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  • what she says: im really great
  • what she means: why does everyone act like what i like about you never existed? that show was quality. a perfect sitcom for teens and young adults, and after Amanda Bynes went off the deep end, its like the show was 100% erased from society's minds. why should we dissolve Amanda's past when we could celebrate it? we still praise her performances in movies like easy a and she's the man, but what i like about you was 4 years of her life and 4 years of the crucial development of the early 2000s. abc family used to show it all the time. then the star gets a 51/50 and poof! my favorite show is gone! at least put it on netflix. that is some quality netflix material. its what netflix was made for. sure, i can find a million shows about a group of people in new york city, but how many shows can a find about a TEENAGER taking on new york city that aren't set up for 12 year olds or for supernatural settings? i just really miss holly tyler.

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Zhang Jingna | on Tumblr (b.1988, China/USA) - Motherland Chronicles (2014)

Beijing-born photographer Zhang Jingna discovered the beauty of photography as a medium of expression during her time at art school. Her works have been featured in numerous magazines and have been shown in several solo and group shows. Jingna lives and works in New York. © All images courtesy of the artist

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The Staten Island grand jury must have seen the same video everyone else did: the one showing a group of New York City police officers swarming and killing an unarmed black man, Eric Garner.

Yet they have declined to bring charges against the plainclothes officer, Daniel Pantaleo, who is seen on the video girdling Mr. Garner’s neck in a chokehold, which the department bans, throwing him to the ground and pushing his head into the pavement.

The imbalance between Mr. Garner’s fate, on a Staten Island sidewalk in July, and his supposed infraction, selling loose cigarettes, is grotesque and outrageous. Though Mr. Garner’s death was officially ruled a homicide, it is not possible to pierce the secrecy of the grand jury, and thus to know why the jurors did not believe that criminal charges were appropriate.

What is clear is this was vicious policing and an innocent man is dead. Another conclusion is also obvious. Officer Pantaleo was stripped of his gun and badge; he needs to be stripped of his job. He used forbidden tactics to brutalize a citizen who was not acting belligerently, posed no risk of flight, brandished no weapon and was heavily outnumbered.

Any police department that tolerates such conduct, and whose officers are unable or unwilling to defuse such confrontations without killing people, needs to be reformed. And though the chance of a local criminal case is now foreclosed, the Justice Department should swiftly investigate what certainly seem like violations of Mr. Garner’s civil rights.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner William Bratton responded quickly to Wednesday’s development, as they did in July, when anguish and anger flared. Mr. de Blasio went immediately to Staten Island to meet with elected officials, clergy members and other community leaders, and he issued a statement urging that New Yorkers outraged by the grand jury’s failure express themselves in peaceful ways.

Protests in New York City on Wednesday unavoidably echoed those in Ferguson, Mo., where an officer escaped indictment for fatally shooting Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager. Protesters in both places have every right to deplore both outcomes, as well as the appalling frequency of fatal encounters between black men and the police.

New Yorkers, at least, have a mayor and Police Department that have not fully squandered their credibility with the public. Mr. de Blasio’s and Mr. Bratton’s vows to retrain the police force top to bottom in defusing conflict, to reduce unwarranted arrests and restore community trust, remain credible, if far from fulfilled.

Those who seek justice should remain hopeful, if skeptical and wary. Indeed, if not for a bystander with a cellphone, the police officers’ version of events would have been the prevailing one: that Mr. Garner “resisted arrest” and had to be subdued.

Mr. Garner, who was 43, and left a wife and six children, cannot speak for himself. But the video, at least, speaks for him. It’s a heartbreaking, damning exhibit, showing Mr. Garner’s final moments alive, and his final words: “I can’t breathe.”

—  The New York Times, The Editorial Board, New Inquiry Needed on Eric Garner’s Death
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BREAKING: 2 new Cosby accusers to come forward, pushing total over 50 accusers over a timespan of 5 decades
Two more Bill Cosby accusers will come forward on Thursday afternoon to accuse the comedian of sexual misconduct. That makes 51.
By Marcus Gilmer

Two more women are expected to come forward on Thursday to publicly accuse comedian and actor Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct.

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The pair, who will make the announcement at a 2:30 p.m. ET press conference in New York that was organized by attorney Gloria Allred, will be joined by another former Playboy Playmate, Sarita Butterfield, who has previously alleged that Cosby assaulted her.

In an announcement, Allred identified one of the women as “an aspiring actress” at the time of her assault and the other as a flight attendant.

Cosby is scheduled to give a deposition in another case, brought by former Playboy Playmate Judy Huth, next month, and Allred said she would discuss “what Mr. Cosby can expect when he give[s] his testimony under oath.”

With these new allegations, the total number of women who have accused Cosby of rape, sexual assault or sexual misconduct now stands at 51.

Last week, Allred held a press conference at which three more women brought forward their allegations against Cosby.

The additional five came after a blockbuster New York Magazine cover that showed the larger group of women sitting in rows of chairs. The last chair was left empty, symbolizing the women who had not yet stepped forward.