the news is worth watching

good news, theres horror movies worth watching on netflix rn
  • -jaws
  • -tucker and dale vs evil
  • -babadook 
  • -pontypool 
  • -hellraiser
  • -the fly (price version) 
  • -children of the corn 
  • -the cabinet of dr caligari 
  • -reanimator 
  • -housebound 
  • -event horizon 
  • -creep

News Every (3.4.2013) is translated!  This is worth watching again if you have already seen it, and it’s definitely worth your time if you haven’t.

This was actually translated a while ago, but it was not the full video + the quality was very bad.  Here is the HD full version! (Download links are in the description)

The corner café congregation
reads forecasts like coordinates
but prays for rain
with leathered hands and wasted vowels
seeking god in almanacs
and solace in purchased premiums

I find the only person in the room
with shoulders heavier than sighs
to ask if eternity is a destination

One after another, they will fall
seamless into the arrhythmia of a city
that skipped to the end but quotes from the middle
watches the evening news
for a day’s worth of ways to begin conversations
with nameless faces
yawns its dry-mouthed I love you’s
to the hollow click of a bedside lamp

Finis coronat opus

Unnoticed, the sparrows fall silent
and I know the clouds will gather soon