the new wolrd

Dear DONTNOD Entertainment & Cast

I am writing this to you because I would like to say


Really, thank you for creating and developing Life Is Strange. This game changed me, it took me on a journey (and still does), it made me feel sad, made me feel happy, feel excited, angry and even romantic sometimes. It showed me that not everything in life is perfect that every decision I make can have good and also bad consequences. Every time I start the game it takes me into a whole new world, an escaping wolrd, because you guys managed it to make the mood perfect. I haven’t felt such a mood in a video game in ages, really. And I don’t even want to mention the characters. Oh my… I don’t know how you did it but wow, they feel so real, so authentic, so appealing. One big point sure goes to the voice actors who did an amazing work, and I really admire that you guys stayed up all night long to get the actors work from the US into your studio. I admire your spirit in general, how ambitious you were and still are, that’s amazing and truly remarkable.

I’ve played many story adventures, but not a single one of them got me so trapped in the world like yours. Not a single one got me so emotional bound to the characters and voices. You know why? Because they are charactes which I can relate to. This has been said by many others, but it’s just true. You created characters which aren’t “normal” or in the stereotype of our society. They are unique. And so are we. Every human being is unique, that’s why we are called individuals, and that’s why your characters and voice actors are so individually and different. Though they are unique, they are still relatable because they’ve got the same god damn problems like we do.

I spent over 100 hours in this new world called Arcadia Bay, and I still won’t get bored of it. You know why? Because I always find something new, something I haven’t discovered yet. Even if you take your time to play an episode (Episode 4 took me over 6 hours…) to discover every little easter egg, every poster, every image, you still find something new if you start a new playthrough. A new hint in a dialogue, some new possibilities due to your different choices you made in previous episodes… and that is truly unique in my opinion. 

For the soundtrack you chose only the best tunes of the best ones, and I am so happy you got all the licences. 

Now, you have not only created an unique game, no. You also created an hella awesome fanbase on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, even in real life! But I really have to say, I haven’t seen such a nice and friendly community since ages. And I’ve been in many communities during the years… Every day I am looking forward to scroll through my dashboard and my timelines, to interact with the others, to share images, GIFs, theories, thoughts, emotions, ideas, texts… and to be honest, I’ve never been that active in a community before, though. And all of that, thanks to you guys.

I think I speak for everyone if I say, that we truly appreciate all of this. That’s why I am writing this. And that’s why I create the recreation of Max’s journal, that’s why I created the theories books back then, to give YOU something back. Maybe I’ll send the stuff to your office someday… :) NO EMOJI!!!!

Although the episodes are over, I’m still unbelievable hooked to the game and won’t stop posting, interacting, sharing and creating stuff for your game and for the community, because I really do not want to lose contact with all the great people here, who are so friendly, touching, grateful and so much more.
I don’t know what your plans are for the future regarding a sequel, but whatever you plan to do, I am going to support it, with all the power I’ve got. You deserve this.

But for now, take some rest and look at this masterpiece you’ve created, the world you’ve brought to life. Just look at it and be proud of yourselves. You did an hella amazing job.

Thank you once more, and I hope you all have a wonderful day/night/morning/evening and a pleasant start into the new week tomorrow. ♥

A grateful player and stranger,
Victor; @sherlockionius.