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Frank Ocean | Sharing & Brevity

Artists don’t usually give satisfying answers to the question of how or why they do what they do, and maybe that’s for the best. Sometimes songs mean more to us when we don’t totally grasp the lyrics … Frank Ocean knows that, as much as anything, he is selling an idea … “That’s why you’ve got to practice brevity when you do interviews like this. I could try to make myself likable to you so you could write a piece that keeps my image in good standing … or I could just say, ‘My art speaks for itself.’ … “As a writer, as a creator, I’m giving you my experiences,” … “But just take what I give you. You ain’t got to pry beyond that.” … “I don’t know if it’s a shield or whatever, but I want to deflect as much as I can onto my work.” - NY Times.

Southern Vangard Radio

I wanna send a quick shout-out to my peoples over at Southern Vangard Radio in Atlanta! The hosts DJ Jon Doe & Eddie Meeks have successfully interviewed all three of my artists on The NEWPRINT team: Supastition, One Be Lo and Eternia. Each interview was in-depth and very entertaining. It’s important to support them for pushing the culture forward and doing it with quality and integrity, so please check them out every week on Soundcloud.

Supastition | Stay Inspired

Not to sound cliche but… I walked away from the music business a few years back with no plans to return. I thought I had reached my highest point in life & was afraid to see what the downfall would look like. I lost my passion for what I spent my entire life preparing for. I wasn’t the best man I could be for my family & friends. I felt underappreciated by the folks that I had once helped move forward. Something inspired me to give it one last shot, but by my own terms.

I say this to make a point… sometimes, you will hit rock bottom & feel like there is nothing else you can do. You’ll feel like you’re forgotten & you’ll see the true nature of people who you once loved. Sometimes, you need to be humbled. But I am in a better position & I am a better person than I was years ago. Never walk away from your dreams! Just be prepared to take an alternate route. Hope this inspires someone to keep going. via Supastition (‘Gold Standard’ / 6/12/15)