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Tseng Kwong Chi ©Muna Tseng Dance Projects, Inc. New York

The Unknown Notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Graffitist, painter, actor, poet: The late artist’s rarely seen personal writings and sketches are expressions of 1980s downtown New York, and, perhaps, of his truest vision.

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Freelancer Christmas

Carolina - “I mean I’m Jewish but sure?? Go holidays I guess.”

Washington - Refuses to admit he believed in Santa until he was 15

North - Dresses up as Santa, picked out the perf gifts for everyone

York - “I’m not Santa but you can sit on my lap ;)”

Wyoming - Loves the “traditional” Christmas

Florida - Same as Wyo, and always drinks a lil too much egg nog

South - “Why have egg nog when we could just go straight to alcohol.”

Tex - thinks Christmas is a bullcrap holiday and a waste of everyone’s time

Maine - Has no idea what to get people so he usually just gets them gift cards

anonymous asked:

hey i'm trying to write story set in new york city and i was wonder if you knew of any websites that would be helpful

You’re in luck, my long-time writing project takes place in New York *laughs an evil laugh while going through every NYC bookmark in my computer*. 

Living in “The city” 

5 New York City Etiquette Tips 

14 Weird Things New Yorkers Think Are Totally Normal

50 Signs You Grew Up In New York City

11 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Hail A Cab In NYC (From A Cab Driver)

13 Slang Words Every New Yorker Should Know  


Geographic Makeup

Boroughs & Neighborhoods 

18 Ethnic Micro Neighborhoods in the 5 Boroughs of NYC

NYC Population at All-Time High of 8,550,405


New York City Boroughs & Neighborhoods Map

Printable New York City Street Map

Basic Tourist Map of Manhattan


Download lots of maps and get some travel books from your local library (if your story is set in the past keep in mind NYC is always changing). Study some of the city’s history, at least behind major trends and locations. Big topics to know about are real estate, street crime, and gentrification.

Other things I have learned:

  • Rain occurs suddenly and without warning, so always have an umbrella. If you don’t there is probably someone selling them nearby.
  • Everything is dirty. It stinks. Cockroaches are a given.
  • Nobody makes eye contact and you never see the same person twice.
  • You have a summer car and a winter car; one for the heat and one that’s rust-proof. Most New Yorkers seem to rely on public transit though, and may never have applied for a driver’s license. There are like four gas stations and they’re used mainly by cabbies.
  • A bodega is where you shop, but the rest of the country calls it a convenience store. A newsstand is like NYC’s version of a convenience store. Newsstands used to be individually owned, but lately they’ve been replaced with a chain of company-owned newsstands and people dislike that.
  • The Meatpacking District stopped packing meat forever ago, and now all the old warehouses are nightclubs or indoor flea markets.
  • Hell’s Kitchen is not a TV show about cooking with Gordon Ramsay. It’s also not called that too often anymore.
  • The High Line is hecka cool.
  • The Bronx was not hecka cool. In fact, it looked worse than Detroit does now.
  • New Yorkers make fun of New Jersey, but they’ll still go there for a weekend getaway. 
  • There are dozens of places called “Tony’s Pizza” but only one of them is the “real” Tony’s Pizza.

I expect real New Yorkers to correct me on any of this. In fact, I’ll share any helpful replies left on this post from legit New Yorkers because I know a list of links won’t be enough to capture how New York City really feels.

Imagine Washington sending ugly snapchats to the other Freelancers, especially North and York. Some different ones include:

  • double chins. many double chins.
  • pictures of south and ct sitting together with a badly drawn heart around them using snapchat’s drawing tool
  • he also has an ongoing series of snapchats where he takes stalker sneaky pictures/videos of the director doing random things and he narrates them with an austrailian accent like he’s in one of those bad outdoors/survival shows. example: a shaky and highly zoomed in shot of the director eating in the mess hall. wash pans the camera around to himself and loudly whispers “a wild director has been spotted in the mess hall, eating food that was caught in nature just seconds before. incredible.”
  • pictures of him with a badly drawn mustache that he sends to wyoming
  • honestly just spams of him being weird

“The younger Hardy’s drawing talent comes by way of his mom, Elizabeth Anne Hardy, an artist. The actor writes and doodles compulsively; a notepad lying on a windowsill in his hotel room is festooned with line drawings reminiscent of Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl’s regular illustrator, sandwiched by blocks of barely legible script. The same iPad that chronicles the glories of Marmalade contains Hardy’s drawings and paintings of his movie characters, including Fitzgerald, Bane, and explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, whom Hardy will play in an upcoming biopic.

There are individual images of Taboo’s Delaney in poses that Hardy assumes onscreen in full costume, created days or weeks before the shoot. It’s this complex creative lineage that makes Taboo so personal: The FX series is at once a gallery of line drawings, a ghastly bedtime story, a muckraking melodrama, and a family project.”

Full interview in New York Magazine @nymag | Jan 2017 issue
Photo: Ryan Pfluger @ryanpfluger for New York Magazine
Interview: Matt Zoller Seitz
Styling: Nicole Schneider @nschneiderstyle

Drawing: @sonofhorace1814

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1K Deaths

Pic.I Schott NYC X 1KCORP Custom Rider Jacket
C.E Noiseman LS Tee | ΛCRИM 3A-1 XPAC

Pic.II 1KCORP Final Boss Tee | 1KCORP Belt
1KCORP Custom C.E Retrofitted BDU #2 JKT
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Pic.III Undercover O4H03-3 Marquee Moon Cap
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3A-SR1 Holster | 3A-MP2TS | 3A-1 XPAC
ΛCRИM X NikeLab APM-001

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Pic.X Undercover O4H03-3 Marquee Moon Cap
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Nike AM Plus Tuned 1 Hyper Blue

Pics by David Loring-Lee/Waley Gao


Checker Centurion, 1968, by Ghia. Designed by Tom Tjaarda (who went on to design the de Tomaso Pantera), a limousine which used a Checker 129in wheelbase chassis. It was shown on the Ghia Stand at the Paris Motor Show and then in 1969 at the New York International Auto Show on the Checker stand but the project did not progress beyond a single prototype