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Secondhand smoke kills, but not as fast as firsthand hammer. 


Andy: Hats Part IV


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Merman!Jimin | Crown Jewels • Moodboard

“Jimin grasped the item tightly, looking up at you happily. The king’s crown, golden and embedded with luxurious gems and jewels, glinted spectacularly in the light of the rising sun. You could feel the goodbye in the air, even without either of you saying it.”

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Hey! I’m finally reopening comissions because I need money on a new graphic tablet since mine is dying :”) 

Mail me if you want to commission me, I will give you my paypal and we will discuss all details! My email is, or you can message me on tumblr or twitter if you have questions!

What I will draw: fan art, soft BL/GL/NL, OCs, kemonomimi

I won’t draw: NSFW, furry, mecha, gore, backgrounds

Payment: only via PayPal

I can add a simply bg for 5$ (patterns, abstract shapes, clouds, grass or smth for fullbody’s to stand on etc), I also can charge more if the character has a detailed costume (usually 5-10$) Please, send references! The more references i have, the better (especially for OC’s!!) 

Drawing will take time, so please, be patient! (though I will try my best to draw it as fast as I can) And signal boosts and reblogs are highly appreciated, thank you all for your time ;;;;

I actually wanted to do something completely different, but ended up doing a very small re-animation (or something like that) with this gif:

why? well, I don’t know.

But left out the background stuff moving, because that would have took too many frames to move it as slowly and steady as the original (and I’m lazy), also did the ATK points different, obviously. And I now know again, why I never was the animator type - it tooks way to long even for small things, and the result isn’t that great - it just isn’t my time, efford and result ration, if you could call it that way. I mean, the whole quick painting was done more quickly than the steps afterwards (partly because I had to find out how things work best, and due to my lack of experience, but yeah… no)

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NSFW + fluffy Robert imagines?

I hope this is what you meant, anon! If not, I have a smutty Robert fic coming out soon 👌👌👌 so do not fret

* Robert is definitely not the kinkiest out of all the dads
* He is so open to new things tho it’s ridiculous like honestly
* He will never make you do anything you don’t want to do, like, ever
- He is super big on consent and making sure you want it
* Speaking of making sure you want it, he is very good at reading your emotions
- He always knows what you need and it never ceases to astound you
- Had a rough day and need it soft? He’s gotcha
- Had a rough day and need it rough? He’s down
- Had a great day and just want a mind-blowing blowjob? He knows exactly what to do
* Robert is very handsy
- Even in public
- He doesn’t really like PDA but he will most definitely put his hand on your thigh sitting next to you during dinner
- Or, better yet, if you’re sat across from him he’ll put his foot between your legs
* Oh my god Robert is such a tease
- He also loves being teased
- Especially when he’s had a rough day and he just needs some good edging
* Robert is such a slut for dirty talk
- He says he’d never do it, because he says it’s stupid and boring, and he’s probably lying, he’d love phone sex so much
* He really loves it when you curse in bed
- He thinks it’s so hot
* He moans so much in bed but he always restrains himself because he thinks is embarrassing
- you’ve tried to tell him iTS THE HOTTEST THING ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH and he’s tried to let up on restraining himself from moaning, but it’s a work in progress
* He masturbates a lot
- it’s not a conscious thing, it’s just like “I’m bored, I’ll shove my hand down my pants to scratch my balls- oh shit I’m hard and horny now whelp whatever”
* He likes voyerism
- He’ll try to get you to let him take you in the back of his truck under the stars but it hasn’t happened yet due to CiRcUmStAnCeS
- He’s also tried numerous times (with consent of course) to jerk you off in the space behind Jim and Kim’s but like Robert come on have just a tiny bit of class, at least do it behind someplace nice like a restaurant
* The amount of times you’ve walked in on him masturbating and he’s asked you to join him is kind of high
- if you had a dime for every time you’ve walked in on it you’d probably have a dollar and twenty cents
- Which is high, all things considered
* He’s pretty sensitive everywhere
- He loves it when you just kiss him softly all over his body
- Start from the top and go all the way down

* Oh my gosh Robert is such a softie
- He really likes movies that can make him cry, because not many can do that
* He cares so m u c h
- like it’s not even funny how much he cares
- At first it’s not really noticeable but then you start to point out the little things he does
- Like sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the door just in case
- Or walking on the outside of the sidewalk
- Or hold your hand in a large crowd, or just kinda grab you by the shirt or pull you close
- Or watching stupid kitchen shows and falling asleep on the couch with you even though he knows it’ll hurt his back later
- Or going to see movies he knows he won’t particularly like (ends up liking them anyway bc WOW GREAT ACTING CREW)
* He just……. cares……… so much……….
* He’ll try to make breakfast for you
- he’s only really good at making eggs, and one man can only have so much egg in his lifetime, so you help him cook sometimes
* Aw he’s kinda clingy in bed when falling asleep
- but once he’s asleep he kicks sometimes
- But he’s a light sleeper so it normally won’t happen unless he’s in a deep sleep
* He won’t let you go to bed feeling bad
* He will never kick you out if the bed
- “It’s your bed too. That doesn’t change just because I’m mad at you. But I swear I’ll beat you with my shoe if you try to spoon me.”
* He doesn’t like conventional pet names
- He likes the more experimental ones, the ones that not many people use
- Puppy is a cute one, gorgeous, darlin’, things like that
* Robert can and will fall asleep just about everywhere as long as you’re the only one around
* He doesn’t really trust other people near him when he‘s sleeping
- He falls asleep on your shoulder all the time when someone else is driving
- He will lean over just plop his head down on your shoulder and he is out like a light
* He sleeps on his side, which is great for spooning
- Sometimes he craves being the big spoon, sometimes he just needs to be he little spoon, and you totally understand that

ok but how do people gif so fast? are you watching the video and giffing at the same time? are you magicians??


Im bored and want someone new to talk to. Be it mutuals, completely new people, anyone please hit me up.

Especially if you like:
-Fallout (New Vegas is best Fallout)
-The Warriors (1979) or That 70s Show
-videogames in general
- enjoy aesthetics and photography
-enjoy country life like taking care of goats and shit
- if you like to draw - listen to Lana Del Rey, Spooky Black, Amy Winehouse, Andre Nickatina or E-40?, and any music really
- or just bored like me and want someone to talk to, HIT 👏 ME 👏 UP 👏

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For real tho, New Romantics could have been 1000x betger opener than WTNY lmao, i don't even hate the song, I find it fun, but NR is still a way better song and opener


           what he says :  i’m fine
           what he means :  *dramatic deep breath* i’m sorry but liam bringing theo back from the depths of hell is so out of character i just want to yell into the void for ten years. it’s so yikes that the writers made him betray scott again !! it makes no sense that liam would go behind not only scott’s back but the entire pack’s to get theo. there are many terrible, unforgivable things theo did to them all and still liam thought it best to bring him back. not to mention, it wasn’t like five minutes earlier that he was desperate to earn back scott’s trust and respect. so why would he just pull a complete 180 without at least talking to the pack? also it’s pretty hard to believe that noshiko was so chill about handing over kira’s katana like nbd. she had promised kira she’d keep it safe and there she was handing off to some fifteen year old with a really fkn bad idea. smh !! sigh i don’t know, i just hate that this happened in general bc it’s the perfect storyline for kira but she got ditched and was forgotten !!