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‘Overwatch’ officially introduces Orisa, a new character created by Efi

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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.


The next ‘Overwatch’ character might be a spider-like robot named Anchora

  • On Tuesday afternoon, the Overwatch team released a fictional interview with Efi Oladele, a genius 11-year-old inventor from Numbani.
  • After Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan shut down rumors that Doomfist would be the newest character, the fandom turned its attention to this potential new entry, hunting the web for as much information as possible.
  • In less than 24 hours, Overwatch fans have already uncovered some hints that the new character might actually be a new, spider-like robot character named Anchora — but the evidence is far from perfect. Read more (2/22/17 12:20 PM)

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some comms i took the last few months! (from newest to oldest)
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A little sunday evening watercolor/gouache painting about my newest Skyrim-character… My intention was to use illusion magic, sneak around, pick pockets, use back stabs and create as much havoc as possible without adding to my bounty. After a very successful crime spree of robbery, assassinations and general murder I got caught while stealing cheese.


Hypothetical plot outline for “Spider-Man 2: Prom”

(For simplicity sakes, I won’t really mention Infinity War. Let’s just say, this is set after Thanos’ defeat)

Peter Parker is in his junior year of high school and is now an experienced crime-fighter. Unlike Homecoming, he now has solid footing as Spider-Man, such as being able to intimidate bad guys and his web-swinging is far smoother than before. Ned becomes his official “guy in the chair” and even has his own “Spider-Lair” set up.

Which is his bedroom of course.

Also, Michelle joins “Team Spider-Man” when it’s revealed that she knew about Peter’s secret identity from the very beginning. We get a brief recap of scenes from Homecoming, but this time from MJ’s perspective. MJ joins as the “other person on the field” besides Pete. 

Rounding out Team Spider-Man are Aunt May and the newest main character, Gwen Stacy. For MCU Gwen, I had Sophie Turner in mind.

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Aunt May is the den mother of the group while Gwen joins as the investigator a.k.a. “the girl in the chair”. Also, Gwen finds out about Peter’s identity early on in the film when Peter gets knocked out during his first fight with the movie’s main antagonist, Kraven the Hunter. While dragging Pete to safety, Gwen accidentally takes his mask off. Gwen decides to keep his secret by joining Team Spider-Man. Her inclusion in the team is not received well by MJ, who believes that Gwen is hiding something.

Also, yeah, there’s a love triangle subplot between Peter, Gwen, and MJ. HOWEVER, I want to emphasize that MJ is the one clearly favored by the movie.

Going back to the main plot, the MCU Kraven the Hunter is revealed as a big game hunter who fled to America in the 1910s after the Tsar fell during the Russian Revolution. The only reason why he is still young and fit is because he feeds off a de-aging serum developed by OsCorp. When OsCorp discontinues the serum, Kraven wages war on the company in order to get either the last sample or the formula in order to find someone to replicate it. Also, he decides to hunt the Spider-Man in order to add his head to his “collection”. 

For Kraven, I had Rory McCann in mind (wow, two GoT actors in a row).

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While the fight with Kraven goes on, the high school side of the movie focuses mostly on Peter and MJ’s friendship/budding romance. Continuing off of MJ’s “observant” arc from Homecoming, it’s made obvious from the start of the movie that MJ is crushing hard on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter is a bit lost when it comes to his love life since Liz moved away and he’s still coming to terms with the events of Infinity War. 

That’s mainly where Gwen and MJ come in. Peter bonds with them both, with Gwen intentionally reminding Peter of Liz (the popular girl who everyone likes) and MJ being lowkey jealous. MJ eventually decides to step back, deciding that Peter will never look at her the way he looks at Liz and Gwen (you can just hear the inner angst) since she’s the weird girl with no friends. However, that’s when Peter makes his move. 

Around the same time MJ steps back, Peter decides to pursue her since he’s slowly returning her feelings. While he likes Gwen, Ned and Aunt May helps him realize that MJ’s been there since the start and despite her attitude at times, she’s always been there for him. In my head, his big eureka moment is when MJ gets him a new backpack with a note that says, “Heard you lost your backpack, you dingus”. Something like that. 

The turning point is when Gwen asks Peter to prom. He politely turns her down and runs off to find MJ to ask her instead. Peter asks MJ to prom and she happily accepts. On the night of prom, it’s even revealed she went out of her way and got a gorgeous red dress (another allusion to Mary Jane Watson!) 

Now…here’s where the big plot twists start coming in.

Kraven goes after Norman Osborn in order to find the last remaining vial of de-aging serum. By the way, for MCU Norman Osborn, I had Jeremy Irons in mind.

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While holding Norman hostage, Norman’s daughter comes home. It turns out, Gwen Stacy is his daughter. The MCU Gwen Stacy is an amalgamation of Gwen and Harry Osborn (her full name is Gwen Harriet Stacy-Osborn).

Norman is forced to hand over the last of the serum, which Kraven takes. However, he keeps Norman and Gwen hostage since he wants to lure the Spider-Man out (Kraven, at this point in the movie, knows that Gwen is friends with Spider-Man since she saved him earlier). In order to raise the stakes, Kraven goes after the rest of Gwen’s friends, reasoning that if she’s friends with Spider-Man, then surely some of her other friends know him as well.

He pretty much kidnaps the entire academic decathlon team, right on the night of prom. When Peter learns MJ and Ned have been kidnapped, he goes into righteous anger mode and takes off into the night to face Kraven. 

While Peter and Kraven have their fight, MJ, Gwen, Ned, Norman, and the rest of the academic decathlon team manage to escape captivity thanks to Ned’s computer expertise. Before they can escape, Gwen and MJ stay behind to help Peter. Gwen takes matters into her own hands and enters an experimental pod designed to enhance a person’s abilities. She reasons that in order to fight Kraven, she needs to be more powerful than usual. However, what she doesn’t realize is that the machine drives its subjects insane. 

So Gwen emerges as the Green Goblin, but as a hero only for this movie (she’ll be the main villain in the third one). Gwen and MJ head off on the Goblin glider to help Peter. For the final battle, all three of them contribute to Kraven’s defeat. MJ disables the traps and destroys the serum, and Gwen and Peter take Kraven down. Kraven is spared since Peter has a no-killing rule.

Also, he’s spared since we need Kraven for the Sinister Six. 

This is where Gwen’s sanity breaks. Instead of thanking her, Peter rushes off to MJ to make sure she’s alright and we get a kiss. Already disappointed in him because he turned her down for prom, plus some deep-seated father issues and her mind pushed to its limits by the experimental pod, Peter and MJ’s moment pushes Gwen over the edge. But instead of going after them, she goes after her dad. 

(There’s a subplot about Gwen having father issues since Norman is a shitty dad)

There’s a short battle where Peter fights Goblin-Gwen while MJ escorts Norman to safety. Eventually, Gwen takes off into the night when she realizes that she can’t beat Spider-Man and that the authorities are arriving.

With prom ruined, Peter and MJ decide to have their own dance in the remains of the Osborn mansion. The academic decathlon team joins in as well, with Ned dancing with Cindy Moon (that’s the ‘my friends call me MJ’ moment of the movie, when Ned’s date reveals herself as Cindy). However, the dance is cut short once again when the group hears sirens in the distance.

Peter wants to stay but MJ tells him that he needs to go save the day and that they have plenty of time to dance afterwards. Movie ends with MJ saying the famous line, “Go get em, tiger”, and Peter takes off into the night. 

Of course, since this is a Marvel movie…


Set a few minutes after Peter leaves, a meteorite lands by MJ, Ned, and the rest of the academic decathlon team. The Venom symbiote slowly makes it way into Ned’s backpack. 


Aaron Davis drops off his nephew, Miles Morales, at his school. For Miles, I had Caleb McLaughlin in mind. 

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Scientist x assistant aus??

  • “Okay so if you look here, you can see that the uh….the uhm….the…sorry but could you remove your hand from my back? It’s uh, distracting me from my work. Thanks.” AU
  • Character A works as an assistant at a lab and they’re responsible for making sure that the lab is clean and prepped for each new experiment. While cleaning up the remains of a previous experiment, Character A accidentally spills a beaker of unknown liquid onto their skin/clothes and immediately jumps underneath the safety shower to wash it off. At the same time, Character B walks in to find a very embarrassed Character A and a lab that’s floor is covered in water.
  • “Listen, I find the whole tired eyes and perpetual burnt coffee smell kind of hot. Working around scientists is like the best thing ever for me.” AU
  • Character A is a scientist that devotes enormous amounts of time and energy into their work, but they can’t seem to find the answer that they’re looking for. One night, while pouring over their notes for the hundredth time, Character B comes into Character A’s office with a bag of takeout food (from Character A’s favorite restaurant) and offers it to Character A, saying that Character A deserves it because they work so hard. 
  • After landing an internship at a prestigious lab, Character A is determined to make a great impression on their superiors. So when lead scientist Character B asks if Character A would like to shadow Character B’s newest project, Character A jumps at the chance to really impress Character B.
  • “I know you’re a really touchy-feely person, but you just spilled a highly corrosive acid on both of us and now we’re both going to have to try to share this small safety shower.” AU
  • Character A has never had a real interest in science, but they apply for an assistant position at a lab because the pay is good. On their first day of work, Character A gets paired with one of the younger scientists, Character B, and all of a sudden Character A is very interested in science these days.

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What do you think of Mary's look of realization when Cas said "the things we shared, that changes me."

My first instinct was to cackle to myself, not going to lie :P 

Cas does seem to turn to look at Dean for that whole announcement, and Mary does seem to then look wonderingly around at Dean about it all… For the sake of fan fic, signal boost the crap out of her look here because that’s the Moment. :P

Wait I was going to try and come up with the serious answer but I just remembered the Winchester Gospels meta I wrote a long time ago which concluded that if you only had Chuck’s books to go on, you basically had no choice but to accept that Dean and Cas were banging because of Cas becoming human-er over season 5… And… Cas has been getting steadily more and more human since season 9 when he last tried to be an angel…

There is only one explanation for why Cas has changed.

No, but seriously, I guess that amount of wonder is worth it because she’s the newest character to grapple with the concept of angels by MILES and she BELIEVED in them, and Cas as she’s experienced him has been a bit of a mess but he’s been THEIR hot mess, and this part of the speech isn’t really for her at all, she’s witnessing the history Cas has with them, the awe that she can’t even imagine how old he is but he says the best part of his life was with them… Whatever she knows about Dean and Cas (and I’d bet a very bare bones version of the story at BEST would be on offer, and more likely Cas as weird incidental references except for random moments where he becomes totally central to their story because Dean is so WEIRD about talking about him, and, well, Mary and Sam don’t talk >.>) I don’t think Mary really got the enormity of it even with him hanging out and helping? In a way it’s just because it was too much information to absorb - welcome to the future we have an angel helping us with everything - does she even know it’s weird to them too? Or at least, she’s walked into the middle of their drama? I don’t think until 12x03 she even realised Cas HAD drama and her own was too much to really let it sink in about Cas saying he didn’t feel he belonged… Somewhere along the way he’s gone from “Castiel” to “Cas” and she’s getting a better grasp on him, but this is still a LOT to hear. And DEAN. Did all this. to an ANGEL. 


Which makes you want to believe in Destiel from the complete other end of this because she SEES how huge this is all of a sudden, and WE know how much of that history is Dean and Cas, and their very, very personal, romantic drama…

Say hi to Ambrose, my newest D&D character for a campaign set in the Critical Role world Exandria :D

As a baby, Ambrose was put on the doorstep of a powerful wizard as a foundling. The man took care of him, and in later years he made him his assistant and apprentice.

Ambrose is a little social disaster, quite clumsy, and insecure. On the other hand he can be extremely brave when he has to be, his curiosity knows no bounds, and he cares a lot about other people.

This will be my first experience with 5E so I’m curious how that will go :D I hope you like my little nerd elf! <3

Top 10 Characters

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 1. Hatake Kakashi (Naruto)
•Kakashi holds a dead place in my heart for a variety of reasons but I guess what makes him my top fave character is his nuance as a character. He’s grown as a person since he was a kiddo and although he’s not perfect, he strives to be the best person he can be. He’s one of the few characters in Naruto that’s learned from his mistakes and who’s tried to teach others how to avoid making them in the long run. Plus he loves dogs and reads smut with class, so yeah. He’s just amazing, tbh. He’s my expectation of the perfect man, lol. I absolutely adore this dude…it’s unhealthy but hey, most of the good stuff in life is.

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2. Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
• Vash is honestly one of the newest characters that I’ve become acquainted with but he quickly become one of my all time favorites in a short amount of time. It’s hard to not love his quirky personality and his ability to go from goofball to extreme badass from 0 to 3. I love how he sticks to his sense of morality and principles throughout the series but what makes him great is how he understands that the world doesn’t always let everyone remain pure as they wish to be and sometimes, people have to go against certain beliefs in order to survive and do the right thing. HE’S JUST FUCKING PRECIOUS.

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3. Agent Carolina (Red vs Blue)
•Red vs Blue has been a big series in my life and it’s honestly what’s driven me to choose animation as my career path. It may have started out as a comedy skit but it quickly evolved into an amazing story and Carolina is a character that became from said evolution. She’s an amazing woman, a badass whose fought and worked to be the best at what she does. Although her past was mostly her letting her competitive nature get the best of her, daddy issues and making stupid mistakes because of clouded judgement, she managed to grow as a person thanks to her interactions with the blundering buffoons known as the Reds and Blues. She learned about honor, forgiveness, friendship and love. And she still remains a badass even then. Woman goals, tbh.

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4. Roy Mustang (FMA: Brotherhood)
•Stoic dudes with amazing capabilities seems to be my type so I guess that and having Travis Willingham as his dub voice actor immediately made me fall in love with Roy when I first saw him. Eventually, I learned that there was more to him than meets the eye with the whole Maria Ross and Hughes incidents. Seeing him being able to overcome his burning desire for vengeance because of his desire to keep his friends and loved ones safe was honestly endearing and I ended up falling deeper in love with his character. He’s not perfect but he’s able to admit to those imperfections and work to make them strengths instead of weaknesses because he’s not the kind of dude who gives into defeat.

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5. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
•Criminal Minds is one of the few TV shows that I actively follow and this guy is one of the reasons why. Not only is Mathew such a great actor but Reid’s intelligence is portrayed in a manner that makes him lovable. Most of the time, shows depict prodigies and geniuses as sassy ‘know-it-all’s who only anger people with their rants and commentary. But Spencer is explored in a manner that reminds us that even intellectuals are human. Seeing his unique love story with Maeve, his attachments to JJ and Gideon and his mother, and his fear of dementia, we come to see Spencer as a character of nuance. He’s a beautiful human being who deserves lots of love and plenty of chess games. 

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6. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora)
• I first watched Toradora because I accidentally clicked on it while surfing an anime site for it and at first, I wasn’t so impressed with it. But before the first episode ended, I found myself loving this dude. He’s pretty average with nothing major to set him apart from the crowd (except his creepy little eyes) but the thing that makes his lovable is his dorkiness and his devotion to his friends and family. He’s selfless and kind and generous and that honestly speaks volumes for his character. Honestly, he’s the kind of friend that everybody wants but nobody ever truly deserves. (I just fucking love him)

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7. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Tiger and Bunny)
•Okay, let’s see….What can I say about this dude that won’t sound like a fangirl’s rant? XD
Kotetsu is honestly an amazing character; in a show where his partner is shown to be the epitome of perfection and angst, ol’ KTK may seem like nothing more than a old time past generation hero whose unwilling to let the shine of the spotlight go. But he’s so much more than that. He’s clumsy and awkward, sure, but he’s understanding and congenial. He doesn’t judge people because of their past or their mistakes; he knows better than anyone what that feels like so instead he tries to offer support and as much care that he can. He’s a great dad and despite the fact that he sometimes misses recitals or special occasions, his daughter is willing to admit that he’d do anything for her. Kotetsu strays from the typical “perfect anime dad” and is instead a reflection of real life dads who aren’t always perfect but are heroes in their own right because of their love and dedication to their kids and loved ones.

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8. Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)
•TEACHER GOALS. Even though he’s a weapon of mass destruction who can probably obliterate the Earth with a twitch of his pinkie, he’s still a lovable characters. He’s funny, badass when the moment calls for it, perverted and dedicated all in the same go. If there’s anything I learned from him, it’s that good teachers are flexible and they should strive to find the way to teach each student in their own individual manner. I mean, this dude taught one of his kids while cosplaying as Naruto because he knew that was the only way the dude would remember the concepts he was trying to teach. He was able to teach his kiddos how to tackle problems not just so they could get solutions but also to grow and develop as intelligent and competent individuals. Even though he was a threat to the Earth, his students all loved and respected him because he was able to connect with them individually. Despite being an assassin and failed lab experiment, this guys showed more heart and humanity than most people. He’s honestly amazing.

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9. Melan Blue (Brigadoon: Marin to Melan)
•Geez Louise it’s so hard to think of ways to describe how much I love this character. He’s one of those characters whose gentle af but ruthless and unforgiving on the battlefield. His lack of knowledge on humans allows for many mistakes to be made on his behalf but he makes up for it in sincerity. He may seem cold and distant to most but once he warms up to you, he’ll protect you with his life and will damn well make sure you’re content and at ease. I guess all I can say is that he’s just the perfect blend of adorableness, charisma, loyalty and badassery. I love this character to pieces. 

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10. Yami Yugi/Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh)
•This dude is a breath of fresh air, one of the reasons I even continued delving into the world of anime to begin with. Part of the charm of this character are his voice actors and albeit I’m not really a fan of the Japanese dub, Megumi Ogata and Shunsuke Kazama did a great job but my overall favorite one has to be Dan Green. He literally breathes life into this character and you can literally find yourself thinking that Dan Green is Yami Yugi. Anywho, Yami is just amazing. He’s fearless, wise, witty and intelligent. He has an aura that commands respect but at the same time, he’s considerate of his acquaintances and loved ones. Of course, the 4kidz version is more mellow than the manga but even then, this Yami manages to sorta keep true to his original portrayal’s will. At the start of the series, he’s proud and ruthless but as he spends time with Yugi, he becomes more considerate and it’s such a joy to see how much of an effect Yugi has on Yami. Once more, I love this guy to pieces.

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They’re so precious. LIKE SO EFFING PRECIOUS.


First up is Hei (Darker Than Black)

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Then we have Kyoya Ootori (OHSHC)

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Followed by Nicolas Brown (Gangsta)

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And Caboose (RvB)

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And Sebastian (Black Butler)

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And Agent Washington or Agent Washingtub as Caboose fondly refers to him as (RvB)

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And Ill stop right there…because this is getting ridiculous.





feingoldstyle: In honor of Sesame Street’s newest character Julia – #fbf to 2013 hangin’ on set with big bird 🐤, Oscar 🗑& 🍪Monster, all the characters I grew up watching! Pretty cool to come full circle having had the opportunity to watch the boys I worked with be part of a show that is now taking strides in bringing more awareness to children with Autism👍🏼 Kudos to @sesamestreet !! #nomnomnom #1d

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If you're still taking prompts, Jughead and Betty are both famous in their own rights and no one knows they're married until asked in an interview by someone who's clearly done research and knows everything about them

That’s interesting!

They weren’t hiding anything, no really, they just weren’t saying anything…per say. Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper were both very proud of their marriage, it was healthy and strong and they loved each other more than anything in the world, but both being prominent figures, constantly in the spotlight, it was difficult to have any privacy and that was something that was important to the pair.

Jughead jones was the most sought after novelist in all of LA, his stories and novels were being published and turned into movies faster than he could get them printed, it was bizarre to see how everyone reacted to his writing, paparazzi followed him places, asking when his newest work would come out. His first love story had been made into the biggest blockbuster of the year and the actresses were already winning Oscars.

Betty Cooper was Hollywoods It girl, she was Sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, the gorgeous girl next door never had a mean word to say to anyone and her sweet and caring personality drew everyone towards her like flies. She was a singer/song writer and had performed in almost every arena you could think of. She had won Grammys, and was currently up for an Emmy for her recurring role in the CW drama “teen wolf” she was trying her hand at acting and it seemed to working out pretty damn well.

Jughead had met the beautiful blonde on the set for a movie he wrote a few years ago “Jason Blossom In Cold Blood” Betty Cooper was essentially the main artist on every track for the movie, her hauntingly beautiful voice and gorgeous lyrics fit the score perfectly and Jughead had been pulled in the moment he met her. Things moved very quickly after introductions, Betty was seemingly as interested as Jughead, they fell in love and dated for about six months before he brought her on a trip to his home town and proposed, they were married on a small rooftop ceremony a few months later. Veronica Lodge, international supermodel serving as her maid of honor and Archie Andrews, rock star as his best man. Betty’s mom had cried and Jugheads father had thanked her for saving his son. It was beautiful and perfect.

Three years later they were still just as in love as they had been that first day and as he watched her walk the red carpet of his newest Movie he felt his heart swell with pride. She was wearing the gorgeous, flowing, light yellow dress he had taken off just hours before hand and ravaged her. She was the most beautiful woman in the room and she was all his.

“Mr.Jones! Over here! Please, for an interview!” He turned to his right and smiled at the young lady holding out the microphone, running a hand through his hair he moved to join her.
“Hello.” He smiled

“Hi!” She beamed “can you hang tight for one second? Ms.Cooper! Ms.Cooper!” The tiny dark haired reporter shouted.

Betty looked over and raised a brow before heading over to stand beside Jughead
“Well hello.” She said with effortless grace, smiling brightly at Jughead

“Ms. Cooper, how do you feel about being back to work on the soundtrack for another one of Mr.Jones movies?”

Betty smiled
“Mr.Jones is a fantastic author, I couldn’t ask for better inspiration for my music, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Finding what fits and going for it. Speaking of fits, those shoes are absolutely gorgeous.” The interviewer blushed and thanked her profusely.

Jughead once again felt the swell of pride for his wife, she really was a natural.

“Same question to you Mr.Jones?”

Jughead smiled and stared lovingly at Betty
“Her music is beautiful and she always finds a way to fit exactly the theme I’m going for in my novels. It’s umm.. it’s really great to have her back” he shrugged as Betty placed a warm hand to his arm and smiled softly

“You two seem awfully close, is there possibly more to your relationship than meets the eye?” The ponytail wearing woman asked with narrowed eyes.

Jugheads eyes widened and he felt Betty squeeze his arm a bit

“Well that depends on what relationship your asking about?” She grinned.

“Ever since your first movie together you have been seen multiple times, at parties, at dinner, your families follow each other on instagram and there have been multiple witnesses who have seen the two of you shopping at Farmers markets together. Not to mention the addition of the engagement band Ms. Cooper began wearing right after the first movie wrapped. Care to explain?” She shoved the microphone towards Jughead who stared blankly at it

“Those are some very interesting sleuthing abilities…” he mumbled.

Betty giggled from beside him
“Very good indeed, in fact my husband and I have been known to be pretty good sleuths ourselves, in his newest novel the character who solved the murder is based off of me, keep an eye out for that.” Betty winked and grabbed Jugheads hand, leading him away from the interviewer and taking her place on the carpet for pictures, pulling Jughead right beside her.
Jughead was grinning like a crazy person and couldn’t keep his eyes off of his wife

“Looks like the cats out of the bag now.” He turned for the camera.

Betty looked up at him and smiled adoringly
“It was bound to come out sometime. Plus with me starring in your newest movie, were going to be together all the time, it’s easier they know now.” She shrugged and flipped her long blonde hair so the photographers could catch it in motion.

“I love you Betty Jones” he whispered against her ear.

She turned in his arms and stared up at him, ignoring the flashing lights and the screaming paparazzi

“And I love you Jughead Jones.”