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hey! I've been out of the phandom for like a year and what the fuck is going on dude??

OMG all right so dan and phil got a new apartment and phil’s room looks all squished and small?? I’m on mobile so I can’t insert pics but it basically looks like a storage closet? and Phil posted a pic on twitter about a centipede under His bed but the picture was clearly in dan’s room when compared to photos from dan’s latest live show? and dan was very VERY careful about showing us his room in the live show so all-in-all they probably share a bedroom, which isn’t a surprise really to anyone at this point but it’s nice knowledge to have. and they both have been more and more open about their attraction to boys (see: dan “marcus butler hit on me over text and I was dtf but then I realized it was a joke for a video” howell), and not to mention their recent vids with anthony padilla, which were a blessing from god himself, and it’s just. all completely chill and we’re all having a good time in this fresh hell. you can ask Brielle @247landoffandoms for more info if you like


Double Trouble
Photo Set: 2 of 3

“It was really nice chatting with everyone, and getting to know our two new arrivals. And, as always, Tsuki made the most wonderful food for all of us. The twins seemed really hungry though. Like, really hungry, and I overheard one of them mention that they “didn’t know when they’b be likely to eat again”.

I got a little worried and asked about whenever the last time they ate was, but I don’t think I ever got an answer. It also became obvious that the two of them didn’t have anywhere to stay, so both Tsuki and I offered our rooms. I’m rarely in mine; only when it’s been a late night at Lucky, or I’ve had a bit too drink. But there’s no reason I can’t sleep in the infirmary if I really have to stay over.

They were too polite to accept at first, of course. So I encouraged them to think about, while I got the room ready just incase.”

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Betray not your anger, lest Darkrai will come. 
Weep not with sorrow, or Darkrai will draw near.
When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness.
Let such be blessed by the hand of Master Cresselia.
Those words were spoken often as customary.


Some more photos of my new notebook. I love how they came out so much and will be using mine lots. The pages are unlined with a nice off-white color. Great for notes or journaling. The paper is not thick so I wouldnt recommend it for heavy duty drawing but it’d be perfect for some light sketching.

You can match me and get one of your own here!

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Top ten yuuri/viktor birthday presents?

Top Ten Yuuri/Viktor Birthday Presents

10) After Phichit moved back to Thailand, Yuuri got pretty sad because it was much harder to see each other now that they weren’t living together and so for his birthday Viktor took him on a surprise visit to Thailand that he and Phichit had co-conspired to plan

9) Since Viktor was really, really good at learning languages but never got an official degree in any of them because he was too busy skating, Yuuri paid for him to do an online college course in languages so that he had the qualifications to prove it

8) Viktor once got Yuuri a matryoshka doll after Yuuri said he thought that they were cute except it was a custom made one of Yuuri in all his different costumes from his newest one on the outside to a tiny little 14 year old Yuuri right in the middle in his very first Junior costume

7) Usually Viktor had to spend his birthday at an official party with lots of reporters and things, putting on a show for the cameras but instead Yuuri co-conspired with Yakov to make sure Viktor had the entire day to himself and spent it taking care of him with just the two of them so that Viktor could finally have a private birthday day with no pressure or expectations and being very spoiled by Yuuri

6) Viktor learned how to cook Katsudon in secret through a lot of phone calls and skype sessions with Yuuri’s mum so that he could make it specially for Yuuri’s birthday

5) They both mutually gave each other a new puppy to keep Makkachin and Vicchan company and so that they would still have a dog when their two eventually passed away

4) Yuuri made Viktor a special photo album for his 30th because Viktor was getting pretty down about how old he was and Yuuri spent weeks collecting every photo he could find of Viktor both in competitions and with his friends etc to organise into one big book to remind him that even though he was thirty years old it was thirty years well spent

3) Viktor got Yuuri a new dog collar for Vicchan with the name in Russian and Japanese which was a really nice present except that for the fact that with Vicchan’s name they just directly translated as Виктор in Russian. Yurio found it before Viktor gave it to Yuuri when it wasn’t on Vicchan yet and was just like ‘Viktor what the hell, why do you have a collar with your name on it??? Wait a minute no, I don’t want to know, I DON’T WANT TO KNOW’

2) Viktor spent ages sourcing out an original copy of the infamous poster that Yuuri had of him for all those years and signed it and gave it to Yuuri as a do over. Because he still regretted how much of a bad first impression he made and even though he couldn’t take it back he could do it again the way that he should have done the first time, praising Yuuri and telling him just how amazing he is

1) Yuuri made Viktor a scrapbook of their entire lives together. It included everything, old newspaper clippings about the two of them, screenshots from old videos of them on the podium together when they were younger, official competition photos, everything detailing right from the beginning of their rivalry all the way up until the present day with the last photo in the book being the photo of them kissing at the alter


Sirius Building (Tao Gofers, 1975-80)
Sydney, Australia

I’ve been given the oppotunity to visit this building with its architect, Tao Gofers, who is currently fighting alongside a group of resistant people to save Sirius for residents + calling for it to be added to the New South Wales Heritage Register, as advised by Heritage Council experts.

Inside pictures are from the entrance hall, and from one of the last two occupied flats, where Myra Demetriou, a nice old lady who received us, currently lives.
On her window, a red sign sends an SOS to the world every night.

You can sign an online petition to help Tao and his friends save Sirius. You can also watch a short explanation by Tao Gofers. And there also this great video by SBS Viceland, which contains an interview with Myra.

Photos © Damien Gosset (2017)

So, You Wanna Talk to Other Bloggers

A Guide

We all have those bloggers or mutuals we adore, and we’d love to reach out and plant the seeds of a bomb-diggity friendship, but then the anxiety sets in… I’m not interesting! I’ll just be a bother! I’m sure they have better things to do! I feel you, trust me, I think most of us feel shy, awkward, or anxious trying to make friends or join in on conversations (welcome to tumblr, home of anxiety-ridden everyone). BUT NO LONGER SHALL WE KEEP TO OURSELVES, MY BRETHREN. Really, though, booklr needs to rise and the number one way to do that is through conversation, comments, and reaching out to make friends. 

Here are some tips for overcoming that pesky social anxiety!

  • Bloggers are just people! I don’t care how many thousands of followers they have, bloggers are all just people. I have a higher follower count, but I’m really just trying to manage adulthood without crying, like the majority of us. Whether they’re a super popular blogger or new on the scene, all of us are just people trying to live life, which really makes us all equal. We’re all on the same team so it’s okay to talk and reach out to one another <3
  • Bloggers love hearing from others! I think most of us wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to talk to anyone. I’m sure there’s a few of us who aren’t too concerned with being social, but numerous bloggers love seeing comments, getting messages, or having people join conversations. This is social media, meaning being social is expected and conversing is welcome! Nothing makes me more excited than hearing from others! I used to have a lot of interaction on this blog and I miss the community feel. I know I’m not alone. Don’t you want to hear from others too? We’re all ready to talk but one of us has to make the first step.
  • Public platform. You’re watching a post as two bloggers discuss a book you love. You want to add something but… would that be butting in? NO. It’s not butting in. Blogging is public, all of this is out in the open. If people wanted others not to contribute, they’d have the conversation private on messenger! These conversations are out there, on your dash, and we’d love to hear what you’d add to the conversation!
  • You are not annoying. Really, friend, this goes with “all of us are people”. You think you’re annoying? I think I’m annoying. We’re all our own harshest critics. Chances are if you send me a message, I’ll be too busy trying not to seem super lame while thinking you must wish you never instigated this conversation. Take a deep breath, remember your perceptions of yourself are often too critical and send that message or post that comment!
  • Everyone is busy. Have you ever sent off a message and after a day or two of no response, you begin to deconstruct your message, noticing how ridiculous you are? No wonder they didn’t respond! I’m an idiot! Nope, nope, nope, you are not. We all have lives and sometimes that keeps us from responding right away. Don’t panic after reaching out and thinking you said the wrong thing. Nine times out of ten, people are just busy and haven’t got around to responding. 

Okay, you think, I’ll try joining conversations or adding comments. But what if I want to shoot a message to someone but don’t know what to say!? Breaking the ice can be painful and if you’re not sure what to say, it can be a major roadblock to talking to someone. Here are some ideas:

  • Talk about something the blogger recently posted! If a blogger just posted a photo/review/discussion/etc you really liked, it’s a great way to segue into friendship! Send them a message with your thoughts and build from there!
  • Compliments! Everyone loves compliments! Is there something about this person you really like? Are they super nice? Do they take excellent photos? Do you rely on their book recommendations? Tell them! Telling someone you admire something they do are something about them is a great way to introduce yourself!
  • Talk about books! THIS IS BOOKLR. We’re all obsessed and armpit deep in books we want to read and obsess over. Ask about their favorite book! Give them a recommendation! Talk about that new movie adaptation! Books are an easy start because we all love ‘em! So use that love to help you make friends!
  • Be honest! I’m usually pretty frank with my messages. I’ll send someone an “I think you’re really cool and would love to be friends!” message and move from there. I now have several incredible friendships I’m immensely grateful for. It may seem awkward or blunt, but sometimes it’s easy just to be up front.

And remember, sometimes you just won’t click with people. Sometimes you’ll reach out to someone, the conversation fizzles and you don’t talk again. THAT’S OKAY! We’re all different and we’re all not going to become inseparable friends. If your attempt to reach out or talk doesn’t go anywhere, remember that it’s not you. And don’t let it stop you from trying again! Maybe the next conversation you join will introduce you to a lifelong pal! <3


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But consider: joker steals batsy's cape and leaves his own- and batman has to go out in jokers cape to get his own back because he can't just GO OUT WITHOUT A CAPE cmon geez (meanwhile joker takes 5000 selfies in his new black cape)




I want a collection of his photos with Batman’s cape now, omg-

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Does anyone know if there were ace groups walking in the New York City Pride March today?? I was there from 12 to 4 on 36th street but I don't think I saw any. Was wondering if anyone got photos if there were!

I don’t know if the group was walking like offically signed up as part of the parade but I know the NYC aces group is very active (and from what I hear really nice) I’d love to see and boost any photos that people might want to share so any NYC aces or any aces in general please send them by way. (Just be mindful of who’s in your photo and if they’d want to be) 

 also aces make me want to move to nyc tbh

I know this is technically a day late, but let’s pretend I totally posted this yesterday… 

Neil starts outlining a plan in his head as he ducks between students and buildings. Group projects are the bane of his existence, but he has to do them if he wants to pass, and he has to pass if he wants to be eligible to keep playing Exy. At least this time Joseph Peters isn’t in his group, but he still prefers individual assignments. The faster he gets his five slides done, the less he has to interact with the group.

Neil cuts across the Green because it’s faster, but he has to weave through a sea of bodies. The warmer weather of spring has drawn out many students from their hoards in the library. From sunbathers to studiers, the grass is now marred by waves and waves of bright colors and tanned skin. The combination of laughter and the singing of nearby birds tangle together in the air like a tangible cacophony, and the rays of the sun lick down along the ground, creating a blissful atmosphere.

Neil sidesteps around a group of sorority girls and ducks to avoid getting in the middle of an ultimate frisbee game. By the time he makes it Perimeter Road, the crowds have thinned out, and it’s easy to cross the road and head up towards Fox Tower.

His dorm is dark when Neil unlocks the door. For some reason all of the lights have been turned off, and it instantly strikes Neil as odd. He knows he can double check the schedule taped to the fridge, but he distinctly remembers Nicky’s class getting out earlier than his. Even stranger still is the fact that someone has blocked out the windows, so only a few straggling bands of light seep in. The stark darkness puts Neil on edge, settling deep in his chest and making waves of anxiety begin to churn. He knows it’s been three years, that there’s no need to run anymore, but that doesn’t stop the disquiet in his bones or ease the itch now sparking in his muscles. He’s considering heading up to the roof and texting Andrew when the lights flick on.


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Marichat "I really need you" writing prompt please

It had been a stupid decision really. An impulse. A chance to get back at Chloe while standing up for her partner. 

At the time it had been incredibly satisfying, walking into the classroom dressed head to toe in what might as well have been a billboard for Chat Noir merchandise. Chloe had of course glowered preparing to cut in with some sort of scathing retort until she had been cut off by Adrien’s absolutely delight at seeing her. Unwilling to risk upsetting her precious ‘Adrikins’ Chloe had to settle for glaring at Marinette for the remainder of the day while both Adrien and Nino had fawned over her, asking her for her thoughts and opinions on all things Chat Noir. 

It had been a lovely day, and worth the 6 hours of sewing and altering she had spent the night before. She had even officially getting Adrien’s phone number for her trouble. 

What she had not expected was for Chat Noir to somehow get the memo. 

She blamed Nino’s Instagram. 

That very night her oversized kitten had shown up at her window looking for attention from his “biggest fan.” 

Apparently he hadn’t forgotten her manufactured fawning from their minimal encounters together. 

Figuring he would be satisfied with a little ego stroking she had once again fallen into the role of starstruck fangirl- swooning at his flirtations and posing for selfies. To be fair, it had been nice to get some photos with her partner that she could actually display in her room. So she had smiled and cooed and figured that was the end of it. 

But then he kept coming back…

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RFA+V+Saeran how would react to very talkative, cheerful and energetic MC? Like, she is always laughing, talking and can't sit even one minute. 😁

Sure! Here you go. Hope you like them~


  • He finds your energy really charming
  • When you two first talked on the phone….you talked a lot
  • But he never gets tired of hearing your voice, so it’s cool
  • Also, you’re very open to him about your feelings
  • It’s easier to understand each other
  • He’s an actor…he gets pretty loud
  • But you can match him
  • You and him end up being work out buddies
  • It’s the best way to let out some of that extra energy
  • Even if it’s a jog in the park at like 9 o’clock at night
  • Honestly, you work together so well


  • He’s little overwhelmed at first
  • You jump from one thought to another really quickly
  • Sometimes he just kinda stares at you until he catches up
  • When you guys go out though, it’s great because you always fill up any potential awkward silences
  • It gets crazy though when you both play LOLOL
  • He starts screaming…you start screaming…the neighbors are scared
  • Your cheeriness really helps when he gets sad about Rika or upset at V
  • You get him out of the house a lot more


  • She could not take you seriously at first
  • But she could feel how genuine you were in your cheeriness
  • She still manages to follow your train of thought
  • She can match your excitement when she fangirls though
  • Oh, and when you get into musical marathons, she’s belting songs out right next you
  • Finds your chattering calming when she’s stressed
  • Not gonna lie…she does need a break from you sometimes, just to recover from your energy
  • But she always looks forward to talking with you as you always brighten her day


  • Talk about complete opposites
  • He’s a man little of words, and you …have a lot of words
  • But he finds you presence refreshing
  • You are the source of his energy after long days in the office
  • Sometimes he’ll call you and put you on speaker while he does his work
  • Are you background music now
  • He takes videos when you’re playing with Elizabeth
  • You talk to her like a normal person and he finds it cute


  • Prepare for trouble
  • Make it double
  • Everyone around you is always confused about what you’re talking about
  • Tangents galore
  • When he gets too serious, your bright attitude always cheers him up
  • His favorite part of the day is when he gets cheery little messages from you
  • He doesn’t always like that you drag him out of the house
  • But you two always end up getting into some fun shenanigans so it’s all good


  • He’s really taken aback by how much energy you have
  • He’s a good balance for you though
  • He brings you back down to earth when you get a bit too excited or cheerful
  • Your positive attitude helps when he gets into his depressive moments
  • On one of his bad days, he asks you why you’re so happy all the time
  • You give an explanation on how you like to see others happy
  • He hasn’t seen such sweetness before in his life…you’re so precious to him


  • He’s also super positive as well
  • He’s mellow and you’re talkative, so it’s a nice balance on most days
  • He likes to take pictures of you laughing and smiling
  • You didn’t know he takes them, cuz he likes these moments candid
  • It’s good that you like to get out
  • Because he’s always finding new places for photo shoots
  • You’ve become his new muse and also his model for most of his photos

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[scenario] don’t you recognize me?

Title: don’t you recognize me? 

Member: Hansol

Genre: fluff?? // first encounter

Word Count: 1073

You’re sitting in a Starbucks facing the busy New York City traffic, slowly working on a paper that was due at 11:59 PM, on the dot. You smash the backspace button rapidly for the hundredth time, leaving you back at square one.

“Excuse me?”

A male, donning a black mask and matching baseball cap catches your attention with a wave. With the way he’s dressed, he resembles one of the many foreign tourists that wander around Times Square, so it doesn’t bother you.

“Can I help you with something?” 

You shut your laptop, not that you were getting anything done, anyway. He nods, his eyes crinkling at the edges as he smiles at you from beneath his mask.

“My friends and I are kinda… Lost,” he admits, gesturing to the large group of males, wearing a variety of masks and hats. You raise an eyebrow at him, and he chuckles nervously. “I was wondering if you could help guide us back to our hotel? I should know, but I didn’t live here for very long.”

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Family portraits

Batfamweek 2017, day #1: family.

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It starts with a casual comment, one that shouldn’t bother him so much. And it doesn’t. Not right away.

“You don’t have any photo on your desk”, the new girl says. She started working at WE two weeks ago and Tim thinks her name is Kathy, or July, or something like that. He’ll pick it up eventually. Now he just blinks up at her from behind the pile of reports he’s working on.


She bits her bottom lip, now looking embarrassed at her own straightforwardness, and vaguely gestures at his desk again.

“No photos”, she repeats. “People usually have photos on their desk. Family. Girlfriends or boyfriends. You know?”

Family, girlfriends, boyfriends. Yes, Tim knows.

“Well”, he smiles politely. “I’m just trying not to look like I’m fifty and live only for my work, to the point to spend all my time in my office and need photographic reminders of what my family looks like.”

Kathy or July or something like that frowns at him.

“Beside, my family is really ugly”, Tim continues, going for less subtle sarcasm, but the joke doesn’t really comes out his mouth as a joke, and KathyJulySomethingLikeThat looks more confused than before.

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could i ask for changkyun from monsta x for the au thing? i absolutely adore u™ and your blog ! your writing is, without a doubt, one of my favorites on this site ! it makes me so unbelievably happy when i see new updates from you ! i hope you have/had a nice day and that school is treating you well !!

fkdsffdkh this is so sweet you’re gonna make me cry???

  • waiter!changkyun
  • works at like a family restaurant/24 hour diner kinda thing and hates the yellow wallpaper and the photos of people smiling
  • but it’s the only job with a flexible enough schedule for him
  • and he’s always on the graveyard shift and him and fellow waiter kihyun shit talk any of the super rude, super creepy regulars
  • looks pretty cute in the uniform though, until you realize he has a mustard stain on his apron he hasn’t been able to get out for the past 4 weeks
  • it was someones birthday and kihyun was like “you should rap for them” and changkyun was like “kihyun if you weren’t older than me i would Say Something Really Freaking Mean right about. Now”
  • spends like 80% of his time out back playing games on his phone
  • you come by at literally like 4 am when there is No One in the diner
  • and changkyun is surprised you’re you and not some kind of demon whose surfaced from the night streets to get pancakes 
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,i really want a burger and he’s like sure!!
  • and he serves you but he’s also like ?!???! why are u here at 4 am
  • and it’s really got to do with how you haven’t slept in the past two days because of exams
  • and changkyun is just Intrigued
  • so he sits down in the booth opposite you and he’s like “,,,,,,hey,,,,,dude,,,,,,,everything ok?” and you’re eating a fry and shrugging and you’re like “school is hell on earth.” and changkyun is like oh,,,,,,,,,,,im sorry
  • and you two get to talking 
  • and there’s no customers like at all so you just tell him about school and changkyun thinks it’s kinda cute the way you nibble on fries instead of just shoving them in your mouth like someone he knows (jooheon)
  • and you guys have stuff in common and it’s like,,,,,such a weird place to get to know someone. a diner at 4 am but
  • the clock hits 6 before you know it and changkyun’s like my shifts over wanna take the train together
  • and he’s not even going your way but he rides with you anyway since it’s early and you’re alone and it’s sweet
  • and changkyun writes his number on your palm and tells you to stop by the diner whenever you’re craving food really late he’ll give you a discount
  • and you grin,,,,,but also you pass out the second you step into your dorm LOL