the new york city dreamer

the dreamer.

i am forever falling in love with the utterly unattainable: people who will never acknowledge my existence, cities that will never embrace me with gentle arms, things and ideas and possibilities that are so ludicrous they may as well be considered fairy tales. upon realizing the avaricious desires of my heart, i can come only to one conclusion: i am eternally doomed to live a life just on the cusp of fantasticality. i am destined to stare out windows and dream incessantly, to have a plethora of wishes that will never be fulfilled. i will evermore have the light of unreachable stars dancing in my eyes and the beats of songs i cannot write pulsing in my fingertips. there is no hope for me; i am but an elusive dreamer, and i am afraid that that is all i will ever be.

spamano fic rec

yo! this is a spamano fic rec that i’ve been working on for a little bit. it’s only spamano because it the fic rec would’ve been too big if i had included all of the fics i’ve read and saved. i will be making another fic rec of all that other stuff, but for now, enjoy this one. a little note: these are only ao3 fics because if I had included the ones on ff .net, this fic rec would’ve had over a 100 fics (right now it has about 85). the next fic rec i make will have the spamano fics from ff .net with other stuff. anyways, thank you for 1,000 followers! (that’s what this is. i’ll work on the other fic rec, would should be done by next week, and i’m also working on a follow forever). haha, fun fact about ao3 and i: i’ve been through every page of spamano fics on that website. it took me a while, but i read the fics that sounded interesting and yeah. that’s why i have so many fics in here.

please let me know if there are mistakes or some of the links don’t work!

under the cut because it’s so looong.

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Stars and Scars 

Word Count: 3,000

Rated: E for Explicit

Warning: Underage Kissing. Of age sex.  

{Roy’s 24 and a big believer in keeping your goddamn mouth shut and getting by until retirement or death or maybe both. Adore’s 17 -a gender queer dancing queen- and sure she’ll be a star. Neither believe in anything as unrealistic as love.}

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A plane full of people and they’re all headed somewhere,
back home or away from it.
If the world ends tomorrow,
know that I loved you here in this moment.
Halfway between New York and a city that doesn’t know my name,
watching every tired dreamer become a part of the sky.

I’m lonely the way a shipwreck
is lonely
when no one looks for its ruins.
Someone dies and the whole world’s
a graveyard for them.
I don’t know to stop remembering all
the ones who forgot my name.
When I was younger,
I ran from invisible monsters
and still now,
I’m trying to put a face to the darkness,
just so I’ll have something to
ruin in my dreams.

Every person I’ve loved is a clock,
and they have hands that are always leaving.
I’ve held what’s left of my heart,
and nearly broke from the emptiness.
We’re all seas searching for the moons
that left us in this, wild
wild want.

In this endless frenzy of hurt.

—  Y.Z, halfway across the world

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you had any spamano fic recs? I loveeee spamano and really wanna read more fics about them!! (Ps human aus and smut never hurt ever)

I recommend most spamano fics, but I have some favorites! Make sure you read the tags so you don’t read something you won’t like uwu

(not in any particular order)

1. Sunshine by TheGoliathBeetle. (Everything from TheGoliathBeetle is perfection)

Summary:  Lovino still suffers from anxiety attacks and nightmares, thanks to his abusive ex-boyfriend. Antonio is the seemingly well-adjusted paraplegic who’s lost his ability to walk because of an utterly pointless accident. But which of the two is really healthier? While Lovino works hard to recover, Antonio is simply giving up hope… -Spamano one-shot. Mentions of physical abuse-

2. A Beautiful Sound by Laroyena. 

Summary:  Make Romano laugh. It’s as hard as it seems. As Spain chases victory, he unearths much more about himself and his relationships than he bargained for. Spamano, hinted USUK.

3. Walking the Line by Buttcatcher. Zombie spamano au.

Summary: Maybe stumbling into Walmart in search of supplies during the end of the world wasn’t as good of an idea as Lovino initially thought. Nothing screamed desperate like raiding the aisles of a fucking Walmart for food while a hoard of the undead snarled at him from outside, but that didn’t seem to matter to the armed trio he stumbled into, or more specifically, the odd Spaniard munching on Skittles.His ideas were getting to be pretty lackluster these days.

4. The Art of Flying by TheGoliathBeetle.

Summary: They’re both a little bit damaged, a little bit unscathed. Lovino can only truly see the world when Antonio describes it to him. Words can be magical, words can drive the darkness away. –Spamano one-shot. Blind!Lovino, Writer!Antonio, College AU-

5. The Space Between the Balconies by Spinyfruit.

Summary: There’s a space between the balconies, where glances are stolen, smoke flies, and dreams wander. Lovino draws the blinds, and Antonio opens his windows. They see each other sometimes.

6. Tesoro Mio by Hushedtones and Spinyfruit

Summary: Antonio’s the charming, handsome farmer with an infuriating Spanish accent, and Lovino is the mysterious wine entrepreneur who comes and goes. When Antonio falls in love, he throws society, expectations, and religion to the wayside, but can a strict Catholic like Lovino do the same?

7. We the Dreamers by TheGoliathBeetle. 

Summary: New York City, 1940: Antonio is a recently arrived refugee from Spain, a scarred soldier with firm political convictions. For Lovino, everything is pointless and nothing ever lasts. The two of them live, love and dream desperately, as World War Two threatens to take it all away. -Spamano, three-shot-

8. Before the Snow Falls by Spinyfruit.

Summary: Lovino, jersey number nine, right winger. He was ready to pass the ball, ready to set up the win, but Antonio, opposite team, center fielder, was ready too. Someone thought, and someone didn’t, and they crashed. Hard. A few months later, Lovino’s on crutches and Antonio has his pick of scholarships to choose from. They meet again, and they have to deal with the aftermath of what happened.


Catfish And The Bottlemen in Brooklyn, New York City (playing Baby’s All Right with DREAMERS), September 2014

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