the new x men

Happy Pride, featuring a lady from Marvel or DC or each color!

  • Red  - Batwoman
  • Orange - Julie Power
  • Yellow - Karolina Dean
  • Green - Viv Vision
  • Blue - Renee Montoya 
  • Purple - Karma

I also drew a version featuring gay male heroes. Check it out!

today white male director fuckery: josh boone rlly took the most diverse group of xmen aka the new mutants, and reduced them to an all white cast with a lightskin native girl

not only did he whitewashed known black brazilian sunspot by casting white brazilian henry zaga

he also erased karma, a vietamese mutant who was actually the first founding member of the team, alledgedly she won’t be appearing in the film

in conclusion: fuck the new mutants 🤗😊😊😊