never imagined that a man whose heritage resembles mine so closely, would ever take our stories, embody stories of many wonderful people, and so successfully bring them to the world’s stage. Of course, Hollywood still has a long way to go as far as diversity is concerned both from a race perspective, and its’ portrayal of gender and sexuality, but for the first time I feel as though I am being represented. That I am valid, that my thoughts and experiences are real and are worth being told.

Representation matters.