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Daddy’s Little Girl (Peter ParkerxStark!Reader)

Author’s Note: Second series I will be starting. I hope you like this one–I’m already having a bunch of fun writing this!

Warnings: Physical fighting at the beginning, and then an argument.

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  You were screwed–no, more than screwed. Sweat dripped from your forehead. It stung your eyes. Your muscles cramped up, bruised from all of the hits you took, and you held your fists up.

  “I could do this all day,” you panted. Your knees yearned to buckle, but you used your last bit of strength in order to keep standing.

  Another fist landed in your side, causing you to grunt loudly. But then you kicked a gut, then slapped your hands against two ears, causing a scream of pain.

  And a roundhouse kick finished it off. The teenage boy stumbled back into crates, collapsing into them and breaking them. That was the third and final of them.

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 HIV’s Patient Zero exonerated

n 1982, sociologist William Darrow and his colleagues at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travelled from Georgia to California to investigate an explosion in cases of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a type of skin cancer, among gay men. Darrow suspected that the cancer-causing agent — later shown to be a complication of HIV infection — was sexually transmitted, but lacked proof. His breakthrough came one day in April when three men from three different counties told Darrow that they had had sex with the same person: a French Canadian airline steward named Gaétan Dugas.

CDC researchers tracked down Dugas in New York City, where he was being treated for Kaposi’s sarcoma. With his cooperation, the scientists definitively linked HIV and sexual activity1. They referred to Dugas as ‘Patient Zero’ in their study, and because of a misunderstanding by journalists and the public, the flight attendant became known as the person who brought HIV to the United States. Dugas and his family were vilified for years2.

But an analysis of HIV using decades-old blood serum samples exonerates the French Canadian, who died in 1984. The paper3, published on 26 October in Nature, shows that the virus had been circulating in North America since at least 1970, and that the disease arrived on the continent through the Caribbean from Africa.

Participants in a 1983 Gay Pride parade in New York City protest against panic over AIDS. Barbara Alper/Getty Images

How Kissing in The Rain With BTS Would Be Like...

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Namjoon: Your kiss with Namjoon would happen after the two of you went into New York City on Valentine’s Day and really treated yourselves. He would have surprised you by taking you out to an expensive restaurant and then to a broadway show, and the two of you would be all dressed up when you were caught in the sudden shower. The rain was relentless as it pounded down on his suit and your dress, and he was desperate to hail a cab and quickly get you inside it so that you wouldn’t catch a cold. Inside the warmth, the two of you would be laughing at how ridiculous the situation was before really looking at one another in the eyes, and whether it was the rain or the special day, you two would have a complete make out session and forget the fact you were in a taxi cab.

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Suga: Suga’s kiss would come as he raced home from work, barely managing to escape the traffic due to the slippery conditions and enter the apartment you two shared with a huff and a shake of his wet hair. He would casually strip down to a wifebeater and his boxers as he finally made his way into the bedroom, trying to be quiet because of the late hour however feeling extremely calm because of the raindrops hitting the ceiling and the fact you looked so content as you dreamed peacefully. He would crawl into bed beside you and underneath the covers before holding you close and pressing a few kisses against your cheek and then eventually your lips. You would mumble a welcome home and he would tell you he loved you before you both went to sleep safe in the storm.

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Jin: You and Jin would be at the beach together on a rather warm summer day, however there would have been dark clouds controlling the skies ever since you two arrived. The positive factor was that people were beginning to leave which gave you two even more privacy, however it wasn’t entirely safe to be even in the shallow part of the ocean during a rain shower, however you would both be fooling around. The rain would be soaking you both to the bone, but that wouldn’t stop you and Jin from splashing each other with water and laughing hysterically at how much fun you were having and the feeling of being a child once more. You two would finally be running out of the water, escaping to shelter underneath a roof as you both smiled at one another and enjoyed the pretty nature.

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J-Hope: With J-Hope, it would be really cliche and romantic but honestly neither of you would care because of how happy you both were. He would be filming a dance video with you and it would involve filming outdoors, a beautiful dress, and a handsome suit. You would both be working very hard and attempting to finish the filming process as soon as possible, however something rather unexpected would occur and before you two knew it, it would begin to start pouring. You and J-Hope would continue dancing however, and wide smiles and laughs would be plastered on your faces as you ignored the cold water and focused on how warm you felt inside. At the end of this, the two of you would kiss and it would all be caught on tape forever.

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Jimin: Jimin and you would be curled up together on a lazy sunday afternoon, after the two of you ate breakfast at a cafe together. You would hav enjoyed some coffee and pancakes and waffles, and after talking a little bit you realized that it was going to rain soon so you both quickly raced back to your home, laughing at how desperate you both were due to the fact neither of you had thought to bring a jacket or an umbrella. Just in the nick of time you both would have arrived, only having to interact with just a few drops of water as you entered the building and went over to the elevator. You would feel so tired after eating such a huge meal and then exercising like that, so you and Jimin would agree to take a little nap together and during that time the rain would pitter patter against the window as his lips pressed against your cheeks and nose.

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V: I feel like your first kiss could very potentially happen in the rain with V. It would be after the two of you were studying for your final together and it would be in the wee hours of the morning when no one was around and he was walking you out to your dorm. It would be drizzling ever so slightly and despite the fact neither of you had gotten any sleep and the final was going to start in about 6 hours, you both remained next to one another and chatted softly, as if your whispers were going to rouse the other sleeping individuals. It would finally be time for you to go your own way, and it would be difficult for you to tear yourself away from him but he would make it easier by leaning in and giving you a kiss. Time would stop as you two held onto one another in the rain, and it would be incredibly memorable.

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Jungkook: You would have gone away for quite some time to study abroad, and it would have been amazing of course but you would have missed your boyfriend so much. Sure, he was usually away on tour or completing a bunch of hectic schedules, however it was different when you were plunged into completely new and unfamiliar surroundings yourself and you didn’t have pictures of you two or memories to comfort you. You would have finally gotten the chance to return home, and you would have assumed that Jungkook would be unable to pick you up due to the rather terrible rain as well as the fact he was a idol. You would be pleasantly surprised though, as you appeared outside the airport to find him smiling at you with an umbrella. You would race over and throw yourself into his arms, and he would drop the umbrella as you two kissed passionately.

Reese/Scarface: When Reese left Rikers there was already someone waiting to pick him up. - ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb

so i love you and this is the most self-serving fill i’ve had in a… you know that sounds awful. Thank you for the prompt, may I have another.

The car is glossy black from another era, slung low to the road and waiting at the end of the prison drive, pulling Reese’s eyes to it because he can’t help but notice that it looks like it crawled out of an old mafia movie. The man leaning against it is from a slightly newer vintage of crime movie, a dark leather jacket and light jeans and making exactly the sort of impression he knew he would make because he intended every second of it.

Reese can’t even wipe the grin off his face when he shoves the man down in his own back seat and the leather creaks under his knees as he undoes Marconi’s jeans around the sharp protests - “Christ, don’t fuck up the seats,” - and he wonders if maybe it’s Elias’ car he’s about to fuck his lackey in. 

How To Cook A Turkey

  1. Do not go to Spain. You had talked about going to Spain because you’ve ditched Thanksgiving for travel the last two years. This is a cute idea for an anniversary tradition, but don’t do it. Life is stressful enough this year. Do not go to Spain. Or Vancouver. Or Mexico City. Or even Montreal. Just stay home.

  2. “How have you never had apple cider????” Buy one of those jugs of apple cider and make your boyfriend try it. It’s not alcoholic! It’s a real drink people enjoy in the Fall. You’re thinking of hard cider, that’s a totally different thing. You could spike this but it would still be different. Push half a jug further and further back into the fridge.

  3. Meet at the grocery store to buy breakfast food about a week before Thanksgiving. See a weird lumpy turkey in that net thing with the rope handle. Buy it?????? Buy one of those deep foil pans too because this is probably going to be messy. Put the turkey in your refridgerator. I guess we’re doing this.

  4. Casually “research” how to cook a turkey. Get an email from your friend Dan, who is the best cook you know. Slip a small little “hey btw how do you cook a turkey?” at the end of your message. “i always just load my turkey with stuffing and then rub it down with tons of butter, salt and pepper.” If Dan says it, it must be true.

  5. Spend the day before Thanksgiving treating yourself to one of those ~magical~ New York City days because you didn’t buy plane tickets to Spain/Vancouver/Mexico City/Montreal. Eat lunch at Cafe Mogador. Wander through the Union Square farmer’s market until it stops being quaint and crowd anxiety kicks in. Eat an epic gingersnap cookie. Buy “thanksgiving herbs” because the sign says so. Go to Fishs Eddy and buy a meat thermometer and a turkey baster. Get a massage because of all the “tension in your neck.” Buy 4 of the same t-shirt at Urban Outfitters that you already have 3 of. Have dinner. Have dessert. Go to bed so happy.

  6. Wake up after a 10-hour melatonin-fueled deep sleep. Briefly process dreams were you felt victimized by previous situations or people you once knew. Scroll blindly through twitter. Read all of the cooking and recipe tweets. Seems a bit late now, @NYTFood. It’s already the day. Fave a “turkey cooking times” infographic. Climb into the shower.

  7. Toast a ton of bread from the freezer. Google “stuffing how” and realize you need onions and celery. Call your mom outside on the walk to the grocery store, then do all your shopping while still on the phone with her. Impulse buy some other shit you might not need. Buy more apple cider. Buy ice cream for the pie, then buy whipped cream because it’s a holiday, obviously.

  8. Prepare the stuffing ingredients. Listen to the new Adele album. Get a few songs past When We Were Young and then realize that’s all you really want to hear anyway. Tap the repeat icon twice to loop just that song. Google says to cook onions until they are “translucent.” Add chicken stock.

  9. With the stuffing about ready, open the lumpy turkey net/sack. Oh my god it has like, meat water in there. Oh my fucking god. Realize you are about to be touching literally a thing that has legs. Take a deep breath. The package says to “reach inside the turkey.” REACH INSIDE THE TURKEY! You didn’t do it yet, that was just your internal monologue. Actually reach inside the turkey. Remove small bag that has “giblets” in it. They’re probably what they sound like so don’t google it. The wrapper, half torn and in the sink, says to remove the turkey neck. There’s a neck?????????? Reach inside again and remove the neck. Oh my fucking god oh my fucking god oh my fucking god!!!!! Fling it into the sink. It is okay if you scream a little. Everything is sort of feeling horrible now, but there’s no turning back. You’ve literally been inside the belly of the beast. Like, that’s what we’re doing here. Rub an entire stick of butter into the cold turkey. Mash it in your hands and wonder if god really wants us to eat meat. Salt and pepper to taste.

  10. Stuff the stuffing into the turkey. Cram it the fuck in there so you can forget there was ever a hollow space. Don’t overstuff or the stuffing won’t cook. Throw all those herbs you bought all over the thing. Group text the photo to your dinner guests. Sneak an oatmeal cookie. Oh yeah, you made oatmeal cookies, btw. Not from scratch.

  11. Write an email newsletter now because if you’re going to disturb people on a holiday, it might as well be fresh. The apartment smells like rosemary. Or thyme? What is thyme exactly?
Testing with Dayna

One of the more difficult things that I’ve found with shooting outdoors in the city is consistently finding good locations. I try to avoid reusing the same places to shoot more than once or twice, so I am always on the lookout for new spots. Finding nature within New York City is always a treat for me, especially outside of the larger, more well-known parks. However, keepers of community gardens and the like tend to be stingy with their spaces, despite the fact that said gardens are “open to the public”.

Dayna and I ended up scouting and shooting in three separate locations before we were done for the day. We had to garden hop our way through the Lower East Side, making outfit changes as we went. Regardless, it was a productive afternoon of image making and plant loving.