the new york scene


“What appears on those screens was not computer-generated. Carpenter wanted high-tech computer graphics which were very expensive at the time, even for such a simple animation. To get the animation he wanted, the effects crew filmed the miniature model set of New York City they used for other scenes under black light with reflective tape placed along every edge of the model buildings. Only the tape is visible and appears to be a 3D wireframe animation.”

Escape From New York


Director: John Carpenter     

Cinematographer: Dean Cundey, Jim Lucas

I just saw Ragnarok for the 3rd time and this was all I could think of during the scene when Loki and Thor are in New York looking for Odin:

Presumably, Tony and the other Avengers are keeping an eye out for sightings of Thor and Hulk. Scanning the internet, news, social media etc for any sign that their friends are alive/back on earth. So imagine how confused they are when 1 selfie of Thor in casual clothes on a random New York street pops up on twitter with no explanation.  


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))