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♥ 22.06.17 ♥

⋙ Good morning everyone! How has your morning/day been? I hope that it was great. I started my morning off with some Cranberry Pomegranate tea, eggs,  and a journal entry. I’m planning on getting a bullet journal soon so when I do, I will definitely share with you all my journal spread for the week. My books for AP Literature are coming in on Friday, so I also have that to look forward to. I hope that you guys have a good day! ♥

All the new Gems from the “Steven Universe: Wanted” Season 5 Premiere (SPOILERS)

Blue Zircon- 
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Nervous
Alignment: Homeworld & Steven (as Lawyer)
What they did: Revealed the truth

Green Zircon-
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Coolheaded and Snooty
Alignment: Homeworld
What they did: Prosecuted Steven

Rutile Twins-
Issue: Born as Siamese Twins
Personality: Focused
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Saved Steven and Lars and brought them to the Off Colors base

Issue: Fusion of a Ruby and a Pearl
Personality: Nervous/Anxious
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Helped fight drones

Issue: Gigantic Fusion of 6 gems
Personality: Kindly Old Grandma
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Gave grandmotherly advice

Issue: Like a Sapphire, can make predictions, but has a defect where she can only make prediction of events directly after they happen
Personality: Energetic and Positive
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Acted adorably and became a new fan favorite