the new tumblr gif limit

Soulless discovering the baby in 6x02 (there’s something so guileless and sweet in his face idk)

To the automatic, supersonic, charismatic piece of sexiness known as Park Jung Min, Romeo, Mal, Park Charisma, Park Gorgeous, Park Atmosphere, ParkBang Namsae, [list retracted due to length]:

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y!!!

I had no idea who my bias was in SS501 until his charming good looks, talent, insanity, and ability to torture his members even when he’s barely awake caught my heart and never let it go XD

He makes me proud to be a Kazok, Triple S, and owner of a panda sleep mask.

Sexy Charisma,  頑張って ね !  あなた ガ 大好き! And Happy Jung Min Day, everyone!


Update June 2017: Tumblr dimensions/sizes for optimal display of your GIF on the dashboard. To prevent your GIF looking fuzzy/ not animating/ refusing to load, use the sizes above.

Most important is the width, height can be whatever you want up to a point. GIF that are next to each other must be the same height or tumblr will crop them. 3MB+ will not work. More on tumblr sizes