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The GRYFFINDOR VILLAIN is not only quite angry, violent and passionate, but has the ability to take bold risks and do acts that require tremendous amounts of nerve. Daring, even if they do not intend this the world will know who they are, what they think and what they are doing. They are dangerous and ruthless, but also destroyers of the highest calibre. Getting in their way is one thing, but once they have decided that they hate you- you’re toast. Do not try to convince them differently as they have already made up their mind. 

Characters: Tate Langdon, Tuco Salamanca, Angelus, Sarah Newlin, Joffrey Baratheon, Slade Wilson, Anakin Skywalker & Abaddon.

This War Isn’t Civil [Part Two]

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Warnings: Cursing, I think that’s it?
A/N: I feel so terrible not posting anything in a while, I apologize! School has been crazy as ever. I will try and update 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 and Blame Natasha next but I can’t promise anything :/



“Ya know, when you said we should go out more, I didn’t have this in mind,” you muttered breathlessly to yourself as you knelt down next to Steve, who was knocked out by the shoreline where the hellicarrier crashed a bit ago.

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Mary Elizabeth Price - Golden Haystacks in Sunlight [c.1900] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Mary Elizabeth Price (1877 - 1965) was the sister of the prominent New York art dealer, Frederick Newlin Price, who ran Feragil Galleries. She specialised in decorative, Modernist landscapes in the Pennsylvania impressionist style, and is particularly well-known for her Modernist floral pieces with metal-leaf backgrounds, which were inspired by Japanese art.

[Heritage Auctions - Oil on canvas, 33.0 x 45.7 cm]

The decision by Microsoft to use two bytes for newlines instead of one has probably cost the US more in expense and lost productivity than 9/11 did.

How to write an essay

Writing an essay is an argumentative work which requires you to organize your personal reflexion. You start with finding an issue you will try to fix in the development. You must be able to show your analyzing skills and your ability to find and use examples. You have to communicate your point of view thanks to a personal and logical argumentation.


If the subject contains texts to help your analyze and reflexion, you will have to make the link between them and the subject.

To help you do that :
- find keywords and main ideas of the subject
- rewrite the subject with your own words to find the issue : write the issue like a question
- consider the different documents : read them again after having found your problematic, try to find answers or rebuttal in them, highlight quotes, and add personal examples in connection with the texts and their ideas
- try to organize all those new information : from general to specific, from specific to general, find similarities and contrasts.


Here, you will have to organize your ideas : essay is a demonstration, a structured work, built by a plan of clear argumentation. So you have to adapt your plan to the subject :

- For a subject that demands you to comment and express a personal judgement : analytical plan or comparative plan. Analyze similarities and oppositions between different points of view, then express your personal one. Make one part for each problematic.

- For a subject that demands you to discuss, arbitrate, nuance, confront authors’ different points of view (these subjects often take the form of a quote) : concessive plan (mistakenly called dialectic plan). First, explore, develop, and justify the opposite thesis than yours and find her limits in order to propose a personal point of view. Don’t organize your plan like “thesis, antithesis, and synthesis” but more like “yes…, but…” or “no…, but…”

- For a subject which dictate the approach to be adopted : adapt the plan to the subject. Each part has to present the chosen argument and to explain this choice.


You have to organize arguments and examples : arguments will support the reflexion that answers to the problematic, examples are here to strengthen the demonstration and illustrate completely (facts, knowledge, data, specific references, quotes…)

Then, write the complete introduction : 4 identifiable steps (newline without a paragraph) :
- present data (theme, context…)
- present the subject (insert quote if there is any), reword and explain its interest
- formulate the problem (consistency of the reflection)
- present the plan with 2 or 3 clear sentences

Then, write the complete conclusion : 2 identifiable steps (newline without a paragraph) :
- show that you answered the question or problematic
- find a way to open the reflection (other works, other issues related to this one…)

Built a development that enhances your nuanced argumentation :
- 4 equal parts which succeed and complete each other
- pay attention the consistency of your argumentation and development
- create logical transitions between arguments/ideas
- each part must have : an introductive sentence, 2 or 3 paragraphs with examples, a little conclusion and a transition to the next part.


To build your argumentative paragraph (2 or 3 paragraphs = 1 part) :
- say the main idea
- express an opinion on that idea
- support your judgement with arguments and precise and analyzed examples
- validate the demonstration : show that the goal has been reached with a short sentence and make a logical transition to the next part

Know how to use synonyms to avoid repetitions :
- in your draft, create a list of words with synonyms
- reformulations help you to vary the approaches too

Be anonymous, use logical connectors…

Be able to insert quotes and references : clearly say who the author is, what the source is, etc.

Read your essay when you think it’s done. Try to find out if that’s readable, if there are grammatical or spelling mistakes, etc.

I hope it will help you J feel free to message me if something isn’t clear or If you need anything alse


Lizzie Hearts from Ever After High ©Mattel
Art by Danica Newlin ( thekawaiione )

Apparently I draw better when sick? hehe~ Have I mentioned how I so enjoy the character designs for Ever After High yet? lol. Had saved some random refs of Lizzie from the EAH tag a couple days ago and decided to doodle her, then somehow that turned into some ‘speed’ paint experimentation it seems~ May try grabbing some of my mess of unfinished sketches and try something like this with them.

(apologies for the sudden amount of fanart lately, there will certainly be more original stuff again, I’ve just not had the right inspiration to draw my OCs it seems.)