the new zealand tour

OK I’M SO SHOOKT but I just now remembered that some Maori have face tattoos and like

What if Roadhog, who has Maori skins, whose name is a Maori name/word, whose build somewhat resembles that of Maori men, who could very well be from New Zealand and who, proud of a warrior heritage, came over to fight with the Aussies against the omnic threat

is hiding his tattoos under his mask? 

In case you’re not fully convinced, the above photos are portraits of members of a notorious Maori biker gang called the Mongrel Mob. 

So the idea of a tatted up Maori biker Roadhog (at least, in a previous life) would absolutely not be a stretch. 

also as far as I’m aware, the tongue out motif of hog’s mask in this skin is specific to Maori–the Pukana, where you stick your tongue out and have your eyes wide open to show aggression or passion/strong emotion  

as is the fishhook weapon he carries as his hook, though I know that motif is also pretty common to Pacific Islanders in general

Also in case anybody brings up that Roadhog’s skin color implies he’s white–which he may likely be, I want to point out that I’ve seen plenty of mixed race Maori whose coloring is very white/caucasian, but who are still very proud of their heritage, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. 

Shawn’s Auckland Q&A Breakdown

How do I just say where I am tonight on stage properly? HE SAID AWKWARD

Everyone seems older, but then I realized I’m kindve getting a little old too

What would be your personal advice for aspiring singer and songwriters?

S: My advice would be to make the music you like to make, and honestly because people don’t care about music you don’t believe in yourself, all people want is authenticity.

Shawn’s favorite part of New Zealand was going to Wahiki Island, he hasn’t gone out much. He says he’s going out tonight though.

Shawn says he’s excited to her the fans sing with their accents, and was in shock when he realized that New Zealanders are called Kiwis

Shawn says he’s excited to her the fans sing with their accents, and was in shock when he realized that New Zealanders are called Kiwis

When you were younger did you want to be a professional singer?

S: When he turned 13, he decided he wanted to be a professional singer. Just do it man, don’t let anyone tell you can’t

Shawn just attempted to do a cute New Zealand accent!

Shawn just confirmed that the 8 is for his birthday 8/8/1998 – he said that he wasn’t in the right state of mind though

Shawn says that his plan to make his next album better is just to do what he always does, write and make an album how he made an album, and not think about it too much.

If Shawn wasn’t a singer he would be an actor or a doctor

Shawn was jokingly hurt about the working out meme that aired on him.


Shawn says that he’s going home on the 19th of Dec for xmas!

Shawn had to choose between a flying fairy or a tomato smashing hulk, and he chose the fairy lol…. do you still really hate tomatos

About song writing: The coolest thing you can make is what you’re making at that moment.

Shawn’s everyday motto is be stoked all the time, but also look through life through everyone else’s perspective.

When are you gonna buy Aaliyah for Christmas?

Well, I can’t tell you.

If you were a chair and someone was to sit on you, who would it be and why?

S: I would have Obama sit on me. SAME SHAWN

If you go to a different country, that doesn’t speak English what do you do?

S: Well most countries I’ve been to speak English, but I tried to speak Spanish and failed.

If you could re-write a song which one would it be and why?

S: I wouldn’t re-write a song, it shows where you’re are at that time, so I don’t want to re-write anything.

Favorite subject at school?

S: That was kinda a lame question but …. Music class.

Tell us about Album 3

S: Well Album 3 is coming along, and I find free time to even work on it behind stage with my computer, but that’s all I can tell you.

What was your most embarrassing experience?

S: I have a lot of embarrassing experiences, just type in Shawn Mendes falling you guys have captured them all!

Shawn thinks stage fright is what makes someone perform well because ‘it keeps you on your toes


Q: “What was the hardest song you wrote on Handwritten vs. Illuminate?”

A: “From Illuminate: Hold On & Handwritten: I don’t remember man! It feels like forever ago. I don’t even remember what I ate yesterday.”

The Wellington Conspiracy.

If you’ve been in this fandom long enough, you’ve probably heard the phrase “What happened in Wellington?” at some point. This has brought itself to be one of the most questioned moments in One Direction’s history. For the last 5 years, we have all been trying to piece together what has happened. Here’s some background as to what sparked this question within the One Direction fandom:

On April 22, 2012, One Direction performed the last show of the Oceania leg of their Take Me Home tour in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Back when the boys used to color coordinate their outfits like the Rugrats.

After the concert, the boys went out for celebratory drinks to start off their month long break between tour dates. Fans discovered where they were and hung out outside the bar they were in. One fan managed to take a video on their potato, producing the lowest possible quality video to ever exist on the internet. This video is believed to be showing the infamous “Wellington Kiss.” 

Not even a Nokia could produce a video with such low quality.

As you can make out through the 5 pixels on your screen, Harry and Louis definitely seemed very close. Many Larries believe that this video is concrete evidence of Louis and Harry kissing in public. It is speculated that you can even hear Louis yell out “Boyfriend!” in the video. However, they did not kiss that night, or at least not in that video. Something else happened. Something… bigger…. 

What really happened here? (x)

If you look closely, Harry appears to be very close to Louis’ neck. We suspect, with reasonable evidence, that Harry bit Louis in this area. The boys of One Direction have mentioned “love bites” and how they give them to each other. There have been a few instances where Harry has been keen on nibbling on Louis’ neck in particular, one of which being linked below:

Harry lunges at Louis’ neck after watching him nearly the entire interview.

While this proves to be quite suspicious, there are numerous aspects of Harry’s life that have us thinking. Here are some other questionable things about Harry Styles:

1. He enjoys hanging out at night. Here is a collage of images of Harry lurking about in the dark:

Notice a trend? He seems to fancy the color black quite a bit…

2. Harry sings a song called “Up All Night.” Humans tend to sleep during the night… so why is Harry awake during this time? Does he even sleep?

Lyrics from the song “Up All Night.” Notice the line “I’m still wide awake.” Suspicious, right?

3. Recently, Harry came out with a magazine cover and spread in Another Man Magazine. The images are quite shocking, as Harry appears to be wearing clothing from as early as the 1960s. Were the images inspired by the 60s… or were they taken in the 60s?

Harry Styles, looking suspiciously like a member of The Beatles.

4. Harry has a tattoo that he has covered up in recent years. The tattoo on his wrist read “I CAN’T CHANGE.” What couldn’t Harry change? Was it about how he doesn’t age, relating back to #3 and these 1960s pictures? 

A tattoo of acceptance for what he truly is.

With the given facts above, we have sufficient reasoning to believe that Harry Styles is actually a vampire, and bit Louis Tomlinson that night in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Is there a Twilight-esque romance happening in One Direction? We believe so. 

However much evidence we think we have, there is no confirmation of this theory by Harry or his reps. We tried calling multiple times and they blocked our number… Awkward. 

Therefore, this mystery of “What happened in Wellington” remains


-The Expired Kiwi


The Cambridges competing in boat races (& being adorable) - 2011, 2014, 2017

I love how competitive Kate & Wills are!!! It kills me every time we get to see them enjoy a good bout of competition between each other to see who reigns supreme (get it? REIGNS?! HA), but even more than that, I love that after each race, they can come together and playfully tease each other without being sore losers. The love is real, y’all ♡♡

undervalued things about speak now era

- 1930s duolian guitar at 2010 vmas
- tsou “next chapter” & “the end”
- performing back to december w the string quartet in covent garden how ETHEREAL
- that lacey yellow dress at the acms 2011 u know the masterpiece i mean
- falling backwards off stage during asian leg of tour
- faux bob
- come back come back come back to me eli
- speak now help now
- xiii on the bell during haunted
- back to december mashup
- performing innocent barefoot at 2010 vmas (and that dress!!!!!)
- european tour enchanted gown !!!! she literally ripped it off !!!!!
- that asian guy in the elevator for the ours mv lmao
- collabs with the civil wars and b.o.b!!!!!!
- that time maroon 5 covered mine and taylor was in the audience going wild
- that psycho house performance oh my life
- meredith!!!!!!!!
- tft taylor played the cello whilst recording haunted
- performing on top of a bus!!!! in an airport!!!!! on a cruise liner in mexico!!!!!!
- baby blue tulle dress and hair for the cmas 2011 with the sharpie thankyous on her arm omg
- squad dressed up as geishas and samurais BY ACTUAL GEISHAS
- that time she played eyes open w/o permission in new zealand
- koi fish guitar brought on tour !!!!!!!
- natural curls in mine mv and pregnant taylor mother of 2
- temporary fake bangs
- bangs !!!!!! were !!!!!!! born !!!!!!!!
- that long 6+ month long ass hype for wonderstruck (worth the wait tbh)
- if!!!!! this!!!!!! was!!!!! a!!!!!! movie!!!!!!
- cowboy take me away/drops of jupiter/nashville/bette davis eyes/lose yourself/sweet escape covers
- lil guitar intro for long live
- wearing a gown shaped like a pastry!!!!
- bring on all the pretenders i’m not afraid !!!!!!!!
- that elie saab gown at the billboards 2011 good lord taylor
- flying across arenas in a mother fuckin BALCONY for love story
- haunted photoshoot don’t fight me on this
- that time she said “i don’t care if you have an addic- a gap between your teeth” in an interview
- someday i’ll be singing this at the grammys!!!!!! and all you’re ever gunna be is mean!!!!!!!
- the og agency :( my poor heart
- that time a bonus track became a single and meredith was in the damn video !!!!!!!
- makin snowglobes makin makin snowglobes
- so don’t you worry your pretty lil mind people throw rocks at things that shine :) :) :)
- how taylor literally predicted her own future in the mean mv tf taylor
- the fact that she ended the european shows by being sucked up in a twirl of red fabric then introduced the red tour by dropping down from behind red fabric omggg