the new virgil

“The sun is nearly gone…”

“…The lights are turning on…”

“… A silver shine,”

“…that stretches to the sea…”

Me: I’m gonna take a break from Sanders Sides drawings. There’s this old Percy Jackson comic I made forever ago that I really want to redo and-

*Thomas posts an amazing new Sanders Sides video that had me literally sitting in the edge of my seat in anticipation by the end because it was THAT GOOD*


Things Sanders Sides Never Said #41

Logan: What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Virgil, Patton, and Roman: I don’t know, what’s the difference?

Logan: I don’t know and I don’t care.

nonsensehelen  asked:

Where did you get Virgil's new sweater I NEED IT!?!?

That was all the work of Joan and Talyn!! They took a regular black hoodie and stitched that costume piece together! They stayed up all night last night just to finish it in time for us to film the last shots this morning!! They are amazing individuals and honestly are too good for me. 💜 So lucky to have them.