the new university

Yay i have connection but more importantly…..AHH THE NEW STEVEN UNIVERSE TRAILER!!!! ok got it out of system but still holy crap does this look good and oddly enough it looks like my theory might be right because if you look at all the CPH scenes they reflect the events in Steven universe, the order of the cph scenes is backwards though for instance in beta Percy says he” feels trapped” which reflects lapis’s time fused with jasper, then within the same episode in a different cph scene Percy says to someone “you allowed yourself to become the canoe race” which reflects lapis becoming obsessed with how navy was able to adapt to earth so well whist she had such a hard time doing so and then theirs the big one in “log date 7 15 2″ Paulette says “we can make this work” which Percy reply with “its colour war Paulette doesn’t that mean anything to you” and then theirs the kissing and stuff but anyway as you can see the scenes in the next episodes fit strangely well with the cph scenes about the colour way, so well you can see where it’s going.

All the new Gems from the “Steven Universe: Wanted” Season 5 Premiere (SPOILERS)

Blue Zircon- 
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Nervous
Alignment: Homeworld & Steven (as Lawyer)
What they did: Revealed the truth

Green Zircon-
Purpose: Lawyer
Personality: Coolheaded and Snooty
Alignment: Homeworld
What they did: Prosecuted Steven

Rutile Twins-
Issue: Born as Siamese Twins
Personality: Focused
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Saved Steven and Lars and brought them to the Off Colors base

Issue: Fusion of a Ruby and a Pearl
Personality: Nervous/Anxious
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Helped fight drones

Issue: Gigantic Fusion of 6 gems
Personality: Kindly Old Grandma
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Gave grandmotherly advice

Issue: Like a Sapphire, can make predictions, but has a defect where she can only make prediction of events directly after they happen
Personality: Energetic and Positive
Alignment: The Off Colors
What they did: Acted adorably and became a new fan favorite