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Paluuuuu!! You should do some YOI doodle tutorials! For us not as skilled as you! (*^ω^*)

okie before i start, skill comes from practice and every artist has their own interpretation of characters ;O; meaning my way of drawing them is not the “correct” way of drawing them,,, just how I draw them ;7; if you really want to get better at drawing YOI characters, I suggest spending hours looking at official art and rewatching the anime (pausing and taking notes at the angles) because that’s what I did lmao and because I draw them so much, I can now draw them without a reference, add my own touch and memorize what they look like from all angles ;7;;;; so anon, practice and observe <333

1) how to viktor nikiforov

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I always wanna scream when someone suggest something for your comics because then you have to explain that you have a FAQ thing

It’s the very definition of insanity sometimes, isn’t it? XD , even though the FAQ is in plain sight on both versions of my blog. Though in all seriousness, for every message you see that appears that seems to have been covered by my FAQ, there are so many more that you don’t see. Heck, I even got another boneheads-related message today(one of the ones where they wanted to ask the characters directly, though). I’ve long since accepted that it’s just something that’s never going to go away, so I tend to only answer the particularly fascinating ones, if any at all. 


hey hey hey guess what y’all’s I got a new computer!! :0 holy heck!! all the parts for it finally came in and it’s all completely set up and I can finally show it off!!

I’ve been saving up for a new custom built computer for a really reALLY long time and I’m sO DANG HAPPY WITH IT NOW AAAAAAAA IT’S GORGEOUS AND IT RUNS SO SMOOTHLY AND THE MONITOR DISPLAYS ARE FANTASTIC and the fans are so quiet and soothing that RBG motherboard’s shifting colors are sO PRETTY IM HONESTLY SO SO HAPPY!!

for those interested in some of the specs, this computer has:

- 1 Terabyte Seagate BarraCude internal drive
- Radeon RX560 graphics card (with RGB Aura sync)
- 550 Watt Corsair CX 550M power supply
- Asus ROG STRIX B350-F RGB gaming motherboard
- Ryzen AMD 5 1400 processor
- Logitech Z333 speakers (THEY SOUND AMAZING BTW OOOOH MAN)
- left monitor is an Asus ProArt LCD monitor, right is a Samsung S24E650 LED monitor
- Amazon Basics keyboard and mouse (the mouse I plan to upgrade later, keyboard’s perfectly fine)
- I’m probably forgetting a few things like the case and probably other stuff bc it was my brother, the IT genius, who selected the parts based on what I needed and put it together, not me lmao)

I’m looking to give the computer a name, if anyone has any suggestions hmu!! :0 I’m open to anything!!

(current desktop wallpaper credit to @tricotron!)

I woke up early to do some homework but instead I got distracted by photos of Aaron judge. Then fell back to sleep and woke up looking at more photos of Aaron Judge.

First week done…

First week done with my big boy job all of that education was finally put to use. It’s safe to say I used my B.A. and M.A. many many times this week. I am beyond happy that I feel useful.

I will take the time to say make sure when you interact with kids and students treat them with kindness you never know what they have been exposed to or the world they come from. Working in education will demonstrate to you that even though some of us are “old” we still need to interact and learn from the “young” our experiences might be different but we can learn from each other.

I have met individuals that have gone through way more in 3 months then I have in my entire existence and I didn’t have the best time growing up either. Already had kids wanting to come into my office which is beyond rewarding hopefully I can make an impact. Even though very few of you will read this figure I would express my feelings for those who do care. Representation matters and I see it first hand through my existence right now.

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;