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I've been a silent reader of this blog for her a year now and Ren, you're so cute. Regarding Inna, if you look through her entire instagram, you can clearly see she's been trying to be in a band in the "scene" for awhile now. Everything from her "onion/new york" trips to ":meet her new band mates" has been for the sole goal of making her "music" dream come true.

part 2, what’s even more interesting is that in her videos of her and jake, on his youtube, when they first got together you can see numerous rimes where she’s outright stated and met certain bands like FIR CTE and more. She needed a green card and wants to be famous. A specific video where they road trip to san francisco she comments on jake dropping those dogs off to be baby sat that thats “hopefully were they stay” I’m not making any of this up. all you have to do is look

Reply: Lol thanks, and damn I haven’t been following her so long but wow. It’s becoming painfully obvious that she’s just trying to climb the fame ladder so that people adore her. You would think she’d be a little more sly with it.. 


“What appears on those screens was not computer-generated. Carpenter wanted high-tech computer graphics which were very expensive at the time, even for such a simple animation. To get the animation he wanted, the effects crew filmed the miniature model set of New York City they used for other scenes under black light with reflective tape placed along every edge of the model buildings. Only the tape is visible and appears to be a 3D wireframe animation.”

Escape From New York


Director: John Carpenter     

Cinematographer: Dean Cundey, Jim Lucas


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))