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It’ll be okay.

Just remember that. No matter how much shit you go through. Even if it’s all in your head. No matter how lonely you feel.

No matter who hurts you. Even if they say they love you.

You will get through it. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I do. And…

…I’m sure as hell Harley would too.

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How Rorschach is alive in the DC Multiverse *Theory*

So i’ve had this little theory for a while but with the release of the first 6 pages of Doomsday Clock at NYCC this weekend I figured I’d bring it up.

***Spoilers throughout for Doomsday Clock, Watchmen as well as New 52 Justice League***

Rorschach NYCC Reveal

So as we know from the final page of the Doomsday Clock Sneak Peek, Rorschach apparently survived his obliteration at the hands of Doctor Manhattan in the end of Watchmen and is still alive and kicking 7 years later in 1992. 

I don’t have the exact answer as to how he’s alive but it could be any list of things:

1. manhattan didnt kill him just teleported him (doubt it).

2. the real rorschach wasnt killed, a body double or impersonator was (also doubt it)

3. this is a new rorschach (wouldnt surprise me given the amount of legacy heroes in the Watchmen universe)

im sure we’ll find out when the book comes out in November, but its not the focal point of this theory~


So now it has been CONFIRMED that Rorschach is alive and I am going to assume that he is probably going to make an appearance in the DC Universe (he’s in the Watchmen universe in the panel above) but the Question is - how?

Well to put it simply I believe that Rorschach has been in the DC Universe since the beginning of the New 52 since it is my belief (and all my evidence will follow to back this up) that Rorschach is the true identity of The Question from the Trinity of Sin.

For those unaware, this version of the question IS NOT VIC SAGE (or Renee Montoya) so don’t come for my head like I’m some unhip noob. This Question was introduced in the New 52 as an unnamed individual who was condemned by a group of wizards including Shazam to forget his identity and roam through the present for answers he would never find. 

There are several parallels that can be made between this version of the Question and Rorschach. As seen in the panel below his unknown true identity was rebellious to authority. Also similar to the scene where Rorschach dies in Watchmen where he gives Manhattan the ultimatum to kill him, this person makes a similar ultimatum (although contextually different). This person also brings up being feared, something the public in the Watchmen universe tend to feel about Rorschach. 

This person was brought to this trial from an unknown location and time period meaning this could very well be Rorschach from the Watchmen universe in 1985, meaning he potentially was “saved” at the very last moment by these wizards only to serve a much harsher sentence than death. Its said he is on trial for crimes against humanity and although it could be argued that all Rorschach did was give humanity the truth of Ozymandias’ plot in Watchmen, his journal most likely deterred humanity from utopian world peace creating the chaos we see in the first few pages of the Doomsday Clock Sneek Peek essentially condemning that world which could be perceived as a terrible act when world peace was achieved. 

I also want to mention Manhattan killing Pandora in DC Rebirth.

No reason is immediately presented as to why he did this. He could have killed her because she knew his identity but he also could have been pursuing her because he knew she knew the Question’s identity and that if she got in contact with Question after discovering Manhattan’s plan, that the “reawakened Rorschach” would probably be a nuisance to his grand schemes.

Lets also not forget where Rorschach’s design comes from.

When it comes to character design and influence, Rorschach is based on the original character design of the Vic Sage Question so this could be a literal way of saying Rorschach IS The Question, (the chicken came before the egg in this case). Not to mention the unidentified man in the wizard-trial panels also has redish hair like Rorschach’s “disguise” Walter Kovacs.

Tying in with Doomsday Clock

As for tying in the new events of Doomsday Clock where Rorschach is alive 7 years later in the Watchmen Universe I have 2 theories:

1. this is the Question dressed up as Rorschach, trying to find Doctor Manhattan after potentially discovering his true identity off panel in the New 52 OR is just the Question ironically dressing up as Rorschach in the Watchmen universe as a disguise after somehow getting there after the events of Trinity of Sin. (unlikely but figured id pitch it)

2. Rorschach did somehow survive his death at Manhattan’s hands in the end of Watchmen (see potential reasons in my first segment way above).

Based off of theory 2, i believe since Manhattan left earth since he thought everything would be at peace and said he would return “one day”. This could lead into Manhattan’s return to earth and seeing the chaos that was brought about by Rorschach exposing the truth 7 years before, preventing the utopia Manhattan helped Ozymandias create from occurring and instilling in him feelings of pessimism that lead to his actions within the New 52 and DC Rebirth. This could lead to Manhattan sending Rorschach to the wizards as i stated before to undergo a “fate worse than death” and also lead to him destroying the Watchmen universe before making his way to the DC Universe with Ozymandias (whom he probably saves from being on the run from humanity, deciding to take him with him). 

one more thing…

To make things more interesting, Geoff Johns was recently interviewed before NYCC about if Rorschach was in Doomsday Clock expressing his love for Rorschach and also saying:

“but he also had a very finite end in that book and Gary and I respect that”

“and so its a really interesting question, if Rorschach’s in the book, I like that question I’m not gunna answer it right now”

Full Video: (comments on Rorschach around 2:00)

In the first quote he claims that Rorschach had a finite end meaning whatever happened to him, removed him from the results of the end of Watchmen and also from him being around in that universe. This could back up my “teleportation theory” that Rorschach was brought to the DC Universe and although he’s no longer THAT Rorschach, the character is living on as the amnesiac Question. But the new panels of Doomsday Clock rebuke this so I’m unsure…

And for the second part, not to be too corny but he sure says question a lot LMAOLMAOLMAO jkjkjk but you never know. These types of teases pop up all the time. Also this very well couldve just been him hyping up the Rorschach reveal at NYCC but i figured id throw it in to be aggy LMAOOOO

In Conclusion

So that’s my theory in a nutshell. To be honest it made a lot more sense before the Doomsday Clock Rorschach reveal yesterday but I think it could still be plausible with the reveal of details going forward with the Doomsday Clock series. If youve made it this far THANKS FER STICKIN AROUNDDDDDDDD. I’d love to hear any arguments against or for this theory as well as any evidence/speculation/theories around Doomsday Clock/Rorschach going forward.


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Graduation, moving forward

Hey all you gamers! It’s Chris. And I have some exciting news! In like 52 hours I’ll have graduated from College with a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management! How neat is that, huh? Three years spent, and I have am amazing experience to look back on fondly. Not only did I do well at graduating showcase, but I won “Best in Show” as well!

So, what does that mean for you guys? Well, more content! Starting next week this project will be going full steam ahead. And, at the beginning if next year I will be going through a Game Design program at another college for another Bachelor’s degree. So, thank you all for supporting our project, and believing in us. I hope to bring all of you a wonderful experience with the help of @the-engineering-composer @oolay-tiger @valentinasama66 @billydreamshake and also Aaron and Jon, who don’t have tumblr. Hope you stick with us, y'all!


An Oregon judge has allowed a 52-year-old retired Army tank mechanic to change gender identity. Not from male to female, or vice versa. But to a new, third gender.

Jamie Shupe is now legally non-binary — widely believed to be a first for the United States.

Oregon joins several countries in recognizing a third gender. In 2014, India became the largest country in the world to have an official third option, following in the footsteps of Pakistan, Australia and Germany.

Shupe was born male, got married and had a child.

“I was in a deep, dark depression because I had boxed myself into this male identity that I couldn’t stand anymore,” Shupe says.

Three years ago, Shupe decided enough is enough.

“I told family members, we either let me out of this box or I’m shooting myself in the head. Things really got that bad,” Shupe recalls.

Shupe is no longer legally male or female and prefers the pronoun “they.”

Neither Male Nor Female: Oregon Resident Legally Recognized As Third Gender

Photos: Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB News

“things my group chat has actually said before” sentence starters!

yep, these are actual things me + my friends have said to each other. don’t ask, context isn’t needed ;)

send me a character, and i’ll write it!<3

  1. “my superpower is actually sucking dick.”
  2. “our friendship is really just about anal.”
  3. “he could shove a log up my ass, lumberjack daddy to the max!”
  4. *slurps frosty* “this is what good pussy sounds like”
  5. “i’ll be his twinkie.”
  6. “i seriously almost drop kicked your cat into the next dimension.”
  7. “it’s gotten a lot worse, we’ve graduated to butt stuff.”
  8. “it’s weird to see you have emotions that aren’t anger or horniness.”
  9. “i was reading fanfiction during your graduation… i was sitting next to your grandpa.”
  10. “she gets murdered in a second, have some goddamn respect!”
  11. “what are you looking for today?” “pleasure.”
  12. *with a straight face* “i don’t do cute, i do rough.” *laughs twenty seconds later*
  13. “ugh, i was such a slut.” “still are” “FUCK YOU”
  14. “the drugs for my surgery have fucked with me so bad that i tried to get off and i fell asleep halfway through”
  15. “i trip on flat surfaces why the fuck do you think it’d be a good idea to take me roller skating”
  16. “good news! after approximately 52 days, I finally got my period! thank god i’m not pregnant.”
  17. “give me scars so i’ll always remember you guys”

flikmage  asked:

Hey, I made an account just to ask for this, so I hope you don't pass me over. Could you please do a Flash For The Uninitiated? He's a character I always end up loving whenever he's present in a story, but all I've really read is the New 52 Flash and as enjoyable as it is, I'm craving more.

Well, since you made an account just for this, what else can I do but oblige you (after making you wait weeks for it)?

The Flash, perhaps more than any other character in DC’s stable, represents the strength of the legacy hero: the passing of the mantle from mentor to protege, with each successive version having their own strengths and weaknesses. So here’s a look at the different versions of the Flash.

(Full disclosure: all the Amazon links here are actually Amazon Smile links. Amazon rejected my application for an Amazon Associates account a while back because they hate Tumblr, so if I can’t benefit monetarily from making these posts, at least a few cents can go to a non-profit of my choosing. In this case, it is a local (to me) not-for-profit volunteer community band/arts educators. It doesn’t cost you any more, and 0.5% of money spent via those links goes to help. You can choose not to use these links if that’s a thing you’d rather do, but there you go.)


The original Flash was a guy named Jay Garrick. He breathed in some hard water fumes and then ran around with a bucket on his head. He is pretty cool.

The bad news is, as far as I can tell, there is no in-print collection of Golden Age Flash strips. The good news is, since—as I said—the Flash is all about legacy, he tends to show up plenty later on.


The popularity of superhero comics fizzled somewhat following World War II, and the Golden Age of the comics was over by the early 50s. However, by the mid-50s, a couple of enterprising editors decided to revamp the superhero concept by adding in various sci-fi elements for the atomic age.

The book widely considered to have kicked off this new age—the Silver Age of Comics—was Showcase #4, the first appearance of the second Flash, Barry Allen.

The Flash stories of the 50s and 60s were primarily created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, and while the early stories from their run can often be highly formulaic—even in comparison to contemporary comics—they introduce many of the key elements of the Flash mythos: the Rogues, Gorilla Grodd, Iris West, Wally West aka Kid Flash, the stretchy detective Elongated Man, and so on.

Furthermore, it is within the pages of the Flash that DC introduces the concept of its multiverse; the idea of Earth-2 being a plane of existence where all the Golden Age heroes lived and fought begins with Barry meeting up with Jay thanks to some savvy vibrating.

Plus, you eventually get awesome shit like this:

External image

If the silly inventiveness of the Silver Age is not to your taste, well, that’s your own cross to bear, I guess, but if you want to see the real roots of the modern Flash, there are a couple of ways to get these stories:

The Flash Omnibus collects the earliest adventures of the Flash from Showcase into his own title. This volume collects SHOWCASE #4, 8, 13 and 14 and THE FLASH #105-132 (the series resumed the numbering of the original Golden Age series) in color, in a big, fat harcover. Now, even with Amazon’s pretty deece discount here, you may not want to drop sixty-plus bones on the Flash. In that case, you can get:

Showcase Presents: The Flash This series of volumes contains the same material as the omnibus, but in black and white, on lower quality paper, but for way less money. While the omnibus (so far) only collects the first 30ish issues of Barry Allen’s adventures, there are four Showcase volumes of Silver Age Flash available (not technically in print as far as I can tell, but they’re all still available for decent prices on Amazon), which will altogether get you about 80-90 issues. These books are, in my estimation, the best value. But! If you really want to see this stuff in color, but don’t want to buy the Omnibus…

The Flash Chronicles collects, once again, the same material, but in smaller chunks than the Showcases, but in color.

You have options, is what I’m saying.



Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash by Cary Bates and Carmine Infantino is the last (at the time) story of Barry Allen. While most Showcase volumes reprint Silver Age stories, this one collects a tale from the very end of the Bronze Age. This massive tale (unusually long, especially for the time) represents the final two years of the Flash before Crisis on Infinite Earths. This is the tale of Barry going on trial for the manslaughter of one of his greatest foes, the Reverse Flash. The story-telling will probably read as super old-fashioned to a modern reader, but if you’re interested in one of the major sagas in the life of the Flash, well, here you go.


Barry dies in Crisis on Infinite Earths. You will notice I did not link to that book. Don’t worry about it. There is literally no reaction that a new reader would have to Crisis other than “What the fuck am I reading and why the fuck am I reading it.”

Here’s what you need to know: Barry dies saving literally everyone. He’s a big damn hero.

So that leads us to


Taking up the mantle after Barry’s death is Wally West, the nephew of Barry’s girlfriend and later wife Iris West. Way back in the 50s stories, he miraculously got Flash powers in the exact same way as Barry, so Barry reluctantly makes him his sidekick, Kid Flash, who goes on to be a founding member of the Teen Titans.

The best writer of the Wally West Flash is Mark Waid, who wrote the book for a long time, with various artists, including Salvador Larocca and most notably Mike Wieringo. Unfortunately, his run has been only sparsely collected.

Let me be clear: if you buy only from one section of this list, make this that section. Waid’s Flash is the best Flash, period.

Here’s what’s available, roughly in order:

Born to Run by Waid, Greg Larocque, et al. Great intro to Wally and his history as Kid Flash.

The Return of Barry Allen by Waid, Larocque, et al. I believe this was just certified on War Rocket Ajax as the best Flash story ever, so there you go.

Impulse: Reckless Youth by Waid, Humberto Ramos, et al. Impulse is Bart Allen, grandson of Barry Allen from the distant future, come back to annoy Wally. This collection includes—I think—his introduction in the Flash, plus the first few issues of his solo series, which would include what Chris Sims has boldly claimed is the greatest single issue of all time. This is, as far as I know, the only available collection of the Impulse solo series.

Terminal Velocity by Waid, Wieringo, et al. This is the story that introduces the idea of the Speed Force, the source of the Flashes’ powers. It has one millions speedsters in it and is pretty awesome.

Dead Heat by Waid, Ramos, et al.

Race Against Time by Brian Augustyn, Waid, et al.

As far as I am aware, these are the only collections of Waid’s Flash run, and they’re all technically out of print, but Amazon has them all for decent prices if you don’t mind owning a used copy.

Here are some other cool Wally stories:

Emergency Stop by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Paul Ryan. This is the first half of superstars Morrison and Millar’s work on the Flash. Plenty of cool stuff here.

The Human Race by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and Paul Ryan. This collection is pretty awesome. It features a story of the Flash racing Sonic the Hedgehog (basically) across the universe and then introduces the Black Flash aka the Grim Reaper for fast people.

The next major writer on the Flash is Geoff Johns. This run is notable for its work fleshing out the characters of the Rogues. His run, with art primarily by Scott Kolins, is collected in three omnibus volumes.

Volume one

Volume two

Volume three

You might also want to get Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge by Johns and Kollins. It is pretty good.


Since you said that you’ve read the New 52 Flash, you might know that Wally isn’t the Flash anymore. Barry is.


Due to the events of Infinite Crisis (not linked for reasons), Wally and his family go to an alternate reality. Bart becomes the new Flash. Then Bart gets killed. These stories are terrible.

Barry returns in Final Crisis (which is not very Flash-centric, but is awesome and I’ve already put it on like three of these For the Uninitiated lists, so you should have it by now). Then even though there is still a perfectly good and way more interesting Flash still available in Wally (who has come back from that other dimension, obvs), someone decided that Barry should be the Flash again.

If you are the kind of person who likes their comics “important” rather than good, here are some books you can buy:

Flash: Rebirth by Johns and Ethan Van Sciver.

Dastardly Death of the Rogues by Johns and Francis Manapul.

The Road to Flashpoint by Johns and Manapul.

Flashpoint by Johns and Andy Kubert.

And this literally leads us to the New 52, which happened (in-canon) as a result of Flashpoint. The good news is, the New 52 Flash stories are actually pretty good, and the art is beautiful. Those stories are collected in these volumes:

Move Forward by Manapul and Brian Buccellato.

Rogues Revolution by Manapul and Buccellato.

Gorilla Warfare by Manapul and Buccellato.

Reverse by Manapul and Buccellato.

and I guess there’s a forthcoming volume 5.

My suggestion for after that?

External image


I really want to shake it up, it’s not strong love if it’s not tested. ~ Peter Tomasi

USA TODAY broke the story that Batman and Robin writer, Peter Tomasi, and master artist Doug Mahnke will be the new creative team on the comic book series SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN beginning with issue #13 in November.

I’m sad to see Charles Soule and Tony Daniel go because I’ve been throughly enjoying their work but if anyone can keep this series great it’s these guys!

Mr Tomasi has been writing B&R since before the New 52 reboot and every single issue has been a delight to read. Even the best of runs has one or two dud issues but not this one.

As for Mr Mahnke, what can I say? His work on Justice League and Green Lantern has never disappointed!

So yeah, I’m pretty freakin’ excited about this!

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #13 arrives on November 12th.

The Arrow of Starling City, formerly known as the Hood, has been unmasked as billionaire Robert Queen. Robert was marooned on an island when his boat went down in the Pacific an accident that tragically ended with the death of his son Oliver. Robert Queen was thought dead when…

Audio from Earth-2 Channel 52 News Report [The Flash Ep 2x6]